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Single phase electricity explained. In this video we learn electrical engineering basics by learning single phase meter wiring diagram. How electricity reaches our homes from the power station, transformer, transmission lines, distribution cables, service head and main fuse, electricity meter, main isolation switch, residual current device and circuit breaker. Electricity basics, how electricity works.
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Feb 19, 2019




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The Engineering Mindset
⚠️ *Found this video super useful?* Buy Paul a coffee to say thanks: ☕ PayPal: www.paypal.me/TheEngineerinMindset
Nikša Month ago
Since AC changes direction 120 times a second, isn't it more correct to call both current carrying wires phase, not either one of them is neutral or phase all the time, they switch roles 120 times per second.
Andrejs Kurmelovs
Andrejs Kurmelovs 4 months ago
does it make difference wich neutral busbar you choice to connect RCD ?
Chiluba Mumbi
Chiluba Mumbi 9 months ago
Nice one
Jérôme Röthlisberger
How does the electricity for a Train Locomotive work? Is it 3 Phases? If so How can there be only one cable, Why am i not electrocuted when i step on to the train tracks.
Charles Subaskar
Hi...ur videos are awesome. Learnt a lot abt HVAC. Plz do a video on packaged a/c unit as well if u can. Many thanks.
Алихан Насипкалиев
You are the best, Thank you so much
dilip ram
dilip ram 4 days ago
Nice video sir
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 5 days ago
Wow... can I please say thankyou so much for explaining this in such amazing detail. So easy to follow and understand. I'm 37, I've been an instrumentation designer for years working mainly on 24vdc and I've rarely ever grasped electrical stuff... this is amazingly simple when explained by brilliant teachers like yourself.
Music LK
Music LK 5 days ago
Thanks Sir
Nang Ks8
Nang Ks8 6 days ago
You are so great !!
Evon Brockett
Evon Brockett 6 days ago
Thank so much
na chatana
na chatana 10 days ago
Very good video but from my point of view you should add main MCB after the main switch, for example 63A or something smaller from the electricity meter FUSE to protect it and don't have to replace it in case of over-current
Lesibana Hope Kolobe
Hi Paul, I'm from South Africa, I don't know if what I am going to say applies in your region. I'm only seeing one meter to indicate the consumer power consumption. So where do we place the meter for consumers when they buy electricity (one that has buttons, for inserting the token numbers. And again let's say one has got two houses in one yard, how do we branch the connection? Does it comes from main switch to the other house or from the mcbs? Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
ed melon
ed melon 19 days ago
Great videos! The only thing I can’t understand is how this works as AC current. It makes sense if it was DC. Could someone please explain.
ed melon
ed melon 19 days ago
​@The Engineering Mindset Thanks for the reply. I have watched this but I’m still unsure does the current flow the opposite way to this videos diagram as well then? Meaning from the transformer through the neutral (blue wire) then returning on the live (brown wire) then back the other way. (Obviously doing this at 50Hz a second) Cheers.
The Engineering Mindset
I recommend this video: ruvid.net/video/video-mc979OhitAg.html
LuLeBe 25 days ago
So, neutral is equal to ground, phase has a different potential (varies depending on where in the AC cycle we are, something like +230 or -230V or so I guess). But I can plug in my appliances both ways into the socket. So basically, as soon as we reach the socket, it doesn't matter at all which one is neutral and which is phase, right? Let's say I'm building a lamp that has a cable going to the plug socket and a switch built into its housing. It doesn't matter which of the two leads I switch because any of them can be neutral or phase anyways, depending on how I plug it in. Is that correct?
podsey24 Month ago
Super video bud one small thing tho Australia’s 3phase colours are red white blue not brown black grey trivial really tho keep up the good work 🙌🙌
William Matthews
excellent video - great use of animation!
Great video!
jahanzaib safdar
Thanks Stay blessed.... May God showers his blessing not only 2 u but 2 ur family and loved 1's
movoye mickele
movoye mickele Month ago
I've been looking for how does fuse work and circuit short video in this channel but didn't see one
Todd Lininger
Todd Lininger Month ago
have you made the North America version of Single Phase Electricity yet?
