Amelia Dimoldenberg
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Amelia meets Slowthai at Trogdolyte Bites for a date.
Created by Amelia Dimoldenberg
Co-written by Hazi Adamu

Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
Producer: Georgie Goadsby
Executive Producer: Amelia Dimoldenberg
DOP: Bruno Downey
Cam Op: Jack Ayers
Sound Op: Jordan Tewskbury
Editor: Joseph Bolger

Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ Okay Studio
Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce

Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Social Media: Hazi Adamu
Photographer: Ashraf Nsubuga


Published on


Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 100
slowthai 2 months ago
it's not you it's me
†YVNGLEAD† Month ago
I got the 100th reply :)
ariel gustavo Esquivel
Me calentas
Arthur Justice
Arthur Justice Month ago
@Billie Goes Cool! It took roughly 20 minutes but it reallyworked!
Billie Goes
Billie Goes Month ago
Dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you care
Caspian Timothy
Caspian Timothy Month ago
🎵suddenly not half the man he used to be🎵
Fan Fict
Fan Fict 53 minutes ago
Why dye your hair blonde? You'd look so good natural and black hair and no makeup. It would be super cool if you served your dates "Kugel" 🤤. Love you Diamond-Burger. 😍😍😍
Adam McHugh
Adam McHugh 12 hours ago
This lad needs all the practice he can get.
F M 13 hours ago
Too early for a burger, but not drugs...
Aiden Patrick
Aiden Patrick 15 hours ago
1:42 that was a violation😂
Alistair Day ago
Slowthai is the kinda guy to put a match out with his tongue...
Orlando Lopez
Is this b I tech on A C I D?
100Hasake Day ago
This is my first time watching this, is it awkward on purpose
jack lee
jack lee 2 days ago
I drowned when I was younger it was fun
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner 3 days ago
Best interview yet
R L 3 days ago
These comments are killing me 😭😭😭
Bluenose 79
Bluenose 79 4 days ago
Slowthai needed to catch the No44 bus, so he got on the No22 twice.
ENTEK444 5 days ago
Make an episode with Decoy please !
Waverer 6 days ago
I wanna be friends with Ty
F M 7 days ago
These comments are wild
goldentaei 7 days ago
pls do central cee
Shwisnsn 9 days ago
Nin Yin
Nin Yin 10 days ago
she reminds me of alyssa from the end of the fucking world
Ramen Soap
Ramen Soap 11 days ago
This is hilarious
Andy 'o' fogo
Andy 'o' fogo 12 days ago
“I drowned when I was younger, I, I, uh, it was fun”
Edgin Cornell
Edgin Cornell 13 days ago
So this man was the cake guy
barryoffeastenders 15 days ago
Slowthai - living proof that lobotomy patients can go on to live happy, contended lives
Landsknecht 16 days ago
its so rare to see a woman that is actually funny
a c o r n
a c o r n 16 days ago
she’s like alyssa from teotfw...
Omidov Alreihani
Omidov Alreihani 17 days ago
1:43 I only said you to make feel good , killed me
Sava Danilovic
Sava Danilovic 17 days ago
1:42 finally found the original vid from tik tok
André D'Alva
André D'Alva 17 days ago
1:32 That one there was a violation
Slightly Biased
Slightly Biased 17 days ago
His eyes look like Beckham's.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 18 days ago
Slow this you look drunk
Lindokuhle Shangase
1:30 that’s a violation 🤧💀💀
Apdi Zamad
Apdi Zamad 20 days ago
luxury and cars
luxury and cars 20 days ago
1:44 daaaaaaamn
DeLaun Thirdgill-Ross
This was shot really well
Griefer Creations
Griefer Creations 24 days ago
Amelia moving mad on this one 🤣
G2 24 days ago
When she said “I think you should take all your clothes off” I was like huhhh 😂😂 I’ve never seen Amelia talk like dat
Tommybex J
Tommybex J 24 days ago
Adorable shit hope they go on another
JJ K 24 days ago
She running out of decent people
Rafel Moran
Rafel Moran 24 days ago
The intro with slowthai 🤣
sweater weather
sweater weather 25 days ago
5:36 slowthai: and i took that personally
Dan Wiles
Dan Wiles 26 days ago
He sounds like a character from Rugrats
I stan for marzipan
hmm, ya'll have Louisiana Hot Sauce in Britain
I stan for marzipan
No one: Slowthai: It's was fun
Abdul Mujeeb
Abdul Mujeeb 29 days ago
0:42 That 1 there was a violation 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Learning NewThings
Learning NewThings 29 days ago
