Sleight of hand scam goes wrong

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Man tries to use sleight of hand to con money from staff member. It goes wrong for the fraudster when the staff member catches him out. Fraudster runs off without his money.

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Oct 29, 2017




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Lone Wanderer
4.1 thousand scammers do not like this trick
VryPie 13 days ago
Have anybody been wondering why the lady behind him left at 3:36 because she was waiting so long why scammer
Benno Zappenduster
Benno Zappenduster 17 days ago
Is that around 1:52?
Nicky O-O
Nicky O-O Month ago
coughing into his hand corona alert
Fail Zero
Fail Zero Month ago
Must be Romanian.
Waleed Akhtar
Waleed Akhtar Month ago
When did he steal?
Juicetheeunuch Month ago
4:36 Whoah. All of a sudden, the mousy little foreigner learned how to speak English loudly and clearly.
Juicetheeunuch Month ago
I'm glad he called the police instead of just telling the guy to buzz off. Slick teller.
Pilzy 88
Pilzy 88 Month ago
The thanks you get for letting pieces of shit into your country. Thanks globalists, multiculturalism is just fine and fucking dandy!
sh Month ago
sleight of hand. pffttt noob
john martin
john martin 2 months ago
That guy is a piece of shit....but me I would not have left without my money lol regardless of what he was trying to do (scam/steal/rob) he wasn't able so technically he didn't steal. So if he had waited for the cops he would have gotten his money and most likely just been banned from the store. Even if I was going to be arrested I'm going to get arrested with my money lol not without. PS he in Georgia the cashier could have been charged for not giving back his money. That is considered theft. Reason being is regardless of what he wanted to do scam/theft he did come in with 1000dol so that is still his money. I'm not trying to stick up for the crook he deserves everything that happens but I'm saying this to save the clerk. Cause no matter how you feel about it you don't want to risk getting yourself in trouble.
Dave Campanella
Dave Campanella 2 months ago
foreigners always speak really good English when it comes to getting money...albeit this instance of it was hilarious and stupid
Stan Jelinek
Stan Jelinek 3 months ago
I'd like to take him behind the building and show him some sleight of hands
Kay Flip
Kay Flip 3 months ago
Customer: "I'm gonna do a slight of hand and steal some money from this cashier" Cashier: "Okay, let me show you my slight of hand too where I take all of your cash back and call the cops"
Urab Itch
Urab Itch 4 months ago
I just look at his pathetic face its written all across it.
Are YoU SeRioUs???
Are YoU SeRioUs??? 5 months ago
That indian cashier is good lol he is a scammer his damn self...truth is,he wasnt on the phone with any cops..lol he knew that guy would leave without his money
SLAY 503
SLAY 503 6 months ago
🤓🤓Empty hands and wow where did the extra cash come from! 😂😂
Tony’s PRIMITIVE Animals
I need my money back I said sir.... 😂😂😂
johnny cash
johnny cash 6 months ago
if people are confused the guy folded some of the exchanged money and put it in his left hand claiming the cashier short changed him.
MrAlexdimm 6 months ago
I know this guy is pulling some shit, but I don't think that means the cashier can steal the money. He can call the cops but I mean, they still have to give it to him. He can always say, oh I fked up Im and idiot, I didn't realize I had taken a stack and put it my pocket, or misunerstood i was asking for something else, when i realized i put the money up, or whatever. Plus the guy caught him, so he didn't actually steal, he just tried to steal. IDK. IDK Where they are I cant understand what they are saying hardly anways, but I think the customer should be given his money back. He cant just fking keep it. That is why, you need to be diligent like this cashier and always double check.
Fivelementz 6 months ago
Lol the fraudster got frauded
ABC 123
ABC 123 6 months ago
Can someone please tell me how the customer did that? I played it over and over and can't see what he did.
Thomas Starr
Thomas Starr 2 months ago
i cant either even on slow motion its so quick but he moved some of the money into one of his hands and then put his hand into a fist so the cashier couldnt see the money he was holding back
B B 6 months ago
It was glorious watching him squirm at the end. Realizing he really fucked up and now had to decide whether is was worth it to wait around for the police to arrive and _maybe_ get it back, or leave and never see that money again.
unclematt3 6 months ago
Watched it five times and still can't see the guy palm the money. He's good.
