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I drive around with Wayne Brady and Charlie Puth and they sing some songs :)
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Aug 24, 2019




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Comments 80
Yaro 6 hours ago
His skin is chocolate and so so dark his sitting in the front of the bus thank god for Rosa parks🤣
Drannel Channel
Drannel Channel 9 hours ago
Who else click beacause of Barney’s brother 🤜
Corgi Pop
Corgi Pop 15 hours ago
No one else thinks it's creepy that a 45 year old man hangs out with a group of 25 and under, all the time, every day? Nash is always the oldest in the bunch. I'm not an ageist, but I think he needs to find grown ups his own age to play with.
Asp3ct 15 hours ago
4:03 Jesus man, there’s a fucking 6 year old with her dad there. Shit parenting
Its Retrified
Its Retrified 15 hours ago
If this cant unite everyone i dont know what can.
Esmeralda Hernandez
Esmeralda Hernandez 16 hours ago
I've watched this so many times I've remembered all the "songs" they sang in this video.😂
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson Day ago
Dude this is soo funny 😂 lol Btw who is watching in this in 2020
Savanna Alkire
fuck i like the first song charlie puth and Wayne Brady sang hanging in a van with youtubers yall should write some music together omg my brother watches you like crazy and he is only 9 and now he curses every time he watches you he has to lol he says im David debris jr lol so sweet and cute
Savanna Alkire
Savanna Alkire 23 hours ago
What song did Charlie pith sing before the other song
Savanna Alkire
Savanna Alkire 23 hours ago
My brother calls himself David dobrick jr lol so cute
Zildi Chacarolli
Vocês são terrível ! Kkkkkkkk
Okay Ok
Okay Ok Day ago
Fernando Cornejo
Fernando Cornejo 2 days ago
EvanCraftMC 2 days ago
This is my favorite vlog out of them all
Itzbayley 69
Itzbayley 69 3 days ago
Charlie puth looks like he’s very nervous when singing
Zahra H.
Zahra H. 3 days ago
3:15 Song Name pleeeaase !!
Mekukato 3 days ago
3:17 Can anybody please tell me the name of the song, i can't seem to find it.
brecyz 3 days ago
"hes sitting in the front of the bus thank god for rosa parks" lol
Siya Singh
Siya Singh 4 days ago
I love this cameo so much 😂😂👌🏽
xSlick ShotzYTx
xSlick ShotzYTx 4 days ago
2:38 is the funniest part 😂
girl girly
girl girly 4 days ago
anyone else rewatching this during quarantine and just knowing every word to everything wayne and charlie sang...just me
Neleya Pringles
Neleya Pringles 4 days ago
"he hangs with children" Gets me every fucking time 😂😂😂
Peyton Rohrbaugh
Peyton Rohrbaugh 5 days ago
Anybody know the chord progression Charlie does when they are singing about James?
Axel Vasquez
Axel Vasquez 5 days ago
Does the guy on 3:45 have a sound cloud he’s good
Dr.Piggy Oink
Dr.Piggy Oink 5 days ago
this is my favorite vid
Gustavo Aguilar
Gustavo Aguilar 5 days ago
Who ❤️ him
Kelly Bardsley
Kelly Bardsley 6 days ago
David just blowing stuff up in his house is very normal Me:*eating crayons
Isla Lochtie
Isla Lochtie 6 days ago
Not fair I wanna sing in a van with Charlie PUTH 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 waaaaaaa
elliott 6 days ago
I really wanted to hear the end of that guys freestyle
Adam Burnett
Adam Burnett 7 days ago
top moments that ended racism
Samuel 7 days ago
This is David's best video.
Sarah Ayaz
Sarah Ayaz 8 days ago
the pong thing should be a ping pong machine
Kim Sims
Kim Sims 3 days ago
Ture lol
Conner Kemp
Conner Kemp 8 days ago
5000 subs with no content challenge
I could this all day long
Rp Fxrb
Rp Fxrb 8 days ago
Who else has watched this 200 times?
Football Republic
Actually so entertaining
Roxy K
Roxy K 9 days ago
Fun fact: this isn’t your first time watching this.
