SKYND Feat Bill $aber - 'Columbine' (Official Video)

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Listen Now: skynd.lnk.to/columbineID
Website: www.skynd-music.com
Facebook: facebook.com/skynd.music
Instagram: instagram.com/skynd_music
Twitter: twitter.com/itsSKYND
Production Company: TallyHo! & UPMI Enterprises LLC.
Executive Producer: Flavio Speglitz
Associate Producer: Agatino Platania
Concept by: TallyHo!
Directed by: Pascal Walder & Manolo Zacate
Director of Photography: Pascal Walder Production Designer: Robin Fessel, Lea Hättenschwiler
Key Styling and Make-up SKYND: Arlette Kobler
Styling Cast: Liliana Pirogov
Cast: Sarah Baumgartner, Nicola Burger, Filippo Scivoli, Leo Thomas
VFX: Luzian Schlatter
VFX: Manoj Shrestha
Colorist: Mustafa Sert
PA/Floor Manager: Daniel Pachalski
Gaffer: Bradley Graham
1st AD: Konstantin Shishkin
1AC/Focus Puller: Caspar Brog
Assistant Camera: Tom Brunner
DIT: Benjamin Dobo
PA: Mira Özcan, Phurbu Dolma
Runner: Stephan Eigenmann, Annina Bächli


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Oct 9, 2020




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Comments 100
SprayEndPray 14 hours ago
How tf did I get here? I was watching pop song. Holy crap the accurate costumes and realism. But he didn't carry a vz. He had a mac10 or tech9.
Maggie B
Maggie B Day ago
This song was recommended to me by RUvid and im so happy it did i think ive listened to all your songs now about a dozen times ❤
Polina Kot
Polina Kot Day ago
Как же он ахуенен!!
Yas Widdass
Yas Widdass Day ago
I saw them open for Babymetal in February and I am so thankful for it. Never heard them before but they sparked a major interest.
fak3r34l1ty Day ago
this is amazing
SpazWarz 81
SpazWarz 81 Day ago
I'd love to see a colab with die antwoord
Julian Mancha
It blows my mind how deep Dylan and Eric truly were in there writings and how they expressed true hatred that builds up over being pushed outside and to your very limit I relate so much to this and they were only 17 years old and expressed it very well at an early age! Dont get it twisted these two kids were very intelligent and I have no remorse for what happened April 20th. You play with fire and Hell will be where you reside. I don't think people understand the true depth that led up to this event and but people love apathy until its their judgment starring them right in the face. This generation no this Country will never learn cause we think too much and feel too little.
ThatBoi69 Day ago
I got this as an and and I thought it was a trailer to some horror movie but then it showed the date and I was like... *oh no*
Egotistical Skeleton
I can't understand why there are so few subscribers on the channel when there is such awesome music here
Dawn Defeo / Strigoi
Thanks for the cameo.
Polina Kot
Polina Kot Day ago
Роскомнадзор в ахуях.
Nolana BluesBewitch
1 million views you deserve sooo many more subscribers! Love your music!!
Pyrusdrago 2 days ago
Zero Punches Pulled.
Mac Strange
Mac Strange 2 days ago
This video was difficult to watch but it was also very compelling and I feel that you have quite a powerful masterpiece here.
copper589 k
copper589 k 3 days ago
If that's the "Girl who said yes" I'm happy she made it out cause the one that actually said it didn't die, just goes to show how. Much research is actually put in your music and I love it
Anton Petrokin
Anton Petrokin 3 days ago
here is already going to pay for our beloved Skynd - maruv maria
#1 Assassin
#1 Assassin 3 days ago
JASON ASHWELL 3 days ago
what you doing dillion ,AARR JUST KILLING PEOPLE ,ra ta ta ra ta ta
The Weapon Collection
This was the end to students being able to posess a fire arm, I was in highschool when this happened even though we we're 55 miles away we went on lock down. I was in shop class just barely off campus and the teacher sent us few students he knew who kept hunting rifles and shotguns in our vehicles to retrieve them. Nobody was going to take our building, and the libs say to ban guns...SMH
Matthew Salazar
Matthew Salazar 3 days ago
Libs: we should talk to him and ask him whats bothering him (while the guy is letting of rounds at people).
