Smart Energy Systems: 100% Renewable Energy at a National Level (Full Version)

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Get more info here about the research conducted in the Sustainable Energy Planning Group at Aalborg University:
Smart Energy Systems: 100% Renewable Energy at a National Level (Full Version)
Denmark has decided to become independent from fossil fuels. For the sake of the climate, the economy, and in order to ensure security of energy supply. This film shows how this will happen based on research conducted at Aalborg University (www.smartenergysystems.eu).
At present wind and solar energy already delivers a good share of Denmark's energy, but renewable energy is a major challenge for an energy system that is built upon fossil fuels. Energy production from wind and solar fluctuates - it fluctuates as the wind blows. So what renewables are reliable when there is no sun or wind energy available?
Another challenge is the transport sector. How do we create an energy system of renewable energy, where also cars, ships and planes can operate on fossil-free energy? A great example of an energy system that will ensure Denmark a 100% renewable energy system is called: Smart Energy Systems - a coherent, fossil-free energy system that will create lots of new jobs and green energy for the Danes, both in terms of electricity, heat and transport.
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Nov 28, 2014

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Comments 336
Ray Shepherd
Ray Shepherd 13 days ago
I find it interesting that one of the first picture shows wind turbines just off the shoreline. I don't think that would fly for folks that like their views.
Govind Chettri
Govind Chettri 13 days ago
Bro have u made a project or a model on this topic??
ttystikk rocks
ttystikk rocks 24 days ago
The notion that renewable energy is not enough to power a modern society is belied by the Danes doing exactly that. We don't need nuclear power, just smart resource management.
Manohar Lokhande
Manohar Lokhande 25 days ago
Very nice vedio. By which software you make this vedio
lawman3966 Month ago
The approaches presented here are doable, make sense, and are good for everyone. So much so that I'm confident that as much as 5% of the U.S. Congress will support it!
Dazed Maestro
Dazed Maestro 2 months ago
Renewable is a joke, only idiots or ignorants think that renewable is better than nuclear.
Denise R Davis
Denise R Davis 2 months ago
Pages of spam and/or uninterested
Murillo Zibetti
Murillo Zibetti 2 months ago
Steve Fortuna
Steve Fortuna 2 months ago
I can see how biomass is a benefit to the farming community BUT it is still a thermally inefficient means of energy production because it requires COMBUSTION to produce the thermal rise that boils the water which creates the steam which spin the turbines in the house that Jack built. You would be better off putting the crop energy into organic food production and capturing the plant waste or slag CO2 to recycle into a heat plant. OXIDATION of a fuel source is not a 21st Century method of production, and nuclear FISSION has huge radioactive footprint and a storage problem that will be with you for CENTURIES. The only possible nuclear solution is THORIUM FUSION but that is decades away from practical. My advice in colder northern climates is to SKIP BIOMASS COMPLETELY, concentrate on 100% wind/solar/tidal and geothermal, and look at biogasses when you need to burn off methane from rotting organics/compost.
Chris Dembinsky
Chris Dembinsky 2 months ago
Using battery storage is now something that they will likely include. The technology wasn't available when this video was made.
fakiirification 3 months ago
i thought Solar Freekin Roadways were the future!?
V L 3 months ago
...Or just buy Russian clean natural gas at 1/5 the prices.
Paul B
Paul B 3 months ago
Burning Biomass gets a lot of criticism from green purists, does Denmark know something we don’t?
Mark Heslep
Mark Heslep 3 months ago
The stacked graphic showing the variability of wind, solar, and wave is misleading, and not slightly so. It shows solar output expanding and contracting, when in fact it goes all the way to zero everyday at the onset of peak evening load. In winter, solar output can become insignificant for six weeks. So too wind and wave in the off season.
SWOBIZ 3 months ago
17 minutes of aspirational assertions - not one mention of costs.
fakiirification 3 months ago
Because they cant tell the public that in order to do all this shit the population will eventually become slaves, maybe keeping 10% of what they earn, with the rest going to the government.
seaplaneguy 3 months ago
New engine at 60-75% that can run 5 fossil fuels and NH3 is needed and eliminates the need for electric cars/truck etc. Old Otto/Diesel engines cannot be converted well to NH3. Excess wind and solar makes NH3 that then is stored and used in vehicles, airplane, boats, ATVs, camper, trucks, track hoes and anything that needs power. This system you propose can be taken down easily with a shortage from one or the other sources. NH3 should be the common fuel for everything, including farmer's trucks and fertilizers, plastics and more. NH3 is one key not discussed in this video and the other is a new engine like suggested. Happy to discuss how to get Denmark off of oil ASAP. It is very doable. With this new engine Denmark could compete with German car companies....lots of jobs. see tweets @seaplaneguy
Humaid Alqubaisi
Humaid Alqubaisi 5 months ago
Complicated solutions , re digesting inefficient systems like solar and ugly wind systems is obviously not the way to the future. hanging to a "straw" should not be the way to the future also . forcing people to limit their freedom to use public transport is not the future. the solution will be simpler , more independence and freedom to all with innovative and simpler , much simpler solutions will take us from the past to the future.
Tore Lund
Tore Lund 5 months ago
How nice for once to hear intelligent people carefully getting the complete picture and actually having the numbers check out as opposed to Danish politicians that either think getting EVs without any other energy infrastructure investments will solve global warming or small changes to lifestyle will makes us fulfil the Paris agreement. If Danish politicians were smart they would pass a law stating that no politician is allowed to make decisions about energy without consulting engineers or at least someone that understands thermodynamics.