My comments were deleted.... All I said was this shows the importance of education
Naomi Woods
Naomi Woods 29 days ago
Why is slow Thai so cute and precious
Kris Gee
Kris Gee 29 days ago
he needs a new barber just saying
Jay.S Ode
Jay.S Ode Month ago
Amina Shamala
Amina Shamala Month ago
"should we go somewhere and get some drugs?"I hope she said yes off camera...slowthai looks like such good company to get high with.
RapB TV Month ago
from tiktok anyone?
Slowthai wins
Ferroni Cesare
Ferroni Cesare Month ago
fully Violated
Eleni H
Eleni H Month ago
“ I drowned when I was younger .... it was fun.” 🤣
Dun out here
Dun out here Month ago
Shannon Xoxo
Shannon Xoxo Month ago
Nah nah that’s the burger😭😭✋
JR Barbosa
JR Barbosa Month ago
says it's too eraly for a burger. then puts out mathes in his tongue. kids these days....
Yung Bunna
Yung Bunna Month ago
This guy is boring
Beatorius B.I.G
Beatorius B.I.G Month ago
If you think this guy is boring, i fear your future gf will break up with you fast
K P Month ago
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beckerr1989 Month ago
He really is slow
No More Bubblegum
❤️ slowthai So cute
Goenn Jetz mal
Goenn Jetz mal Month ago
1:43 Thhat one there was a Violation, personally i wouldn‘t have it
GabrielSpeelt Month ago
Pick central cee
Death Warden
Death Warden Month ago
This is so awkward I love it
So who's here cuz u saw a tiktok?
Ýrñ Kylë
Ýrñ Kylë Month ago
Who's here from tiktok😂
brownskin23white פא
1:35 bruhhhhh😂
Maid 就 Ꮀ Ꮮ Ꭼ X Ψ
"i only said you to make you feel good" that one there was a violation...
Tenta X
Tenta X Month ago
4:32 maybe you cant take everything off, that will be fun 😐
Xamse Siciid
Xamse Siciid Month ago
1:35 it's the part we all coming for violation fam 😅😅
birdie's world
birdie's world Month ago
this is how 3 year olds talk to eachother
Podujeva 01
Podujeva 01 Month ago
2:23 Tell me your high without telling me your high
Jack's Travel's
Jack's Travel's Month ago
Anyone notice this is ok diner on the a1!
ohhViink o
ohhViink o Month ago
Hes tue Kind of guy to catch a body and forget it next day , psychopath
Lucy Cookson
Lucy Cookson Month ago
Slow Thai is so leng
Al Hill
Al Hill Month ago
Slowthai seems a bit SLOW.
Veronica Corningstone
she met her match
Nkwenkwezi Rulumeni
He’s so sweet
Gianni Russo
Gianni Russo Month ago
Man looks bare noncey
Rhodesian Wojak
Rhodesian Wojak Month ago
I see why "slow" is part of his name.
Emily Moses
Emily Moses Month ago
You can really tell when she has chemistry with people and when she dosent
He so different then in songs
Kacey Thompson
Kacey Thompson Month ago
He looked so curious when she said dribble 😂
Kacey Thompson
Kacey Thompson Month ago
Ngl you two would be a proper cute couple
Robby Fowling
Robby Fowling Month ago
Very very strange bloke!
Ryan Wiggins
Ryan Wiggins Month ago
Just realised this is the diner on vex
Anthony vv
Anthony vv Month ago
I love them together
llorTA toN
llorTA toN Month ago
Amelia : "How long do you think you can hold your breath for?" slowthai : "I drowned when i was younger" Amelia : "Oh noo i'm sorry to hear that" slowthai : "It was fun" It's already Muchdank no need for edit.
llorTA toN
llorTA toN Month ago
Trogdolyte is my favorite word
Soup S
Soup S Month ago
Why do I think I talk like this guy?
Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres Month ago
Menace to society
fnf veteran
fnf veteran Month ago
"Do you wear perfume?" I'm dead
Random Person
Random Person Month ago
5:35 look at that confused face, so cute 🤣
terenia27 shandy
Is he a druggie
Zakariah Borenyi
He’s one of the most wholesome rappers out but looks like those bullies in early 2000s films
Bede Nandos
Bede Nandos Month ago
bro this guy is so flipping cool
Alan Fletcher
Alan Fletcher Month ago
Legitimate question, is he called that because he is slow? He seems like the village idiot, not one intelligent or interesting word spoken in the whole chat, that's actually pretty impressive.
AYE 12
AYE 12 Month ago
hes a complete airhead
Jeeblez Month ago
Surly we get her on a date with lucii from block 6
Callum Edmonds
Callum Edmonds Month ago
Why the random cuts to the ketchup
Gum Guy
Gum Guy Month ago
Slowthai looks like the kid from toy story
Любимый город