Epic Squirrel
Epic Squirrel Month ago
Amazing video!! Keep doing this!!
subzero Month ago
Thank you my friend, I've been watching your videos and it's all coming back to me now
subzero Month ago
Any vewiers here that are qualified electricians that need a refresher like myself ? I've been away for 11 years too long in another game where the moneys dropped and now electrician wages are booming.
Bruno Alexandre
Bruno Alexandre Month ago
Don't say it's more "convenient"... if it's to learn, explain that in lower voltages, in long distances the loss is to high, we need to elevate the voltage in order not to lose that much voltage after x miles/km ... :)
Joe Dukes
Joe Dukes Month ago
Bruno Alexandre also higher voltage means lower current which allows for the use of smaller/lighter cables which translates to lower cost.
Panos Month ago
6:30 The MCB trips to protect the line's cables, not to protect itself!
Vel Kan
Vel Kan Month ago
Is RCD circuit breakers in just other country terms ?
Vel Kan
Vel Kan Month ago
I’m in apex rn for electrical. You helped me understand everything better thanks so much ! Keep it up it’s appreciated
Rachid Azarkan
Rachid Azarkan Month ago
Todd Renshaw
Todd Renshaw Month ago
Incredibly well thought out video though in the uk we no longer earth gas pipes to prevent a fault causing a fire.
TheSuperFlyo Month ago
Engineer here, your videos are absolutly fantastic!
Enzo Perruccio
Enzo Perruccio 2 months ago
Ground and neutral wire? South America: "We don't do that's here" If you don't get the joke it's simple: here in South America nobody gives a shit about how they connect ac wires. It's just a mess really, because no matter the color, you'll never know which wire Is going to bite you lol. Heck, I think many light switches in my house are actually switching the neutral wire.
macronencer 2 months ago
Superb, clear explanations. Thank you! Just one query... it's "sheath", surely, not "sheaf"? A sheaf is a stack of corn. Or is this an industry-specific term?
Jovet Month ago
"Sheaf" is a new one to me. Never even heard the word before. Here in the States we'd call that a Sheath. But maybe the terminology is a bit different across the pond. Kerb/curb, Tyre/tire, etc.
khmer boxing
khmer boxing 2 months ago
I like this video.
Aaron Agnew-Griffith
Great video. Im in the UK so found this very helpful. Could you do something like this but include how the up and coming trend of solar or off grid feed ins and how they are /could be wired into a home set up. Maybe include how to switch off the main feed from national grid, so only on off grid. Thanks
Mircea Month ago
Connect the solar inverter to the main grid switch input , put another switch on the grid lines before the preexisting main grid switch.
trinescape 2 months ago
wow that was great ! many thanks for posting
Durahl 2 months ago
And here's my Million EUR Question I still kind of can't wrap my head around but silently accept... Electricity comes from the Live Cable, goes through the Consumer ( Light Bulb, Blender, TV, etc... ) and leaves via the Neutral Cable - The Consumer creates a connection between the two, right? @06:45 What is the difference between a Consumer creating such a connection and me doing one by accidentally shorting the L & N Cables?
Nitrobenzene 2 months ago
Resistance and amperage. In the case of a short circuit, the current exceeds the normal values, such if a TV or light bulb would be connected. The breaker pops to prevent a fire or other trouble. They usually trip at around 16A, but then again, if you short circuit L to N, there is a path with much lesser resistance than the resistance through a TV or a light bulb, thus creating a much higher current draw, causing the breaker's rated current to exceed.
Rel Kolaj
Rel Kolaj 2 months ago
Now I am in electrican course and this helped me a lot.God bless you for your amazing work.
