SLIME (Music Video)

Danny Gonzalez
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Video Production: PattyCake Productions
Production Assistant: Olivia Roman
Slime Consultant: Jaimz Dillman
Producer: Matt Hogan
Producer/Director: Layne Styne and Tony Wakim
Danny Gonzalez - Boy
Anna Ricks - Girl
Charles Ross - Brushed Off Guy
Drew Gooden - co-host
Drew Gooden
Juliette Reath
Cassandra Ramirez
Duane Kole Clark
Colleen Broome
Spencer Robertson
Anthony Acosta
Alexandra Nieto
Maxwell Kain
Harmony Robertson
Michael Rudolph
Elizabeth Prows
Tyler Conrady
Justin Staggs
Savanna Gaines
Sabrina Wertman
Ron-John Ronquillo
Ezekiel Hopkins
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on RUvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Jan 19, 2019




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Comments 16 881
Exile 3 minutes ago
why is this ok
Galaxy :3
Galaxy :3 5 minutes ago
The only reason this song didn’t get 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 views is because the music is actually good and it makes since and it has more than 2 rhyming words
Max Day
Max Day 15 minutes ago
Is it just me or does the other guy look like the gaming beaver
TheSwaggyBurgerBoi 25 minutes ago
“Ice climbers on my neck”
Susy Delreal
Susy Delreal 56 minutes ago
Omg even my three year old sister likes this song
this has to be the shadiest music video ever
Panic! At The Toaster
Sonfia 111
Sonfia 111 Hour ago
0:20 that bartender has to fucking straighten that white shirt
Idiot Gaming
Idiot Gaming 2 hours ago
Eating spicy foods: Shows watermelon
/ AyumiChuあゆみチュ
True story: I was looking at the subtitles while I was mouthing the lyrics and my brother came over, looked at me, and said “Oh you like Danny too?” Let me remind you, he didn’t look at the music video or anything. Plus I was putting headphones on.
dsakes 10 hours ago
Amazingducks1 jamestato1
The nut cracker is jealous...He must be pretending to be Danny in the video I'm gonna kill santa GREG meeting at the video Johny Johny we must stop nut cracker before it's to late...
Missallycat99 Vids
Missallycat99 Vids 16 hours ago
Does anyone notice that he says her friends in the back and in the back is a nutcracker doll so her friends are a nutcracker doll
Nicoleema1 17 hours ago
Anyone come from azzyland’s music video MONEY..?
Sarah M.
Sarah M. 17 hours ago
this song is so beautiful and inspirational. i started crying it made me so emotional 😭😔😞
RIz17 18 hours ago
Does he do this for the memes or is he legit
Alexis Holmes
Alexis Holmes 19 hours ago
girl:how the hell do you get this money Danny: SLIME girl loves him "SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH"
Nathan Manubag
Nathan Manubag 20 hours ago
Cmon man you really have to do that to the Tesla for a music video
Lucija Pavelic
Lucija Pavelic 22 hours ago
Collins and Devan Key will sue you
{Puffel Gacha}
{Puffel Gacha} 23 hours ago
Collins key????????? 😂
Cave_ Pigeon
Cave_ Pigeon 23 hours ago
Secretly,defiantly about Collins key 😂🤣🤣
Cave_ Pigeon
Cave_ Pigeon 23 hours ago
*The fastest growing family on RUvid*
dsakes Day ago
Bella Kallio
Bella Kallio Day ago
Yo This is godly
Molly Nottle
Molly Nottle Day ago
Wow she has no friends unless you count that nutcracker guy
fluffer kitten
Soggy Potatoes
Lmao😂😂😂 .... wait OML did they just throw slime into your mouth?!
The GreenWolf
1:58 That scared the shit outta me
cookie mania
cookie mania Day ago
I can already see Danny singing on his world tour I'm telling you
Minecraft Parody: The player's in the house We bout to shut it down Every time I step up in the village 'make it bounce. Don't heck with small amounts. I buy it by the gold. And when we pullin' up Boy, the minecart make a sound. (skrt, skrt, skrt) Got that em'rald on my wrist, you know I had to flex. And I got those twin chains Spider Jockey on my neck Now your girl wanna potion It's cool I got the iron. I throw a couple diamonds, Now she's '/friend'ing me. (Now she's '/friend'ing me.) She wanna know where I get these diamonds. How I ball so hard. She wanna know what I do to afford these armors and these dope ass blocks She says "Are you a miner? Or a builder?" I get to /shop and we pop some more potions. She keeps asking, won't let it go. Looks like I really have to let this girl know. I told her I do Hacks (x6) XRay and No-Clip Post that stuff on youtube Admins have to freaking click (x6) Flexing loud as frick Got that alternate accounts I really don't get freaking banned. She was understandably gonna report 'til I told her I'll give her all of my quartz. Now I really really feel like Notch 'cause I got her in the party and her friends are in it too. Next thing you know, we got noteblocks at the base. It aint to long 'til I got to go and do some stuff. I went AFK for a mo and now I'm back. And she's checking out my status-- Wait, don't do that. She wanna know where I get these diamonds. How I ball so hard. She wanna know what I do to afford these armors and these dope ass blocks She's checking out my friend list, she sees my alts. I'm going crazy 'bout the hacks that I'm trying. Now I'm teabagging, and doing raids n' stuff. I can't tell if she's impressed or disgusted But she knows that I got Hacks (x6) Spawnkill and Knockback Post that stuff on youtube Admins have to freaking click (x6) Flexing loud as frick Got that alternate accounts I really don't get freaking banned. I really don't get ba-a-a-a-nned. There is nary a doubt. I am the hack king. But I feel so alone.. Will you be my hack queen? I can't tell how much places I put signs. I won't even force you to go mine. Unless you wanna go and mine. You're totally free to do so. It is fun as heck. But I've mined throughout many chunks. And I'll get gems first. Get gems first.
