Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?
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9 фев 2019

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Комментарии 14 457
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau 3 минуты назад
Alexis wasn’t named after me but she does look like me 😂
Clara's Cute DIY's
Clara's Cute DIY's 9 минут назад
You need a table!
Briaja Smith
Briaja Smith Час назад
I was so emotional when Olive left OH MY GOSH :((((
Angee Час назад
Can you upgrade your house
Shannon Connell
Shannon Connell 2 часа назад
why is a birth certificate missing
ram dayal
ram dayal 4 часа назад
What's the name game
Nadia Webb
Nadia Webb 5 часов назад
So fun to watch but at the same time this gives me sooo much anxiety 😵😵😵🤣
Dawn Hunt
Dawn Hunt 5 часов назад
Kendra should be one of your baby name
tomato squirt
tomato squirt 6 часов назад
Kim Mingyu was featured. HOLA CARATS!!!!
Mariahc357 6 часов назад
I'm also doing the 100 baby challenge but on ps4. If anybody wants to subscribe and check it out I post every day thanks. 💕
Nuzhar Nur
Nuzhar Nur 8 часов назад
12:47 Why is there a child outside?
Randa Hart
Randa Hart 10 часов назад
Oh my god
Cassie D
Cassie D 10 часов назад
If I may, I think that you should put all the kids that move out into the same house. And when you run out of room do it with a different house.
Coco Lighter
Coco Lighter 10 часов назад
She’s so talented, Kelsey I mean.
daiukuun 15 часов назад
Brielle looks great! But also so sad Olive is leaving 😭
Lana Michael
Lana Michael 17 часов назад
move olive to a house next-door. move the older kids with her so you have more room... idk how the sims works soo
Stephanie Harris
Stephanie Harris 17 часов назад
Alexander Palacio
Alexander Palacio 18 часов назад
I frickin love when she makes an impression of olive 😂
Garfield 360
Garfield 360 18 часов назад
i like the romance music comes on
J.L.G Nation
J.L.G Nation 20 часов назад
did anyone notice she said Alexa and not Alexis lol
Amairany B
Amairany B 20 часов назад
A girls name could be Amairany...just like me
Norma Cardoso
Norma Cardoso 20 часов назад
Wanda From Wakanda
Wanda From Wakanda 20 часов назад
Me: Thought I was finally over the ending of Infinity War 10:15 Also me: *_I T S T I L L H U R T S_*
Marikelly De Paula
Marikelly De Paula 21 час назад
The name for a girl or boy is cupcake or gacup
Carly Hogan
Carly Hogan 21 час назад
misswinters10 22 часа назад
I am confused on how to play this game and start playing and everything. Help?
Leyla T
Leyla T 22 часа назад
Omg can I be Mingyus daughter (never thought I’d ever say that :/)
Adriana Haley
Adriana Haley 23 часа назад
name your baby paisley or penelope!
TheSkatingPenguin День назад
Can you name your next girl Kinsley?
jellyfish princess
jellyfish princess День назад
No lie i choked on my cereal when u laughed about miles being left in the street.. 😂💀
Ariana Butera
Ariana Butera День назад
Name one Ariana
JACKIE ! День назад
i think oliver need a boyfriend
Roblox Bloxburg Builder
Roblox Bloxburg Builder День назад
Her Face When Olive's Father Rejected Her 32:49
Randy Morehouse
Randy Morehouse День назад
Olive should have a baby!
Jolie Arroyo
Jolie Arroyo День назад
Soul taker 213
Soul taker 213 День назад
Try lizzy as a name please
Hoseong Ryu
Hoseong Ryu День назад
I am Korean and I watch k pop
Noella Wu
Noella Wu День назад
Marcus might be the worst dad ever but atleast he show up during Olive's birthday. Other kid's dad didn't show up during their birthday.
Alexis Coons
Alexis Coons День назад
my name is alexis and that looks like me
infamoushero День назад
The stephosims fans are annoying but they’re bolstering views for this series so in the end kelsey wins
Cecilia Ignatius
Cecilia Ignatius День назад
The sim that’s supposed to be Mingyu from Seventeen looks more like Jay Park imo lmao
Hayley Gilmore
Hayley Gilmore День назад
You should get the teens to get boyfriends/girlfriends and when they are a young adult they can move in with there partner
LittleLotteWanders День назад
I need to go to bed but I can't stop watching 😂😂😂
Temitope Johnson
Temitope Johnson День назад
superherofan#1 День назад
I love ❤️ your video games and voice!!
Fianna Gran
Fianna Gran День назад
I've been binge watching this all in one day. (Sort of two since now it's one in the morning) It's so odd to remember when Olive was just a baby, and it was less chaotic. I'm sick and I'm sleep deprived and I'm really stressed, but I'm better now that I watched this
Know Dome
Know Dome День назад
Official English captions, please? OvO)
Hailey Wright-Salinas
Hailey Wright-Salinas День назад
How did u just move her out? I tried but one it made her disappear and I can’t play her when I clicked create new household when splitting and I don’t want to add her to a whole other household just her own like you did. Anyone help?
Theodore Roe
Theodore Roe День назад
Olive became a strong Black Woman. LMAO
Seldy Vasquez
Seldy Vasquez День назад
Seldy Vasquez
Seldy Vasquez День назад
amarie asay
amarie asay День назад
ur baby should be name amarie its my name its a cut name
amarie asay
amarie asay День назад
u would be a grate mom
Lillian Ricci
Lillian Ricci День назад
kasey carlson
kasey carlson День назад
you need to buy a kitchen table!
