Skyrim - The Quest For Platinum

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We've left Rob in the office on his own this week so he's playing Skyrim, obviously. Come and join him as he continues his quest for a long overdue platinum trophy!
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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 80
AnnoyingTiger888 4 months ago
Also, why not just werewolf it out and easily smash through everything? That's how I did this dungeon and it was super easy.
AnnoyingTiger888 4 months ago
I've just started my platinum hunting for Skyrim so I'm binge watching this to pick up some tips and tricks 😎
Alex Prospero
Alex Prospero 4 months ago
Lmao “Got to fetch my daughter from nursery, but let me kill someone first.” Quite the sentence. Only sounds understandable in games lol.
Gordin Freshman
Gordin Freshman 4 months ago
top 3 scariest spiders 3. skyrim frostbite 2. mortal kombat x krypt 1. castlevania lords of shadow 1
Rhiannon Vorstag
Rhiannon Vorstag 5 months ago
I don't side with stormcloak rhearic. I probably spelled it that wrong, forgive me.
Rhiannon Vorstag
Rhiannon Vorstag 5 months ago
I SIDE WITH BE ME ! BUT THE STORMCLOAKS MAKE MORE SENSE ,IMPERIALS ARE WEAK AND AFRAID. and in my lore they are TRADERS. I won't say anymore. It's my own my lol
Koala Plays
Koala Plays 5 months ago
why would you dual flames and sparks
Dave PBG
Dave PBG 5 months ago
Videos like this remind me im in the wrong career
Leaphi Wyndraigon
Leaphi Wyndraigon 6 months ago
The Deadric items were a hell fun time to get
Herogeek 1994
Herogeek 1994 6 months ago
The last 8 minutes.. shall i stay for a kill..... im going to kill anyway! 😂
Josh Hill
Josh Hill 8 months ago
Rob complaining about Aela being a nuisance. I would love to get her back, my Aela lies dead on some steps in Windhelm, from the Battle for Windhelm mission
Daveyplayz 8 months ago
I’ve never played any of Skyrim. Ever. My best mate bought me Skyrim VR for my 30th a few years ago and now seems as good a time as any to get started on it
M'aiq The Liar
M'aiq The Liar Month ago
First time I played it was on release, 11th of the 11th, 2011 when I was 11 haha
Pope67 5 months ago
@Canadian Dee It really is a great game, I got it in 2011 and just started a new game, again. I hope you'se enjoy :)
Canadian Dee
Canadian Dee 8 months ago
Daveyplayz I just got it recently for the first time too. Hope you like it as much as I have 💕
Jason S
Jason S 9 months ago
I've been playing games since Mario and duckhunt on the nes and would love to work for somewhere like access
Jason S
Jason S 9 months ago
I got the Platinum for this on PS3 after watching this have started for the Platinum on ps4
Danno 420
Danno 420 9 months ago
Just kill one guard for 1000g bounty in each hold. (Fast travel is disabled half way through this process)
WJ Newell
WJ Newell 9 months ago
Got the platinum for this twice, took all of 18 days for the special edition and as I recall, that was taking my sweet time about it. Still love the odd game of it though.
rocketscientist14 9 months ago
This brings back so many memories rob.. I remember when I was in my freshman year of high school & this game had just come out. I picked up my big deluxe edition at GameStop & it came with the hard cover Skyrim guide book. I remember turning through that thing for hours just reading about everything. I have probably easily put over 1000 hours into this game. Good times... simpler times..
Alan Hancock
Alan Hancock 9 months ago
The most unexpected place for a Tropiquaria anecdote. I grew up not far from there and I too held a tarantula back in the day!
josh little
josh little 9 months ago
When you said nazeem i thought you meant nazir from the dark brotherhood nearly got triggerino'd
Richard Geraghty
Richard Geraghty 9 months ago
When you've paused your Skyrim game on Switch to watch a Playstation access Skyrim video on your Xbox one. Might get Skyrim for PS4 too, get another game started, try and actually go full mage this time and not the inevitable stealthy archer.
Brad LeCompte
Brad LeCompte 9 months ago
How good is this game!!!?!?!
TheDrumKnight 9 months ago
That frame rate is butt on console.
acme3drevit 9 months ago
Rob is so cinematic, when he fires Ala he did a dramatic zoom in on her face 😂😂
Lonegrim O
Lonegrim O 9 months ago
I restarted Skyrim because of Rob.
AlleluiaElizabeth 9 months ago
I love that he's playing this on stream, but the spiders make me wish Rob was playing this in VR. lol
Buh Basaur
Buh Basaur 9 months ago
Only complaint I have is the game sounds are so weak compared to your dialogue, I have to practically double my volume to hear em properly and then you're yelling at me.
