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Danny Gonzalez
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Video Production: PattyCake Productions
Production Assistant: Olivia Roman
Slime Consultant: Jaimz Dillman
Producer: Matt Hogan
Producer/Director: Layne Styne and Tony Wakim
Danny Gonzalez - Boy
Anna Ricks - Girl
Charles Ross - Brushed Off Guy
Drew Gooden - co-host
Drew Gooden
Juliette Reath
Cassandra Ramirez
Duane Kole Clark
Colleen Broome
Spencer Robertson
Anthony Acosta
Alexandra Nieto
Maxwell Kain
Harmony Robertson
Michael Rudolph
Elizabeth Prows
Tyler Conrady
Justin Staggs
Savanna Gaines
Sabrina Wertman
Ron-John Ronquillo
Ezekiel Hopkins
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19 янв 2019




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Комментарии 14 967
GalazySkiies 28 минут назад
OK but for real this is,, kinda good???
aaden 3 часа назад
Can we get a part 2
not only nora
not only nora 4 часа назад
How did this 14 year old get so rich?
Natalie 4 часа назад
Danny’s songs have absolutely no business going as hard as they do.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 6 часов назад
He just stole Ross Creation’s girl
Carol Friend
Carol Friend 6 часов назад
that moment when you can't find that one game from your childhood in Google Play 1:56
Shanique Bruce
Shanique Bruce 6 часов назад
2:18 damn danny😍😍😍
S.D gaming and more
S.D gaming and more 7 часов назад
Was this a diss track on Collins key cuz it sure looked like it
Lukas R
Lukas R 9 часов назад
This is actually fire
Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris 18 часов назад
first time i saw it i thought he said how to avoid these clothes and these dope-ass cars
emmmzola 19 часов назад
I watched this three weeks ago and now I watched it again and I’m thinking..... is he talking about Collins Key??? Lmao
Rosie Stickney
Rosie Stickney 19 часов назад
2037 anyone?
Asian Girl
Asian Girl 19 часов назад
This man is 23 and married correct?
Amira Dinarte Afi
Amira Dinarte Afi 21 час назад
I was watching this while eating my phone case
Pink Red
Pink Red 23 часа назад
This was posted on my birthday what the heck?
Drippy 13
Drippy 13 23 часа назад
Where are the AirPods
Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris 23 часа назад
Is that girl his wife
Adél Mogyorós
Adél Mogyorós 6 часов назад
No, It's Patrick, her 69th gurlfriend and wife.
SARAH KANG День назад
I was crying when the slime part came
Monkey Boy Henry
Monkey Boy Henry День назад
Colab with tiny meat gang that shit would be a banger
A. P.
A. P. День назад
1:07 why is this funny
Alina Dearing
Alina Dearing День назад
Alina Dearing
Alina Dearing День назад
Dominic ottaviano
Dominic ottaviano День назад
Ballin song.
madeline rappold
madeline rappold День назад
When he sad "doubt" he should have rhymed it with clout. lol
Billy Walters
Billy Walters День назад
1:02 kids hair blowing is too perfect
Anon the-third
Anon the-third День назад
That ice climbers twin chains line is fucking money
Ronni Ron
Ronni Ron День назад
This is actually in my typical music playlists XD
Nite_Lit3 День назад
So did u get the girl....?
millenniumbacon День назад
Holy shit, this was so sick 4k people missed the like button.
