Sky Crosses the Line w/ Young Bae | Black Ink Crew

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Sky accuses Young Bae of lying about her past during the crew's last night in Korea.

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Sky Crosses the Line w/ Young Bae | Black Ink Crew ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Feb 24, 2018




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Comments 80
LaughingGemini 2 hours ago
How come bae didn't try to fight sky like she did kitty 🤔
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Day ago
Sky was jus mad disrespectful and for what tho?
Monica Mlotshwa
Monica Mlotshwa 2 days ago
Sky is awful. She really is
Gaming with DLBF
Gaming with DLBF 2 days ago
bro drama again trippin son😂🤣🤣👀👀
mayson lee
mayson lee 3 days ago
Sky's soul is dark and icky. She is harsh and noone likes her.
Latia Wms
Latia Wms 3 days ago
Lifetime movie😂
mymy bx
mymy bx 5 days ago
Sky been fake since day 1 she the type of person who doesn't want any one to be greater then her
Andre Cooper
Andre Cooper 6 days ago
Zabreya Goins
Zabreya Goins 6 days ago
That fact that kit had her back and then bae turned on her is shady and bogus
Christine Cannibal
Wow. I always thought sky was problematic, but this just made me lose all respect for her. She gained my respect when she made an effort to meet her boys again and have a relationship with them. And I'm pretty sure young bae has talked to her and helped her through that situation with sky's kids. For her to completely disrespect bae like that, UGH, shes trash.
samantha 8 days ago
where can u find the full episode lmal
sam ZEbra
sam ZEbra 9 days ago
Disgusting behavior sky
Catherine Nguyen
Catherine Nguyen 9 days ago
And that’s when Sky lost all my respect 🤬
Antwan McClain
Antwan McClain 11 days ago
This was around the time sky's backstory got discredited, and people were discovering why she actually lost her kids. So she had to take it out on somebody.
Dawon Fields
Dawon Fields 11 days ago
Did she just say she wanted a free trip to. Korea wanted to get some tickets sky needs a nosebleed
Dawon Fields
Dawon Fields 11 days ago
Ok sky now it's your turn love! Why u have a child at 14 and 15 and lied about them first u said u had twins and then u said u gave them up for adoption let's talk about that miss sky u went 15 years with out seeing your sons and the dad's are deadbeats too!
arianna dshae
arianna dshae 11 days ago
Sky has a dark side. She has a hard time showing empathy to other people. She’s tearing Bae’s story up because she knows her own life story is a lie. She was no longer the broken friend and the attention was slipping.
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 13 days ago
Sky can’t even be a parent lol Haha loser
Dza Land
Dza Land 14 days ago
The things you do for tv 🙃
Nia Glasco
Nia Glasco 15 days ago
who's the cute ass asian guy :P
SoMeOne 16 days ago
Okay, sky you weren’t talking when you were twerking on the way to Korea and ate live octopus in the Korean market.
Hunni bun Chicks
Hunni bun Chicks 17 days ago
That was WRONG of sky smh 🤦‍♀️
Jamareeya Spencer
Jamareeya Spencer 18 days ago
No one should crossed the line especially with people that do not play
Katasha Tidwell
Katasha Tidwell 19 days ago
I would have jumped across the table SOOO fast in snatched her face off 😤
Kashout 37
Kashout 37 20 days ago
Yet if bae we’re 2 say sum abt sky Nd her kids, sky would rush at her Nd attack her🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
charlest17 20 days ago
“I wasn’t done, it was a comma not a period”
BetterThanEmril 21 day ago
Sky better be careful them Korean’s know how to fight strategically lol
Shawniya Smith
Shawniya Smith 21 day ago
About but if bae said “ where are your kids “ say would’ve went off so she needs to back up 🤣
ChloMoney 2k
ChloMoney 2k 22 days ago
That’s fucked up Sky🤦🏾‍♀️
Josh sedeño
Josh sedeño 22 days ago
My respect for sky is 📉📉📉
Princess_ Nazzy
Princess_ Nazzy 23 days ago
Sky just mad cause her kids don’t like her .
Claire Langley
Claire Langley 23 days ago
Nasty sky can't stand her vile 🤬
Busulwa Tina
Busulwa Tina 24 days ago
Sky why
Janelle Asamoah
Janelle Asamoah 24 days ago
I'm currently running away from abuse from my step father, and as soon as sky said to Bae "Where's your father." I knew from those 3 words that she had gone too far. Bae is traumatised just like me, I know what it's like and Sky cant even say that because she's on TV while her sons are in jail.
Mieka M
Mieka M 26 days ago
Yeah the people who root for her are whack too because Sky sucks. She is immature and a bad mom. I really feel bad for her kids. How she going to say that Bae is lying when she lied about her boys being twins. That girl is not happy with herself.She is pretty, at first entertaining.Then I saw how she lied and she is a bad mom
Lailah Myers
Lailah Myers 29 days ago
Young bae should’ve jump across the table and beat the hell out of sky
Gina Griffin
Gina Griffin Month ago
That’s f- up
Leslie Sanchez
Leslie Sanchez Month ago
Dan I liked sky till I saw this idk how to feel
yasmin b
yasmin b Month ago
I always come back to this cuz Sky was soo horrible here
Katie K
Katie K Month ago
Genuinely praying for sky
Carmella Starr
Carmella Starr Month ago
She started plucking that water 😂😂
Dodge Charger15
Dodge Charger15 Month ago
So if sky thinks that I would of said to her will your life if a lie you could of support the kids and give them up
Valentine Chichester