RdL 3 months ago
the quality is just shitty, you can see some vague ghosty image of something palming in his hands but thats it, just bad video
Hollaifyahearme 6 months ago
Lemme guess the scammer was a Roma gypsy
Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn 6 months ago
What country is this in?
Abi Dabi
Abi Dabi 7 months ago
For the Americans that are too stupid to understand. Once the conman realized the cashier was recounting the money he had previously given him, he then tried to put the money that he stole back. The cashier then realizes he tried to steal it, and then calls the police. Hope I helped!
Lorraine Hutton
Lorraine Hutton 7 months ago
That customer is a moron. He split the money almost in hand as he took it up and then he has a complaint about it!! What I don't understand, why the exchange of monies? I wish I knew, but I see the customer took several of it in his left hand - damn thief - glad he left his money behind, better than going to jail - lol
Anthony Kirkwood
Anthony Kirkwood 7 months ago
Watched this three times, love it.
Dave Kuhn
Dave Kuhn 7 months ago
you mean to tell me PEOPLE "STILL" fall for this trickery? PSSSH...
papa yeast stack
papa yeast stack 7 months ago
Always count the money.
Amber Lopez
Amber Lopez 7 months ago
This kind of thing happens every week. That's why there's cameras
rafalpanwojny 7 months ago
when you try to steal 20 pounds but loose 900 euro, 3 months scamming down the drain
Sarah Oneil
Sarah Oneil 7 months ago
Instead of him stealing money and making out with more than he originally had he then lost all his other money. Lol.. The tables sure Have turned.
Aurora Martinez
Aurora Martinez 7 months ago
Wow! Even with the close-up, I didn't see him separate and palm some bills into his left hand. Good job there. The cashier however did a better job by counting the bills again when it was handed back. This is how cashiers should handle cash to avoid shortage at the end of the day.
Barry McDaniel
Barry McDaniel 7 months ago
I'm still confused what did I miss?
Charlie W
Charlie W 7 months ago
I used to be a cashier. People would try this crap all the time. You need to shut them down right away. I use to say "Nope I don't think so, call the cops and we will review the video" always worked.
GAR mind DFKutulas
GAR mind DFKutulas 7 months ago
What's with the Monopoly money ? at least in USA our money looks official .we don't make it so obvious money is created out of thin air and backed by nothing but our own stupidity.
Thomas Starr
Thomas Starr 2 months ago
this happened in scotland and there's 4 different types of £20 notes, all from 4 different banks that issue currency.
P Funk
P Funk 7 months ago
Serves him right! That would have been painful to leave 900 euros behind BUT surely it beats paying bail and being charged 🤣 Hope the cashier called police back and said all is ok while he pockets the bounty. He earned it imho. 👍✌️
Aron Mercado
Aron Mercado 7 months ago
so what happened
TheRecklessOne 7 months ago
Inflation is a bitch
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 7 months ago
In my country Iraq Works steals hand is broken Or repeat again
leurqster leurqster
leurqster leurqster 7 months ago
He looks like the same thief that got his arm caught in a bus door while robbing it!
TravisJohn 88
TravisJohn 88 7 months ago
I don’t get it
Chuck De Nazareth
Chuck De Nazareth 7 months ago
Isnt it against islam to rob?
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 7 months ago
even knowing to look for it i still did not see it! what did the customer do? substitute bad money for good money??
Most Hated Mak
Most Hated Mak 7 months ago
He never took money out of the stack tho... He held the sack and put it back down he ain't take nun or add nun to it so how did he scam
CodyDTD 7 months ago
Don't you love how as soon as he gets caught out and start asking for the money back his English miraculously improved 😂
J Z 8 months ago
I don’t get it why he gave the money that he had in his hand ?