JASON ASHWELL 3 days ago
JASON ASHWELL 3 days ago
now wheres she from itts said finland ,ireland and also australia.hmm 3
JASON ASHWELL 3 days ago
crass vids was u there ?. i was
JASON ASHWELL 3 days ago
getsw on ya nerves ,ra ta ta ra ta ta ,kinda ,makes u wanna kill
Marvin Andrade
Marvin Andrade 3 days ago
Just discovered this group today November 19 2020
Lokuras de Alice
Lokuras de Alice 4 days ago
how deep, first song I heard and I'm already a fan!
Adam Joseph Rabideaux
Hq Hahahahahahahahhah
jeremy davis
jeremy davis 4 days ago
Im in the ghetto, ratatada ratatada 🎶
Meowing Cat
Meowing Cat 4 days ago
LoL dude in the video is using a Škorpion vz. 61 when Dylan Klebold used a TEC-9. Emersion ruined.
copki11er 4 days ago
I love u this is important.. all of ur art is
VGBC P3rs0na
VGBC P3rs0na 4 days ago
I wanna see a Jack the Ripper one
Scott Young
Scott Young 4 days ago
If they ever make a movie about Columbine, they should use this director and some of these actors. Authentic reactions and the guys who played Eric and Dylan even got the way their individual presence was. When Eric jumps on the desk and dances, plays with everyone. That's exactly how I picture he would have been. Just having fun while terrorizing people. Great work on the music video and song. Keep it going Skind and TallyHo!
Killgore1029 4 days ago
I remember when this happened. When it did, all I could think of was I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier.
Rod Hickey
Rod Hickey 4 days ago
wow im surprised that a SKYND video would have so many self obsessed snowflakes in the comments
Toledo Javier
Toledo Javier 5 days ago
I had to put cartoons after this video in order to sleep
Living with Perks
Not sure who is more intense. Die Antwoord or SKYND
Asmo Live
Asmo Live 5 days ago
I can’t decide on this. My first reaction is they crossed a line. Maybe this is because I lived through this. But at the same time pushing limits and boundaries is what art and music is all about.
J D 5 days ago
Sometimes people kill for fun some kill for others entertainment some where pushed to the point we insane people have our limits
Laurens Corinne
Laurens Corinne 5 days ago
I just cant stop listening to this song. everything is so clever...lyrics music vidéo. And you now what ? Everything morning while going to work "ratatata ratatata ratatata ratatata ratatata." Some kind of genius around there. Thank you
Evžen xD
Evžen xD 6 days ago
this bengr is disrespectful to everyone who perished in school absolutely disgusting bengr .. I'm probably weird but this is really disgusting !! Strike this Down please!
Fox Cromwell
Fox Cromwell 6 days ago
Amazing stuff I can't wait to see what is at the end of the journey
Tony Clank
Tony Clank 6 days ago
I wish these morons would stop using victims of serious crime to their benefit.
NXS Productions
NXS Productions 4 days ago
@Tony Clank I would. Artistic interpretation is supposed to be thought provoking and even capable of providing insights into a troubling event. Would I be uncomfortable if I did have children who were victims? Of course, but this commentary is no different than a news broadcast other than how it's presented. News actually goes further to sensationalize their headlines...
Tony Clank
Tony Clank 4 days ago
@NXS Productions I wonder if you still would have the same point of view if your child was one of the victims
NXS Productions
NXS Productions 4 days ago
These "morons" as you like to call them are providing a social commentary through visual and auditory arts. This is NOT a glorification of a school massacre; it's bringing attention to the PTSD that the protagonist in the video (representatives of survivors of any school shooting) is suffering, in real time. Adjust your perspective and see beneath the surface.