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly 6 months ago
I think that most of this looks like a fine plan to me but hydrogen production through electrolysis of water is not a good idea. It is far too inefficient at storing energy. The conversion losses are massive. Batteries and compressed air are much better options. Also where is the hydro power in this? Hydro dams are excellent grid scale batteries
Væringjar 4 months ago
Tom Kelly in order to build hydro plants you need the water to have gravitational potential energy, Denmark is flatter than a pancake, so not a solution there. This system is supposed to be solution for areas with no natural resources.
joe allen
joe allen 6 months ago
if you don't want a future full of energy poverty, you have to include nuclear.
MS W 7 months ago
Wind, solar and wave energy are not effective and efficiency if compared with nuclear energy
Graham R Dyer
Graham R Dyer 2 months ago
But nuclear isn't exactly green and would you like all the used pellets under your house
David G
David G 9 months ago
I came across this new game changing energy solution. If what they claim is true then it's the solution. ruvid.net/video/video-V4MOKvzmbZY.html They also have videos of testes performed proving their statements. They are asking us to spread the word - You need to see this, I'm convinced...
JN-Pro HD 11 months ago
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about solar power free install try Ewans energy roadmap (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.
Ernest Hemingway
Wow!!! Why can't we all do this?
Dazed Maestro
Dazed Maestro 2 months ago
Because nuclear is the best but the idiot politicians and people who vote them are still struggling to understand it, we can't use renewable because it's physically not possible.
GaunletofDestruction 10 months ago
Beats me!
Straight Whitemale
Once society learns to live in the renewable energy world this becomes simple. Stop being so spoiled and greedy. Learn to live with fluctuating energy, stop demanding energy any time you want. Live differently, consider working during dark hours, the energy for lighting would be more than offset by air conditioning costs.
Patel Vidhu
Patel Vidhu Year ago
No need to do so much things. use solar to generate electricity. Generate hydrogen using electrolysis and use fuel cell to re generate electricity.
Laticia Cull
Laticia Cull Year ago
Go to Avasva page if you want to learn how to build it yourself
kareszt Year ago
Yo guys do it with Lego, Jews can go Hego, US and China: 8 or us is welcome for 5
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Year ago
It is amazing that Denmark could achieve all this. It is a leading country in solar and wind power yet Denmark does not have too much wind and sun. Also it has a population of less than 6 million. It takes a lot of planning and commitment! Congratulation!
Tore Lund
Tore Lund 5 months ago
Yet, the Danish average CO2 footprint per person is 14 tonnes yearly, higher than Germany and not far behind the Americans. CO2 doesn't care how it is made and Danes Fly a lot and buy a lot of consumer goods. Also commuting by car is rewarded by tax deduction (60 cents/mile). So having the Greenest energy production infrastructure, does not give Denmark a free pass to gloat.
Peter Campbell
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Iain Reid
Iain Reid Year ago
Denmark is currently in the enviable position of being able to rely on Norway's large reserves of hydro electric power. So when the winds not blowing, Norway fills the gap. If the wind generated electricity is in abundance, Norway takes the excess to refill their pump storage dams. Denmark pays a lot for Norways power and gets much less when it sells back to Norway. Hence the high cost of electricty in Denmark. It is not a model for other countries to copy.
TeternalGIone Year ago
Kill the money save the world! No nuclear is not the way!
Mohammad Assad Khan
Iain Reid
Iain Reid Year ago
It is technically impossible to get 100% of our electricity (never mind energy) from conventional renwables. (I exclude biomass, as it is used, as it emitts CO2 and destroys forests due to the volume required) As is known the sun doesn't shine all the time and solar output is variable due to the angle of incidence of the sun and the clarity of the atmoshere. Cloud, rain and snow seriously degrade solar output. There are times that the wind is very weak and as the output varies as a square law (A rough estimation, worse at lower speed and less at higher ones) power drops off quickly as wind speed drops. The other associated problem with wind speed and direction is in blustery conditions the output is unstable and adversely affects all devices connected to the grid. The amount of storage to balance all the above very real problems is unsustainable. The thought that storage is the answer but neglects to factor in the extra power needed to re fill the storage devices from a very variable source. Simply put trusting the weather to perform. Would you want to bet on that? You cannot beat the physics of the system and as all sources of energy have known energy density, it's obvious that renewables are a poor choice as they all have very low energy density.
The best course for the domestic scale micro-renewables is www.udemy.com/micro-renewable-energy/
Carl Taylor
Carl Taylor Year ago
Every country in Europe could do this following the brilliant Danish plan. The UK could use more wave and wind power whereas Spain would use sun, wave and wind. We could eliminate the need for oil completely and reduce CO2 emissions drastically.
Solexx X
Solexx X Year ago
LFTR is the bridge. Making synthetic carbon based fuels solves nothing.
Mehedi Hasan Nayeem
Great Energy Plan for next generation! Denmark will be an example to other countries.
james anderson
Oh so they will-burn food for electricity. That is what they are doing.
Roger Reimer
Roger Reimer Year ago
No such thing as renewable energy it takes 240.000 tons of C02 to build a 3 million dollar wind mill because of all the coal you have to burn to make the 32,000 tons of cement 12,000 tons of re-bar for an 80 meter wind turbine plus all the coal needed to make the steel transmission and bearings plus the oil needed to make the carbon propeller. Then all the lubricant for the $250,000 transmission and bearings which may last 10 or 15 year at most. The new cement wind mill may last 35 or more years over water a lot less. At the end of 35 year the decommissioning of the bird killer may take as much C02 as the construction. One massive farm is now being decommissioned in Alberta the cost and the dangers are very high.
