SMii7Y's BEST OF 2019!

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My own RUvid Rewind of 2019! Sorry it's a little bit late. I took some time off for the holidays.
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Jan 7, 2020




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Comments 80
TheJMLGame 3 hours ago
11:31 No one expects the Spanish Inquisition
Alex DiCicco
Alex DiCicco 18 hours ago
1:11 :43 great burial refer 😂😂😂 I’m dead
Agent Kurt
Agent Kurt 19 hours ago
40:30 "What are you doing stepsis"
Michael Knopic
U gotta play more insurgency sandstorm I like those videos they all ways were funny .
Kevin Sanchez
What video is 10:33 clipped from?
CagedLizard Games
40:43 that some window pane
PyroAsura 2 days ago
Sans: 16:10 Papyrus 16:45 Frisk joins in: 17:10 Annoyed papyrus 17:23 Sans, frisk and papyrus till 18:00
Андрей Бутурлин
damn the wife cheating clip was top notch acting
lil ski bebe
lil ski bebe 3 days ago
10:32 listen im about to act up (ladies if ykyk)
T3nc1 3 days ago
What is the game played at 3:09
xJayuun 3 days ago
what video is the clip where smitty snaps his fingers then the door explodes
ender_slayer3 4 days ago
Whenever I hear Jiggly's laugh I think he sounds like the Joker
Theshahz13 5 days ago
What is the game at 1:27 ?
Alex DiCicco
Alex DiCicco 6 days ago
Luis-Angelo Gagnon
57:43 message for me in the future when I come back to look the video again
darknightstone YT
im fucking 5,2 KILL ME
Warren Hill Vlogs
Warren Hill Vlogs 10 days ago
Fr laughed so hard my aunt thought I was on something
Numericcloth487 11 days ago
Hey, what's the game at 1:27 .
Calypso B
Calypso B 12 days ago
“I feel more safe around him” “Lord, have mercy” Instantly gets killed
Allan Planty
Allan Planty 13 days ago
1:02 :30 😂😂😂😂
Stupidcowboy MG
Stupidcowboy MG 13 days ago
23:50 minis a bitch for reacting like that, be more like panda
ErrorHead 15 days ago
15:50 g l o r i o u s
Amanda Perry
Amanda Perry 15 days ago
48:33 makes me die everytime 😂😂 doesnt matter how many times I watch it
5p3c7eR 15 days ago
20:16 is it just me or does it say 1 VS 0?
Nathaniel Campbell
Nathaniel Campbell 17 days ago
Nick's gonna have a nervous Twitch after those puns.
boom nuke
boom nuke 17 days ago
18:10 my favorite moment
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 17 days ago
"wing wing wing wing" Bruh this killed me not gonna lie
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 18 days ago
Does anyone else miss stick man funtage?
Bluedemons 2007
Bluedemons 2007 18 days ago
Ok which video is the one where John is chewing loudly at the beginning at around 10:33 minutes in that rule set at the right looks interesting
Jhordan Stoutmire
Jhordan Stoutmire 19 days ago
Perfect ending with the Uno and VR bit lol
Tankymato 19 days ago
mobile_gamer 237
mobile_gamer 237 20 days ago
2:30 thank me later
mobile_gamer 237
mobile_gamer 237 20 days ago
The first clips had me dying
Andy Vito
Andy Vito 21 day ago
Yo u should do a vr video with a body cam, so like everything from ur neck down without ur face in it. Idk I thought it was funny
Frick Urlegs
Frick Urlegs 21 day ago
What’s the game? 1:10
hollow man
hollow man 22 days ago
So 11 ads but when I watch some other video there was 23
Raccy 22 days ago
whats the game 1:25
Onepiece King
Onepiece King 22 days ago
I am the gatekeeper of this realm lol
Jacob Mikkelson
Jacob Mikkelson 22 days ago
My mother says he doesn't like ur cackle so I turned up the volume lol
Connor Nelson
Connor Nelson 24 days ago
What was that like modded rainbow six gameplay. Smii7y had like three operators abilities at once
hxnn 24 days ago
editing king
Patrick Baker
Patrick Baker 24 days ago
I respect Craig but sometimes he can be a little bitch it’s like dude.... chill it’s a joke
Chief Of The SlapAhHoe Tribe
“I just kinda shot the first person who lined up with my comedic timing” well then.
