Ski Mask The Slump God - BabyWipe (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Ski Mask The Slump God - BabyWipe
Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett
Prod. by CashMoneyAP + DeCicco Beats
@cashmoneyap @deciccobeats
© 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (Victor Victor)
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Cole Bennett
Lyrical Lemonade
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Sep 11, 2017




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Comments 80
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1:32 You're welcome
Koala Bear
Koala Bear 9 hours ago
here before 100 mil views
Ski masks music videos are weird but somewhat creative
تيسير تيسير
JemDef 23 hours ago
Use this as a here before 100M button
Iziah Chung
Iziah Chung Day ago
when you do a fatality move 1:51 every one else at the karate school 0:43
Lizzie Vlogs
Lizzie Vlogs Day ago
effects we dont know her 😂😂
razvi8999 Day ago
Why does he rap about his pickle😅
ImTK_Chaos 2 days ago
Babatunde 2 days ago
Anyone listening in 2035?
F.LA'mes Galaxy Hello
1.25 speed is lit
JesCagVil 3 days ago
Makyia Johnson
Makyia Johnson 3 days ago
Ski mask is vey hamsome and I love him
Crypticwtf 3 days ago
We need you back Ski
victor berrocal
victor berrocal 3 days ago
Tejumadeoluwa Mosaku
I am so happy my brother showed me this video 2 years ago
Olinebanggang777 3 days ago
Ski mask test Girls 0% Sex 0% Porn 0% Drugs 0% Flexing 0% Lesbian sex 0% Threesome lesbian sex 0% Rapping 100% Film crew 100% Beat producer 100% Results: pass the test Total: a man who can rap bars and don’t need busty women or sex or porn in his music video and straight up boss music Comment: playing this at a strip club And while there throwing one dollar bills and say fuck you bitch and walk out like Naruto run out like amine in real life
Ultimate jj
Ultimate jj 4 days ago
Smelt Like a Fart xD
XVibezX 3
XVibezX 3 4 days ago
HURRICANE ϟ 4 days ago
Бля прошло 2 ебучих года а я это всё ещё слушаю💥🥀🌺
God:u can have anything..what u want Ski:catnip
Rearabetswe Masule
We lost too many legends protect Ski at all cost🔥💪
Alien ZR
Alien ZR 4 days ago
bruh his face at 0:43 has me dead 😂 😂
Jetbroplays 5 days ago
I came here cause of Badger and crew singing one line from this song lmao
Luffya2y 5 days ago
I can tell he smoke a ton before coming up with these lyrics and flow
Rapha Mendez
Rapha Mendez 5 days ago
wena diego
I don't know why for me this beat is a bit weird, But Ski make it Dope.
Cronkledops 6 days ago
This is still good
trgsco 6 days ago
Mia Ayala
Mia Ayala 6 days ago
Rice Boi
Rice Boi 6 days ago
miniklin looking kinda different here
saddie yt
saddie yt 7 days ago
Kid shows mom the song mom be like I'm a smack the sh out ya
vsnsbdbbd 7 days ago
Cole Bennett: we got a couple hundred thous Ski: You got a shower and some acid?
Crooks 7 days ago
Him and blue face are the same
Tristan Skates
Tristan Skates 3 days ago
Hell nah
sw17t 8 days ago
All I picture is the lego super marvel game for ps3
Brajan BC
Brajan BC 8 days ago
Ski still going strong after his 2 friends died X and Juice
BNS Malik
BNS Malik 8 days ago
Cole Bennett: How many girls want in this music vi- Ski: No
Lyrics Irvin Gang Forever 999
Who's better? 🔥 Like: Ski Mask Comment: Drake
Tristan Skates
Tristan Skates 3 days ago
I'm gonna like and comment
Ghoultrooper Clan
Does anyone still listen to this I do
BIDP 8 days ago
Interesting music choice replika
JinBox Gaming
JinBox Gaming 8 days ago
who is here just to check if this will reach 1 million likes and 100 million views?
Mathew Rpgw
Mathew Rpgw 9 days ago
I like this song
Khloe Valle
Khloe Valle 9 days ago
It would be a vibe if ski and a boogie made a bop
Holy_Sid 9 days ago
Was wondering why he looked somewhat different... Later on, i just realized it's because he isn't wearing a durag.