Vegan Gargoyle
Watch cowspiracy on Netflix
Taiwo Olaleye
Taiwo Olaleye Year ago
just use nuclear
Graham Spink
Graham Spink Year ago
Denmark is looking to the future in a scientific way ....We all need to follow their advanced planning systems ...
Kadin Hernandez
Several families use up electricity openly and end up receiving a $200-$500 power bill. There are instances when even a rich family can`t seem to afford amounts like this for the upcoming months. This is a generating power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it) to cut your electricity bill and generate your own power.
Gamle Ole
Gamle Ole Year ago
The danes made sure no one gets an advance by installing solar panels just to protect the monopoly of the energy company.
Aaron Goyvaerts
Methanol!!!!!!! Are you crazy!!!!!!! Are you seriously planning on powering cars with methanol!!!!!!! Do you have any idea wat that does to the human body!!!!!
Balanced Stereo
CONSTANT & Clean "TIDAL & GEOTHERMAL" Sources would "Overpower" inconsistent Wind & Solar sources - plus MAG-LEV, FARADAY & ELECTRIC CAR GRID Expansions, all could probably SAVE THE WORLD - after we OVERPOWER Fossil Fuel Interests!!
monoham1 Year ago
if electric cars will use a 3rd of a countries electricity, can't you just increase the price of electricity for cars when there's no wind on Monday and store excess electricity until it stays blowing again on Thursday and then lower the price again? people should be able to get by on their own local solar power or buy increased price stored power If they're going somewhere while renewables and stored power generate 110% to 200% of the remaining energy... needs....
Amos Maclin
Amos Maclin Year ago
now on the forest u still planting a tree back for everyone u take
I'm just sitting here in Houston after the Hurricane. The refineries (Exxon, Valero, etc.) took advantage and flooded our air with benzene. They thought, "you know what, fuck these people" and decided to help the hurricane kill us
Troy Range
Troy Range Year ago
*_One of the best books [link here::_**_twitter.com/rollrockn42/status/895831237465526272_**_ ] for Design and full understanding on solar panel systems ,,, if used in full ,, results are great ,,, as posted_*
Wellington Boobs
I wonder if theresa may will ever see something like this and then tell the British population why they can't have it and why what they have now -- rising energy poverty because of profiteering -- is superior. Will it be tougher regulations or fewer regulations to fix the unfixable? Stay tooned ...
Evan Speis
Evan Speis Year ago
I see the hitman agent 47 has taken up narrating documentaries.
Hachi de Fibonacci
Water prices will rise. Learn to conserve water. Nation wise a country must lower it's water consumption.
Ruth Rogers
Ruth Rogers 2 years ago
Saltwater Batteries or Energy Storage
Theodoяe Kяap
Theodoяe Kяap 2 years ago
There's nothing green about this "green gas" they're talking about, burning that gas does produce carbon emissions does not matter if you use solar/wind energy to produce it. Unless you use Hydrogen/Oxygen or HHO then you're going to emit carbon. period.
Mark Heslep
Mark Heslep 3 months ago
James Rosemary No, while the biogas use expands CO2 concentration increases for decades. Then, even in equilibrium inefficiency means more CO2 is produced than recovered.
Tore Lund
Tore Lund 5 months ago
Burning natural gas less bad because a higher portion of its energy content is from Hydrogen so less CO2/kWh. But on its own it is nowhere green enough to make a difference. The only truly carbon free liquid fuel is Ammonia that is only Nitrogen and Hydrogen. This can be made by renewable sources and transported as a liquid at low pressure, used in car directly decomposed through a catalyst as Hydrogen.
James Rosemary
James Rosemary 5 months ago
Carbon emited by burning green gas equals the carbon secuestred in wood and agricultural waste. So the net balance is zero.
Rodrigo Amoedo
Rodrigo Amoedo 6 months ago
no budy,
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly 6 months ago
It is good to emit some CO2. Plants need it!
Stacey Story
Stacey Story 2 years ago
Biogas solutions is remarkable
Armando Zessar
Armando Zessar 2 years ago
What about tomorrow after Earth axis changing because poles melting wind directions are also changing?
Garret Krampe
Garret Krampe 2 years ago
Makes me laugh when I invent this stuff back in 2009 and never found any funding.
craig silta
craig silta 2 years ago
The more we utilize energy fully we will find less reasons to work and this will decrease demand. The whole economy is driven by energy but is the major reason why we work so by creating energy independence we will refine the reasons why we work and eliminate unnecessary processes that are nothing more then a drain on resources and that are a negative benefit to society. It will be much like the dissolving of the monopoly of AT&T. What will happen in a short time will be a complete shift in why people work. Cause 80 percent of every dollar is just to support the use of energy and is the driving force behind money so will utilizing energy better we will reduce the need to work and the justification of comforts to oil and energy companies who want to continue to be their slave to ignorance. Over half the world represents the interests and well being of a digital number so these people are really working against us instead of for us because every decision made in moneys interests goes against human and natures interests. Which is more important?
Jens Østergård
Jens Østergård 2 years ago
Unfortunately the danish people elected a parliament in 2015 that delays these visions.