Mr. 9 days ago
Only now I realize it’s him from how I met your mother
be real
be real 9 days ago
6papi 9 days ago
3:45 go hard bruh where the real song at
The Bloxburg Trio
The Bloxburg Trio 10 days ago
Bruh after he said school Quarter Pounder I got a McDonalds add 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Prajwal Kadam
Prajwal Kadam 10 days ago
Wayne brady should join the vlog squad💯🤩
Jxse 11 days ago
Bro just ordered McDonald’s and every ad so far from davids been about McDonald’s 😐
RiZe Lynks
RiZe Lynks 11 days ago
I lowkey wanted to hear the rest of that rap tho
Poh Coffin
Poh Coffin 11 days ago
3:15 whats the title of this song?
Shawn Avila
Shawn Avila 11 days ago
Who’s waiting and hyped for him to start posting again
Clouddyxx0 11 days ago
This nigga said quarter pounder 😭😭
Zoom 11 days ago
Who else has watched this in lockdown cuz there bored and it’s class
김태연 11 days ago
I need an uncut version of the Wayne Brady and Charlie Puth part.
Sarah Silva
Sarah Silva 12 days ago
SO FUNNY I laugh so hard omg
Ricci Pineda
Ricci Pineda 12 days ago
Why is barney's gay brother is in here?????
Mertcan 12 days ago
2:53 what kind of piano style playin?
No-Good-Connor 12 days ago
Y is that Charlie actually likes David y
Lama Garatly
Lama Garatly 12 days ago
“Ooh I’m five times Grammy nominated” 💀
Paula Mclarnon
Paula Mclarnon 12 days ago
When he said i got that couldnt stop laughin 😂😂
Maxc. 13 days ago
3:45 please make this a song, ong
david Feazel
david Feazel 13 days ago
This was my first vlog I ever watched now I watched 599 I'm about to watch 600
Vlex 13 days ago
The guy that got shot i need to know his rap name
patty corsa
patty corsa 13 days ago
Rewatching David’s videos until he post again is a sweet and sour feeling
ItzAsylum神 13 days ago
Does the guy rapping at the end have a actual song?
StayCalm YT
StayCalm YT 13 days ago
3:49 is that a song If so what called
Lupe Martinez
Lupe Martinez 13 days ago
So dramatic
For Ekinle
For Ekinle 13 days ago
2:06 forgets lyrics
cynthia paul
cynthia paul 14 days ago
I watching some British people rap and this was next so I thought I’d watch David because those British kids suck at rapping
itsfal3 14 days ago
nat looks bored in the bus during the first scene before they run into the other bus
Ryan Holford
Ryan Holford 14 days ago
he is one of the most underrated singers but he’s so talented who agrees?
Manas Batchu
Manas Batchu 14 days ago
he really disrespected kygo like that smh
j.fraser10 14 days ago
In the thumbnail wayne bradys like: bruh, why tf aint my name in the title
Nikko Gotangco
Nikko Gotangco 14 days ago
And that kids is how your uncle Barney's brother, James Stinson, started living the life. 😂
Viesturs Požarskis
Sean Mayberry
Sean Mayberry 12 days ago
You suck
Tristan Gonzalez
Tristan Gonzalez 17 days ago
UNOs Is Here
UNOs Is Here 17 days ago
2:43 I can’t stop laughing
Sparrow 17 days ago
3:39 best part of the video.
callum꧁꧂ 17 days ago
my dad used to work for wayne brady and my dad said that he is a MASSIVE jerk even though he is extremely talented but it is what it is
do it
do it 17 days ago
name of the song at 3:14 ?
Diego pineda
Diego pineda 17 days ago
What’s up with Barney’s brother?
HazzaPlayz 17 days ago
Dude who was rapping has a body that doesn't match his head
Erik Hernandezzz
Erik Hernandezzz 18 days ago
“Have you actually banged on a nigga?” “I got shot” “You got sho-? Well here’s the microphone brotha” bro proved himself that’s actually funny asl 😂😂
sn00ped 19 days ago
420 is *everywhere*
Dark.kyshawn 19 days ago
Anyone else think Natalie's beautiful
Iggy Casino
Iggy Casino 19 days ago
I’ve seen this video so many times and I still am surprised about what happens In the video😂😂😂
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 20 days ago
They keep passing the mic, I mean, Whose Line is it Anyway?
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