Single Girl Picks A Fan's Home For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 33

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 33! It’s time for Kasey to spread her wings and moved into a new home with her growing family. Kelsey reviews the fan made houses built for Kasey and says goodbye to Chelsea’s home.
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 6 578
lily faith
lily faith Day ago
I wanted the house you picked so bad thanks for picking it who ever built it was great I love the new house
Mirra Miles
Mirra Miles 2 days ago
Imagine one episode she says I’m not single we would freak the heck out!
Joanne Murdoch
Joanne Murdoch 2 days ago
For twins girls maby Kiara and kelly And for twin boys mason and jason
Joanne Murdoch
Joanne Murdoch 2 days ago
I like thier style of building i was wondering if anyone is happy to build a house for me you dont hqve to if you dont want to if you like building houses for people when your done if your doing it can you name it an4354 plz just to know its my house
Alivia Byrne
Alivia Byrne 4 days ago
How do you guys build these houses?!!? Man I can’t even figure out what to put in it
Odelia Kislyuk
Odelia Kislyuk 5 days ago
for a new baby name what about odelia for the girl and Nick for a boy
sunflower Gacha
sunflower Gacha 6 days ago
Kelsey: " its got a sauna!~" Me: *chokes on grilled cheese* Me: cAn YoU wOo-HoO iN a SaUnA!?!?!?!?
mandy o
mandy o 6 days ago
Arlene MacPherson
Kasey new modern house
Mackenzie Duncan
Mackenzie Duncan 8 days ago
Little did she know that soon sim pools would also scar her for life
Lucy Barlett
Lucy Barlett 8 days ago
Love it! Very unique
Hollie Peyrot
Hollie Peyrot 9 days ago
I am suuuuper behind but I was hoping you’d chose that one
Puffgum 9 days ago
I’m sorry, but you choose the one I liked least
Puffgum same I literally said “don’t pick that one please “
libby sharpe
libby sharpe 9 days ago
boy alfie and girl elle
libby sharpe
libby sharpe 9 days ago
nooooo the yellow chairs
Camisha Danielle
Camisha Danielle 10 days ago
Who else thought that she was going to pick the house in the thumbnail?
Elizabeth Weatherwax
Plsss name Girl - Lucy Boy - mich or mitchell
Foxymations 14 days ago
thats the house I liked the most! They were all really good though.
Britt van Waardenburg
I realy like Lizzy or Harley for a girl and Nick or Lucas for a boy. (Sorry if these names are already justed 😅)
Kayla Cassidy
Kayla Cassidy 15 days ago
For A. Grills. Name. Lilly. And. Sophie And viol. For the. Boys. Names. Jack. Jake Are
Mikayla Marie Bolilia
I personally would have chosen the Modern Baby Home... but you do you Kelsey!
Ravyn Hunsicker
Ravyn Hunsicker 16 days ago
Why did you say Jack and Jill alot?
Julie's wild book haven
The new home is beautiful built kelsey for kasey
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 17 days ago
Tbh i was about to comment my fave house then saw that you picked my fave! Just saying whoever built it and is reading this YOU DID A GREAT FREAKING JOB
Trini Pose
Trini Pose 17 days ago
its so funny.. the only house i did not like is the one she chose... no big deal but made me chuckle
Siarra Taylor
Siarra Taylor 17 days ago
Name a boy Mario and a girl Kamora
Siarra Taylor
Siarra Taylor 17 days ago
Name a boy Mario and a girl Kamora
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 17 days ago
i teal you sis :'(
EveeLuu 123
EveeLuu 123 18 days ago
I am happy that Kelsey chose a house that really shows how fun and happy she can be, I am glad she can chose without us complaining about it, let her choose freely without being on her back about it.
