Single Girl Picks A Fan's Home For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 33

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 33! It’s time for Kasey to spread her wings and moved into a new home with her growing family. Kelsey reviews the fan made houses built for Kasey and says goodbye to Chelsea’s home.
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Kaelyn Emily
Kaelyn Emily 7 days ago
My favorite was probably the Modern Baby House at 17:42 or That's the Teal Sis at 22:26 and Kasey's Purple and Blue Home at 27:32
Summer Shoemark
Summer Shoemark 8 days ago
Omg she looked at mine
Dahlia Shuster - Class of 2026
The house was my pick i love it
maddie june
maddie june 9 days ago
im a teen mom and the hundred baby challenge keeps me sane😂😂😂😂😂😂
Natalie Didner
Natalie Didner 19 days ago
my mom loves house hunting shows to haha
Rebecca Snell
Rebecca Snell 21 day ago
Patricia de Kuiper
Patricia de Kuiper 23 days ago
Some names Leah Leona Lilly Harry James Draco Cho
Juriah Garner
Juriah Garner 24 days ago
Pick the yellow one
Max Bishop
Max Bishop 25 days ago
on god if she doesn't pick 19:48 im throwing hands
Emma Bidford
Emma Bidford 27 days ago
In the cloud 9 dream house there are NO yellow chairs !!!!😫🤨😕😮😠
lemon zest
lemon zest 27 days ago
Jodi Watts
Jodi Watts Month ago
Coen Litwak
Coen Litwak Month ago
You also hearted the first house so I wonder why you didn’t look at it
Coen Litwak
Coen Litwak Month ago
You never looked at the first house which seemed awesome
XxTheloser MoonstripesxX
Someone should build the hogwarts castle.In their POV of course
Lilly Harrison
Lilly Harrison Month ago
Kelsey: Wow! This pool is huge! (Also Kelsey): let's DIVE IN to the sunny-side suburban Pun intended
Hannah Torres
Hannah Torres Month ago
I'm pretty sure a 100 baby challenge house puts a new meaning to "I want a house with enough room go support my growing family" 😂
Azyef Month ago
I liked the first house the best, but the house Kelsey chose is awesome as well
The Trios
The Trios Month ago
she didnt take the cow plant!
Leni Emery
Leni Emery Month ago
dose anyone remember the og house
Madelyn Motes
Madelyn Motes Month ago
i was going to pick that home i love it
Talia Lozar
Talia Lozar Month ago
Before I watched this vid: I could make a cool home and she would probably choose it After I watched this: Ya these homes are cool af and I could NEVER do that! Lol!
Daisy Hinks
Daisy Hinks Month ago
Can you name your next baby Mia Kia Tia Layla Ayla Kayla if it's a girl. And if it's a boy can you name Max Kai Trinity Loid Amar Kairon
Helen Reid
Helen Reid Month ago
Don't you think kasy is just using Chelsea's hard work? Sorry about spelling I am dislexic
Piper Williams
Piper Williams Month ago
I have a I Ha how do I spell impeachsmay names boys first James Carter and twins Parker and now grils Sara and twins Christian and Kate and Allison.
Piper Williams
Piper Williams Month ago
I have some baby names for a boy Camden and a girl name Tracy Morgan and a boy Carson
Sydney Salant
Sydney Salant Month ago
I really liked the modern black and white one and the sunset yellow one. The one you chose was really good too though! (Just too much color for me)
Sydney Salant
Sydney Salant Month ago
I really thought that the sauna and new places were amazing though!
Dom AF
Dom AF Month ago
I woch all your shows
Djamila’s World
Djamila’s World 2 months ago
Haedyn Foster Claiborne
get a house that has some birth certificates so you can get the ones you didn't get or got stollen and keep extras just incase.
Swanee_ m-m
Swanee_ m-m 2 months ago
my favourite was sunnyside suburban
Nora’s Life
Nora’s Life 2 months ago
who’s binge watching during quarantine? also definitely the right choice
Chloe Thompson
Chloe Thompson Month ago
Yes...I am watching these so much that I don't know to do with my life lol
moto moto
moto moto 2 months ago
OH MY GOSH! SHE CHOSE MY HOUSE! THANK YOU KELSEY!! I’m sorry I didn’t included more baby friendly stuff! ILYYYY!
Miles46 2 months ago
I think she broke the rule about not changing the house traits. If you buy a new house you can select new traits if there isn't any already in place. But if it already has traits you are not allowed to change them. This is also several months after the video aired and I am really late to watching these lol. So im sure someone else already mentioned it several months of comments ago. :p
lucy cheesman
lucy cheesman 2 months ago
The next baby should me called.... LILY
lucy cheesman
lucy cheesman 2 months ago
This is fun
lucy cheesman
lucy cheesman 2 months ago
lucy cheesman
lucy cheesman 2 months ago
OMG yeah
FunWithAddison 123
FunWithAddison 123 2 months ago
I like that’s the teal sis. I love your vids so so much.
cool kids
cool kids 2 months ago
Omg omg omg omg she picked my houseeeeee!!!!!!! I'm crying I didn't think I did that good but she picked MY HOUSE IM CEYING IM LITERALLY SOBBING!!!!😀😭YAYYYY
ItsMeHadley Pie
ItsMeHadley Pie 2 months ago
I feel like Kelsey is a real mother by now
Kori Holdorff
Kori Holdorff 2 months ago
i luv your vids im literially addicted when i get my own computer im not going to do the 100 baby challlenge but im going to do the 200 BABY CHALLENGE. you should try it i would luv to see what you do in it also if you do it and have a baby girl can you name her after me (Kori, btw im a girl)
Bella Hegel
Bella Hegel 2 months ago
Omg I love sunny side suburban!