Krazyrs Gaming
Krazyrs Gaming 9 months ago
Killing Grelod first then talking to Aventus gives some different text options, and if you kill her mid speech all the kids cheer
makareone 9 months ago
I just got this plat recently! :D I was inspired by you guys to get my first one.
makareone 9 months ago
@Anarki I really enjoyed it. It helps that I love the game. I then went on to get the plat in Fallout 4 for the same reason. That one was more of a struggle, but it was fun and worth it. :D
Anarki 9 months ago
Skyrim was my first way back in the day :D Glad you chose this badass of a game too to start earning those plats.
Raymond Pumphrey
Raymond Pumphrey 9 months ago
This is great. You had me laughing. After 5 min. I was playing my game of skyrim. They should leave you alone more often. Or maybe a different person once a month take a day to play what you want and show us what you are dealing about.
Knickers 78
Knickers 78 9 months ago
The quickest way to get the 1000 bounty in each hold is to change into a werewolf in the town, in front of people and guards. Make sure you have all the holds open, change into a werewolf, run away as fast as possible, and fast travel to the next area when you’re able to. Good luck. I need 1 more trophy to have this game and all of its expansions back up to 100%.
DJShorty 9 months ago
What games currently not in VR would be amazing to play in VR?
Peter Badger
Peter Badger 9 months ago
I managed to get a platinum on Skyrim, but I only got it because I had lost my internet connection for about 4 months due to financial troubles, so I was very limited to what games I could play as most of them needed an online log in to even start. Getting the platinum was a long and hard mission, but worth it. (I HATED the Theives Guild trophy though. That sucked!)
Jale Jake
Jale Jake 9 months ago
Back in PS3 and 360 days the master criminal trophy used to be 5000 in all nine holds just checked it and it's down to 1000 I'm pissed it was the only one I didn't have
Radek Rydzewski
Radek Rydzewski 9 months ago
Imagine this being your job, just chilling, playing video games and making RUvid videos about video games. I think Rob and the crew have reached Nirvana.
Elliott Ritson
Elliott Ritson 9 months ago
After watching is I instantly wanted to play skyrim again for the 200th time
Grizwold Redsmith
Grizwold Redsmith 9 months ago
Elliot Ritson. Only the 200th time?
Dene Gwynn
Dene Gwynn 9 months ago
Elliott Ritson I did
ANIMAL!!! 9 months ago
I can't believe I ate the whole thing...
Nathan Williamson
Nathan Williamson 9 months ago
Wow! I am surprised and happy that we get to see your Platinum trophy work in action. Good luck, Rob!
Josh Turnbull
Josh Turnbull 9 months ago
Disappearing NPCs made me have to play through the game several times for the platinum
Miguel Freitas
Miguel Freitas 9 months ago
oh Rob, I thought this was the time you where finally gonna play as a loud mage!
Slayer Runefrost
Slayer Runefrost 9 months ago
I've platinumed 3 different version of Skyrim. Honoestly, its one of the easiest games to platinum
FrozenAXL 9 months ago
LOL only in a game stream you can hear someone saying "I need to pick up my daughter from the nursery" followed by "let's kill someone real quick"
The Shrimpy Tomato
The Shrimpy Tomato 4 months ago
only in skyrim
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith 9 months ago
Do no mans sky then we will talk
NAcHO1713 9 months ago
I’m always with imperials mostly because I’m an imperial, it’s kind of weird for me too for them to be asking me to join the stormcloaks also because I’m an imperial.
Lucas Jorgensen
Lucas Jorgensen 9 months ago
Hey rob they upped the difficulty on all of the ghosts draugr and falmer in the ps4 version of skyrim....
I got my platinum for skyrim on my ps3 a couple of years ago. Working on getting another platinum on the ps4 version
MichaeLemon 9 months ago
Ive platinumed it 3 yes and it never took more than a month.
LETS PLAY 9 months ago
I recently got skyrim VR you all need to try it asap!!
Jale Jake
Jale Jake 9 months ago
I died in RL the first time the frostbites came from the ceiling in vr and landed right on top of me
Wolfme40 9 months ago
As much as I love Rob, if he were a packet of crisps (potato chips) he would have to be Already Salted 🧂 😜🤪
Jale Jake
Jale Jake 9 months ago
What a suite joke
Michael Jenner
Michael Jenner 9 months ago
I always go for Stormcloaks. Yes they have some downsides but overall they are the ones in the right.
Eliott DeWitt
Eliott DeWitt 9 months ago
Always got time for Skyrim hate that the 360 version doesnt carry over the xbox one 😖 im too tight to buy the special edition so feed me all that skyrim goodness!
Eliott DeWitt
Eliott DeWitt 9 months ago
@Michael Jenner lols you crazy 😂 sounds hilarious doe
Michael Jenner
Michael Jenner 9 months ago
Eliott DeWitt could be worse. I played as a Khajiit nudist(well in a loincloth)who had a pet bear and ran around killing every goat he came across. No seriously I did.