This is making me hate sky because no 1: Ceaser is right because how would sky really feel if Ceaser did not believe what she's been through and why would she even think about asking Bae for a picture of the shipping container that she lived in. I bet if someone asked her for a Pic of every shelter and group home she's been in she would start acting up.
Goddess Queen
Goddess Queen Month ago
I don't know why sky's actin like that when she's going through a rough time with trying to build a relationship with her son's and everybody including bae was right there with her no questions asked so why does she feel like she need proof of a horrible life that she lived
LB4L 4l
LB4L 4l Month ago
What she did was crazy and really wrong asf but then kitty did somthing everyone was against her
IG: NaturallyPaige_
Sky is and has always been complete and total trash 🤷🏾‍♀️ She was literally going around every borough in NY looking for HER mother so she needs to stfu forever!!!
Chase Henson
Chase Henson Month ago
"Wheres ur dad, when seen your mom but I wanna see your dad. I've heard so many stories that sound like lifetime movies , they sound like lies,they're coming to agaisnt to a liar" 1:48 I kinda laughed at how she said it bc she sound like she on drugs But I don't like what she said or did "You know I didnt wanna be here" I snickered when she said I wanna see ur dad, cus I hope she meet him and he got her AHH bc she was so rude " You said you always say you was my family" "No! I didnt I dont say dat" 2:24 " I thought she was high"
Raychel Smith
Raychel Smith Month ago
It's funny how kitty always had Bae's back and ended up getting stab in the back by Bae, but you never know what's going on behind closed doors
Amarla Walters
Amarla Walters Month ago
did Sky every apologize for this? Cus I know if I was Bae I would never speak to this women again.
Caroline Chichester
this is the 1 time i dont like sky at all, like she judges to much tbh
Diego Romero
Diego Romero Month ago
If sky doesn’t know what it’s like to go through abuse, she shouldn’t speak on anyone’s experience.
Amber The Magnificent
Bae should have blasted sky about her kids imo
brooklyn sophie
brooklyn sophie Month ago
Kit always had everyone back and at the end no one had hers. Learn how to choose friends girl
Harrison Maina
Harrison Maina Month ago
sky should be more worried about her ''twin'' boys then bae's past lmao
Crackie Hours
Crackie Hours Month ago
I fr feel for bae honestly, sky was out of order
Smmm Dddd
Smmm Dddd Month ago
Sky was bugging here
Various T
Various T Month ago
Sky had to be drunk or on drugs 😭😭
Raymond Ta'Ron
Raymond Ta'Ron Month ago
Why hasn’t someone best Sky up yet?! She’s a disgrace to this show. Ceasar and Teddy too.
Blasian Gaming
Blasian Gaming Month ago
bro I love skyyyy she funny affff
Debbie Cakes
Debbie Cakes Month ago
I don't get it...Sky isn't being supportive and doesn't wanna help Bae find her mom and thinks it's all a lie......but on the other last season, Sky's mom went missing and Bae and the crew were supportive and helped Sky look for her mom
Linzy C
Linzy C Month ago
wow someone should’ve beat sky’s ass
Giana Mutume
Giana Mutume Month ago
Sky should shut up because she’s a deadbeat mother.. and you coming for her like that is messed up.. fix yo relationship wit yo children
JadedGems Month ago
Wow I honestly think Sky is a disgusting person after seeing this
Veronica Pointer
OMG how dare Sky!!! Just how dare Sky question Bae about her past. Her abusive is nothing to make light of and Sky has no idea how hard it is to open up about something like that. She should be ashamed of herself.
Tayler Carnes-Taylor
Wish Bae had the energy for Sky she had for Kitty. She was really disrespecting bae, all she did was sit there
James King
James King Month ago
Sky evil
Samaira Baez
Samaira Baez Month ago
Sky really get no points for that
christy jackson
christy jackson Month ago
Sky was wrong. I mean she didn't like it when her son didn't believe her story. And she don't like when people brings up her kids
UJC NewOrleans
UJC NewOrleans Month ago
bae popped off ona weak but not sky how scaryy
The SnoBunny
The SnoBunny Month ago
I wish sky felt the same pain bae has I understand bae I felt the same pain from my evil father.... she was a bitch for tht thts not sum u lie about Fr
rose sarpong
rose sarpong Month ago
I feel empathy towards Bae
Almighty Goddess
Sky just messed me up with this video 💔
Kailynn Foard
Kailynn Foard Month ago
Why would bae lie about her past,why does sky have to ask something so stupid?
Rashawnna Gates
Rashawnna Gates Month ago
Sky is just a narcissist. If the attention ain’t on her it needs to be and ofc she’s gonna use something sentimental against you and stab you with it. That’s what narcissist do
Queen_ Desi
Queen_ Desi Month ago
Sky says that she wants to see a picture of the shipping container and I'm like girl how the hell is she supposed to show u the a pic if her and her mom was fighting to survive you think they have time for a picture, why would she want to take a picture of something that hurts her. Luke B*tch back the f off
Miya Harris
Miya Harris Month ago
Sky disrespectful and ugly af
Sumaya Omar
Sumaya Omar Month ago
I just lost a whole amount of respect for sky, that made me even want to cry how bae was just speechless I swear I feel so sorry for her.
Sara Paula
Sara Paula Month ago
The fucking cheek of Sky
Lisa Briceno
Lisa Briceno 2 months ago
Sky's face is ugly when she's not showing body..
FantasticLife2013 2 months ago
Sky's trash, but I kinda agree with her. Most of these reality tv stars lie or embellish stories to make themselves look like victims. Sky did the same thing with her sons.
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