Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?
Check out the rules for this challenge here:
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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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Feb 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Trinity Priddy
Trinity Priddy 9 hours ago
You have seven kids but only five certificates on the wall
Emma Weiser
Emma Weiser 15 hours ago
So can you have triplets in the sims 4 gane
Ian Lesko
Ian Lesko 2 days ago
Your doing good so far:)
Paisley MacKinnon
is it me or is she saying kelsey not chelse
Santanna Miles
Santanna Miles 3 days ago
I don't understand why she said she was the best mom when she called her the worst mom
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 5 days ago
If you love the season fall then name a baby fal!
Lily’s Sims
Lily’s Sims 5 days ago
If anyone needs to communicate and is around the age 11 plz comment your number cuz your girl be suffering with loneliness over here. Btw I'm 11.
Lily’s Sims
Lily’s Sims 5 days ago
I love how Olive has to go to work and Chelsey doesn't do any writing at all and Kelsey complains when the kids age up and she has no money at all.
Lily’s Sims
Lily’s Sims 5 days ago
It can't be just me that has realised that Kelsey only calls Chesley Chelsey when something bad has happend or Chelsey is in labour. Like what! Anyway who is watching this series all over again in quarentine because they are bored. Like me right now.
StarScrapper 5 days ago
StarScrapper 5 days ago
Lily,Max,Alina,Marie,Hanna,Ben,Leon,Markus,Tom,Finn,Lina, Kasten
Zeta Lord
Zeta Lord 6 days ago
Have you ever played TheSims? It's the first sims... I have it on PlayStation 2... I also have TheSims 3 in PlayStation 3... :)
Katie Gray
Katie Gray 6 days ago
I play sims 4 on my brothers PS4 and it’s really laggy and my brother is always playing Fortnite so I just watch you videos to cheer me up😊😊😊
Katie Gray
Katie Gray 6 days ago
The amount of time that it takes for your sim to do what you want is crazy!
Amy Louise Davis
Amy Louise Davis 8 days ago
did anyone see her Kelsey face when her father did not want to hug her XD
Kristin Owen
Kristin Owen 8 days ago
Awww I want to cry
Kristin Owen
Kristin Owen 8 days ago
Awww I miss olive
-Jesse Hope-
-Jesse Hope- 9 days ago
The average episode tea: Brielle is making a mess, Olive is being responsible, Kelsey is talking about how hot Olive is, Kelsey is sad because Olive is mean, Miles is being AWESOME, and Chelsea is sleep deprived.
Amelia Thy Great
Amelia Thy Great 4 days ago
-Jesse Hope- and Renee and Alexis are just forgotte
Mia Perez-Garcia
Mia Perez-Garcia 10 days ago
so0kiesook 10 days ago
Serenity put that name please
Marcie Murphy
Marcie Murphy 12 days ago
Anthony Hunter
Anthony Hunter 12 days ago
I took care of my sister when I was only 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Kate Troy
Kate Troy 12 days ago
Wtf happened to Nancy Landgraff??!
Shyanne Bramwell
Shyanne Bramwell 13 days ago
I am so sad that olive had to leave
Tracy Jamison
Tracy Jamison 14 days ago
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn 15 days ago
arismary tejada
arismary tejada 15 days ago
she sang he song lollll 17:01
ash mitchell
ash mitchell 16 days ago
One of the names should be Nylah my name that's good I'm a good girl
Kinley Rayne
Kinley Rayne 16 days ago
Robert Beavan
Robert Beavan 16 days ago
Maddi HOSE
Maddi HOSE 16 days ago
Her face thou when Olives father rejected the hug from olive
Erica Pridemore
Erica Pridemore 17 days ago
Erica Pridemore
Erica Pridemore 18 days ago
Sarah Blackman
Sarah Blackman 18 days ago
I cried when olive left and was so cute and lite when she was born plz visit her I beg you some time plllllzzzzzzzz
Pixie Chic
Pixie Chic 18 days ago
Sarah Blackman what’s lite do you mean lit cause lit is not that much of a word😂
Agillity hundarna
Agillity hundarna 18 days ago
Wait dont you yell at her? Hello yell at her.😂
Margaret Barrett
Margaret Barrett 19 days ago
How many gasps you get when your father rejects your hug ↓
Emma Louise
Emma Louise 20 days ago
Cara Chaney
Cara Chaney 20 days ago
Cara Chaney
Cara Chaney 20 days ago
I was like I'm part one damn girl,you work fast...😂
Maidei Zivengwa
Maidei Zivengwa 21 day ago
If you have a if you ever have a girl in part seven name her Emma I Love 💓 you
Kee Leichtle
Kee Leichtle 21 day ago
Kelsey/Chelsea:So this thing happened to me involving a frog that was very large and then this bear came along but the bear was frog sized...and then a T-Rex... Me:What about the T-Rex?! 😂 Cliffhanger! 😂
Paige Anderson
Paige Anderson 21 day ago
1 it is a brother
Tracy Walker
Tracy Walker 21 day ago
How do get some on tablet
Tracy Walker
Tracy Walker 21 day ago
I mean sim
DIY Slime
DIY Slime 21 day ago
Olivia does stuff
Olivia does stuff 22 days ago
Olivia does stuff
Olivia does stuff 22 days ago
Hola Ally
Hola Ally 22 days ago
If Jamie and Brielle weren’t siblings I would ship them....