Ryan Decena
Ryan Decena 2 months ago
YELLOW CHAIRS! Every Kelsey said it, it make me laugh😂😂
maryam bulale
maryam bulale 2 months ago
i wanted her to have the modern one TT sooo sad
Diamond Rose
Diamond Rose 2 months ago
Yellow house. It's gorgeous.
m 2 months ago
I know I'm late but I like the idea of having the yellow chairs (or a bench) in an outside seating area by chelsea's grave
Stephanie Iredale
Stephanie Iredale 2 months ago
I like sunny side
Marley Washington
Marley Washington 2 months ago
I love the home but I really wish you have chosen the house that is fancy
Claudia Mirembe
Claudia Mirembe 2 months ago
I just want all the modern houses tbh and the colourful ones (irl). They're so beautiful!
Imani P
Imani P 2 months ago
I like this home! *says almost a year later* LOL!
hug annoy
hug annoy 2 months ago
I love the house she choose. Its so cute and perfect
Hayden Traylor
Hayden Traylor 2 months ago
There are 40 birth certifications
Angelica Antonakis
Angelica Antonakis 2 months ago
Can you name the baby Ella or if a boy Ryan
the G house
the G house 2 months ago
OMG I LOVE BABAY TOWN USA {all of you did soo well}
Aprhodite Legaspi
Aprhodite Legaspi 2 months ago
you forgot the dead COW
Megan Brooks
Megan Brooks 2 months ago
U know how u r missing like 3/4 birth certificates u should keep a few just so u have the correct amount edit: you already did that 🙄😂
Katie Hunter
Katie Hunter 2 months ago
All of the houses were amazing, but my absolute favorite was... That’s the teal sis
ryuukatamura 2 months ago
My favorite was the Cloud 9 dream home, I just love the color palette and how functional it is for your exact playstyle edit: i totally didn't expect that you would actually pick it! I typed the comment as soon as you showed it!
Chris Nutt
Chris Nutt 2 months ago
Baby names : Girl: Ellie,Amelia,Savanna,Sophie,Libby Boy:Joe,George,Max,Alfie,Ben
Nicole Castillo
Nicole Castillo 2 months ago
this is literally my favourite thing to watch! I've binged everything this quarantine lmao
Bonnie Hurwitz
Bonnie Hurwitz 2 months ago
Nice pick !!!
Samreet Bajwa
Samreet Bajwa 2 months ago
I love the house it was my fav from the beginning✨
Adriana Ruiz
Adriana Ruiz 2 months ago
I think you should do kaseys cloud 9 dream house
Addie Smith
Addie Smith 2 months ago
𝙼𝚢 𝚏𝚊𝚟 𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚒𝚜 “𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚕 𝚜𝚒𝚜“
kiley holland
kiley holland 2 months ago
I love the first modern and sunny side suburban
Katie Whitford
Katie Whitford 2 months ago
Why does she always choose the most chaotic homes? 😂😂 When the kids get too much don’t you want a nice calm home with more neutral colors instead of a rainbow? 😂😂
Katie Whitford
Katie Whitford 2 months ago
I LOVED baby town USA and the first GIANT modern home! Great job to whoever made them! 😊
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 2 months ago
you NEED to get a popcorn machine the kids can get food whenever and it doesn't expire
Madison Shackleford
Madison Shackleford 2 months ago
Ok so I just started the challenge how do you go into labor without hiring nanny services? I’m confused as heck and why is one twin not aged up while the other one is? She has all her skills!
Matt Dupree
Matt Dupree 2 months ago
can you name a girl kelsey and a boy matthew
Alayna Clouse
Alayna Clouse 2 months ago
My favorite house 2as was the really big one with the fancy bacenets
nobantu mzangwe
nobantu mzangwe 2 months ago
Also cloud 9 is nice
nobantu mzangwe
nobantu mzangwe 2 months ago
I like sunny side suburban
Linsey Murphy
Linsey Murphy 3 months ago
Yellow chair count 1000000,00000,0000,000,00,01
Cora Stuart
Cora Stuart 3 months ago
i love the new home
Cora Stuart
Cora Stuart 3 months ago
yes that should happen
alex 3 months ago
*baby name ideas i came up with on the spot* Lily Fiona Cain Carmen Lee Harley Cherry Eva Artemis Olivia Alex Ivy Jade Quinn Seychelle Maria Rayne Prince Skye Persia Violet Kim Axl Amethyst Hermione Ren
Clare Clavier
Clare Clavier 3 months ago
Baby name ideas: Clare, Kai, Quinn, Giovanni
Adriana Rosario
Adriana Rosario 3 months ago
name the girl NIKU AND THE boy Niko
Milana 3 months ago
I love That’s the teal sis home 😍 but this new home is so lovely 🥺❤️
Lynn Portis
Lynn Portis 3 months ago
Lynn Portis
Lynn Portis 3 months ago
Blue and purple house
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