Aravinth K
Aravinth K 2 years ago
John Eddy
John Eddy 2 years ago
Thanks 4 all U do!! U’ll like my song: “Evolution” soundcloud.com/3-412/6-evolution
rangemog21 2 years ago
I wrote it somewhere before, there is no such thing as RENEWABLE energy; not out of the sun, it will die out at the end, not of the wind, becouse the wind will be gone at the same time. Yep, but it will not be as long as we live...Right, we will even be gone before that. You use energy, clean energy or other, it's gone for ever. But, my advice, use sun and windenergy as long it is there !!!
peterb6245 2 years ago
for electricity generatiwe use solar, wind, and pumped hydro for transport we grow crude oil with algae...takes two weeks....check university of california san diego rofessor stephen mayfield
HairlessHare 2 years ago
To each their own. Stop saying solar or nuclear or whatever is the future. It depends on where you are. Middle east can't go biomass but they are suited for solar. some countries have wind others don't. Iceland can benefit from geothermal others not so much. No single energy source is "the future". There is no magic bullet. To each their own.
Omnipitous 21 day ago
@Mark Heslep I didn't claim half the stuff you ascribed to me. I agree that utilities generally get no value from my system. I'll go further and say solar is destroying utilities. I don't think that is a good thing. Second, depending on the area, utility basic infrastructure fees are paid by solar consumers and non-users alike. Third, I lived in Hawaii and now Australia where the sun always shines. So winter is not a concern. And although the sun may be at a lower latitude, solar panels work more efficiently the cooler they are. I have a pretty big system and I agree that batteries aren't there yet. If they made economic sense, I would have bought one. As for giving my neighbors a card, I do, although they all have solar too. Ideally, I would like to have a nuclear reactor in my basement. Preferably an LFTR, but I don't have a basement and I don't have a reactor. So I am doing the best thing available.
Mark Heslep
Mark Heslep 21 day ago
@Omnipitous Nonsense. The solar generation you sell back to the utility has absolutely zero value to them. They can even build utility solar four times cheaper than you can. You get value for rooftop power because the government mandates it. That is, if your monthly electric bill without solar is some $200, then that always there, 24/7 grid connection with rooftop solar still costs the utility a little less than $200. Your reduced electric bill is paid for by your neighbors. Maybe send them a card and flowers. No battery is going to put you off grid through winter, summer, night and day. Without subsidies and mandates, solar PV on the roof is so much useless glass and aluminum.
amekanasai Month ago
non fossil fuel is the future....
Sabrina Markon
Sabrina Markon 3 months ago
"nuclear only on radioactive places" haha
aat karelse
aat karelse 3 months ago
Because wind can only go to windy places, solar on sunny places, and nuclear only on radioactive places XD
kkknotcool 2 years ago
"create lots of new jobs" is just code for "very expensive."
Rudolf Zölde
Rudolf Zölde 2 years ago
Environmental technologies. Technology offer Performance multiplier, with milliwatt to megawatt. High performance gain with the successfully tested pulse technology. The novel power optimization is a simulated energy source as an electronic device (EPM, electronic power gain multiplier) and over 1000 km of long distance in series or parallel, connected to primary energy such as accumulator, photovoltaic, fuel cell and is generally applicable in the electrical engineering sector with impulse drive for electric vehicles, track, electric aircraft, space and shipping, thermoelectric generators (patent) and in the household save 50% electric heating costs. Innovative Technologies - RZ-IT Rudolf Zölde samplingtec@gmail.com www.rz-innovatec.com If 100 liters of petrol are consumed for a route from A to B, 70 liters are converted to heat and 30 liters to moving energy.
Neil Lizotte
Neil Lizotte 2 years ago
Why not LENR?
Neil Lizotte
Neil Lizotte 2 years ago
Why not LENR?
Rishab Dubey
Rishab Dubey 2 years ago
very informative :) (Y)
BlezentFott 2 years ago
The future renewable and alternative energy source is SONGS. Go to my channel titled A New Alternative Source of Energy for Vehicles.
George LFC
George LFC 2 years ago
Ok so how do you make the renewable energy solar panels, or the wind generation plants oh that's right with fossil fuels. How do you replace a wind turbine motor out in the sea, oh yes with a fecking helicopter powered by fossil fuels. Yes it's great to save money in the short term on energy but to make one solar panel means that; that one panel needs to run for 25 years without breaking down before it even becomes carbon neutral before it even starts to pay back to the climate.. green energy is a joke and is not the solution to our problems...
George LFC
George LFC 2 years ago
MrKohlenstoff I don't but I deal with sustainability all day, and all you have to do is the numbers. Eg take wind generation it takes a huge amount of iron ore to dig out of the ground all with heavy machinery run on fossil fuels, then there is transport, making it, more transport, plus people power because hey 90% of western people eat meat and dairy which is huge on its own. Anyway if it takes at least 10 years for the fossil fuels we burn today to have its effect on the planet and then you factor in breakdown costs, maintenance costs (again people) and each time you replace a component or even do maintenance on it another 10 years kicks in for that task. Even being conservative it is at least 10 years, if we went on a building spree of green energy today the amount of fossil fuels we would burn to make it, in 10 years would put us past the target rate regardless of how green it runs today the damage in manufacturing is were the issue is. We should have done it 30 years ago..
marverati 2 years ago
@George LFC you got a source for that 25 years claim? According to this www.nrel.gov/docs/fy04osti/35489.pdf for instance, it's 1-4 years. Of course depends on many factors though.
George LFC
George LFC 2 years ago
@ james you know that thing between your ears it's called a brain you should try using it sometimes. Stop looking at the end product and focus on the manufacturing process..