Shazman Bound
Shazman Bound 6 days ago
I was 17 years old when that shit took place. After that event every high school installed metal detectors and I was always late to class because of that shit.
Gr33n 3ggs
Gr33n 3ggs 6 days ago
As a cynical adult; I'm going to give it to the straight truth. The killers were unforgivable. Wrong. BUT..... instead of blaming the music, video games, movies...... why not for ONCE put some kind of blame ; on the asshole bullies & parents for raising their children too be such a horrible human being? When you keep picking on some poor kid constantly; making fun of shortcoming that the person is already aware of and trying to workout for themselves? Bullies have no clue what this child is going thru already & they have to make it that much worse?? Maybe we should of put SOME of the blame on the bullies.
Gr33n 3ggs
Gr33n 3ggs 6 days ago
Old guy here ( 50 ) ; just what in the insane twisted holy phuck is this?? One of the most shocking videos I have ever watched and Christ; I couldn't look away!! This new band has done it's job! Scaring the phuck out of adults. If I was STILL that awkward 15 year old outcast..... this would be EPIC!! just WOW!!!
Laurens Corinne
Laurens Corinne 6 days ago
Excellent... lyrics music.. everything..at 53 i may be old but i can still feel what the power of talent can still bring ...
Laurens Corinne
Laurens Corinne 6 days ago
Oh yes ... Just à personnal feeling. Thanks to Jonathan Davis...💓
dru blood
dru blood 7 days ago
Love this band..I was locked up when the Columbine shootings happened. I was 18, and a huge fan of Marilyn Manson. Few days later I was having lunch in the cafeteria area. On the news they say the killings were racially motivated and they were fans of Marilyn Manson. I was the only white kid on my cell block. All the inmates had jokes. I looked up to the sky, shook my head, and said to myself " that was a good one God."
denverdevilboi 7 days ago
Peculiar, there used to be a death metal band local to us with the exact same name. Then randomly this song pops up in my feed titled Columbine. Being also in Colorado, for a minute I thought that the group from so many years ago re-emerged.
Flame Andrew
Flame Andrew 7 days ago
Заебись, чётко
ima bean
ima bean 8 days ago
i wish there were more songs from this band;
Doll Knight
Doll Knight 8 days ago
They need to do a song about Junko Faruta and Suzanne Capper.
limptera13 6 days ago
i dont know who either of those two are.... please explain...../?
mattykinz island
mattykinz island 8 days ago
Bones does it better
mattykinz island
mattykinz island 21 hour ago
@skacze z balkonu vlog fucking bet "the cafeteria" puts this to shame!!! then again the whole teen witch album really captures the atmosphere of columbine...
skacze z balkonu vlog
Fuck yeah this is cringe
Christopher McMahon
Marina has transformed herself into something incredible. 🖤
NXS Productions
NXS Productions 4 days ago
She really has. Just goes to show how layered she is.
Wittle Kitten
Wittle Kitten 9 days ago
The song sucks
skacze z balkonu vlog
sister shitty
sister shitty 9 days ago
I love this!
Angélique Santelli
Discovering this band on Friday 13th, 2020 ...couldn't be better. 👀
VisualTemptation 9 days ago
Dear GOD I LOVE you!!!
Arson Rides
Arson Rides 10 days ago
this is some cringy edgelord shit
skacze z balkonu vlog
Yeah but I have to admit 3:45 to 4:05 was funny as shit
Littlerichpio 10 days ago
Who met Bill C. photo?
Эмиграция в Польшу
вот _ прогрессивная музыка наконец то...
