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Ski Mask the Slump God’s “Faucet Failure” is his latest hit, and it’s already racked up 12 million Spotify streams to date. It is produced by CuBeatz and ChaseTheMoney and appears on 'STOKELEY'. On the track, Ski Mask raps about drip.
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Comments 80
almost neptune
almost neptune 8 hours ago
4:37 why he has the male equivalent of cat from victorious laugh
• Cøøkië gâchâ •
Ski mask is so cute ❤😭😭
Nicole Sethomo
Nicole Sethomo 12 hours ago
This guy is good looking ❤
xXMaxtuber ThegamerXx
Ngl he would be a great uncle that tells funny as stories lol
Daddy Doogan
Daddy Doogan 22 hours ago
Best attitude for a rapper Like for Ski
Arii _
Arii _ Day ago
The way he said chancletas 🥺🥰🥰
Ziblacking Day ago
He doesnt say at the end of every sentence “you know wha im sayin”
Gxssler Day ago
if i met this dude getting high w him would be a dream
L. Boy 2 cool
No body: Not 6ix9ine Me: sees sigs in skis bag👀👀👁
Xavier Jackson
he use Florida to describe the water lmao
COVID-19 Day ago
Ski: Drip basically isn’t designer Burberry fanny pack: *clears throat*
Terrence Jones
Terrence Jones 2 days ago
Gabe Wigley
Gabe Wigley 2 days ago
i love him so much omg
let's talk about it
I like he just acts like him self not frontin like others actin tought talkin tough or mumblin just bein himself
?????? 3 days ago
The people that shot X they r prolly dead n jail rn
XXXD Vadersmith
XXXD Vadersmith 3 days ago
No one: Ski: cUz iM fLyEr tHaN a fRiCkInG oStRiTcH
Keve kulcsár
Keve kulcsár 3 days ago
He’s the GOAT and he will always be
Gus Zaruba
Gus Zaruba 3 days ago
he seems so chill
100K Subs With No Videos Plzz
Anyone else lowkey see little to no auto tune on the video
Corey Combs
Corey Combs 3 days ago
That “aYEEee” at 3:37 hit different 😂😂
Mxxd Edxts
Mxxd Edxts 4 days ago
He is a legendddd
2Eazy 4 days ago
Spookily swimmin like *IM OKAY*
First name Last name
Man carries a Xbox controller around just in case
Jameson animations
Ruby Flores
Ruby Flores 4 days ago
I love ski 🥺
Lavender Bambi
Lavender Bambi 4 days ago
When he said okay 1 verse I was bout to die
Lavender Bambi
Lavender Bambi 4 days ago
Just so fine
David Duran
David Duran 5 days ago
*what do you put your foot in a sock*
Adinah Logan
Adinah Logan 5 days ago
Jack Brown
Jack Brown 5 days ago
DoJ 6 days ago
Bruh the first bit before he starts had me dead 💀💀💀
The Blyatman
The Blyatman 6 days ago
He kinda look like Somalian pirate
Produced by Tactles
the best voice
DPYD CLAN 6 days ago
Other rappers: got money, chains in their fanny packs Ski: *xbox controller*
Natalia Detweiler
i love him omgggg🥺🥺
Ski Mask The Slump God
TRC_109 7 days ago
I love how he really gets into it
Hi it’s Kohi
Hi it’s Kohi 7 days ago
all he needs now is to be a weeb and he'll be the perfect wholesome rapper.
Ski Mask Has Good Lyrics
Jazmine Ellis
Jazmine Ellis 7 days ago
i love him omg, hes like the most adorable human
blurzzFTW 8 days ago
I remember when this song was like a joke, or a meme song, but ski low key spitting bars ❌🧢
Scarlett Onfroy
Scarlett Onfroy 8 days ago
Big Sketti
Big Sketti 8 days ago
this nigga knows how to use words
Kowi 8 days ago
I thought he said: She squirt, I skrrt big drip
SlumpedSpartan 9 days ago
hes the most toughest non- toughest guy I've ever seen.
UK LIMITLESS 9 days ago
Did you know faucet in the UK is called a tap
Furqaan Bajwa
Furqaan Bajwa 9 days ago
Most good songs are freestyles
aht 021
aht 021 9 days ago
Ski mask the simp god
Aliken Zander
Aliken Zander 9 days ago
Im ganna Stick my Pickle in guys mouth. Fa real.
kenarf XD
kenarf XD 9 days ago
But why The fuck is There polish
nag stop nagging
nag stop nagging 9 days ago
He talks about the ostrich line and said they could flutter. He should have said something like they're cool by saying fly
Chriss Harris
Chriss Harris 9 days ago
I wonder if under that durag he’s on all the time if he has waves
CHA1NGUNN3R 9 days ago
I think this was used for the lofi version I mean like him saying it here not the actual song
PrettyLuhhJxnn !!
PrettyLuhhJxnn !! 10 days ago
U can tell him and x bonded well. They have similar personality’s and are genuine as fuck.
Agustin Marcelo
Agustin Marcelo 10 days ago
La Changla that what he meant when he was singing.
G2 Mossi
G2 Mossi 10 days ago
“ya i play xbox” *whips out controller from fanny”
Wynter Onfroy
Wynter Onfroy 11 days ago
keep him safe at all cost.
Sheluvjav 11 days ago
xxx broly
Gabby D
Gabby D 11 days ago
i love ski mask he’s funny asf
XXXextensioncord 11 days ago
We must protect ski at all cost
toymdngn 11 days ago
Ski is ballin on a budget
real3st king
real3st king 11 days ago
He do more drugs then lil mosey and sad part is you can understand skimask better
《Leonardo》 890
《Leonardo》 890 11 days ago
That "ok" is freaking smooth
Brian Valencia
Brian Valencia 11 days ago
Anyone know what cap is that?
skinnyneckcentineo 12 days ago
how does he sound e x a c t l y like the song
Yarette Santiago
Yarette Santiago 12 days ago
“Yes I know ostriches can’t fly”
Aria 1383
Aria 1383 12 days ago
Drop another album bruhh
ATLAS 12 days ago
I'm a young adult, and I'm gon cry on how heartwarming they did acid togther.
ltz_babywipe999 12 days ago
Hes tha G.O.A.T🐐🐐
Changkuoth Kong
Changkuoth Kong 13 days ago
Pay robux with money
Changkuoth Kong
Changkuoth Kong 13 days ago
Ray Andy
Max Extreme
Max Extreme 13 days ago
He is so nice and cool
Foxy xD
Foxy xD 13 days ago
Best boyeeeee
nate 13 days ago
the way he says “okay” after “wind” has always been so satisfying to me
LiViN wid Qoy
LiViN wid Qoy 14 days ago
He has very good grammar...smart and fine🥵THATS MY TYPE
jenna ?
jenna ? 14 days ago
bro this man don’t need auto tune
Igli Myrtja
Igli Myrtja 14 days ago
what i like from ski is that he sounds the same in the songs and live
Taylar Findlay
Taylar Findlay 14 days ago
love him X
hello my is francisco
ski mask : it’s something that Mexican get hit with Me : MA NO PEGAS
Jai Present
Jai Present 14 days ago
Follow me on Instagram @jai.present😙 P.S. I LOVE X AND SKI🖤
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