PeterDeep День назад
[Verse 1] The man is in the house We 'bout to shut it down Every time I step up in this club I make it bounce Don't fuck with small amounts I buy it by the pound And when we pullin' up Boy, that Lambo makin' sound (skrt, skrt, skrt) Got that Rollie on my wrist You know I had to flex And I got those twin chains Ice climbers on my neck (oh, oh) Now your girl want a drink It's cool, I got the check I throw a couple bands Now she showing me respect (Now she showing me respect) [Pre-Chorus] She wanna know where I get this money How I ball so hard She wanna know what I do to afford these clothes and these dope-ass cars She said, "Are you an actor, or a model?" I get the waitress and we pop some more bottles She keeps asking (Uh) won't let it go (Okay) Looks like I really have to let this girl know [Chorus] I told her I make slime Slime, slime, slime, slime, slime Candy DIYs Post that shit on RUvid children can't believe their eyes Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes Yelling loud as shit got that family friendly content I don't get demonetized [Verse 2] She was understandably put off by that 'Til I showed her my million subscriber plaque Now I'm feeling like David Dobrik 'Cause I got her in the Tesla and her friends are in the back Next thing you know now we drinking at the crib It ain't too long 'til I got shorty in my bed Slip into something more comfortable and now I'm back And she's looking at my RUvid channel, wait! Don't do that! [Pre-Chorus] She wanna know where I get this money How I ball so hard She wanna know what I do to afford these clothes and these dope-ass cars She's checking out my videos, she sees me yelling I'm going crazy 'bout the merch that I'm selling Now I'm dabbing and eating spicy foods I can't tell if she's impressed or disgusted [Chorus] But she's checking out my slime Slime, slime, slime, slime, slime Lifehack DIYs Post that shit on RUvid, children can't believe their eyes Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes Yelling loud as shit got that family friendly content I don't get demonetized [Outro] I don't get demonetized There is nary a doubt I am the slime king But I feel so alone Will you be my slime queen? I can't tell you how long I've searched I won't even make you buy my merch Unless you wanna buy my merch You're totally free to do so It is soft as hell But it only comes in youth sizes And there's no refunds No refunds
Haha Hello
Haha Hello День назад
I keep listening to this song over and over again. I need help
vertigo angel
vertigo angel День назад
malviN166 День назад
why... do I like this...?
Lord Oscar Fernandez
Lord Oscar Fernandez День назад
Danny. If you write slime in the RUvid search at the 3rd video that comes up is this song. Which is dope af BTW. Cheers from Dominican Republic!
Dawid Szymulewicz
Dawid Szymulewicz День назад
When you make comment with a timestamp for yourself stand it gets 5000 likes (*_*)
Memerei 16 часов назад
you only have 3 likes
Hbi Hi
Hbi Hi День назад
Aditiyan Iswahyudin
Aditiyan Iswahyudin День назад
0:31 hi drew
Insane Guy
Insane Guy День назад
That like to dislike ratio
Joshua Spurlock
Joshua Spurlock День назад
Mel_Cat День назад
Man this guy cool
Carla X
Carla X День назад
This is just too good like billboard what up
Menna Derbala
Menna Derbala День назад
Danny is hot
mila bitch
mila bitch День назад
I think you need to post the slime video that you and drew made
Sheldon Farrell
Sheldon Farrell День назад
Dont even know this guy but have a like :)
Lucy G
Lucy G День назад
Why is this like... good? It’s like catchy??
Bri Hernandez
Bri Hernandez День назад
I thought that was your wife in the video guess not
DemonetizedChickenRaps День назад
Best. Video. EVER. her friends are in the back *shows nutcracker* Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Nikola Jovic
Nikola Jovic День назад
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Brittany Crabb
Brittany Crabb День назад
"And her friends are in the back": shows nutcracker "And eating spicy foods": shows watermelon Me during these parts: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
kookmin givesmelife
kookmin givesmelife День назад
ouch u flexed on us too hard ):
Angie Wilder
Angie Wilder 2 дня назад
"Got her in the tesla and her friends are in the back"just a nutcracker in the back,this bitch lonely she dont care if he makes slime vids as long as she has someone
Hexrex Gamer
Hexrex Gamer 2 дня назад
You should be a toy review channel
iiFrxst •
iiFrxst • 2 дня назад
is that jacksfilms? XD
Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami 2 дня назад
Slime or glee pick one
ThiccPotato 2 дня назад
This is too lit for our generation
Ewok Topia
Ewok Topia 2 дня назад
It’s actually pretty good
h8r grl
h8r grl 2 дня назад
I know you just did stuff on slime youtube but god please do one on karina garcia
Pers Godiva
Pers Godiva 2 дня назад
Tiny Meat Gang feature please?