Malfurion Illidan
Malfurion Illidan 11 days ago
Thank you. I have a humble request from a fan who cherishes the lives that is sung about. If ever the artistic pull draws you into Carl Panzram’s life, I would be ever so appreciative. Regardless, my hubby and I just want to thank you. Your music has helped us in some dark places. Wishing you all the best. Cheers
Valér Ferenci
Valér Ferenci 12 days ago
Олексій Кантор
I adore you this song made me stand in the future killer or commit murder at school as Vodka and Reb
Nate Cunningham
Nate Cunningham 12 days ago
Ft Marylin Manson
Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas 12 days ago
$aber for president
Athena Meyer
Athena Meyer 13 days ago
Another masterpiece!!!!
HuffyRS 13 days ago
Throbelisk 13 days ago
This is deeply disturbing and I can't watch it past a certain point, but thank you for showing people what a nightmare this truly was for the people who experienced it.
Robert Henley
Robert Henley 13 days ago
Jeris Johnson - teen spirit Jeris Johnson - Damn I think this is worth Looking at before some one else finds him
MON 14 days ago
cant explain how i feel about finding this band ! magnificent carousel of pure horror and wild energy ty youtube, finally !!!
jeremy sedeno
jeremy sedeno 14 days ago
fucking intense. I love SkynD
Darrell Perry
Darrell Perry 14 days ago
Forget all the rest, we have a new Queen of mayhem
Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan 14 days ago
Incredible I love it
Drew Cost
Drew Cost 14 days ago
This is terrible music.
timothy rookledge
timothy rookledge 14 days ago
Sing dark angel, SING!
grimich87 15 days ago
На мой вкус, лучший трек сего бэнда!
Jeckson Vasceroli
Jeckson Vasceroli 15 days ago
J D 15 days ago
Does anyone ever think about what happened to the shooters to make them do this
- Elle -
- Elle - 4 days ago
It was a toxic combination of bullying, mental illness and most importantly their friendship. Eric was very attached to Dylan, and considered him his best friend. And even though Dylan had other friends besides Eric, Eric was the only one he could confess these disturbing ideas to. They egged each other on, one couldn't have done it without the other. If they hadn't found each other I guarantee something like this wouldn't have happened. I've seen people call their situation, "a madness of two" and I think that describes them perfectly.
J D 5 days ago
@Emir Bilal şanlıcan Cuz they must have been pushed at some point we insane people have our limits
@Emir Bilal şanlıcan understanding the psychology behind the humans perpetrating such atrocities can assist in the development of preventative measures is probably why. bullying, ostracization, the failure of society to acknowledge that mental health is serious business, and the tumultuousness of one's teen years can make a monster out of anyone. that said, there are some who kill others just to "see what it feels like," with no other contributing factors other than the curiosity, but i think even those people show warning signs before committing to the act. sometimes a kid's drawing of a bloody decapitated stick figure is them drawing something they saw on television or in a video game. sometimes a kid's drawing of a decapitated stick figure represents what they actually want to do to another human being.
Emir Bilal şanlıcan
No. why ?
Dielon David
Dielon David 15 days ago
Nothin on this planet scares me until skynd reanimates it.
Baahl Der Teufel
Baahl Der Teufel 15 days ago
Reminds me of Shiny Toy Guns a bit
6REA6PER6 NICK 16 days ago
Absolute Godess!🔱🖤🔱 Recently been shown this. Love it.
Katie Skellington
Katie Skellington 16 days ago
OK here me out, I know it's not a true crime story but a song about the Russian sleep experiment would be awesome if you took it on.
Bit Kubit
Bit Kubit 16 days ago
nonoseacrest 16 days ago
I love how all your music videos are like movies, some of best production I've seen in a while! Also, pretty sure the main girl is based on Cassie Bernall and/or Valeen Schnurr, but we all know Cassie's story ended differently. RIP to all victims
Zen Viking
Zen Viking 16 days ago
That was abysmal. So bad I unsubscribed and am deleting this band. Sound was horrible, theme lacking depth, lyrics are lazy and the gothic contrast comical.
