Singing Audition FREAKOUTS (w/ Boyinaband)

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OMG! Angry Auditions That SHOCKED The World!
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Today I team up with Dave from Boyinaband to watch angry talent show auditions. We get to see some insane freakouts and some pretty cringy moments. Dave shares his opinion on the advice to "be yourself", Joel delights over seeing a familiar face in George from Triple Trouble and Simon Cowell is his usual, rude self.
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May 24, 2020




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Comments 80
The Pink girl was ok
Kaylee Liu
Kaylee Liu 11 hours ago
look at roomies face when she pulls the pole out of her way
Kairi Middlehurst
Kairi Middlehurst 17 hours ago
When that one guy said to mel b I bet you can't sing I was like do people not know that she is an ex spice girl scary spice to be specific also the person that sang the pink song had a beautiful voice
Rawan 20 hours ago
I really enjoyed it in 11:58 is it bad that I enjoyed it? ;w;
Manuel Cala
Manuel Cala 20 hours ago
The cringe
Mike jones
Mike jones Day ago
I feel so sorry for Zoe Alexander, blatant set up! She has confirmed she has filmed a storytime video exposing xfactor!
The Glitter Squad #Awesome
The first guy was so crazy and wth would he act that was.
Manal 98
Manal 98 Day ago
The judges in American idol are nothing but childish
guys remember never try to be confident in talent programs
B14z3 Day ago
i love this because they are acting out and are not working with the things they said to do but sometimes they are forced to look like that
Exviotz Day ago
The first guy wasn’t even kicked off for the singing, it’s because he doesn’t like waiting.
Reece Beard
Reece Beard 2 days ago
The first person is acting like Anikin Skywalker
GREEN NINJA YT 3 days ago
At 10:16 strong power at 10:20 Full power at 10:44 Cry baby power
Ramona Verthein
Ramona Verthein 3 days ago
I like the Pink one even tho I don't Pink
Anél Olsson
Anél Olsson 3 days ago
huhuhuh no
Sofhea •Δ• Qz
Gallery Of Night
Gallery Of Night 3 days ago
Nobody talking about how dave is Joels lover?
Happy Hannah 21
Happy Hannah 21 3 days ago
I’m sorry first of all-your really pushing your luck
Autumn Borchardt
Autumn Borchardt 3 days ago
this whole video i was like: " ooooooooo" " the TEA" " oh my goodness" " that's not fair" " they deserved that" " rude!!"
Michelle Mclarnon
I know right the most ironic statement of all time Victoria Beckham saying that.
-Lonley- Hearts
-Lonley- Hearts 4 days ago
The people who over react are Karen’s and need to go or they are just sensitive and have anger issues
Dan ship
Dan ship 4 days ago
Hello hi
Keplite 4 days ago
I hate it when people say "you think you can do better than me" whenever they feel insulted Like uh I've seen better? That's why I'm saying you're not good? Why must I be better to make a comment?
astro beats official
Asperger Art
Asperger Art 4 days ago
The first guy is me in almost any "meeting new people" situation 😅 I'm autistic (aspergers syndrome) and we don't really use (nor get) voice tones very well (neither facial expressions, most of the time), so all people think I'm mad or disrespectful when I get nervous and forget how to sound 😬🙊 We also are very not aware of "social acting/faking/lies/pretending" so we just say whatever we thinking and in many of the times comes out exactly like when he says "tired of waiting" pretty literal 😆 I'm not sure he is autistic or not, but I'm and I can relate to him completely 😅
Gabrielle Miles
Gabrielle Miles 4 days ago
You've never heard of jazz?? 14:07
Alan Alan
Alan Alan 5 days ago
Bubble Bee Channel
He didn’t got 60k HE GOT 94k IMA PUNCH HIM 🥊 😂
Kaorihana / Rai
Kaorihana / Rai 5 days ago
The "not pink singer" wasn't bad at all! I feel like that's like a celebrity singing live... I think she's pretty reasonable but she made some mistakes... it's reality tv, they even kept filming her backstage when she obviously needed some privacy... The "22 and beautiful and idc" girl was worse
JulzMusic 5 days ago
I love Dave’s philosophical/logical rationale and stories behind some of his comments haha. I’m so curious if that blonde girl actually went on to do something, she sounded like she could have actually been pretty vocally talented, attitudinally however, so entitled & pretentious.
Shadowplusle 5 days ago
How come we can only see davids beautiful face only in a bubble
Maya D
Maya D 6 days ago
First guy: i was trying to be confident Judges: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
noahplayz230 6 days ago
16:28 shut up my G
Polar kid and kids
Did you see Simon smile at the girl from L.A?
noorbee bee
noorbee bee 6 days ago
14:29 she kinda looks like an older Loren Gray with thinner lips lol
Coconut Girl
Coconut Girl 6 days ago
14:22 Me: "Ok sassy."
WayneFTW 6 days ago
The first guy sang pretty good in my opinion
TacoShark Gaming
TacoShark Gaming 7 days ago
The third guy just kept digging himself deeper and deeper into a grave
Christian Campero
Dave I hate it when people say be you thinking that there are multiple you’s linking to different parts of your personality Dave 2020
Beast Boy
Beast Boy 7 days ago
These judges are👎💩👎💩
VenusOPGaming 7 days ago
These people, literally children have been rejected on the show and they haven’t made a single arguement
Maxwell King
Maxwell King 8 days ago
the first one was halarious. 0:47
LoneWolf 8 days ago
Judges should judge peoples talents not their attittude, its really annoying for me to see people being judged based of their attittude
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 5 days ago
There needs to be a balance though.