George LFC
George LFC 2 years ago
@ma boy. That's good, but a simple question what are they made of thin air?.. really think about it let's take wind power what is actually involved in making just one, how many people are involved in the engineering and design? Are they vegan or meat eaters? Do they drive to work ?etc. what materials are they made from? What's the process to manufacture? How many people does it take to make one? How is it transported to site? How is it erected? What's the replacement of parts, what if a motor burns out how does it get replaced? What's the impact of birds or other flying animals? How is the power transported and stored to the home? We are only taught to look at the end product and never consider what's involved to actually make it..green power is a product to keep industry going and it can only be derived from fossil fuels.. fossil fuels is not just oil, gas, and coal, concrete and animal ag is also considered a fossil fuel because of its environmental impacts which are much much bigger then oil, gas, and coal... can wind and solar generate enough power to melt steel?
Dustin Heuterman
Dustin Heuterman 2 years ago
you do realize those are going to be powered by renewables soon as well, right?
BlezentFott 2 years ago
Electric car is a WASTE of energy, for hydrogen fuel cars, hydrogen should be used as combustible fuel instead of generating electricity from fuel cells.
BlezentFott 2 years ago
You're right. Combustion engine is lot less efficient than H2 fuel cells. Hydrogen would be a good clean energy storage chemical alternative to chemicals found in batteries. Better yet, go to my channel and the video that talks about New Alternative Fuel source for Automobiles, which are Songs.
marverati 2 years ago
cleantechnica.com/2015/06/26/hydrogen-cars-lost-much-support/ doesn't sound too convincing to me. Anything wrong with the arguments?
pitsaria poueskise
pitsaria poueskise 2 years ago
ah god. those people are idiots. and that makes me worry most is that they work in a university. those people are idiots.
Gregory Howard
Gregory Howard 2 years ago
I'm pro-choice on energy
maral2014 nuclear
maral2014 nuclear 2 years ago
and with nuclear, you don't need the energy saving BS.
Theodoяe Kяap
Theodoяe Kяap 2 years ago
we could bury the nuclear waste under earth's crust in the mantle, it will sink deeper since it's heavier than molten rock and we wouldn't have to worry about it. However, we would lose that material forever, so that's the downside.
ftbsecret 2 years ago
The now standart nucleair reactors cost way to much to build, already build ones for the time being are cost effective to keep open mostly but nobody will invest in new plants. Thorium will all depend on price, they are claimed to be cheaper but such projects never stay in budget it always seems. It will come down to price, nobody is going to build huge expencive plants if renewables are cheaper (I mean including storage) Maybe Japan/france build some thorium plants before renewable prices drop below the point that nobody wants to compete anymore. I can't predict the future its possible price drops lvl out on renewables and the thorium plant is as cheap as they claim, in that case we will see more of them =P But I don't expect that to happen
mynoks 2 years ago
thorium seems way way more safe. So if we move to thorium (while increasing renewable a lot) we can agree yes.
maral2014 nuclear
maral2014 nuclear 2 years ago
we could settle on thorium? thorium almost uses 99% of all of its fuel. If we where to make this reactor, waste would be solved. :D
mynoks 2 years ago
I guess you mean "... won all of them..." Current nuclear power plants are quite good in submarines and aircraft carriers (with limitless water) as they were designed on Navy requirements, which do not translate so well into civil inland applications. In the short term nuclear seems necessary (specially if you consider the CO2 emissions of coal or gas) but unless fusion is achieved or we move to salt molter reactors I still think (and can support with facts) that nuclear must only be used for very specific situations and not for mass energy production. And again in the economic part, try to also include the crazy amount of time that some radioactive waste need to be secured (only that part make nuclear the most expensive energy of all)
maral2014 nuclear
maral2014 nuclear 2 years ago
Look, Denmark is not that huge of a country. they can rely on that stuff. but bigger country's need nuclear.
I A Reid
I A Reid 2 years ago
Hello Jacob, Solar and wind can never be cheaper when they need to have almost 100% capacity back up from thermal or hydro stations. (Incidentally hydro dams give off huge amounts of CO2It is economic folly to not consider the overall cost of the complete system.
maral2014 nuclear
maral2014 nuclear 2 years ago
I wonder why nobody is thinking about Stirling engines .
Jacob 2 years ago
+I A Reid It's not as simple as you put it. Denmark sells wind energy to Norway during nighttime in order for them to pump the water back up in the dams, during daytime they then generate power. Denmark also get about 40% of their energy from wind alone, now put on top of that hydroelectric energy from Norway and it makes up for more than 1/3rd. Both solar and wind has become much cheaper in the past years, and if done right, the energy can actually be cheaper than conventional forms. But it all depends on where the country is located.
maral2014 nuclear
maral2014 nuclear 2 years ago
I do think that hydro and nuclear would be the best for the world, or perpetual motion even.
I A Reid
I A Reid 2 years ago
Denmark is not able to rely on their renewable generation, only about 1/3 rd of their power is renewable. What they do rely on is their neighbour Norway which has large hydro generation capacity, That is just fortunate for Denmark that their geography is suitable for hydro which is a very good source of power, Many countries do not have that resource. Wind and solar are pretty poor sorces of power, and time has proven this to be so. Neither are the future.
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 2 years ago
Nuclear power energy is future .
maral2014 nuclear
maral2014 nuclear 2 years ago
We need more nuclear!
