Slick Rick - Children's Story (Official Video)

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Music video by Slick Rick performing Children's Story. (C) 1988 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Oct 8, 2009




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Comments 100
JsomeYTツ 2 hours ago
heerreeeee we go
Ash L Ball
Ash L Ball 3 hours ago
Rappers, producers, directors take note! I’m not gonna go on some essay vibe but seriously music is terrible nowadays. This is so simple but done to the absolute highest quality. More feeling and fun in this track than the whole download chart right now. Peace out ✌️
Silder Canales
Silder Canales 15 hours ago
This is my favorite and I am only 12
ヨニス 17 hours ago
The accent makes sense now 😬😂
JsomeYTツ Day ago
gta sa
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell Day ago
His dancers were FINE AS F#CK!!! Love it when they do the “Steve Martin” @ 1:48! They looked sexy as hell doing the head bob at the beginning as well!!!
Austin M
Austin M Day ago
80s-90s rap/r&b and hip hop defeat all other decades.
chelsea grin
chelsea grin Day ago
Gta san andreas ❤️
Joshua Gommert
Thiiiis is how we doooo it.....wait, wrong song
Latricia Koonce
Latricia Koonce 2 days ago
that is not the song whlmk
filthyswit 3 days ago
Alan Joyce
Alan Joyce 3 days ago
What can I say ....he's slick rick.....nobody even steps close to his ballistics story telling writing rapping...delivery skills ...want me to keep going....just the amount of other rapper samples of him tells his story....fukn rap living legend .... god....anyone giving this a thumbs down deserves a va n dam round house...
Mr.fresh 23
Mr.fresh 23 3 days ago
I'm 13 yo and listening
Jesse _Gamer
Jesse _Gamer 3 days ago
Am a kid and i love this song
Kevin Arthur
Kevin Arthur 3 days ago
That he is! One if not the best storyteller we've heard on d microphone
Teri Cruise
Teri Cruise 3 days ago
I always thought a woman sang this song. Much like the non-Shaggy part in "Wasn't me"
Fach Yutuob
Fach Yutuob 4 days ago
The low life.. dope machine gun? What happened to the dope fiend whiped out a shotgun
pompkin 4 days ago
"I like this" -Me, A 12 year old gorl
badbtom 4 days ago
if youre here in 2020, goddamn i like your taste
Guns N' Games
Guns N' Games 4 days ago
Playback FM GTA San Andreas
Fang Fidel
Fang Fidel 4 days ago
The wrong person to tell stories to kids
权志龙 5 days ago
this rap is best👍
Ellie Sings
Ellie Sings 5 days ago
One of the greatest rap stories of all time
Sydni Anderson
Sydni Anderson 5 days ago
Me and my dad used to sing this song all the time RIP dad ily
Teresa Lane
Teresa Lane 4 days ago
Sorry about your dad.
Joel Bangura
Joel Bangura 5 days ago
Who heard this in GTA San Andreas
B_east 5 days ago
Fun fact : Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" was sample by this song.
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia 5 days ago
good music! good hip hop! good old days!
Peter M
Peter M 6 days ago
Slick Rick looks like he belongs on Sesame Street...
Juan Gamino
Juan Gamino 6 days ago
Tony hawk skate ps2 video game brought me here
Alycia Bell
Alycia Bell 6 days ago
If your parents ever showed you this song like and comment “I” 😂👏🏾🔥🔥❤️
DizzyBrody124 7 days ago
00:41 YEA BRO
xkushkingzz420x TM
Bruh I only know this song BC of GTA San Andreas
Rae Gates
Rae Gates 7 days ago
2020 anybody ?!!!
剣士黒い 7 days ago
pure black gold
Ha G
Ha G 7 days ago
Found it on my for you and I don’t know why
YellowCactusTv z
YellowCactusTv z 7 days ago
The text is incredibly similar to Eminem's Canibitch, did Em draw inspiration from this, viceversa?
Blessed Beyond measures
Forever 💜
K9 Revenge
K9 Revenge 8 days ago
Ruth Cook
Ruth Cook 9 days ago
mikael carlo bizzi
Howndo you spell, putt a comment? 💀🎃💋
C Blizard
C Blizard 9 days ago
Ken_Ken 20
Ken_Ken 20 9 days ago
who else waits for him to say DAVE the dope fiend shootin dope
E z
E z 7 days ago
Who don’t know the meaning of water, nor soap...
Jon 9 days ago
My dad loves this song, it is pretty great
sKumbag corp productions
Cruising down grove street running through over flops?
Max Hackerboy
Max Hackerboy 9 days ago
Eminem brought me here to witness some real hip hop
suiken 9 days ago
Montell Jordan did pay homage to this song.
Yourmomscrib 9 days ago
Who hear from Tory Lanez
money ink
money ink 9 days ago
Snoop brought me here
lordheadass 12
lordheadass 12 9 days ago
u king
Comrade Dyatlov
Comrade Dyatlov 10 days ago
*Me cruising around East Los Santos looking for hoes*
Pharaohe Thought
Pharaohe Thought 10 days ago
It's like every rapper knows Slick Rick
Ger Quinlivan
Ger Quinlivan 10 days ago
WAP has 100 mil views this only 35 million ?????
