Slowdive - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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KEXP.ORG presents Slowdive performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded October 25, 2017.
Star Roving
Crazy For You
Sugar For The Pill
Host: Cheryl Waters
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Jim Beckmann


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Feb 5, 2018




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Comments 80
Dionisio Neto
Dionisio Neto 4 days ago
Cool band.
Graf Aramaic
Graf Aramaic 5 days ago
(Esp if you're "of a certain generation")...Take a drink for everytime you ever read a review that dropped "shimmering guitar" in there somewhere.
naomi barker
naomi barker 6 days ago
Marimotsi 7 days ago
This is beautiful! Thank you!
cmoretone k
cmoretone k 8 days ago
Absolutely incredible, great sound,beautiful songs.Thankyou KEXP
Samsara Zarsara
Samsara Zarsara 11 days ago
[Verse 1] There's a buzzard of gulls They're drumming in the wind Only lovers alive Running in the dark [Chorus] Anna rolled away Said we never wanted much Just a rollercoast' Our love was never number one Sugar for the pill You know it's just the way things are Can't abide the sun This jealousy will break the whole [Verse 2] Cut across the sky And move a little closer now Lying in a bed of greed You know I had the strangest dream [Chorus] Anna rolled away Said we never wanted much Just a rollercoast' Our love was never number one Sugar for the pill You know it's just the way things are Can't abide the sun This jealousy will break the whole [Instrumental] [Chorus] Anna rolled away Said we never wanted much Just a rollercoast' Our love was never number one Sugar for the pill You know it's just the way things are Can't abide the sun This jealousy will break the whole
Andrew 13 days ago
this is good as fuck
Darkbloom 17 days ago
Give me an A Give me an M Give me an A Give me an Z Give me an I Give me an N Give me an G
Simon Robeyns
Simon Robeyns 23 days ago
haha the drummer looks like tyrion lannister
Bosumofficial Month ago
Cheryl always asking the right questions
goodycao also
goodycao also Month ago
Great !!!!!!!!!
Brad Pauler
Brad Pauler Month ago
...one more thing, speaking of aging...over the last thirty year, and then seeing them now, along with my bloody Valentine, Stereolab, Hope Sandoval, and many many more.... They hardly look like they've aged but ten years or so, kinda like the music. Or you could say they've all aged well, and maybe gotten even better? You decide, on one hand my bloody Valentine only played pretty much their early stuff, mostly Loveless... But what's wrong with new album. Maybe slow dive didn't have as big a mountain to come back down from. Whatever, it's ALL good
Brad Pauler
Brad Pauler Month ago
My love for this kind of music is a given. I mean music only. What I'm saying is, it's interesting how most popular mainstream music is all about image over substance. You know, it's always a beautiful woman, but the music is not interesting to me. (And many, most of you would say it's not even good, period!) So it amazes me, and makes me fall in love even more when it's a woman- don't know her name- like this. She has talent that's NOT in popular mainstream music AND she's beautiful and can only imagine she must be very nice! I notice that in most great underground, psych, experimental, or any truly alternative type bands with strong female leads- they don't have all that popular bullshit on them but in a sense they're more beautiful than Taylor Swift because their music is.... Hell, not only better, how can I even compare or put them in the same sentence? Sorry but that was best way to illustrate my point. And as if that's not enough, she's so beautiful to me (slow dive) and she's got to be at least MY AGE! but, then again why shouldn't women be seen as beautiful when their older.... She's still great after all these years but people will forget about...you know who, thirty years from now!
Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh Month ago
Amazing sound. Love it
Jerry Mane
Jerry Mane Month ago
Sweet guitars. I wonder what models they are. Probley Fender Custom Shop.
Ethan Joseph Williams
I love how much Cheryl is trying to hold back her fangirling but is still just so excited for them to be in front of her
Mellow Men
Mellow Men Month ago
21 april 2020 from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Samsara Zarsara
Samsara Zarsara Month ago
You can tell the host is a fan too!!
masters at the top of their craft.
Shed Rage High
Shed Rage High Month ago
Awesome, simply awesome. Most music interviewers are absolutely rubbish, but this lady is well researched and asked great questions. Would like more people like that.
Jonathan Sandoval
It is perfect!
sdcroth Month ago
This band is so amazing. Prob one of the most underrated of all time. I miss them dearly. We all need them now more than ever.
Honest John
Honest John Month ago
This is better than the studio version! 😍
Bill Cole
Bill Cole Month ago
Cheryl was pysched, almost as much as the time when she blew Mac Demarco's skeezeass drummer
J. O.
J. O. Month ago
17:44 Crazy Falafel
Marco Boeta
Marco Boeta Month ago
rachel looks like rose's mom from get out
Rhett Bice
Rhett Bice 2 months ago
The dead is never truly dead!
Joey Albert Eligio
Joey Albert Eligio 2 months ago
Si Cheryl ay napapasayaw
Edward Chiang
Edward Chiang 2 months ago
My goodness, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive...those were the brilliant era 90s of the whole music industry which different genres blooming at their best. Just so fucking dreamy.
pxhumungus 2 months ago
ähem... RIDE ???!!!???
low life
low life 2 months ago
188 souls burning out in 2020
Proxylfc 2 months ago
With all this Corona virus going on i started blubbing like a baby when i watched this, damn those onions
Can Saraç
Can Saraç 2 months ago
fifa 18?
Laura Torres
Laura Torres 2 months ago
zx zhou
zx zhou 2 months ago
Freikugel 2 months ago
You know what this sounds like? Experience.