Casanova 2 months ago
This channel is by far the best
नेपाली मन
Paulo Farias
Paulo Farias 2 months ago
In Brazil we have 127V and 220V
Anthony Melidy
Anthony Melidy 2 months ago
If someone moves (brings small appliances) from Greece to North America and decides to install a Greek 220V outlet in the kitchen (were 2 phase already exists) or put in new wiring, one would connect the red and black to the 2 holes in the Greek socket. I know this works for some appliances. Is it safe? I watched the single phase video and do not know if the ground connections should be left open or connected to the white wire or something else. Searching the internet I have found that it is wrong to assume that houses in Greece were connected in a standard way. Because the white wire and ground wire in North America are 120V from either the red or black, will connecting either the neutral or ground help or make things worse. The videos (2 phase) show that the appliance itself does not rely on the ground for operation. It is a safety consideration should a wire come loose or component fail in the appliance. I never lived in Greece so I was never able to take a multi-meter out and test for myself.
sing along karaoke
sing along karaoke 2 months ago
@The Engineering Mindset it true that if a home is located feather way from the transformer would get weaker electricity or there would be no different? (in a shared transformer a for a group of homes)
Marco 2 months ago
“Touch the brown wire and you’ll shit yourself” best way to remember active wire in Australia.
HENRY BARTLETT 2 months ago
Excellent as usual.
Armstrong Sunday
Armstrong Sunday 2 months ago
Great videos you make. Was wondering if you could give illustration on proper grounding of an off grid inverter system for both the dc input and AC output grounding.
Main switch > RCD > MCB . I have this setup at home, but I can't understand what's the use of the MCB other than separating the circuits? The RCD will trip anyway.
@Robroscob Thank youu
Robroscob 3 days ago
The MCB trips if you draw too much current - for example my 15 amp arc welder on a my 10amp circuit (Australia) will eventually trip the MCB when the wiring gets hot (trying to draw more than 10amps). The RCD detects imbalance of current ie;leakage. My RCD never trips if i am welding. Sort of like putting a portable power board extension lead and connecting your tv, the stereo, the washer, the toaster and then turn them all on. You 'might' blow the MCB but not the RCD.
Laurent Bigonville
Laurent Bigonville 3 months ago
In (part of) Brussels we have 3x230V without a neutral wire. So each circuit has a double MCB (to cut the two phases) and obviously no common neutral bar
Amor Benhamida
Amor Benhamida 3 months ago
LOYISO VICTORY 3 months ago
man you're too good, salute!
Dmitriy Kozmin
Dmitriy Kozmin 3 months ago
very well explained except for the earthing part
Levi Nataa
Levi Nataa 3 months ago
Useful. Thanks
lohphat 3 months ago
A "sheaf" is a bundle of long items tied together, a "sheath" is a protective outer covering.
Ajay kumar Kodipelli
Your videos are awesome easy to understand... Can you explain how bulb lights for single phase electricity... You explained it for 3phase I understood.
Blaze WhiteHorseRider
Although this might take so many works to put diagrams and animation together, it is so simple a class can dismiss in just 10 minutes.
Jonas Hasselqvist
Jonas Hasselqvist 3 months ago
Watts up
Practical Lab
Practical Lab 3 months ago
john hopkins
john hopkins 3 months ago
FWIW, it is very common practice (that I have discovered), in Poland, where "Earth Ground" is connected to Neutral (commonly at the electrical outlet, "Earth Ground" is the protruding Pin on the outlet, L1 (brown) is left of the pin, N (blue) is to the right)... have also come across a weak (tingle) 110VAC between N and heater pipes... TV/internet cable Shielding and PC housings and city central heating pipes... yikes!
Alejandro OG
Alejandro OG 3 months ago
SUPERGOOD VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf 4 months ago
Great Video, that helps me a lot to understand the electric.
GASTRVER JITTO 4 months ago
this is way more informative that any other how to videos out there, thanks for sharing
Md Mushfiqur Rahman
Md Mushfiqur Rahman 4 months ago
You are SIMPLY the BEST. Simply.
Anthony Fouracre
Anthony Fouracre 4 months ago
Australia is 240v ac your video shows wrong
The Engineering Mindset
Nope, you're wrong. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS/NZS_3112
X man
X man 4 months ago
I love your video.....
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