Mauro Scimone
Mauro Scimone 2 years ago
Little adjustement in my opinion: LED lighting instead of fluorescent, More EV and Hybrid solutions for transports, Chemical Batteries for storage, next gen batteries will be more energy capable; in the future next solar generation include cheap and flexible Perovskite high performance thin film and module, so great solar improvement also for transports integration and PV windows for energy efficiency buildings too!!
ftbsecret 2 years ago
+ George LFC what a amount of unfunden fantasy numbers whoa! First off all you know the opposite direction is being taken? They now use solar to extract oil that would be to expencive to get to otherwise? qz.com/618391/the-oil-industry-has-invented-an-ironic-new-use-for-solar-power/ Those things Mauro listed can perfectly be made without oil in the future, biggest source of energy is the grid and its a flatout lie to claim a ICE car is better for the envoirement as a EV. You can make up a lot of bogus science and post ridiculous claims on some youtube forum but for what? Get a life.
George LFC
George LFC 2 years ago
Mauro Scimone you do know that everything you just mentioned is made by fossil fuels and can only be made by fossil fuels there is no other way to make it.. and everything made by fossil fuels has a 25 year carbon neutral cycle which means it doesn't start paying back to the climate until after the 25 years. The electric car for example uses so much fossil fuels to manufacture that it is still releasing carbon into the atmosphere 20 years later even if it's parked in a garage and never used. In fact a vegan who drives a normal car to work releases the same amount of carbon that a meat eater uses when riding a bike... if you are serious about reducing your impact go vegan if you can't do this then don't worry about anything else you are just throwing money away. Don't get me wrong I save money with having solar while the payback for my pocket is 5 years, the payback to the climate is 25 years and what's the point of spending money to save money if it doesn't matter I'll still kill the planet...
I A Reid
I A Reid 2 years ago
Mauro, all expensive pie in the sky ideas, If and maybe just is not good enough, renwable generation is but a small fraction of our requiremenmt and the times that their output exceeds demand is insufficient for all the batteries you can muster to make up the shortfall. And it's at a large cost.
Mauro Scimone
Mauro Scimone 2 years ago
Great system! Really smart and good video too! Thank you !
Curtis Florager
Curtis Florager 2 years ago
What happens when tourists come to visit Denmark in 2050 and cannot refuel their unconverted car because the country is 'independent' of fossil fuels? Surely they will still need to buy fossil fuels on some scale until the rest of the world can catch up.
watchthe1369 2 years ago
sadoway.mit.edu/research/liquid-metal-batteries A way to stabilize the fluctuations? Check LFTR for a good baseload generator.
kawii Turtle
kawii Turtle 2 years ago
Denmark ....World leader in respect for life....find ways to guilt trip the usa who has an inertial and economically motivated resistance to clean energy transformation will. Thanks from the webmaster of the internet in Redding, California
moosefactory133 2 years ago
After watching probably hundreds of videos on renewable energy, I am convinced there is no magic bullet. I think eventually (not in my lifetime) that a combination of different methods will be used for a completely sustainable energy future. This will involve geothermal, hydro, various types of solar technologies, wind, hydrogen and bio liquid fuels made from algae. Algae is carbon neutral because it removes the same amount of CO2 that it releases during burning through the process of photosynthesis during the time it is growing. But all this will not happen until the cost of oil and other fossil fuels reaches a point that is higher than the cost of producing green energy. But there again, I might be completely wrong on my assumptions.
Discover Beyond
Hey man you know that much so please do a change the world its collapsing now help all humans
Chris Gerwin
Chris Gerwin Year ago
If you are looking for a magic bullet to really make a difference in the global energy problem, look into generation four reactors (search molten salt reactors). However the only reasonable solution to our global energy shortage will be to use every and all types energy generation, storage and efficiency techniques.
Theodoяe Kяap
Theodoяe Kяap 2 years ago
The Russians were experimenting orbital mirrors in the early 90s to reflect sunlight onto solar power plants, increasing their energy production and eliminating their downtime during night. Unfortunately due to lack of funding and the fall of the USSR the experiment was halted then cancelled. It'd be cool if we have orbital mirrors generating electricity or warming up northern cities.
I A Reid
I A Reid 2 years ago
Joe, in your dreams, you cannot fight the physics. There is simply little energy in the green energy systems.
Jim Martin
Jim Martin 2 years ago
Biomass humans make a lot of feces do they not? There is your biomass!
Jim Martin
Jim Martin 2 years ago
A great use of Colaca cola.
mynoks 2 years ago
Jim Martin actually in the video they mention sewage waters... so the plan is to use human shit too!
S. VC 2 years ago
Just like in Spain that the State is shamelessly protecting the cartel of 5 big energy corporations by way of charging a special tax on the sun... That is to say, any residential individual interested in installing solar panels, which will be hooked to the national grid is being taxed to an extent such that the investment will not be payed off until well at the end of the equipment's useful life, thus becoming unfeasable. This in the country where the "sun shines" the most in Europe... And then people are surprised that Catalonia wants to become independent from incompetent, corrupt, evangelical and pre-modern ugly Spain.
321ozzy 5 months ago
@Paul McGreevy 1) Generate solar power and store it at your place instead of delivering it to the national grid. 2) You will be still connected to the grid in order to consume the electricity provided by the electricity company. I agree with your statements regarding and related the solar energy being dependent on the number of sun-hours.