LoneWolf 8 days ago
one in there that I actually enjoyed was the guy who sang 'The House Of The Rising Sun', he sang it quite well but the judges judged him by his attittude not his talent
Antoniette Zacarina Sansona
*_this is why my mom doesn't watch agt_*
dave where are you are you ok
Prod. NeptuneBeats
The “Star”: And I don’t care what you think. The Judge: me neither
Nathanael Lee
Nathanael Lee 9 days ago
11:26 You know it's fake when the buzzes go somewhat on beat
abbygail floresgarcia
well he did not lie about triple trouble
Justin Francke
Justin Francke 9 days ago
My brother is like acts like these people 10 time a day. It is soooooo hard to get him to calm down.
MeiRaptor07 9 days ago
For the last time, they didn’t force her to sing a Pink song, they told her to be you and sing another song, they didn’t force her, she got a chance that not many performers can get, she should be grateful, she was the one who failed and go rejected, she can’t be blaming the judges for making their decision, or pushing camera mans and cursing. Little did you guys know she’s the bad one, not the judges 🤦‍♀️
LightfulFoxtrot 9 days ago
There was just so much injustice with that first guy.
Zandeli O'sullivan
Judge:just be you Me:wut are you trying to say they're many types of me? Also me:this is the real world dude,saying stuff like BE YOU won't fix world hunger of global warming, wake up before your hurtt
Christopher Castro
Toxic judges
NoahSlayer881 Hi
NoahSlayer881 Hi 9 days ago
america’s got asses is what this should be
Alex Emerson
Alex Emerson 10 days ago
7:20 David got so triggered LMAO
Seer 10 days ago
dave has died too many times
Mumbo Jumbo brother
14:41 I don’t care what you think Me:b when why are you here?
Cataya lol
Cataya lol 10 days ago
93 451 likes hehe
Qupid Paul
Qupid Paul 10 days ago
I feel sad for the third one
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 5 days ago
Kirah Raju
Kirah Raju 10 days ago
Bad energy, huh? This is coming from SIMON COWELL. So Simon, you were saying?
Cayzum forever
Cayzum forever 10 days ago
The P!nk girl has a RUvid channel now she got away from p!nk and she’s actually really good
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 5 days ago
No kidding?
Trev-Squad 10 days ago
Imagine watching this in slowest play back speed... Why did I do it?
Trev-Squad 10 days ago
Where's that's belly button xD. Sike
Cars Man
Cars Man 11 days ago
Mom: What ya watching? Me: Watching Roomie talking to a circle having a seizure
Jadyn 11 days ago
Judges are rude to the contestants Contestants defend themselves Judges👁️👄👁️
V4lkyri3 11 days ago
Guy:im trying to put other stuff in my performance like my piano Howy:the piano was not good XD
kim 11 days ago
I'm pretty sure the first guy has aspergers like ,, you can't really blame him
Iuliana Pittman
Iuliana Pittman 11 days ago
He needs to punch himself in the face now 😂
Emelet Gacha
Emelet Gacha 11 days ago
Triple Truble suonds like friend groups on a school talent show :^
Scott Christie
Scott Christie 11 days ago
When I was in the audience for Britains Got Talent they made up do some expressions so they could feet it into the show. It's all scripted even the backstage scenes are staged.
Dead by Daylight Gamer
*Why am I wheezing*
Leah Packer
Leah Packer 11 days ago
all i wanted to do when the guy with the black and white hair came on was grab the mike and put it in the curl of his hair and see if it stays
Colten 290
Colten 290 11 days ago
You told me to sing a pink song/ throws the microphone
Colten 290
Colten 290 11 days ago
The second video that was a very bad
Mamasita.0fficial حقائق المشاهير
The first audition is so sad. Cara came at him asking why are you angry. He casually said due to waiting, which is very logical. It could be he is physically tired and feels stiff after waiting... it's very normal. She directly accused him of saying that he wants to be famous and doesn't want to wait. She put the words in his mouth. God this is so scripted just to create drama, poor contestant. And she ended it with saying " I don't like you at all" What the hell? If it were me I would have told her "you are here to judge my singing not my personality" and would have left the room
Y8G Clip Channel
Y8G Clip Channel 11 days ago
That 1st girl look like james charles
clem fandango
clem fandango 12 days ago
oh god i remember the pink one 😂
Usman The Beast YT
Usman The Beast YT 12 days ago
I was cringing so HARD
H Permutation
H Permutation 12 days ago
Adult: sing like pink Judge: ah u copy get out! Kid: sing like pink Judge: omg its the new pink Kid: my mother died Judge: *golden buzzer*
c3po_ bby
c3po_ bby 12 days ago
The Zoe girl is such a reality check like she was set up and she freaked out because she realized she was set up-
mousiemallow 12 days ago
For the first one when she asked him if he had an attitude I would say "OF COURSE I DO WHAT YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!"🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
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