Slime Isekai: The Best Kind Of Isekai Anime

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* Made a small mistake in the video. Unfortunately volume 1 of the LN was only free up till 21st of December. Apologies!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I know this isn't very Christmas-y but that's just how the scheduling turned out.


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Dec 24, 2018




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Comments 0
Frederick Grandison
S2 P2 is gonna lit!
Vaishakh Varma
Vaishakh Varma 8 days ago
Slime is def one that doesn't make me die from cringe
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro 10 days ago
I don’t know how I feel about gigguk talking about how slime is so wholesome and nice after watching season 2
Abura 12 days ago
I can't unsee the similarities between Mushoku Tensei and Tensura Slime now like bruh Shizu is basically like Nanahoshi
samuel sweeney
samuel sweeney 12 days ago
Zeeto 14 days ago
why tf was this posted on my birthday?
Angus King
Angus King 15 days ago
After Anime Night with friends has been taking the "That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime" challenge for the past while... I'm wishing Azusa Aizawa would show up and do what she's been doing for 300 years.
Lewis Archer
Lewis Archer 15 days ago
Still waiting for something as abstract as “ I was reincarnated as the third gear in the transmission of a delivery truck”
Sagirem 15 days ago
Log horizon is... Trash, I needed to tell it
Anime moment clips
Anime moment clips 16 days ago
Well we have isekai spider now lol
jonas 12 days ago
My favourite few moments was when some of the reincarnation casually mention mange, anime and light novel. I believe someone said something like: this feels like a light novel
John Roland
John Roland 16 days ago
We are in a isekai but we are the side charathers
John Roland
John Roland 17 days ago
The only bad episode is 25.5 i wanna see them play but they just do a review i wanna see them play the game
MineBoom 18 days ago
Oh my god, that ending XD
A JoJo reference
A JoJo reference 18 days ago
this anime is like a game of civilization me who has read the LN: oh boy.....
Average Weeb
Average Weeb 20 days ago
Gigguk: "That's why I make choices that end to the good endings" Also Gigguk: plays school days clip Me: Wait tf?
Liam Gillies
Liam Gillies 22 days ago
Can someone tell me the name of the anime that the bug becomes a dragon.
Hdosps Jdbwow
Hdosps Jdbwow 24 days ago
Lol and now he’s like: the world shall know pain
QubiR 25 days ago
Have you read re:monster
Soumil Singh
Soumil Singh 19 days ago
Dear god
A Guy Who Likes Penguins
2:40 Fucking love this
Pen Cils
Pen Cils 27 days ago
name of cicada dragon isekai please
alex arruda
alex arruda 29 days ago
Simon Andriessen
Simon Andriessen 29 days ago
I'm sorry, but I would be genuinly interested in "That time I got reincarnated as a fucking weeb!"
pnutbutterball 29 days ago
2:35 nice jiggle physics.... edit: even more physics 4:46
Multiplayer Master
well s1 did not headshot me but s2 wow i am in love with a guy who is a slime looking like loli girl wow i am questioning my gender but i still love it
Pork Chop
Pork Chop Month ago
0:25 any1 got the sauce?
RoughIowa Month ago
Even the dog is a simp bruh
Mrfluffycat Month ago
8:44 what is that anime?
Shane R. Ago
Shane R. Ago Month ago
Boss: We need ideas of what people get reincarnated into Employee: What about a normal person Boss: You're fired
Michaela Garcia
Michaela Garcia Month ago
I liked this show in the begin few episodes with the village that's growing from the ground up into its own country and helping the little guys see that they can be great too. I know it's making fun of a lot of tropes but sometimes it gets really annoying. Every Woman falling in love with him. Characters always defer to him and can't think for themselves (annoying and in reality exhausting) and hero worship turning into God worship is only getting worse. I mean it's fun to poke fun at it for a minute but then let's move on.
Phuong Nguyen Nguyen
good thumbnail ;)
Crader Month ago
I am peetty sure Gigguk graduated from harvard university of waifuology
The Falcon Nation
Seeing as Slime & Overlord are both my favorite isekais and in my top 15 anime I fully agree with your comparison. They somehow manage to be opposites but give off a similar vibe at the same time and have near infinite rewatchability. Isekai is my guilty pleasure genre and although there are a lot of misses and extremely cliche almost (or fully) infuriating trops when there is a hit oh boy does it hit hard.
Lord • [YT]
Lord • [YT] Month ago
What kind of shit has anime come to srsly
Rambosaurus Rex
Rambosaurus Rex Month ago
Ayo whats the music in the intro
Pafik Month ago
6:09 best part
Cleve Chan
Cleve Chan Month ago
What's more is that there's a lot of lore in this anime
Dxrk Month ago
How to make a isekai: make a either useless or overly op protagonist make a big tiddie girl a little tiddie one and a loli and obviously your protagonist should be a animal
Leone Luis Vinluan
What anime was the one Gigguk called second in another world with my smartphone?
Oldnoobman Month ago
tensura is legit my favorite isekai anime of all time, even more than re:zero
Chris H
Chris H Month ago
7:58 What is the name, please
Môrsíne Sabishī
*Mechasoft Door OS*
ganesh kc
ganesh kc Month ago
This video is so sore
스머프 Month ago
your jokes about rimuru reminds me of brook from one piece.
T D Month ago
