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Comments 39
Kyle Hard2009
Kyle Hard2009 20 days ago
What the 🐤🐤🐤
SuperSonicGabriel 25 days ago
Family friendly?
ZackTv321 Month ago
This Family Friendly Video Is Hilarious With The Squeak Censor.
Anonymous Goose
Anonymous Goose Month ago
Flower power 99
Flower power 99 Month ago
This is so stupid
Wyld Thang!
Wyld Thang! 3 months ago
I like the green teletubbie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pickle 8 months ago
Who The Fuck Watches This Without Them Swearing That's Fucking Boring! WHAT THE FUCK!
OutGodGamer Year ago
Merry Xmas sml gaming
Furretwalk 969
Yay family friendly
Ice kitty Playz
bassam aljamal
make when jr says theres something wrong with his sirel
drillness sixty-nine four-twenty
Stupid is not a swear word.
Bahama Jackson
Bahama Jackson 7 months ago
but that word is an insult and an old type of bullying harm and innocent people. i know it's not a swear word! and it's also a term when a person is dumb.
U ruined it
The 8 Ball
The 8 Ball Year ago
I fucking hate Family Friendly!
Gøne u.u
Gøne u.u Year ago
Jeffy I told you not to rub your peepee all over your cheerio box, now look what happened
Baby _Girl
Baby _Girl Year ago
Do you know kids watch this
Honey I caught the kids
Why did you steal this?
somedot. Year ago
So people can watch it. The OG was deleted.
Triniti Kessler
U conserned the word beat
bella's life & vlogs
Do you know where Jesse’s sister just visited your face is that your face is Jeffy sister sister sister sister sorry I didn’t I didn’t mean to say just
R34L1TY 2 years ago
thank you.
Casandra _Flamingo's
When will you learn
TenisPlayz HD
TenisPlayz HD 2 years ago
Thanks for the copy right... i think that video was deleted from SML [reuploaded]
James Hess
James Hess 2 years ago
Bowser jr gets arrested
Mo on 120 HZ
Mo on 120 HZ 2 years ago
This used to be my channel but I reset my phone so I forgot my email and password I tried getting it back but I couldn't to tell you guys I'm not going to be uploading on this channel because I can't get my account back so you guys can go and subscribe to my channel I swear I'm not lying
TheRealCatGamer 2 years ago
Tyler Goldsborough
Tyler Goldsborough 2 years ago
me two hot stuff
Lava tube the first
noo noo
Mo on 120 HZ
Mo on 120 HZ 2 years ago
This was my old Channel but I lost the email and password going to subscribe to my new SML Channel
Rhys 2 years ago
Yep this dude is a copy cat literally identical to Logan's video
spoolm 2 months ago
family friendly dumbass
TenisPlayz HD
TenisPlayz HD 2 years ago
Shut up this was reuploaded
Rhys 2 years ago
Diego Russell He could of given credit to logan atleast
Diego Russell
Diego Russell 2 years ago
#THATInteractive its logans video he just kopied it
Roon 2 years ago
Uhhh u a copy cat?
Rhys 2 years ago
Ultra Gamingz Logan re uploaded it
shibedd 2 years ago
Umm the original one has swear words but this one doesn't
mrdsanti Saez
mrdsanti Saez 2 years ago
AAAAOK Okay que está pasando aquí
mrdsanti Saez
mrdsanti Saez 2 years ago
Vayda She
Vayda She 2 years ago
Lol Jeffy smashed his cheerio box so nasty lol😝
MesiderSillyGoose 2 years ago
8:29 you know what jeffy means I know what it means to 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Alex The Meme Machine
Alex The Meme Machine 11 months ago
Ducky Studios ok not a big deal
The Random 6
The Random 6 2 years ago
I subscribed and liked can you subscribe to me please?
Druid_p4pi 2 years ago
Hi sml gaming
Russ Bob
Russ Bob 2 years ago
sml gaming
sml gaming 2 years ago
I love you
OMG seven likes seven months ago seven comments
Matthew Aldana
Matthew Aldana 2 years ago
RUvid please give this video a copyright strike... 😞
SML the Canadian
SML the Canadian 2 years ago
sml gaming everybody go and subscribe to my new channel I lost my SML gaming channel that's why I don't upload anymore I'm going to take all my videos on my SML gaming channel on to this one
Pisit Wisooth
Pisit Wisooth 2 years ago
sml gaming Ssdd
Lucca‘s Crazy World !!!!!!
sml gaming is awesome 😎
sml gaming
sml gaming 2 years ago
Jeff Shellberg
Jeff Shellberg 2 years ago
sml gamil he vch
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