NXS Productions
NXS Productions 4 days ago
See ya, sport. I'm sure you won't be missed. But if it's not for you, it's not for you.
Richard Spotts
Richard Spotts 16 days ago
Their video is all about the killers. When this happened everything changed I was bullied every day. Those two kids are my f****** heroes. They save me of years of torment because everyone was scared. And they had a good f****** right to be cuz if they didn't do it I would have
X DD 16 days ago
Spierdalaj z moich reklam
W h a t e v e r r 0 0
Cudar XXX
Cudar XXX 17 days ago
I'm in the ghetto ra ta ta ta
Jake Ashton
Jake Ashton 17 days ago
Imagine if SKYND paired up with Marilyn Manson
Jake Ashton
Jake Ashton Hour ago
@Thuban maybe rob zombie?
Thuban 4 hours ago
Manson hasn't been good since "Golden Age Of Grotesque" He sounds terrible now, and his live performances are ridiculous. And his fans allow it, it's a bad comedy. What they need to do is include Dani Filth
Mac Strange
Mac Strange 2 days ago
Ghost mane also!!!!
Mac Strange
Mac Strange 2 days ago
Throw ghost MANE in that mix and that would B EPIC.
Laurens Corinne
Laurens Corinne 3 days ago
Would be so good..and with so much talent...
Kristi Anna
Kristi Anna 17 days ago
I kept thinking about this long after & how accurate it was- like the table scene made my heart drop
Bleachie Keen
Bleachie Keen 17 days ago
Dawn Lynch
Dawn Lynch 17 days ago
Now I've heard the lead singer in how she gets her songs and her story behind the song that she loves crime Stories true Crime Stories and it makes sense in what she singing about
Exotic Peep
Exotic Peep 17 days ago
I’m pretty sure there guns are mixed up Dylan had the Tec-9 Eric had the pumped shotgun
ewokgrl 17 days ago
Oh please let more videos come out soon. So freaking fabulous!
nonya hope
nonya hope 17 days ago
Can we just sit back and realize columbine hs now has metal detectors at the entrance
Kennedy 6 days ago
@Brook Marie I’m not saying it’s that way everywhere don’t get me wrong, we didn’t even get metal detectors with how bad it was but I feel like there should definitely be more policies on how to protect the kids. In the school I was at we had one “resource officer” who was technically not really a cop cop and he was meant to be the person protecting us, I just feel there should be better policies in schools everywhere for how to protect people
Brook Marie
Brook Marie 6 days ago
@Kennedy It's sad that it is something that is needed. I'm sorry you had to endure that.
Kennedy 7 days ago
The fact that when I was in high school we would expect basically a weekly lockdown over someone being there with a gun or a bomb threat and having to sit there not knowing what’s going to happen it’s kinda needed lmao.
Brook Marie
Brook Marie 17 days ago
A lot of highschools have metal detectors now. And if that isn't the saddest fucking thing ever...my niece has panic attacks every so often because she is so terrified of her school being shot up. Our children shouldn't have to live in this kind of fear.
Andrew Langendorfer
Ok took me a month to find out Bill Saber is from my home town...LONG LIVE BUFFALO!!!🤘 knew we had talent...first Goo Goo Dolls,then STEMM, now Bill Saber...awesome,now only if we can put that talent into our sports teams,lol
Alvaro Vix
Alvaro Vix 18 days ago
They make this video glorifying not the killers and not the victims. Glorifying nothing, they only show the stupidity of being a young person being procupied worried "atormented" by superfluos things, fight for stupid things, status, being popular or superficial lovers, and how the way of that nonsense young worries can change to survival shit, real worries in a second, and they show just THAT happening.
Evgeny 18 days ago
Lindsey6882 18 days ago
I hope this will stop school shootings
Bogdan A
Bogdan A 18 days ago
Dylan and Eric would love this ! XD
Stephanie Carlson
Stephanie Carlson 15 days ago
Very true. But possibly also complain that they'd like more camera time.
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