I read the manga and waiting for more
SimoniacSteam39 Month ago
Gigguk: So we can get what we’ve always wanted LITTERAL TRASH WAIFUS Me: Points at Sakura
Farhad Hussaini
Farhad Hussaini Month ago
I just love this anime
God God
God God Month ago
why is there civ v in the thumbnail ?
World Month ago
When rimuru became mr beast WAS Hella funny
Clorox Labs
Clorox Labs Month ago
look ik im a degenerate but can someone pls tell the sauce of 0:25
Randomist Month ago
HammerBg Month ago
s1 god like isekai s2 boring slice of life
crisdane villarin
0:25 sauce?
Don Vineyard
Don Vineyard Month ago
Slime...absolute favorite Isekai.
Misty Pig
Misty Pig Month ago
9:09 "We could make a religion out of this"
Perekk Month ago
best Isekai? you meant konosuba?
Bobby Dawgs
Bobby Dawgs Month ago
haha wholesome anime trueeeee *casually murders thousands of people to become a demon lord*
Gaming with Deivid
It’s basically fallout four or any of fallout game when you have a good ending and the charisma character
Jeremie E. Comeau
I'm Not A Bad Slime Slurp!
will the meme god jk smd
admin otaku
admin otaku Month ago
i hate to admit but i laught at the harden joke... more than i'd be willing to admit though...
Yuki Shepard
Yuki Shepard Month ago
Gigguk: rimuru is trying to make the world a better place Rimuru: is actually just recreating shit from his original world for his own satisfaction and pleasure
Foxy Month ago
Lmao I already believe in isekaiism
Sir Animator
Sir Animator Month ago
Buddhism the ultimate isekai
Kharnath Month ago
in another world without my smarphone XD
dobby lickens
dobby lickens Month ago
I love the part where penis used harden
Justinian Month ago
Slime and Overlord were very enjoyable
Orvin Pio
Orvin Pio Month ago
wait what if we make a isekai but the mc is a weeb? so he tries to make it in to a good anime show and skip all of the cliche stuffs
Sidaksu YT
Sidaksu YT Month ago
Later................. ............... That time I became the most powerful being ever.
Click Beetle
Click Beetle Month ago
This makes me consider that my favorite isekais are probably Slime, Bookworm, and Villainess, so another world where everyone finds a way to get along is a strong draw for me
Meher Chaitanya
Meher Chaitanya Month ago
rascal doesnt dream of a bunny girl senpai had a meaning if u have watched the movie and have some brain to think why
mrloleno Month ago
Guy who destroyed porn from dead friend's PC is a homie
juanlash Month ago
2:39 ok when I saw this, I lost it completely
Cheese man
Cheese man Month ago
its a really good isekai omg
Cheese man
Cheese man Month ago
why does it have episode 25.5 and episode 25.9 ?
Laura YUC
Laura YUC Month ago
Omygod are we in an isekai? Is that where deja vu comes from
Drew Simon
Drew Simon Month ago
I like how everyone thinks the show is all about being wholesome which is the anime... for season one only which covers like a 8th of the series
Adam1144 Month ago
6:09 only thing that could have made it better is if it was attack instead of defense.
Ethan Verbeem
Ethan Verbeem Month ago
Bruh I actually started watching this show right after i finished Goblin Slayer
Lalawmpuia Hmar
Lalawmpuia Hmar Month ago
6:03 🥒used HARDEN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
water boi
water boi Month ago
slime is trash everything is just anti climatic
Alchemic Pink
Alchemic Pink Month ago
The sex worker one is legit hella good, btw.
pinkyclown Month ago
I could have very wrong but I feel like you're using escaflowne music which is great and you deserve praise for it.
Trinston Michaels
Trinston was here. ..
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong Month ago
I hated I got Reincarnated as a Slime. It was one of the most surface level, poorly written, juvenile power fantasies I've been exposed to in a long time. The protagonist is super powered, everyone worships the ground he walks on, he always has the answer to every problem, every character is surface level, flat, has no character to them and no depth or development. The entire series is just a desperate cry of "look at me! I'm so great! Pay attention to me!". It's revolting.
Personal info shouldn't be shared
Haram anime justu!
Uji Gigas
Uji Gigas Month ago
boing, boing, boing, boing, boing
Jaraxu Month ago
Until season 2 ruined it
Lhaycia Samuels
Lhaycia Samuels Month ago
I want a friend who will destroy my search history when I die
Yoga Wahyu
Yoga Wahyu Month ago
You know hes the best people you know
minustaco42 zero
I love Rimaru so much
Copcake Bird
Copcake Bird Month ago
That slime makes you become a a anime lover
Devin Collins
Devin Collins Month ago
6:58 it will last as long as a game of Civilization 2?
Aryan Gregory
Aryan Gregory Month ago
wait... THERE ARE TWO SMARTPHONE ISEKAIS gimme the sauce
si2foo 2 months ago
ehhh slime isekai isn't the best kind. he is op beyond belief so no fight is actually a challenge
Lord Muhehe
Lord Muhehe Month ago
Same goes for OPM and yet it's great.
1lonkyboi Dabs
1lonkyboi Dabs 2 months ago
4:46 and 6:04 match eachother perfectly
GlocK In A SocK
GlocK In A SocK 2 months ago
Did anyone but me notice that he uses the Re:Zero OST all throughout this video? Im pretty sure every single background song in this dudes video is a Re:Zero OST part.
Ivan Krutchenko
Ivan Krutchenko 2 months ago
¨truck schedule was booked out¨ I am ded
Ascendant pump action shotgun
Ttigrnds slime
Alexander Charest
Alexander Charest 2 months ago
If you die
Konosuba: Why is it Funny?
Why I Love Bad Anime
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