Eliott DeWitt
Eliott DeWitt 9 months ago
@Michael Jenner dont ask me that 😂 i play it so wrong, i play as a Nord cus they look the most human but I'm always stealth archer
Michael Jenner
Michael Jenner 9 months ago
Eliott DeWitt What race do you play?
autnagrag M
autnagrag M 9 months ago
Ah skyrim- the game where the best build to get the platinum is "fortify restoration glitch exploiter ;)"
Press X to Start
Press X to Start 9 months ago
Be careful with the civil war trophy
Kirxu Dusk
Kirxu Dusk 9 months ago
I did plat skyrim :D
crazyfisting 9 months ago
Looking forward to seeing the platinum stream Rob 👌🏻
Maria F Brunberg
Maria F Brunberg 9 months ago
“Pathetic mortal”..... well look who’s dead?? 🤷‍♀️😅
Lucas Jorgensen
Lucas Jorgensen 9 months ago
So satisfying killing her straight away all the kids are grateful and thank you hahaha!!!
Mike Cook
Mike Cook 9 months ago
when will the next stream be?
DeceasedAvacado _
DeceasedAvacado _ 9 months ago
We love u rob!!!
Adam Harvey
Adam Harvey 9 months ago
Rob livestream everyday this week??
Tun Fathi
Tun Fathi 9 months ago
when he opened an empty urn thats how you know he's a skyrim veteran
Lee Croft
Lee Croft 9 months ago
Finally got myself a PS4 Pro (it’s setting next to my Xbox One X, no fighting !!!) Looking at buying a PSVR next week and start playing this in VR.
Star Spangled Man
Star Spangled Man 9 months ago
He’s not going to be able to do it we all know
Herogeek 1994
Herogeek 1994 9 months ago
Im on track for the platinum but i missed one of the civil war trophies 😭 going to make an orc 2 handed heavy armour brute and go too war!
Jack Stormcloak
Jack Stormcloak 9 months ago
*Skyrim belongs to the Nords*
Jamie Copland
Jamie Copland 9 months ago
A let’s play of rob playing Skyrim every week? I would watch that without a doubt
MJ 420
MJ 420 9 months ago
I plat that game 3 times. PS3 and both games on the PS4
Dollface 2.4.3
Dollface 2.4.3 9 months ago
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but you know Stormcloaks have Col Campbell, right? 😁
Josiah Wilkinson
Josiah Wilkinson 9 months ago
I'm doing a similar run to this currently. I had nearly all the achievements on the original when Special Edition came out, I played it to see the difference but couldn't bring myself to play it all again (i sunk 600+ hours into the original) But recently I started again and found a new type of energy to want to finish it and for once I want to do everything.
Daniel Farrugia
Daniel Farrugia 9 months ago
Loving this! I just started playing Skyrim for the first time last month on PC, after sinking a lot of time in Oblivion back in the day. Always pleased to see someone sharing my frustrations with certain encounters! 🤣
Doozer 9 months ago
Great choice!! You seem calmed. Might just be Skyrim. Lol
SuperScotty1974 9 months ago
Quick question for you Rob. Skyrim or Skyrim VR?
M'aiq The Liar
M'aiq The Liar Month ago
Skyrim VR is amazing and all but OG Skyrim will always be better
Dustin P
Dustin P 9 months ago
Skyrim vr!
Hessarian 9 months ago
Rob, you do awesome solo streams.
Adam 9 months ago
the adventures of rob and aella rob - *whispering* we need to be quiet so we can sneak up on the enemy aella - *shouting as loud as she can* WHAT DID YOU SAY? I DIDNT HEAR YOU!! *arrows begin flying towards rob and aella* will they survive, will the enemies kill them, will rob ever get aella to shut up find out what happens next time XD
Deus 9 months ago
I hope we will see more of this.
Steven Bryan
Steven Bryan 9 months ago
I can't understand why everyone says the Stormcloaks are so terrible. There must be some vital piece of information that I'm missing because from what I can tell, they just want their independence. I choose them every time I run through it.
victor dennett
victor dennett 9 months ago
Blame it on the a-a-a-a a-a-a Aela!
Not Great at Gaming
Not Great at Gaming 9 months ago
1000 bounty is easy, just one arrow head shot to a guard, run and hide (water works best), then go to the next hold.
Not Great at Gaming
Not Great at Gaming 9 months ago
I completed the werewolf mastered and civil war trophies at the same time. Easiest way to get the werewolf perks fast, without a bounty.
Not Great at Gaming
Not Great at Gaming 9 months ago
For Kodlak!
A. Lopes
A. Lopes 9 months ago
Damn you Rob, i was able to stay away from Skyrim for a long time. Now watching this, I want to play it again so bad.
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