Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?
Check out the rules for this challenge here:
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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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Feb 9, 2019

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Comments 15 247
Maddie Persichetti
Maddie Persichetti 4 hours ago
32.50 I laughed at Kelsey’s reactions for 20 minutes every time I watch it, I literally screen recorded it and have watched it probably 10 times and I die laughing every time
Anne Pape
Anne Pape 11 hours ago
Has a lot a money, but doesn't have a bigger kids room, given Olive her own room, and hasn't got a dining room table yet
Sam Womack
Sam Womack 15 hours ago
"I have just only responsible children" Keeps yelling at kids for making messes
Anna Leahy
Anna Leahy 15 hours ago
hey Kelsey if you can reply to this that would be so great- please can you tell me what type of sims 4 you use? I've literally seen so many different types and I'm so confused :)
Tommy Ramswell
I amso proud of olive 😭
Emma Thurman
Emma Thurman Day ago
Twin girl names Hermione and Luna
David Mathews
David Mathews 2 days ago
You could get olive a boyfriend
Isabella Gonzaga
Isabella Gonzaga 4 days ago
I kinda wish she named him River. haha
Roslyn Missy
Roslyn Missy 4 days ago
Your not Chelsey
Beth T
Beth T 5 days ago
Sims need to allow bunk beds, just for this reason.
Kim Taehyung For life Sister
Kim mingyu I died
Alexa Ryan
Alexa Ryan 7 days ago
Anyone watching this after Chelsea is DEAD!
Alexa Ryan
Alexa Ryan 3 days ago
@Kendall Hearts so sadddddd
Kendall Hearts
Kendall Hearts 3 days ago
Lilly Critelli
Lilly Critelli 8 days ago
How else’s favorite is Brielle and Olive
skz_ yari
skz_ yari 8 days ago
Skskskskk mingyu from svt
alyssa daire
alyssa daire 8 days ago
Currently doing my own 100 baby challenge . Inspiring 😂💙
Greg Monson
Greg Monson 8 days ago
Girls: Emmy Boys: Eli
Milliah Cabrera
Milliah Cabrera 8 days ago
your dimen cileb did air kiss
Victoria Crudup
Victoria Crudup 8 days ago
I seriously love this series so much
Roelinka Bek
Roelinka Bek 8 days ago
You really need more bathrooms
Emalyn Ha
Emalyn Ha 10 days ago
Wow good job I can’t help 1 children lol 😂
J K 10 days ago
Who thought at the end of the last episode thought Kelsey was a sim ? 👇🏾
iAesthetic• Bunnyi
Kelsey: She's uncomfortable, but I don't really care. Also Kelsey: I'm a good mom. Me: 😐
iAesthetic• Bunnyi
I feel like Alexis is the most neglected child ever 😂
Amber Smart
Amber Smart 11 days ago
My mom is called kim
Daisy Mcp
Daisy Mcp 11 days ago
I think you should call a child daisy 😂
Ryan Cabasag
Ryan Cabasag 12 days ago
She need a wedding
Eanna Armonio
Eanna Armonio 12 days ago
awww your tears are kinda coming out
Bonnie Hampel
Bonnie Hampel 13 days ago
rewatching since Kasey is the new matriarch
val nicole
val nicole 11 days ago
Vrylxx_ YEET
Vrylxx_ YEET 13 days ago
It made me cry when sweet baby Olive was moving out
Vrylxx_ YEET
Vrylxx_ YEET 13 days ago
Olive and Brielle twinning
Vrylxx_ YEET
Vrylxx_ YEET 13 days ago
Trashes helps you get luck. Learning this now.
Vrylxx_ YEET
Vrylxx_ YEET 13 days ago
At 22:47 I was eating dinner so it made me very uncomfortable
Jennifer Cain
Jennifer Cain 13 days ago
Lucia Welch
Lucia Welch 13 days ago
Chris Shows
Chris Shows 14 days ago
I used t9 watch these every week and I stopped fo4 a while and now I have to catch up a lot
Emily Poirier
Emily Poirier 14 days ago
Did anyone else she her digging for gold in her nose?
Jennifer Hautz
Jennifer Hautz 14 days ago
dOt dOt
dOt dOt 14 days ago
32:11 anyone else who saw it?😂😂😂
Someone 15 days ago
Chelsea Wicker
Chelsea Wicker 15 days ago
Get the sim mobel🎂
Alexis Edwards
Alexis Edwards 15 days ago
My name is Alexis and she kinda looks like me
kerr Morton
kerr Morton 15 days ago
Wow I love your video's
Helen Heaney
Helen Heaney 15 days ago
Get a table
Mia Lucock
Mia Lucock 15 days ago
Why about Natasha for a girl or Luke for a boy?
Riley the Riolu
Riley the Riolu 16 days ago
OML XD my laptop had a pop up for that game of thrones browser game while this video was playing and i honestly thought Kelsey had the music in the video
Sarah R.
Sarah R. 16 days ago
...missed opportunity, not doing those school projects.
Rhi Rhi
Rhi Rhi 17 days ago
Kelsey: Olive is so sweet cooking for her mum Olive: *spits in the food*
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