SLAPP Suits: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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After winning a legal battle involving a coal executive and a giant squirrel, John Oliver explains how SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent.
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Nov 11, 2019




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Comments 25 064
Marc Van Leur
Marc Van Leur 8 hours ago
Nowadays I find myself wishing that, if I ever quit my job, I could get people together to reenact this song, replacing Bob Murray's name with my manager's.
mrogan 9 hours ago
Is it posdible for a late night show to win both an Emmy and a Tony?
degenerati 13 hours ago
They better win an Emmy for this episode ( or whichever award applies ).
Jillian 18 hours ago
21:06 so you all can keep rewatching it
柳岑焉 21 hour ago
哇呜,有许多古堡致友想为古堡洗浄,希望大法師众,为出律众洗罪,吔~,丫们,吔门,,,So。 鳥鳥会和你们同在,,,So。
Lena's Grand-daughter
John, You should have reminded people about Murray giving money to the Trump campaign and giving Trump a three page letter telling him what he needed to do to please him and Trump appointed Scott Pruitt who also was connected to Murray, to do the job. So basically Murray paid Trump to reverse Obama's Environmental restrictions. Isn't that like selling out our country for his political game?
Hellgrinde Day ago
Haha that last musical number 😂 I appreciate their dedication to the craft.
MarinaO Day ago
I HOLLERED when brian d'arcy james appeared
DonnaxNL Day ago
TIL where HBO stands for.
Mars Alenda
Mars Alenda Day ago
His eyes after he mentioned the Game of Thrones prequels Made my day
Lampshade Day ago
bruh someone bought eatshitbob.com and it redirects to this video
Pooja Ravindra
Pooja Ravindra 2 days ago
What a guy
Ruizach 2 days ago
I watch this at least once a week
Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd 2 days ago
“Bob, you’ve done it again, you clever little coal goblin!” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I swear John Oliver and his team are incredible
donttouchmybox 2 days ago
I need a bts
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee 2 days ago
I gave this video thumbs up the second I heard that the lawsuit got dropped, & John Oliver never gave a flying fuck.
MWN 2 days ago
Bob Murray knocked four times
Arsh Sharma
Arsh Sharma 2 days ago
This is just amazing, no words will do the musical any justice
gspendlove 2 days ago
Bob Murray? Isn't he the guy who framed Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer? And then killed all three to cover up his crimes?
Nicole Morris
Nicole Morris 3 days ago
I'd love to know how much money HBO spend on John Oliver
Bob Murray ate the last slice of pizza.
StaticImage 3 days ago
If I was in the audience the night they did this, I'd still be giving it a standing ovation
Charlotte Campbell
the song starts at 21:06 for those of you who are here to witness the greatest musical of out generation
KinkajouSoup 3 days ago
Hey, RUvid, is this harassment? Is this bullying? It’s almost like this is such a subjective policy that goes against the idea of a free and open internet. You may not want that, but your viewers do, and we’ll leave.
Wickn 3 days ago
Do we know about Bob Murray's response to this piece? I would love it if they would get sued again. Not in malice or anything, but it would be ironic as all hell.
heidi antros
heidi antros 3 days ago
John Oliver 2020
Fred Jacobsen
Fred Jacobsen 3 days ago
Now make that 6,442,320 + 1 views.
TheBestUsername 3 days ago
What kind of twisted gremlin has a kidney stone fetish?
excusetheblood 3 days ago
I just watched this episode for like the 10th time. It’s his best work
Sophia Nicholson Keener
The thing that's killing me is knowing that if (when) Murray sues this video is going to be shown in full to the court with accompanying complete transcript. Imagine being the judge and not laughing.
Mann Face
Mann Face 4 days ago
Me: Hey Bob, play something that 🎶 *SLAPS* 🎼 Bob: *files SLAPP suit Me: 🙄 Not again
EmptySora_ 4 days ago
I’m officially dead. This was the best episode so far. If this doesn’t receive an Emmy or whatever, I’ll be impressed.
David King
David King 4 days ago
I waited so long for this follow-up when I learned the lawsuit was over. I assume the planning and rehearsal of the end is why it took so long. Worth. Every. Second.
Henmister3 4 days ago
24:09 Best part
pamela mauricio
pamela mauricio 4 days ago
yea bob eat it
MattOnTheRadio 4 days ago
Remember when Bob Murray killed the dinosaurs? Don't believe me? Who do you think suicided epstien?
Jack Glenn
Jack Glenn 4 days ago
perfect execution of a stomp endorsement
Runklestiltskin _
It's not said often enough, but... Eat shit, Bob!
GP2626 4 days ago
Katherine Simmer
Katherine Simmer 4 days ago
Love this music number!
GP2626 4 days ago
Keep John Oliver and his writers alive at all costs
Staci Sukontaraks
Best. Episode. Ever!
Rayne biondo
Rayne biondo 4 days ago
Is Eat Shit Bob (the musical number at the end) on spotify?
Kathy Hussey
Kathy Hussey 4 days ago
I adore this man and his show !! yaayyy !!!
Cassandra Nugent
Cassandra Nugent 5 days ago
John Oliver needs a movie made about him at this point.
Espio56 Momene
Espio56 Momene 5 days ago
This is hands down... The biggest FUCK YOU ever delivered to a selfish Rock pissing Billionaire. Well DONE HBO👏👏👏👏
rachel wyse
rachel wyse 5 days ago
Honestly, I’m going through a real rough patch right now because of a total asshole boss and this...this is one of my favorite things. I’ve watched it maybe ten times. Thanks John.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 5 days ago
Bravo!!!!! 👏 👏 👏!!!!
Amanda Valente
Amanda Valente 5 days ago
I love this! I love you John Oliver!
Austin Cox
Austin Cox 5 days ago
Bet Bob wishes he had just let it go now.
Robert Heinen
Robert Heinen 5 days ago
Ein Genuss
BLAM 5 days ago
God damn, this show is so fuckin good! And.. EAAT SHIIIIIT BBBBBOOOBBBBB!
Zanele Valverde
Zanele Valverde 5 days ago
I see being in the lion king has really affected John
Alex W
Alex W 5 days ago
John, you are my hero.
Adlea13 5 days ago
I guess Brian 'really hates Murray'.
Man 0 all Js
Man 0 all Js 5 days ago
Bob Murray did 9/11
Not Important
Not Important 6 days ago
Jon Oliver and all of HBO are my heroes after this episode
lunavixen015 6 days ago
I’ve never been huge on musicals, but I loved that.
captsparks1 6 days ago
jdog 6 days ago
So is the court going ro have to watch this as evidence???
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