Catalina Myrrhpaw
"Eating spicy foods" shows watermelon
Hey People
Hey People Day ago
I'm a teen, so angsty
Lowkey *bars*
Jaelynn Games
Its stuck in my head
Ore Fayemiwo
Ore Fayemiwo Day ago
“It’s young face on the mic”
Ethan Hayes
Ethan Hayes Day ago
this is the best rapper of 2019
Itz_Epic Day ago
yes no
Nerdy Girl666
" feelin' like David dobrik cuz' i got her in the Tesla and her friends are in the back" the Nutcracker
Diamond Gaming
Diamond Gaming 2 days ago
That Gucci flex
hello freinds
hello freinds 2 days ago
how is this better than literally petty much any other youtuber song (jake paul duh) ILYSM danny
dollup cream
dollup cream 2 days ago
Colons key:I'm the king of smile Danny: *shows video* Colons key: welp my life is over
Blueberry Yoghurt
I’m a simple man with simple needs, eating pizza bagels while watching Danny Gonzales music videos at ten forty PM
Blueberry Yoghurt
Collins key+jake Paul=this guy
Ella Rodriguez
Ella Rodriguez 2 days ago
My PlayList Car So Fast [Danny Gonzales] I'm Gonna Kill Santa Claus [Danny Gonzales] Slime [Danny Gonzales] Johnny Johnny [Danny Gonzales] Oof Lasagna [Pewdiepie]
Ella Rodriguez
Ella Rodriguez 2 days ago
Your dog is not that cute by Danny Gonzales is a good one too
Gavin Kolp
Gavin Kolp 2 days ago
Honestly wondering how and where he found the permits and filming locations/tesla for this video. Like this is actually pop music video quality flex.
Alice Kim
Alice Kim 2 days ago
Drew is such a supportive friend 😂
Katie Marten
Katie Marten 2 days ago
2:06 you got slime in your mouth you poor thing
yeetustothefeetus pineapple
Abi Talent 2.0
Ladrillono Productions
yo why does this fucking SLAP THOUGH
Holly Zunk
Holly Zunk 2 days ago
Please tell me ur joking 😂😂😭💀
Ølìvìa 2 days ago
I’m dancing so hard to this right now I can’t breathe
KungFu Kaiah
KungFu Kaiah 2 days ago
I like how at 1:43 he looks so confused
Added_ Sugar
Added_ Sugar 2 days ago
danny gonzalez is actually awesome at making songs, singing, and music videos.
Megan F
Megan F 2 days ago
Was this song made to make fun of Collins Key? Either way this video/song is amazing!!!!
Khelsie Jani
Khelsie Jani 2 days ago
KungFu Kaiah
KungFu Kaiah 2 days ago
I don’t get *demoniti yi yi sed*
1 eggy boi
1 eggy boi 2 days ago
Drew has by far the best part
Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes 2 days ago
this isthe first thing in my mix
Mallorie Louann
Mallorie Louann 3 days ago
This is what "RUvid Music" should be. Not the whole "I be flossin'" thing. This is why Greg is superior.
YoGo 3 days ago
*wait dont do that*
neo gacha#gacha games 23
Do you really have that much money?
Tanna Bug
Tanna Bug 3 days ago
No one is talking about how lit the " I won't even make you buy my merch" line was
Olivia Kearns
Olivia Kearns 3 days ago
This is amazing 😂👍💖
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing 3 days ago
Move Rebecca Zamalo, Danny is the real HBIC of slime
Gracie A
Gracie A 3 days ago
Does he really have slime vids? I didn't think so but I am not sure. Pls help me out
SH00KETH 3 days ago
I take it this is making fun of Colin’s key?
lacy pardee
lacy pardee 3 days ago
But lowkey he has some serious talent...