EveeLuu 123
EveeLuu 123 18 days ago
Let Kelsey be Kelsey
EveeLuu 123
EveeLuu 123 18 days ago
Girl: Eve, Evelynn. ( My name is Eve) Boy: Ryker, Maxx. (My brothers)
Samantha Newhams
Samantha Newhams 18 days ago
Omg these houses are amazing! Good job everyone!
Erin Green
Erin Green 19 days ago
Can sims break a bone
Erin Green
Erin Green 19 days ago
I loved the Galaxy bed and the sporty beds maybe you could switch it up I would like that but you probably won’t see this so it doesn’t matter
Jazkay Gunnulson
Jazkay Gunnulson 19 days ago
Luv New house
Jazkay Gunnulson
Jazkay Gunnulson 19 days ago
I also love house hunters
Dyuthi Anoop
Dyuthi Anoop 19 days ago
I’m planning on doing the 100 baby challenge on Sims 4 myself. What house would u recommend?
Emily Arnold Mages
Emily Arnold Mages 19 days ago
Hi I just want to say I love how Kelsey is so like,,, not gendering of the rooms, and like, also making sure she calls brooke (or is it blaire?) they??? I love Kelsey
Aniyah Butler
Aniyah Butler 20 days ago
I like thats the teal sis
Crystal Allen
Crystal Allen 20 days ago
girl=Kiley,Star and Moon,Coral,Rose,boy=Foxy,Malor,Pat,love your videos
Alexa Perez
Alexa Perez 20 days ago
can u name a baby after my name that would make my day pls kim
Alpha Dragon Wolf
Me: Kasey’s cloud nine dream home is MY dream home. I love it! Kelsey: I’m gonna go with Kasey’s cloud nine dream home. Me: 🥳
Eleonora DC
Eleonora DC 23 days ago
I LOVED the one house with it´s own orange and yellow bascetball court and a sauna and a swiming pool !
Felicia Salley
Felicia Salley 23 days ago
I know that this is not an episode for this type of comment but can you name a baby girl kaylan after my daughter and a boy major after my son
Carolyn Tolbert
Carolyn Tolbert 23 days ago
Kelsey: "put your stir down stay a while"
Carolyn Tolbert
Carolyn Tolbert 23 days ago
How do you get infinite money?
caitlin marie
caitlin marie 26 days ago
i like the simpler, calmer looking homes. they're not quite as exhausting on the eyes when watching these videos haha
caitlin marie
caitlin marie 26 days ago
these house videos make my eyes so tired... too much color hahaha
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh 29 days ago
I would make a good house good backyard and in the front The grate wall of china for the birth certificate
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh 29 days ago
I’m surprised no one is commenting about Kelsey:and this is... a baby heaven
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh 29 days ago
Girl:Olivia,Emily Boy:Jared Elliott Hayden Barrett (There are more boys Bc this is off my fam)
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh 29 days ago
I think Kasey is definitely a blue,purple,yellow girl Definitely
Bon Month ago
the Head baby quarters was for Chelsea 😂
misswinters10 Month ago
Please turn on CC for searching for the next 100 baby 50 baby celebration because mine says it includes it but it doesn't. Please!! Thank you so much!
Louvie Month ago
I absolutely adore the new house, it's cute, it's simple yet detailed, and I feel like it's going to be fun to see the children settle in ^^
Jessica Ervin
Jessica Ervin Month ago
u were in hallows eve
Maddie Lago
Maddie Lago Month ago
Maddie Lago
Maddie Lago Month ago
Mya Cypress
Mya Cypress Month ago
I cannot find the houses anywhere !!
Amberlynn Morris
I really loved Baby Factory Kasey Style, and Sunny Side Suburban! Those 2 you could definitely get the best use of space! And even could change the build a bit or use rooms for different things then how they were made to be! Like, the Baby Factory had so many extra rooms that could've been turned into something else for the kids or teens. But I love this series! I could seriously play Sims for hours and not get bored! Lol!
5mrswebster Month ago
Girl: Chloe. Boy:Luke
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