Arien Voun
Arien Voun 2 дня назад
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 2 дня назад
You didn't use the iPad Pro 2019 i thught you were better than this danny.....
CokieCat101 2 дня назад
Just Me
Just Me 2 дня назад
Can they play this at my funeral?
Seth Tenpas
Seth Tenpas 2 дня назад
Charles Ross ayeeeee
Blueface 2 дня назад
Shout out my mucus! Yeah aight.
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 2 дня назад
Dude, she's like in her 30s.
litjuuh 2 дня назад
1:57 😂😂
Zary Photography
Zary Photography 2 дня назад
Collins Key Anthem
Why am I straight.
Why am I straight. 2 дня назад
*Son why your pp extendus*
Deon Xeon
Deon Xeon 2 дня назад
Is this a diss track on collins key
Marie G-V
Marie G-V 2 дня назад
# collins key
Kelsixd5 2 дня назад
I just noticed that the nutcracker is in the back at 1:21
Andrew Deitsch
Andrew Deitsch 2 дня назад
Best part of this video is Ross Creations
Melanie Anne
Melanie Anne 2 дня назад
I love this so much, from the first time I saw it in your video.
Senpai Patato
Senpai Patato 2 дня назад
Freya Eclipse
Freya Eclipse 2 дня назад
No Refeundssssss
Not Just Donny But Other People Too
Bro 2:40 you look like Jughead from the original archie comics
Blaziken-Xeno 2 дня назад
Oh god Slime+swag+flex+merch 😵😵
Not Just Donny But Other People Too
This got 1.2m views, Danny you made it now u just need some face tats
guccistylinson 3 дня назад
this slaps harder than most youtuber's serious attempts at making music oof
Mr Necro
Mr Necro 3 дня назад
I admit the chorus is very catchy, and your voice tone sounds like you're actually depressed or some shit.
Gratz C.
Gratz C. 3 дня назад
This just shows how hard Danny really works on entertaining us, the Greg family. He literally made this amazing, high quality music vid as a JOKE! You’re awesome Danny ;)
Lennox H
Lennox H 3 дня назад
quality music video
Cassandra Conner
Cassandra Conner 3 дня назад
Wasn't this about Collins Key?
Big Stupid317
Big Stupid317 3 дня назад
Art in it's purest form
Cheetah 3 дня назад
"I'm feeling like David Dobrik cause I got her in the Tesla." How did the next line not have dick it in?
Rapptor 3 дня назад
Why is this better than anything ricegum will ever do? It’s amaising. Even if your voice isn’t.... very perfected....
salty icecream
salty icecream 3 дня назад
How did he afford that car and all the other stuff it seemed very expensive im impressed
Mary Ludwig
Mary Ludwig 3 дня назад
Why is this so good? I think it's to good!
Jakedark 3 дня назад
when a Joke song is better than a serious song
Josh Bellnier
Josh Bellnier 3 дня назад
I like the RossCreations cameo😂
Missmeenabeauty Lifestyle
Missmeenabeauty Lifestyle 3 дня назад
he kinda looks like Justin from wizards of waverly place
Hailee Finkle
Hailee Finkle 3 дня назад
click pause, and then go to 0:04 to see petty Danny in three....two....one... ALSO, the guy dancing though... 0:09
Casey Adam
Casey Adam 3 дня назад
I think that this was directed at Collins key🤔😂😂😂
iron_brigade 3 дня назад
SO DID he steal that guys girl?
Random Boss
Random Boss 3 дня назад
thats crazy ive been with u since 600k now u at 2 mil
Don't Know Don't Care
Don't Know Don't Care 3 дня назад
Put on captions at 3:03 XD
Matthew Gilbert
Matthew Gilbert 3 дня назад
Elden Goldblood
Elden Goldblood 3 дня назад
sofia hutton
sofia hutton 3 дня назад
damn u really didn’t have to go that hard
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