Prynce Alexander Heriquez Jerez
it most be hard
Kiitu Zawanda
Kiitu Zawanda 23 days ago
you need to make someone clean the potty coz girl that potty do be stinkin
Jon Mars
Jon Mars 24 days ago
I have some new names for the babies. Emily Emma Kendall John n Lary Victor and Amanda
yeimy Rodriguez
yeimy Rodriguez 24 days ago
Well be happy and you can visit and all of them
yeimy Rodriguez
yeimy Rodriguez 24 days ago
Kelsey you are sad by when all your kids grow up they're still going to have more kids
yeimy Rodriguez
yeimy Rodriguez 24 days ago
You should put a playground in the backyard
Baby gurl mari Periodtt
How can you get sims 4 bc it don't work on my phone
Amelia Thy Great
Amelia Thy Great 4 days ago
Baby gurl mari Periodtt you can get it on pc and some consoles
piper rakell
piper rakell 25 days ago
I wanna know if olive has kids
Josi J
Josi J 25 days ago
Chloe Roblox Gamer
Chloe Roblox Gamer 26 days ago
The Trios
The Trios 26 days ago
omg the ending was so sad when they had the olive flashbacks aw i watched this from day one
Pukka Yt
Pukka Yt 26 days ago
Craig Carter
Craig Carter 27 days ago
How many do you have to Have left
tommy poodle
tommy poodle 27 days ago
is anyone else binjing this in quarantine
Addie K
Addie K 27 days ago
Idk why I literally laugh the whole episode
Olufunbi 27 days ago
Kim Mingyu from seventeen!!!!!
Kinley Thomas
Kinley Thomas 28 days ago
Girl name Eclipse boy name Criss
Paige Anderson
Paige Anderson 28 days ago
Anna is a good girl name or Paige
Karen Duncan
Karen Duncan 28 days ago
a name Lily
Rakesh Dash
Rakesh Dash 28 days ago
What game is this I know it is Sims but what kind of sims like Sims four?
Rakesh Dash
Rakesh Dash 28 days ago
naura kyung
naura kyung 28 days ago
kim mingyu? seventeen?:v
Ashley Yost
Ashley Yost 29 days ago
So I'm also trying to do the 100 baby challenge and I have no idea how to move out my first child.. I only have 3,703 sim money and I'm on the PC and have no idea how to move my young adult out
Tanisha Hodges
Tanisha Hodges 29 days ago
Tanisha Hodges
Tanisha Hodges 29 days ago
Emmy Swisher
Emmy Swisher 29 days ago
Im rewarching this searies and i frogot how nad jamie is omg
•Gacha_Naiame Studios•
Me: *Has a child limit of 2-3 in the house at a time* Chelsea: *Has 6 children in the house and struggles to barely take after herself* Me: *Is watching for entertainment while also having a panic attack because of the chaos*
Becky Boone
Becky Boone 29 days ago
Can you do one with cat Noir and ladybug
Ally GLOGOLIA 29 days ago
Phebe P
Phebe P Month ago
8 kids? My mom had 9 and in real life 😂😂😂
Treble Games
Treble Games Month ago
Someone get the poor girl some cc
Army San
Army San Month ago
Kim mingyu..... Let's go seventeen!!! Where my fellow carats at?
Charley Mok
Charley Mok Month ago
My name is Charley I’m a girl
Katia Cain
Katia Cain Month ago
I like how she makes all of her kids do the best paying job
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