MoonPaw 3 days ago
Who else is kinda sad that he didn’t get a slime queen 👑 😥😅
The First Hexxel
The First Hexxel 3 days ago
I’m convinced that he owns all that stuff
Angélique Moraux
I love this man
Lucinda Paterson
Lucinda Paterson 3 days ago
i think i got cancer from this video
Jon DiStefano
Jon DiStefano 3 days ago
omg..hahahaa....dam wow....good rappin lol lol
Harty Corrigan
Harty Corrigan 3 days ago
1:58 his face lol
Red Forest2000
Red Forest2000 3 days ago
Claire O'Connor
Claire O'Connor 3 days ago
Danny: I don’t f*ck woth small amounts Not long after: i got that family friendly content
Claire O'Connor
Claire O'Connor 3 days ago
Wait... little nutcracker guy is her friend
Inés DM
Inés DM 3 days ago
I freaking love this song :b
Gabriela Venturini
The way he says "she was understandably put off by that" is my new favorite thing 😂😂😂
Txt Bts
Txt Bts 3 days ago
This song is high key really good low key 😂
Xxscru-bi dub-ixX Is a dyslexic piano
Danny: She watch me yelling! Collins key: why u bully me?🥺
Moon Light
Moon Light 4 days ago
Producer: so how much more do you want to roast Collins key? Danny: yes
sodapop 4 days ago
1 like 1 replay
bread winner
bread winner 4 days ago
Serious Lil Dicky vibes
random craft
random craft 4 days ago
I love how he trys to look hard , but he's too cute for that 😂
Pixel_Perfect 4 days ago
*_lyrics_* _the man is in the house_ _we bout to shut it down_ _everytime I step up in this club_ _i make it bounce_ _dont fuck with small amounts_ _i by it buy the pound_ _and when we pullin_ _boy that lambo makin sound_ (skrt skrt skrt) _got that roly on my wrist_ _you know I had to flex_ _and I got those twin chains_ _ice climbers on my neck_ _now your girl wanna drink_ _its cool I got the check_ _I throw a couple bans_ _Now she showin me respect_ *_now she showin me respect_* _she wanna know where I get this money_ _how I ball so hard_ _she wanna know what I do to afford_ _These clothes and these dope ass cars_ _she said are you an actor_ _or a model_ _i get the waitress and we pop some more bottles_ _she keeps asking_ _wont let it go_ _looks like I really have to let this girl know…_ _i told her I make!_ *_slime_* *_slime_* *_slime_* *_slime_* *_Slime_* *_Slime_* _candy diys_ _post that shit on youtube_ _children can’t belive their_ *_Eyes_* *_Eyes_* *_Eyes_* *_Eyes_* *_Eyes_* *_Eyes_* _yellin loud as shit_ _got that family friendly content_ _i don’t get demonetised_ _she was understandably put of by that_ _till I showed her my million subscriber plaque_ _now I’m feeling like David Dobrik_ _cause I got her in the Tesla_ _and her friends are in the back_ _next think you know now we drinkin at the crib_ _it ain’t to long till I got shortie in my bed_ _slip into something more comfortable_ _and now I’m back_ _and she’s looking at my RUvid channel…_ *_wait don’t to that_* _she wanna know where I get this money_ _how I ball so hard_ _she wanna know what I do to afford_ _these clothes and these dope ass cars_ _shes checking out my videos_ _she she’s me yellin_ _im goin crazy bout the merch that I’m sellin_ _now I’m dabbing_ _and eating spicy foods_ _i can’t tell if she’s impressed_ _or disgusted_ _but she’s checking out my!…_ *_slime_* *_slime_* *_slime_* *_slime_* *_slime_* *_slime_* _Life hack diys_ _post that shit on RUvid_ _children can’t belive their_ *_eyes_* *_eyes_* *_eyes_* *_eyes_* *_eyes_* *_eyes_* _yellin loud as shit_ _got that family friendly content_ _i don’t get demonetised_ _i don’t get demonetiieeiiieesed_ _there is nary a doubt_ _i am the slime king_ _but I feel so alone…_ _Will you be my slime queeeeen!_ _I Can’t tell you how long I’ve searched!_ _I Won’t even make you buy my merch_ _unless you wanna buy my merch_ _you’re totally free to do so_ _its soft as hell_ _but it only comes in youth sizes_ _and there’s no refunds_ _No ReFuNdS!_
sophie xavier
sophie xavier 4 days ago
n a r y a d o u b t
Fantasy Bee
Fantasy Bee 4 days ago
Sang this my mom doesn’t know English so she was like that’s a nice song honey
Flor Navarro
Flor Navarro 4 days ago
Drew gooden :31
The Bug
The Bug 4 days ago
shymoney missy miss
Low-key nose
Hailee Finkle
Hailee Finkle 4 days ago
I don't understand how good this song can be when a 14 year old was singing it.
PAT DAFISH 5 days ago
Sabrina Cady
Sabrina Cady 5 days ago
*Cough Cough* Colonial Keeys has entered the chat *Cough Cough*
Aleesha M
Aleesha M 5 days ago
Danny, how did you get in the club, aren't you like 13?
Aleesha M
Aleesha M 2 days ago
@Army In Neverland r/wooosh
Army In Neverland
Sneakstr 5 days ago
no one: Danny Gonzalez: here comes the goo
NTLE 5 days ago
1:22 you gotta love Danny’s love for his nutcracker. He has it in the back seat
Verse Gamingz
Verse Gamingz 5 days ago
Gacha Fire
Gacha Fire 5 days ago
Idk why but I love his expression at 1:10
ElijahlovesOptimus Thor
Hold on are we not going to acknowledge it went in his mouth 2:05
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