Kovačević Dobrina
Kovačević Dobrina 2 months ago
Wow!! These guys understand how to make music massage all your senses.
Scott Gorham
Scott Gorham 2 months ago
You need a little bit more delay and reverb..
Leonardo Rodrigues
Leonardo Rodrigues 2 months ago
Bom demais.
73 maf
73 maf 2 months ago
Love this album so much Xx
DPImage Capturing
DPImage Capturing 2 months ago
Slowdive, in my opinion, has so much a cinematic sound to my ear. I love the instrumental & longer songs than the standard 2-3 minute cheap pop songs that are so cliche'. KEXP is AWESOME!!
David Rosas
David Rosas 2 months ago
I like this❤️
nyrage17 2 months ago
Such a great video. Such nice people, too. Very humble. We hung out a while watching the Peter Hook set after a show in Texas.
alonsonfire 2 months ago
eternal love for this live performance
Eric Swiggum
Eric Swiggum 2 months ago
glad i was able to see them at the neptune... totally psychedelic!
Trippy Isotope
Trippy Isotope 2 months ago
They sound so beautiful live! I am so glad that music of these kids stood the test of time. Their music always makes me tear up and in nice manner.
Lori 2 months ago
Long live shoegaze
Sauwcyjay 2 months ago
I love you so much slowdive thank you
Ame Ame
Ame Ame 2 months ago
Mari Munhoz
Mari Munhoz 2 months ago
first time a see a woman presenting the show.
shane kennedy
shane kennedy 2 months ago
Superb ban and performance!... I'm hooked!.... 😎👌🌾🌾🌾🌼🌞
Vic M
Vic M 2 months ago
Slowdive keeps my faith alive, in music, in life.
Felix Five
Felix Five 3 months ago
When I heard this I was back in 1991 again. What a come back!
ahsoka tano
ahsoka tano 3 months ago
Rachell Goswell sooo beautiful in his youth
Gwegory22 3 months ago
is that dave grohl on drums?
DirtyCommie Scum
DirtyCommie Scum 3 months ago
Damn i didn't know jim hopper was in a band
Mike Hochwald
Mike Hochwald 3 months ago
so good! so good! their sound fills my headphones and my soul! been a fan since I first heard them in 1995...which I thought was late back then....25 years later it is never too later to discover music from the past no matter how old. we are timeless!
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 3 months ago
Watching for 2nd time x
Cle A
Cle A 3 months ago
Star Roving is fucking pure heat!!!! That bassline is off the rails good
floorofthepinkroom 3 months ago
Was there ever a floatier band? True to form here. I love KEXP sessions, always a treat!
Tuesday RX
Tuesday RX 3 months ago
23:56 "we've confiscated neil's acoustic guitar..." that killed me.
Fred Torres
Fred Torres 3 months ago
i love it. reminds me of cocteau twins.
Pusherkid 3 months ago
The quality of the video is so good I can actually feel how new their guitar strings are
WonderWhaz 3 months ago
Cannot buy the sun This jealousy will break the whole..
Finna Nut Cheerios
Finna Nut Cheerios 3 months ago
*Points to delay and reverb pedals* "These ones go to 11"
Catharsis 3 months ago
Maybe one day I'll get to hear Live on KEXP it's Mojave 3 with their first new album since Puzzles For You......you feel me?
Caio Mattos
Caio Mattos 3 months ago
The most beautiful song ever!
Samuel Chimmins
Samuel Chimmins 3 months ago
Get those beats Simon! Nom! Nom! Nom!
juaco1308 3 months ago
i've always been a metal fan but today the mystery of life showed me this band. I listened Souvlaki and shit what can i say... it made me feel sooo relax like i was in a road trip i had this picture of me driving my car during the sunset in summer smoking a joint...
Brian Ashton
Brian Ashton 3 months ago
I love that version of Crazy for you! I would be totally ok with a reworked pygmalion. I love that record, but a few songs could totally benefit from it.
B.C. Fingar
B.C. Fingar 3 months ago
Happy they are back and still making amazing music. My high school memories consist of Slowdive and driving with my gf with the windows down. Warm breeze blowing and getting stoned. 👌🏻😊
Jorge Guevara
Jorge Guevara 3 months ago
The intro of the second song... Joy Division detected!
William NL CHAN
William NL CHAN 3 months ago
hope to see you guys again soon either Mojave 3, Slowdive or Neil's solo! I was really happy seeing all those in Hong Kong back in the days, meeting Neil and the band ...those were the great moments.....missing all those great times (08022020 HK)
enter.the.void.II 3 months ago
You can be my mum!
g4insbourg 4 months ago
i wish they played "don't know why", it's my favorite...
furabo 4 months ago
Reverberating love Emanating hope Glittering life
Anton Anger
Anton Anger 4 months ago
I can't believe I just got that band for recommendation! How could I have missed them when uploaded exactly two years ago? 💚💚
stevesnailfish 4 months ago
Rachel was my musician crush back in the '90's......Only saw them live once and was blown away.....Still play their albums quite regularly as I still, ahem, like shoegaze
Shashwat Sharma
Shashwat Sharma 4 months ago
What is the genre of this band? and specially these type of songs?
amanda 4 months ago
crazy for you gave me chills
Matt Bockbrader
Matt Bockbrader 4 months ago
This is my most watched RUvid video. I hope another album is in the works or a Mojave 3 reunion would be warmly welcomed!
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