The Muffinman 711
The Muffinman 711 8 months ago
They did this to me two times First time it was two guys and I caught on quickly because the men tried their best to prevent me from counting my money The second time it was a situation where The conman gave me small bills to change into big bills and It was just one guy And I suspected him but I played along until I was 100% sure And I forced my way into counting the money a second time The guy tried to “scam/steal” 40% of the money from me So I told him “aah it’s my lucky day, we’re going to call the police, you wait” And he tried to grab his money; the money he gave me to change it into larger bills I then drew a knife on him and said, don’t push your luck He ran away And left all of his money worth about USD 130-150 (which is quite a lot of money in the country where I lived) So I gave all the money to the police and told them “here’s the scammers money, you can do whatever you want with it, be it adding it as evidence or corruptly using it to buy some booze for the force I don’t care just make sure it’s on record that I gave it all to you” Because if the conman goes to the police and files a report that I robbed him It could result in me getting arrested xD So I did the right thing and gave them the money to buy booze and doughnuts
0cculta-Umbra 8 months ago
Wish I could hear better Glad I dont do this Too many numbers overwhelms me a bit x.x
Landonfirewing 8 months ago
Why not just completely stop the transaction, give them their original money they started with, accuse them of scamming and tell them to leave and take your business else where
Deacon yomouth
Deacon yomouth 8 months ago
Not slight of hand. Just an idiot trying to lie and not getting away with it. Learn to talk before you try scamming people. Bumbling fucking moron.
Hasan Shah
Hasan Shah 8 months ago
What did he even do
seangibson3054able 8 months ago
Crime wasn’t committed I would’ve waited on the police with him unless I had warrants
Old King Crow
Old King Crow 8 months ago
How many people thought this video was in the middle east or something?... First I thought it was an indian guy speaking english then thought they were speaking like arabic... Then I hear it's a british guy with shitty audio. Still sounds ethnically indian but regardless I thought this shit was in Lebanon or something from that audio 🤦‍♂️
Jus Badd
Jus Badd 8 months ago
Ha ha ha ha Cashier got free money.. lol.. good work
Milton Hernandez
Milton Hernandez 8 months ago
They always play the victims especially this morally corrupted maggot
Pedro Flores
Pedro Flores 8 months ago
I like how his English got better when he wanted his money back lol
private account
private account 8 months ago
Is English got reaaaal good.
Das Right
Das Right 8 months ago
The cashier is smart. Don't argue, just call the cops.
Sekai Ni Heiwa
Sekai Ni Heiwa 8 months ago
so who took 900 euro police or cashier?
whitey 1
whitey 1 9 months ago
Now the piece of dog shit speaks English once he calls the police lol
Holy 9 months ago
He needs his money back, he says!
Kikrukhrielie Belho
Kikrukhrielie Belho 9 months ago
its heart touching when thieves feel so sad,so sorry and so guilty when they get caught....if you are smart,you need not worry about anything.....only dumb people gets scammed and cheated....personally,I feel dumb people deserves it from time to time...that'll teach their ignorant head..
Shmulik Al Abdul
Shmulik Al Abdul 9 months ago
As a wog I am very ashamed of the scammer
JesusChristisfake 10 months ago
Thank you EU
Shahzaib Raza
Shahzaib Raza 10 months ago
Haha. His english became so good once cashier caught him red handed. Haha
Shahzaib Raza
Shahzaib Raza 10 months ago
He kept one bill with him in his left hand when he received the full money from the cashier. Then instantly he asked cashier to change the bills and add this extra which he hid in his left hand so he can send the money to his mother. Cashier was smart, he calculated when he took the money back and found one bill of twenty is missing. He kept all the cash with him and said call the police. Gypsy would never call the police. Smart move cashier. Cashier did the right thing. Never give them their money back.
Holy 11 months ago
He needs his money back, he says!
Aubrey Banks
Aubrey Banks 11 months ago
O you speak English now right...now you speka Engle huh?? Lmao!!
Will E. Fistergash
Will E. Fistergash 11 months ago
That thick accent went right out the window.
djxgam1ng 11 months ago
I think what he did is he gave the money back and then the money that was cupped in his left fist, he try to pawn it off as his own money he had to try and get bigger bills.
Ecf111 Year ago
Everyone is mistaken, the sleight of hand trick is how to turn €900 into nothing in a flash
Luke Year ago
This happened to me when I was worked in a supermarket, I caught on and shut the guy down though before he ran off.
Perma Year ago
sleight of hand or.... SLIGHT OF HAND
Ainsworth Lloyd II
when it says did you see it what am i looking for exactly?
Israel Lopez
Israel Lopez Year ago
so how was he trying to scam? I do not see it
Thomas Starr
Thomas Starr 10 months ago
Once the cashier gave him his pounds, the customer quickly folded half of the money into his hands and quickly put the money back on the counter. So for example he got £790 after he changed his euros, and he only gave the cashier like £400 back.
Rosanna Miller
Horrible audio.
Enoch Clark Zhao
It's always the ones least expected to cheat off people. Read between the lines. You'll know what I mean.
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