Paul McGreevy
Paul McGreevy 5 months ago
321ozzy The greater metropolitan area of Tokyo has 36 million people what cost would the batteries be to support a city like this. What if there was bad weather for a few days or a week? On the second day the batteries would be drained and the city would grind to a halt. Solar power is intermittent and variable. You still have to have a conventional grid which would be running very inefficiently or you would have to have sufficient storage capacity
321ozzy 5 months ago
@Paul McGreevy That is why the solar panel users should store the energy in batteries and not send it back into the grid. A small fee for the maintenance cost of the grid is understandable. On the other hand, a lot of tax money goes to the fossil fuel maffia, I mean companies, because they are losing income... Reducing energy use on behalf of the population is also to be looked into, many ways to reduce without even having to sacrifice comfort.
Paul McGreevy
Paul McGreevy Year ago
Same occurs in Hawaii and Nevada and other places. This is the problem. The companies that provide the grid and make everything work start to lose business when too many people get roof panels up to the point where they would have to go bankrupt. To stay in business they have to pay less for feed in power and make a bigger service charge to cover their cost. This is why solar can’t work. Solar farms don’t work either because you need 180 square miles of panels to match a 3Gw nuclear power station. The panels require extensive energy intensive mining to manufacture and they have to be repaired and replaced regularly. Imagine the land costs involved. Totally impractical. Wind requires 1,000 square miles for same energy production. The only thing renewable about these energy sources is the sun and the wind. Everything else needs manufacture and maintenance and repairs and regular replacement and lots of expensive land.
Jacob 2 years ago
Man that sounds fucked up. I hope Catalonia will get a referendum soon.
Hai Bui
Hai Bui 2 years ago
Add những trạm năng lượng vào điện thoại của người sử dụng nó
Eclipse Now
Eclipse Now 2 years ago
Sadly, many groups quote Dr James Hansen on the problem of climate change, while ignoring his stated *solution*. He says: 1. Believing in 100% RENEWABLES is like believing in the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. (Yes, he's aware of all the 'studies' that say we can, but still thinks storage is ridiculously expensive and cannot do the job). goo.gl/8qidgV 2. The world should build 115 reactors a year* goo.gl/Xx61xU (*Note: on a reactors-to-GDP ratio the French *already* beat this build rate back in the 70's under the Mesmer plan. 115 reactors a year should be easy for the world economy. France did it *faster* with older technology, and today's nukes can be mass produced on an assembly line. Also, GenIV breeders are coming that can eat nuclear waste and covert a 100,000 year storage problem into 1000 years of clean energy for America and 500 years for the UK with today's levels of nuclear waste).
Stanley Cyprien
Stanley Cyprien 2 years ago
This renewable energy technology is suitable for a cold climate environment.
Roger Reimer
Roger Reimer Year ago
Roger Reimer 1 second ago No such thing as renewable energy it takes 240.000 tons of C02 to build a 3 million dollar wind mill because of all the coal you have to burn to make the 32,000 tons of cement 12,000 tons of re-bar for an 80 meter wind turbine plus all the coal needed to make the steel transmission and bearings plus the oil needed to make the carbon propeller. Then all the lubricant for the $250,000 transmission and bearings which may last 10 or 15 year at most. The new cement wind mill may last 35 or more years over water a lot less. At the end of 35 year the decommissioning of the bird killer may take as much C02 as the construction. One massive farm is now being decommissioned in Alberta the cost and the dangers are very high.
2Awesome 2 years ago
The only way to convert heat into electricity is to have a cold place to move that heat to.
SuburbanSlingshots 2 years ago
+Citizen052 maybe a way to harness heat or humidity in a tropical or arid region? Converting heat energy into electrical energy
Citizen052 2 years ago
Yes, i would like to conceptualise such a system for a tropical climate
Stanley Cyprien
Stanley Cyprien 2 years ago
I'm his exterminator i like this system except for the ideal of using wood. Fascinating.
2Awesome 2 years ago
@Damor Vaibhav there is a net loss of CO2 emissions. When tree grows: CO2 -> O2 + sugars When you burn tree: O2 + sugars -> CO2 As long as you burn less than what grows, atmospheric CO2 levels go down.
Damor Vaibhav
Damor Vaibhav 2 years ago
CO2 emission?? also watch "Before the flood"
2Awesome 2 years ago
What is wrong with using wood as long as you grow more than you burn? In USA/Canada, they grow more trees then they chop down.
Samantha Darwin
Samantha Darwin 2 years ago
Having sustainable energy sources wont just save us from losing all our natural resources it also save us from our monthly bills..
G Philip C
G Philip C 3 years ago
How about the use of bananas for energy?
James Bingham
James Bingham 2 months ago
@G Philip C I agree, let's go bananas.
G Philip C
G Philip C 2 years ago
@psound sytem ~ Sorry, you FAIL...I AM funny...no getting around it. Bananas grow very quickly...if we are going to use Corn to make ethanol...why not Bananas?
manu ochenta
manu ochenta 2 years ago
You can make biodiesel to power a plant so your atempt to bein funny fail.
Greg Grady
Greg Grady 3 years ago
I propose reducing global consumers. How about we start with 1/3 of the world population. we can have a court determine who the most valuable people are and then recycle into a fuel source, it's biomass.
cadkls 5 months ago
@The Ultimate Reductionist "force new humans into the world" Well looks like we have found the source of your evil. You hate yourself and your existence so you wish death on others. What a vile creature you are.
Robin Gilliver
Robin Gilliver 6 months ago
That is evil.
The Ultimate Reductionist
+Greg Grady Yes! Agreed. Let's start by killing and recycling christians, conservatives, muslims, Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers, pronatalists who think they are entitled to breed and breed and breed and overpopulate and force new humans into this world without their permission, bankers, stock traders, anyone with a job on Wall Street. The homeless and prisoners consume and burn the LEAST amount of energy.
