Sisterly Love? Kardashian Fight Compilation | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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The highs & lows of Kim, Kourtney, & Khloé - which fight do you think is their worst?
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Aug 8, 2018




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Comments 80
Morgan Craig
Morgan Craig Hour ago
Like at least Kim was feeding kourtney but I still dont like kim
Mohammed Patel
Mohammed Patel 2 days ago
Donilla Fiffee
Donilla Fiffee 3 days ago
Amelia Khan
Amelia Khan 3 days ago
Khloe: 'I'll just pretend she is kim.' Khloe: If it was now it would be 'I'll just pretend she is kourtney'
Darynka Lezark
Darynka Lezark 4 days ago
Kourtney is so boring and ugly sorry
aes.audios 4 days ago
Khloe: STOP WEARING MY JACKET! Kourtney: your CLOTHES don't fit me Khloe: StOp WeAriNg My ClOtHEs
Dallas Onew Era
Dallas Onew Era 8 days ago
Kylie Jenner who? Lol
Faree bash
Faree bash 8 days ago
I hate my sisters " i could relate to that
aesthetic sushii
aesthetic sushii 9 days ago
kim : i hate my sisters i never wanna look at their ugly faces again me: same kim, same
blckxpnku 9 days ago
1:22 ladies there is a cross behind,calm down,pray
Unicorn Lover Lols
Unicorn Lover Lols 10 days ago
8:57 anyone else notice Kim’s ring? 🤔 or is it just me 😂
Red Fraggle
Red Fraggle 10 days ago
Jonathan is a human tapeworm
PJ's Place
PJ's Place 10 days ago
4:00 "Ooh burn maybe that's why I don't wanna hang out with you" Oh how times have changed
Seena M R
Seena M R 11 days ago
Why do they sound so similar I can't even comprehend who is saying what
Vanessa Anne
Vanessa Anne 11 days ago
They don't look like sisters at all...they look like some strangers put together in a reality show lmao
Luse Kanongata'a
Luse Kanongata'a 12 days ago
Omg they are afraid of flying insect😱😂
abc 123
abc 123 12 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how perfect the biscuits were in the jar 😂
Lisa Young
Lisa Young 12 days ago
Who else was singing the Kim k tiktok song while watching this 😂
Mauii A
Mauii A 13 days ago
3:51-3:59 Kim really looks like Kylie here
stephanie wijaya___
i love how khloe gets angry
mjay egonia
mjay egonia 14 days ago
pag patay mo mga animal oy! igsoon bitw mo 😂😂😂
K M 15 days ago
I feel like Khloe back in the first seasons was a lot more insecure and took it out on her sisters mainly Kim. Like the whole don’t be rude thing was hilarious but from a sibling pov when it’s 1 against 2 along with a constant patronising voice along with no one on your side can get really lonely. Tbh people think it’s because Kim was bragging but if you watched the episode you’d realise Khloe and Kourtney yelled at the dealer that was getting Kim her Bentley. I understand what it means to have no one on your side - even your parents aren’t on your side.
Eldorado 20
Eldorado 20 15 days ago
spicymoon 14 days ago
Grappypie 15 days ago
Rick people using blackberry?
Khouloud 16 days ago
I mis koko and kourtny
ECLIPSE LYRICS 19 days ago
There's a director, so it's scripted?
Absolute Hekka
Absolute Hekka 19 days ago
Hi sisters
Vishwa bhatia real life And gacha videos
Has anyone else seen the gacha versions?