FireStarter 26 days ago
I'm curious on what is 57:07 vid called *hope someone replies*
Lilac Daydreams
Lilac Daydreams 26 days ago
At 1:04 :31 all I could imagine was the ringing sound get louder and louder as time passed
Aiden Sowell
Aiden Sowell 27 days ago
54:40 is the funniest part of the comp.
Psycho Gaming
Psycho Gaming 27 days ago
fun fact I'm almost taller than swagger I'm not even major yet
kasper bennetsen
kasper bennetsen 28 days ago
John didn't delete the Corona virus in time and now we have a pandemic thanks John.
Commander cody
Commander cody 29 days ago
Hi sammy
dawson parker
dawson parker 29 days ago
did jericho just play stal * funny mic * *WHAT THE F*CK*
Vector Gaming
Vector Gaming 29 days ago
What is the game Smii7y played at 1:27 with the aggressive snapping, I have looked for the video and can find it. I would like to play it.
Castle Gettybou
Castle Gettybou 29 days ago
At 1:29 what game is that?
Krooked Kactus
Krooked Kactus Month ago
Wow the whole Fitz cheating thing didn't age well huh
Profugus Bugus
Profugus Bugus Month ago
1:18 :39 be hittin different due to current drama
Branson Fornall
Branson Fornall Month ago
1:18 :54 did not age well
SmittyWerben 13
SmittyWerben 13 Month ago
The clip of Fitz playing the girl that cheated on SMii7Y hasn't aged well
Levi Casey
Levi Casey Month ago
Can we get a raft wars first person shooter
MachineMan64 Month ago
23:50 Mini is a bitch and I'm glad he's gone from the group.
Matt Sasse
Matt Sasse Month ago
48:41 my fucking google doesn't respond when I say "ok google" but when fucking John says it, it fucking responds
My favourite clips were the ones when you had the red people attacking you, the stick man fights, untitled gose game, uno, the minecraft clip with the stal music disc and others every other clip.......they are all funny
Jordan Boewe
Jordan Boewe Month ago
I hate that when the cards against humanity bit at like 56 minutes the add for pokemon go came on
Manican Man
Manican Man Month ago
I literally listen to this when I go to sleep EVERY night
Luke Rehill
Luke Rehill Month ago
whats the name of that game where he said shit im out of ammo plz dont rush me
Inc0mpleteDean *
The accordion ditty start playing and I already know a dumb joke is coming!!
Elbrus Ozden
Elbrus Ozden Month ago
there are 69k likes rn
Kyle Nieves
Kyle Nieves Month ago
Timestamps for myself 2:52 35:15 40:23
DDDiablo OW
DDDiablo OW Month ago
1:27 what is the game in this clip called?
Tiago Lopes
Tiago Lopes 28 days ago
Lil Brax
Lil Brax Month ago
15:56 to 15:57 oh goooooh
Lil Brax
Lil Brax Month ago
10:33 to 11:13 oh god
Trusty McCoolguy
The lava clip is ruined by Mini being the enemy of humor everywhere he goes
Sid White
Sid White Month ago
( 10:33 )-( 11:14 ): Me trying to *quietly* eat Chipotle chips at 2:00 AM-
Toasty Month ago
Yo smii7y best of 2018 and this is like an extended expired milk
Jack Lightning Bolt
6:42 name of game pls
RiZeCaptor Month ago
The feeling you get when you’re taller than Swagger
jackson koehler
jackson koehler Month ago
When fitz is in any video -_-
renji abarai
renji abarai Month ago
wait what game was on 1:31 ?
Bistrian Aris Ciprian
some body
some body Month ago
Best thing everything this made quarantine way better
Limeonade Month ago
0:17 You really gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday for a birthday gift ----
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