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Directors: THE REST
Producer: Andy Picton
DOP: Sam Meyer
1st AC/FP: Dan Deighton
2nd AC: Osman Tekdemir
Gaffer: Joss Garnet-Lawson
Spark: Deepan Thavarajah
Grip: Grip Dynamics
Stylist: Daniel Pacitti
Set Design: Froude Studio
Art Dept: Hollie Peck
Art Assistants: Matt Denton & Abby Munns
Colourist: Jonny Thorpe
Toilet Cleaner: Wahblo Picasso
Production Assistant: Sonni Wibaut, Chad Joyce & Ellis Earl
Thank you to Athene, The Garibaldi, Delepre Golf Course & Flore House
#slowthai #nhs #TYRON


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Nov 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Elisa Amiot
Elisa Amiot Day ago
2:51 à deux doigts près on était sur le signe de JUL
0:28 Really reminds me of What? By A Tribe Called Quest and i fuckin love it
simon harper
simon harper Day ago
this song is lovely
monroe bobsomp
monroe bobsomp 2 days ago
He is real life Murdoc.
uber 2 days ago
straight fire
Zavala 3 days ago
whats rick with out morty whats lil wyne without codeine shieet
It's Artiom
It's Artiom 3 days ago
Бля что за читка
Célio Bruno
Célio Bruno 3 days ago
Whos watching in 2021
Lil Hang
Lil Hang 3 days ago
This shit fye
Michele Guerra
Michele Guerra 4 days ago
My man has two showers a day, he clean af
Stevy E
Stevy E 4 days ago
Did he just do gun fingers? 😂
Сева Мамедова
Люблю тебя и Катю❤️
Shh My Pup Is Sleepin
I’m a hater when it comes to the British rap scene, but this guys vibes are undeniably chill af.
Redeyeslit Lit Lit
Im happy I came across slowthai in 2018. Love his wordplay
harry Gayton
harry Gayton 5 days ago
Sick song 💪🏻✅
Kev6 6 days ago
Kev6 6 days ago
Cristobal Ordonez
This is honestly my favorite song ever made just straigh up
Andrej Kurma
Andrej Kurma 6 days ago
Качаем с тобой братишка)))))
Elizabeth Samuel
Elizabeth Samuel 6 days ago
This gets me out of bed
Dak A Mole
Dak A Mole 6 days ago
Lordy have mercy, when he hit boogy oogy kean with it rock with type shit on top of that structure I stood up and rocked wit em for sure
SymmetriC 6 days ago
Big brockhampton vibes Love it
Will Marchant
Will Marchant 7 days ago
blonde reference at 2:42 ?
альфред фидарас
забивной парень
Tasia Pope
Tasia Pope 7 days ago
This the one
Isla Simmons Sadler
Listen to this everyday gets me through the shift l💪🏽💯💯💯💯BANGER
Ximena Chavez
Ximena Chavez 7 days ago
Thank you to Hermit Tarot for bringing me here🥺🦋✨!!!!!!
Тёма Чёрный
Omg I love this so much😭
Wade Byrne
Wade Byrne 7 days ago
This song gives me hope.
Alina 8 days ago
Does anyone get Yung Lean vibes from the chorus? Amazing
enby riot
enby riot 8 days ago
slowthai has the most genuine and wholesome vibes of anyone i’ve ever seen
Elias Leonard
Elias Leonard 8 days ago
love this clip!
princereese 8 days ago
Love his videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samuel Fouche
Samuel Fouche 8 days ago
Murtaz Ahmed
Murtaz Ahmed 8 days ago
I know Jay's gonna go deep thoughts after hearin the Feeling microwaved bar yeah😂❤❤
Mikhail Freidkin
Mikhail Freidkin 9 days ago
Fuckin’ tune man. So relatable!
TheVeryAngryBird 9 days ago
This indeed has a huge brockhampton type sound to it. Goes to show how much depth slowthai posesses as an artist!
Jrw 9 days ago
Is it just me or did this make anyone else feel really emotional
EVEE SOSA 10 days ago
captiancool98 12 days ago
great tune
Jamie Robert
Jamie Robert 13 days ago
TITAS DLSN 14 days ago
Ima be honest the only reason i started liking this song is bc of the “same old shit” bit but that dont mean i hate the other bits, slowthais music is amazing
K9 Revenge
K9 Revenge 14 days ago
Teeam Bird
Teeam Bird 15 days ago
That Arcteryx fit is hard
kinga jpg
kinga jpg 16 days ago
these lyrics got me gooood omg
bram bollie
bram bollie 17 days ago
How tf did i sleep on this
This must be a up north thing..really dont get this real talk
Joshua Araya
Joshua Araya 19 days ago
Bruh that’s it bruh
MixMac BM
MixMac BM 19 days ago
Hey ! We are delighted to let you know that you have been added to MixMac's "New Rap 2020" Playlist !! ruvid.net/group/PL4fO0xkQT4nGMp3dgPSXOn9NsUt_ZLti0
imadieflyin 20 days ago
sammy 1
sammy 1 21 day ago
Hi Tyron, I don't know if u know me, I'm sam, your cousin, you singed a picture and wrote a message for me for Christmas, love the music by the way!