DarkerBQ 9 days ago
I just realized this was the song on my old nokia few years ago... But a earrape version lol
Aye man Say man it’s yo boy
heard this shit way before when this was a leaked snippet still fuk wit it on covid lokk down
Purified BlinX
Purified BlinX 10 days ago
To this day of 2020 this is still one of the sickest intros iv ever heard
jack tyska
jack tyska 10 days ago
lets get this to 100m for ski
Mr Hamood
Mr Hamood 10 days ago
Ski mask has the greatest Lyrical Lemonade videos EVER.
Mr Hamood
Mr Hamood 10 days ago
100 million views? Please mane
Guff Prodigy
Guff Prodigy 11 days ago
Bong0!!!!!!!! 11 days ago
Brah new rappers be wisher der ski mask all they rap about is bull poo and blueberry faygo
Uary Music
Uary Music 9 days ago
you dont understand what he's fucking saying that's why bruh have u even seen the early 2000 cartoons bruh and blueberry faygo fuck outta here bruh that's lil mosey bruh
Supreme Geek
Supreme Geek 11 days ago
Cole bennet: how much effects you want Ski mask the slump god:yes
Claudia Corona
Claudia Corona 11 days ago
Sxjdkdjff Hkc. Vggxcf did gfugt Ddogkghx
KL1PZ 12 days ago
whose here in 2020
Jazlyn Godoy
Jazlyn Godoy 9 days ago
I don't think there's any time travelers here
yeah I play cod I'm not good at it though
Yo ski this is fire
UHaveLost 12 days ago
I didn’t even notice the courage shirt until now. Respect
Jeyshaun Mack
Jeyshaun Mack 12 days ago
It's ok I lost close friends to I know what you feel ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾💔
1000 subscribers with 0 videos challenge
This song so fire it burnt my house down💯🔥🔥🔥
Ralaxy 4 days ago
It burnt the whole world
J D 13 days ago
Life was just better at this time
Liquid 13 days ago
this shit is LIT!!!!!!!!
Brayden Kelly
Brayden Kelly 13 days ago
Durag I think I got it 🤣
Brayden Kelly
Brayden Kelly 13 days ago
Deadass only music video without a Dorag Idk how to spell don’t bully me 🤣
Tristan Skates
Tristan Skates 9 days ago
There's tons without one tbh 😂
Tracy Liston
Tracy Liston 13 days ago
people who disliked dont know what rap is
Bruh_Enjin55 13 days ago
This song feels wet
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez 13 days ago
Blue face 2.0
Uary Music
Uary Music 13 days ago
i could just tell by your name that you don't seem that type that ever watched any early 2000 cartoons
Uary Music
Uary Music 13 days ago
fuck no nothing compared to him bro😂 fuck outta here with that blue face guy bruh😂😂
cHonK but in he'll
cHonK but in he'll 14 days ago
This is the only music video that has more drug like effects than goosebumps
Supersaiyanpurple Black
who heree before 100 mill???
Blue Foxy YT games
Blue Foxy YT games 14 days ago
Cole Bennet: what do you want in the vid Ski: have you seen rick and morty at 3am on acid
Z ZALDUA 14 days ago
0:15 how does It feels like to talk with yourself 😂😂😂 not hating i just laughed in that part
Shondell Downer
Shondell Downer 14 days ago
2EET FN 14 days ago
I accidentally clicked this it's god
Slothletic 14 days ago
Did he stop making music?
Uary Music
Uary Music 13 days ago
no he's coming with a new one check is ig story
stonks 14 days ago
nobody onetap v3; 00:02
RaccoonDough 14 days ago
Darrell Christian
Darrell Christian 14 days ago
Trash 🗑
Tristan Skates
Tristan Skates 4 days ago
@Ralaxy exactly
Ralaxy 4 days ago
You don’t have good taste in music
Tristan Skates
Tristan Skates 9 days ago
@Uary Music 😂
Uary Music
Uary Music 13 days ago
go listen to church music
Official YK
Official YK 15 days ago
who still listening to this right now in 2020 ! cause go crazyyy
RETRXZEE 15 days ago
Sad that nowadays SoundCloud rappers can't be lit like this
Luca Vervenne
Luca Vervenne 15 days ago
How are u feeling like ah? I feel like the four bc I feel fantastic. Who would u be then ? Mr fantastic bc I got money like elastic.
adam 15 days ago
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