Braybray’s Lifestyle
Braybray’s Lifestyle День назад
Girl should be sosha boy should be shaun
LemmingYellow 2 дня назад
I wonder when she'll buy a kitchen table like she thought about in, like, episode 3.
Tah Sin
Tah Sin 2 дня назад
damn i did not thought that i'll ever say ill miss a sim character olive!
Amber Said Bombshell
Amber Said Bombshell 2 дня назад
SUP BRO 2 дня назад
Only reason I watch the series is you.
BobDaUnicorn_ 3
BobDaUnicorn_ 3 2 дня назад
Baby names: Amelia, Amber, Cecelia, Olivia, and Leah
Taya Seloria
Taya Seloria 2 дня назад
Still no dinner table? Hahaha
Jill Bean
Jill Bean 2 дня назад
Pls! Gigi
Koda Shanice
Koda Shanice 2 дня назад
I feel Olives dad troubles on a personal level 🤣🤣🤷🤷
Viviana Valladares
Viviana Valladares 2 дня назад
i watch this like it's an actual t.v show
Annaliese Bloom
Annaliese Bloom 2 дня назад
When I take my Saturday night showers, I watch this afterwards. So that no one bothers me.....
Jalyn Chadwick
Jalyn Chadwick 2 дня назад
Charlie is my dogs name and the dog that is my account photo
Tracy Dart
Tracy Dart 2 дня назад
Hey can u name a baby either Sophie or Charlotte
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 2 дня назад
What expansion packs what is Kelsey using to play this I know one of them is city living because of the lot traits what are the other ones
Karaigan Jendro
Karaigan Jendro 2 дня назад
#Whydoudothistotheoldestbabygurl #DEMONCHILD #toomanychildren #diduseethatchildFistfightitwaslikePOW
F dL
F dL 2 дня назад
Avengers flashbacks hahaha!
shannongaming9 2 дня назад
You should put the beds like this to save room in the room: 🛌 🛌 🛌 🛌 🛌
shannongaming9 2 дня назад
You should have gave Olive the job of babysitting so she could've taken care of the children.
maddie court
maddie court 2 дня назад
Do it in 24 hours coward's
Gacha Gang
Gacha Gang 2 дня назад
Gacha Gang
Gacha Gang 2 дня назад
Miles is the only one that’s not making messes
Mingyu's Wife
Mingyu's Wife 2 дня назад
Oh my garddddd,what is my husband doing there?!? 😂😂😂
Yasuko Kimura
Yasuko Kimura 2 дня назад
get a pet kitten or cat
Sophia Pillay
Sophia Pillay 2 дня назад
Is anyone trying this challenge
ANH Vlogs
ANH Vlogs 2 дня назад
You know, when someone does the challenge wrong, and cheats their way to finish it. Goes on and proceeds to send people to comment "Do it in 24 hours, coward" Maybe when you do the challenge the right way you can have room to talk :) Joke or not, its not an excuse. There's seriously so many "do it in 24 hours, coward" comments that it is seriously ridiculous.
That One girl
That One girl 2 дня назад
Mingyu rejected her cause he likes Wonwoo 😂😂😂
MY LIFE AS PAHUL 2 дня назад
Please name someone pahul it would mean a lot to me
baby king
baby king 2 дня назад
Are you still single
Rara 2 дня назад
all these people spamming "dO It iN 24 HoURs" weren't raised correctly and it shows
nicole alejandra
nicole alejandra 2 дня назад
i lost it when she mentioned mingyu omg shdhjsk
Laura Presa
Laura Presa 2 дня назад
Awww I didn’t want olive to be mean
666LunarWolf999 2 дня назад
I’m not the one that named Alexis but that’s my middle name and I look almost exactly like that
DJinn 2 дня назад
ruvid.net/video/видео-u0dmIhw0dEU.html check out Djinn Gaming Logo Launch
hamza moktar _
hamza moktar _ 2 дня назад
hamza moktar _
hamza moktar _ 2 дня назад
Do episode 8
Matthew 2400000
Matthew 2400000 2 дня назад
What happens when Kelsey isn’t single? 🤔
LayaP xoxo3
LayaP xoxo3 2 дня назад
@ 24:19 it kinda sound like the sim is saying “hey, what’s up?” too. Is that just me?
Paige Ayre
Paige Ayre 2 дня назад
Can you please make your next girl Paige
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 2 дня назад
I like Evelyn or Quinn for a girl! My son's names are Corbin and Patrick those are good too. :)
The Figure Skater
The Figure Skater 2 дня назад
She referred to herself like 20 times... Is the mistake count not going anymore?
Tracy Dart
Tracy Dart 2 дня назад
Hey can you do Sophie as a baby name
Kewel Jewel
Kewel Jewel 2 дня назад
CherryyRicee 3 дня назад
Someone should of sent over Namjoon or Seokjin as daddies because they both already take care of the other 5 😂😂
Kewel Jewel
Kewel Jewel 3 дня назад
Sylvia Frida
Sylvia Frida 3 дня назад
Ooooh, I was so sad when Olive moved out :( I hope Charlie is as good as she was
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