Siya N
Siya N 22 days ago
This man has a cult behind him roundabout now bet
Julie Alvarez
Julie Alvarez 23 days ago
littletrini174 23 days ago
I’m so fucking OFFENDED this doesn’t have more view a masterpiece!!
Tyler Dixon
Tyler Dixon 24 days ago
how much weed does this man bun a day XD#
Brandon Copeland
Brandon Copeland 24 days ago
So god damn talented🔥
Cat Love
Cat Love 24 days ago
I like this song a little too much but what is too much without not enough
Lance Haywood
Lance Haywood 24 days ago
Saw this on Facebook had to check it out. Good work dog
Duncan Graham
Duncan Graham 24 days ago
Bro bro im in love with this project and it hasnt even dropped yet♥♥♥ you got a huge fan in Michigan, US.
Owen Traynham
Owen Traynham 25 days ago
This is the song I needed right now
Franklyn_da_best 25 days ago
wth is this
Frostie 25 days ago
heard it on a ad and had to come listen to the whole song
13 DEEP 25 days ago
Who else here cuz of snap??
THUBBS CC 26 days ago
Colton Wells
Colton Wells 26 days ago
actual trash
Ulises Padron Perez
young pump
young pump 26 days ago
What's lil wayne without codeine
seven 26 days ago
Damn this slaps.
999 27 days ago
This is fire asf keep going
Faïz El Arji
Faïz El Arji 27 days ago
1:23 what's this dance called?
Phuk Music
Phuk Music 27 days ago
This shit touched my soul, dude.
jay williams
jay williams 27 days ago
He sucks beat is fire
David Kinn
David Kinn 28 days ago
This song is absolutely garbage. He sounds like a SoundCloud rapper.
David Kinn
David Kinn 24 days ago
I’m not gonna lie and say it’s good lmao
Casaine ♪
Casaine ♪ 28 days ago
What is wrong with you? He‘s nothing like a soundcloud rapper, and there are some pretty good soundcloud rappers out there. And lyrically, the message of this song is beautiful. Pretty confused on how it sounds bad.
Damon Adkins
Damon Adkins 28 days ago
Love ya brother . Sending love all the way from the devided states of America
Mavado Free
Mavado Free 28 days ago
I LOVE this!! Its so nice to hear about REAL LIFE in songs. It's not every day whipping up and trapping!!! I've been listening to your music this whole year now! Come link me in London some time Slowthai!! ❤🖤
NosyCarton80 28 days ago
Been listening to Slowthai since RUNT. Wasn't feeling the chorus but once you came in. Man, this track made me think. Makes you question what is anything without something. Keep doing your thing props from Australia. EDIT: More I listen to the chorus more I rate it.
Tomzfmb 1
Tomzfmb 1 29 days ago
Yesss g banging this in the northeast
Captin Catt
Captin Catt 29 days ago
Yo man I like the way you can just flow
Sauce Fuego
Sauce Fuego 29 days ago
Tarrin BakerDeyoung
this is fire
Chelsie Jones
Chelsie Jones Month ago
Unimaginable power in his voice !! This man needs to be listened to more
Jason Month ago
The Ads came in handy this time.
Jasmine Month ago
how have i been listening to this on repeat since it came out but only just noticed all the background vocals like the barking
Adam Hunt
Adam Hunt Month ago
we love you t
Thiên Sang
Thiên Sang Month ago
I dont know why but i just love his hand sign
Lucid Prodigy
Lucid Prodigy Month ago
There is no real message to this tbh I feel like he just tried to rhyme as hard as he could just to make it lyrics igz 🤦🏾‍♂️
mateo yolich
mateo yolich Month ago
Yelawolf said he listens to him so I’m here to check him out
Dylan D
Dylan D Month ago
Same old shit, just another day I was in my head, feelin' dead, feelin' microwaved I was on the strip with the kids playin' Simon Says Tyron jumped the bridge, would you do the same?
Dylan D
Dylan D Month ago
1:10 he vibin
Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes Month ago
How did you get through 2020? The nhs. The song or the people? Both
Def 3rd
Def 3rd Month ago
The more I listen to Slowthai the more I realize hes a Palmer Square fan 😏
Victoria Month ago
Nigella says it’s ✨mechro✨wavehy✨
Валерия Гриценко
Мой хороший
Elias Raschke
Elias Raschke Month ago
This is honestly the best song of the year 2020. - finally some light
cristine libery
cristine libery Month ago
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Luke Chapman
Luke Chapman Month ago
For some reason I'm currently just addicted to listening to this.. might be my favourite Slowthai tune
nosajkrad Month ago
Dude. Jam . I’ve got guitar rhythms. Sample and I’m gone. They all yours bud. Call paddy. One love J Dark. The Darkest of the Stars.....
nosajkrad Month ago
My own compositions. Begging ain’t my Buisness....
jojo siera
jojo siera Month ago
I wish he could do a interview type thing with Tyler the creator
Kenna Hattersley
What a vibe
Jesse Graham
Jesse Graham Month ago
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