I love her khloe is so sarcastic 👀
Minty Sweets
Minty Sweets 23 days ago
Kim: DONT BE ******** RUDE welp yall kardashians are the sassiest
esma sülü
esma sülü 24 days ago
Kim’s literally almost killing kourtney Producers and cameraman: lemme get that hit real quick
Noor AlSadiq
Noor AlSadiq 24 days ago
am i the only one that sees that scotts accent is like cole sprouses voice
Elena Romero
Elena Romero 25 days ago
Why are this mini KUWTK videos so addictive omg😅
Veronica Rebuli
Veronica Rebuli 26 days ago
Patrick Baiteman fucking iconic😂
Benjamin Bawa
Benjamin Bawa 26 days ago
KIM: *Jonathan and I, we click, we vibe* KHLOE: *He sits in the corner till you juggle and laugh* 😹😹😅😂🤣💔
dobra costina
dobra costina 27 days ago
Kim is so meen and is very bad with her sisters
Dannah Ikeotuonye
Dannah Ikeotuonye 28 days ago
I feel, once again I FEEL, Kim looks younger (and a little bit prettier) without makeup
Dannah Ikeotuonye
Dannah Ikeotuonye 28 days ago
Well at least it looks like she doesn't have that much makeup on. Fact is she looked really beautiful at the beginning
Judy Hisham
Judy Hisham 28 days ago
Ngl Kim is the best
Michaela G
Michaela G 29 days ago
Perfume fight hahaha
Yacob Einauan
Yacob Einauan Month ago
4:04 - 4:08 Khloe roasted them😂
Yacob Einauan
Yacob Einauan Month ago
3:56 Kim’s comment tho😂
T4WH1D Month ago
I just watched girls shouting for 10:03
Samantha Do
Samantha Do Month ago
ok but i want them biscuits n cookies in the jar..
Troy Lockett
Troy Lockett Month ago
06:36 04:13 0:42
Lean Dee
Lean Dee Month ago
Khloe is like the female version of oj simpson
Nereeydaa Maarthiineez
Dr Cool
Dr Cool Month ago
fight complication - bruh - they always been fighting since day 1
Steve Richards
Steve Richards Month ago
last scene was amazing too :D
Isabella Bamford
Those biscuits though 🥺😋
Nikola Prajkova
Nikola Prajkova Month ago
They are so ugly
Abeeha Fatima
Abeeha Fatima Month ago
Anyone watching this during quarantine. Comment
Sujith Vs
Sujith Vs Month ago
If I see someone filming me and my brother fighting I would have killed the cameraman first 😒
Max Tasse
Max Tasse Month ago
When Kim called her mom and said she hated her Sisters *i felt that*
Whoever I'm Not
Whoever I'm Not Month ago
Jonathan needs to shut the fuck up
Aisyah Juffri
Aisyah Juffri Month ago
1:19 literally me and my sisters
Paige Mauroo
Paige Mauroo Month ago
Everyone says Kim starts the fights but she just speaks her mind, everyone else (usually) makes it into a argument
Tshepiso Kanono
Tshepiso Kanono Month ago
"You want some champagne"....😂 Kourtney is such a mood😂🤣😂🤣😂
Shanine vlogs
Shanine vlogs Month ago
no one: absolutely no one : me: notices its khloes house because of the way she organises her oreos
C GC Month ago
omg khloe is so fake that is really disgusting.
Idontknow Athingaboutyou
Kourtney : "i dont care to do more than what im already doing" ... you literally bail out of every events and meeting keaving ur sjsters to do all the work And u wonder why kourtney chose kim
raqia ahmed
raqia ahmed Month ago
1:19 the iconic
Cupcake Kendall :3
Kim’s face in the thumbnail is legit a hole new mood xD
In the whole family im kendall in my familly too i never im against dramma im away from everyone.
FitzDog146 _
FitzDog146 _ Month ago
Marua Bekbossynova
I love Khloe and Kourtney, they’re just gorgeous
Noor Haroon
Noor Haroon Month ago
I miss Kourtney and Scott being together.
Ivanka Boldišová
I want that OREO jar please.
moonsun 문순
moonsun 문순 Month ago
I cant believe im as tall as Kourtney...tho
Hakan OZBILGIN Month ago
kim s impresssion
Kim El
Kim El Month ago
No entiendo inglés, putamdr
Katy Maquin
Katy Maquin Month ago
And to think that after Khloe lost weight she's been all about Kim's side every single time they 3 disagree and turn simple facts Kourtney says into huge uncalled for fights 🙄🙄 Fake and lame sis right there 🐸☕
Sahar Month ago
Appatently Chloé shed her loyalty to Kourtney together with her extra pounds.
iilunxo Month ago
iilunxo Month ago
Kim and journey always fight
Endah Psari
Endah Psari Month ago
Kim is the prettiest in the kardashians and kendall is the prettiest in the jenners 😍✌
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown Month ago
What's with libras and drama
Refat Ahmed
Refat Ahmed Month ago
I fucking hate Jonathan.
Maya B
Maya B Month ago
kim is such a whiny brat
Francisco Valdez
If they doesen't has that enormous ass they could fight better.
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