LongTimeAtheist 3 years ago
Yea, and who's court do you propose to use? ISIS's, the US, Russian, Chinese or others? Remember you and your children would have to go in front of that court... Although Fat people would be a goof fuel supply... Oh wait I need to hurry up and go on a diet. Wait I will donate the liposuction fat. Awesome! Fuel my video game and loose some weight! I propose we just figure out how to use 1/3 less energy.
jeric cordero
jeric cordero 3 years ago
personally I love green energy resources, I admired Danish Government for caring people and for the saved of natures, my government which is opposite they care only for themselves how earned money and power greedy selfishness, I wish i could be a Danish..
jeric cordero
jeric cordero 3 years ago
@ajdiddie Philippines
ajdiddie 3 years ago
Do you mean the us government
Copi !
Copi ! 3 years ago
Kjør på! Dette gir meg håp for fremtiden! :D
Bipin Karki
Bipin Karki 3 years ago
Really cool technologies for replacing fossil based fuel. But they might be too costly in country like Nepal to implement with geographical difficulty. But there is great surge of solar panel in Nepal too,
mrotola28 3 years ago
ive seen a guy that has a catalist to cut energy consumption for electrolysis by 2/3rds at this rate i think the most universal free energy scorce is hydrogen.
LongTimeAtheist 2 years ago
@Bradley Huffstetler No, it is considered quite a bit. The difference is that it is easier to clean up a handful of smoke stacks than it is to clean up millions of tailpipes. Many power plants are moving to Natural gas. You have the solar and wind options. Where I live in the Northwet we have loads of hydro. Power walls for homes are being considered to lower the need for peak load power needs. Coal, oil and natural gas plants are used most often for peak load conditions because they are faster to turn on. So if you add a buffer you can better manage your base load. Fuel delivery to a single power plant and propagation of that energy out to homes via wires is cheaper and more efficient than delivering the fuel to your local gas stations. If you didnt have to deliver to the local gas station you would also lower congestion on the roads. The amount of electricity to manufacture a gallon of gasoline in electricity could conceivably power an electric car for about 60 miles... One caveat though. Most of that energy is heat to crack the oil to make gasoline so that energy doesnt directly transfer there are energy losses to convert to electricity. Physics getting in the way again. I happen to be very close to someone who works for a electric company. There is a lot of work being done to reduce the need for peak load power generation. At least this power company seems to be concerned about its public perception and really tries to do the right thing. Like so many companies they dont always get it right but I would say they really try. Something else more important than efficiency in some ways to me at least. If you believe in the capitalist system you should have choices and be able to vote with your pocket book. I have a Prius and Leaf. This means I have Cut my Koch Brothers taxes by 2/3. I send 2/3 less money to the middle east dictatorships. In the Northwet I keep most of my energy money right here in the Northwet.
Bradley Huffstetler
So many good points in one reply.. I, like probably many people who read about this stuff, have never stopped to think about the energy to produce the gasoline/diesel itself. Completely negates the argument of "where do you think that electricity in your electric car comes from?"
LongTimeAtheist 3 years ago
Sadly Hydrogen gas is not an energy source. A popular miss conception. At best it is a poor storage medium. It takes a huge amount of energy to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. You can use natural gas as a Hydrogen source it still takes a lot of energy to extract the hydrogen. Then to store / effectively transport Hydrogen it takes more energy to compress it to somewhere around 10,000 PSI. Now you can burn Hydrogen in a Internal Combustion Engine which is at best 20% efficient. The other method is Fuel cell vehicle. The fuel Cell vehicle converts the compressed Hydrogen to electricity and stores that electricity in a battery which drives an electric motor. A good reference artical with more data. electrek.co/2016/04/26/automakers-fuel-cell-hydrogen-electric-vehicles/ So after all those conversions the physics of hydrogen just does not work out. Unless you can store the energy from the explosion of a hydrogen bomb. Also known as Nuclear fusion. We are working on that. Not there yet. It is far more efficient to store the electricity into a battery from your electric company then drive an electric motor. Strangely enough it takes about 6 KW to refine 1 gallon of gasoline. A Nisan leaf's battery pack can hold 24 KW and gets around 96 miles. Thats about 24 miles per 6KW or 24 miles that you could get by not refining that gallon of gas. Thats only the refining cost. Dont forget the energy that it took to pump it out of the ground, Ship it from there it was pumped and shipping it from the refinery to your gas station. Now there is the argument that coal is used to charge the electric car. They forget to tell you that coal is used to refine that gallon of gasoline. (That is a net / net) Gasoline has the additional pollution of Oil / coal is used to pump the oil out of the ground, shipping it around the world. Then finally the exhaust that comes out of the tail pipe. Electricity doesnt need to be shipped via vehicles. It is shipped via pollution free wires. I hope this helps to understand the really big picture of energy. Physics always tend to get in the way.
Israel Ortiz
Israel Ortiz 3 years ago
Very interesting. But the problem with wind turbine is that it will not produce energy 24/7. But there is a way to produce more energy 24/7 using this power source: ruvid.net/video/video-HkNqtdzgdYU.html
Ryan Dyjur
Ryan Dyjur 3 years ago
did u watch the video ? because they definitely adressed this problem with wave energy, green gas, biomass etc....
Amazon Books
Amazon Books 3 years ago
Renewable Energy eBook www.amazon.com/dp/B009ZK1UBE
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