Zebadon Looney X
Zebadon Looney X 10 days ago
did u know he was actually from essex uk 🇬🇧
The Dude Farooqi
The Dude Farooqi 10 days ago
GTA San Andreas anyone?
KinkiHair 10 days ago
When you find wonderful songs on your own: 😁😁
Phuck Ur family
Phuck Ur family 11 days ago
If you are watching this video because you didn't search for it then you enjoy listening to music with real instruments and singers, and made a huge mistake clicking.
King Demas
King Demas 12 days ago
Fresh prince
DaBratLeilani 12 days ago
*Slick Rick is One of The Greatest British Rapper of All Time*
RadiantHD 233
RadiantHD 233 12 days ago
*I can hear slicks accent even on his video teenage love* *A LEGEND!*
MONOBLOCK15 BEATS 12 days ago
the ending of the beat is crazy !! who made it ?
100% Bosanac
100% Bosanac 12 days ago
Old-school Slick is Nas favorite rapper
Pharaohe Thought
Pharaohe Thought 10 days ago
Nah its Rakim
GRIND NEAL 12 days ago
Supah Rich
Supah Rich 12 days ago
djfrekwency radio frekwency
they should release the behind the scenes of this video, Slick Rick has character.
Syce Spot
Syce Spot 13 days ago
Im 12 years old and man this is REAL music
silver dafurrygamerboi
Even The first video he made is good af
Sir cumference
Sir cumference 14 days ago
First heard this song on Gta San Andreas
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker 14 days ago
The kid was being chased by cops for robbing old folks, but apologized to the old man he knocked down while running from the cops. Classic.
maximumchron 14 days ago
@Elizabeth Walker your words compel me.
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker 14 days ago
why are you STILL here? Move along. Nothing here to see.
maximumchron 14 days ago
@Elizabeth Walker the words stunning and brave come to mind.
maximumchron 14 days ago
@Elizabeth Walker I know that you would take into account the age of the Individual shooting at you before defending yourself. Night.
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker 14 days ago
So late. So uninformed.
Mr A.b
Mr A.b 14 days ago
2020 crew anyone else
Alfredo Farinha
Alfredo Farinha 14 days ago
MEHMET segmenoglu
MEHMET segmenoglu 15 days ago
hoovies garage
Rianne Agard
Rianne Agard 15 days ago
2020 Quarantine jam💯
ciani 16 days ago
Tory lanez “Most High” brought me here
luan De Oliveira
luan De Oliveira 16 days ago
Essa tocava no GTA san andreas
sophia ferdanz
sophia ferdanz 16 days ago
bruh if you didnt search dont talk to me
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker 16 days ago
Now, here's a little something that needs to be heard.
David Chacon
David Chacon 16 days ago
FUCKEN GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Chacon
David Chacon 16 days ago
Sam Yelts
Sam Yelts 16 days ago
Who’s bumping story time in 2020 🤩😎
senget13 16 days ago
Scratches not on album version right?
TimmyTTv 16 days ago
All I listen to on GTA SA
Brian Padmore
Brian Padmore 17 days ago
Back in 1988 was peaceful without corona fucking up the world
0606 1994
0606 1994 17 days ago
This shit is art
Robert Villarreal
Robert Villarreal 17 days ago
It's crazy how these lyrics are still relevant.
Popeyes 17 days ago
I needed to hear this to cleanse my ears after hearing WAP on the radio
nails thatstunt
nails thatstunt 18 days ago
The realest!
Mr. Lex
Mr. Lex 18 days ago
This beat ain't never gon get old🎧
Johnny TheDred
Johnny TheDred 18 days ago
For years I always thought it said " Then he dipped into a car A STOLA NOVA" I thought it was word play on a on stealing and the type of car LOL
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Who is here after watching Tory Lanez Music Video for the *Most High* 🔥🔥🔥
Mat Oldershaw
Mat Oldershaw 18 days ago
Remind me of Icecube's Gansta's fairy tale !!!!
rodrigo mendoza
rodrigo mendoza 19 days ago
Who else liked this song from gta san Andreas and came to youtube to hear it
TheTot Process
TheTot Process 19 days ago
You own the UK forever when you a top 10 rapper ever by american standards 😤
Mthunzi MHLONGO 19 days ago
2020 with it💪💪💪💪
JESSIE BARNES 19 days ago
My mom linked me here😆
Thas Vlogs
Thas Vlogs 19 days ago
kat Pilane
kat Pilane 19 days ago
Besides Biggie smalls this nigga is a good story teller ❤️🔥👌🏽
Eli 20 days ago
*There lived a lil’boy who was misled By By another lil’boy and this is what he said “Me, Ya, Ty, we gonna make sum cash Robbin’ old folks and makin’ tha dash”*
Ieiejejeje Eueuejej
Stop saying youngins dont like this we like this shit🔥🔥🔥
SUB FOR SUB 20 days ago
Who came here after seeing Tory lanez video clip?
Stilez 20 days ago
If you watch the video closely & listen to the lyrics, it could actually be shedding light on what actually happened that night with Tory & Megan. Tory edits & comes up with the concepts of all his videos. He put it in there for a reason .
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