Simone Biles (USA) Floor Team Finals 2016 Rio Olympic Games

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Mafs Per
Mafs Per 4 days ago
She is seriously perfect... if only she pointed her shoes a little bit more
La girl
La girl 5 days ago
I always wondered why she repeated 😂😂😂 as in the official one she had another outfit.
tracy 5 days ago
1:42 you’re welcome
Lena Chinn
Lena Chinn 6 days ago
Woahhhhh I remember watching this, and now look where we are. Quarantine
AlexisWeirdo 11 days ago
I literally had an ad for Simone Bile’s MasterClass lol
Sophia Hanson
Sophia Hanson 12 days ago
anyone here after we just got news that Tokyo is being pushed back to 2021 because of Covid-19??
Сержик Сиб
Её скоро порвёт от препаратов... 🤦‍♂️
Ernesto Rodriguez
Ernesto Rodriguez 20 days ago
I wander if she went back and performed that routine, now, if she'd be like... omg, this is so easy! 😄
morgan 20 days ago
I love her floor music
stvp68 21 day ago
Able to leap capital T in a single bound-and with a double layout!
Eda B.
Eda B. 23 days ago
Miranda 27 days ago
I love that the "oh" is a signature in all her songs she performs to
CocacolaBoy83 29 days ago
good good
Job Oliveira
Job Oliveira Month ago
Para mim o movimentos da simone é tudo computadorizado. Na minha opinião a maior ginasta de todos os tempos se chama Nádia Comaneci
Paige Alter
Paige Alter 2 months ago
Lady Scarlett
Lady Scarlett 2 months ago
She has such power, and such control😱 jeez
Moj hrčak Moj hrcak
Gymnastics really doesn't need dance, looks too fake. The girl is awesome, but in gymnastics. Can someone explain me why choreographies include dance?
Song bird
Song bird Month ago
Gymnastics has changed a lot within the past 20 years. Scores used to be based more on artistry and elegance, where as now they are based more on athletic abilities and how fast and high you can jump. With the new scoring system I think having the dance portions now is kind of pointless. If you look at men’s gymnastics they don’t have the dancing. So I dont really understand it either.
Hanife Ruşenoğlu
Hanife Ruşenoğlu 2 months ago
I am from TURKEY
lilou 2 months ago
gravity yas left the chat
smiley 2 months ago
Simon biles is soooooo nice
Ela Bilecen
Ela Bilecen 2 months ago
This woman is amazing 😍
Анна Демидова
Ужас какой то
JoJo x
JoJo x 2 months ago
No other gymnast I can think of can pull her skills...and those who can must use every inch of the floor. Simone doesnt need it. Crazy!
Ron Lobato
Ron Lobato 2 months ago
How come the music never goes with what their doing?
Аня Аня
Аня Аня 2 months ago
Как это вобще реально?
Sergey Gavrilov
Sergey Gavrilov 3 months ago
images.app.goo.gl/Yq2uWW4nSPPvndHV8 ...naturale e dopata...🤔
Sergey Gavrilov
Sergey Gavrilov 3 months ago
images.app.goo.gl/mZpQFRo1utSdSaC7A ...naturale e dopata 🤔
Татьяна Скробова
Куда смотрит американский Минздрав?!! Тяжело больного человека заставляют участвовать в соревнованиях для здоровых😉🤮
Lucas Blackburn
Lucas Blackburn 3 months ago
She better do 3 Olympics. Dominique Dawe’s did!
донна роза альвадорес
Кто из 2020? Забьем 2019😁😁😁?
Dell None your business
Happy 2020 everyone! Also how come she does so good gymnastics and I’m on a trampoline barely landing a single bounce
addrita shams
addrita shams 3 months ago
Who’s excited to see Simon in 2020 olympics?
niro sikkema
niro sikkema 3 months ago
She looks so happy doing her routine!
Camryn Dorilma
Camryn Dorilma 3 months ago
Simone is like just a ball of muscle lol.
Samantha Braud
Samantha Braud 3 months ago
2020 ????
Alexis Kirschbaum
Alexis Kirschbaum 3 months ago
Bravissima!!! 😍😍😍
connor rigley
connor rigley 3 months ago
2020 anyone? Woah I can’t Believe I just said 2020 🤯🤯
jarettmberke 11 days ago
Dasha Vorontsov
Dasha Vorontsov 15 days ago
Yes its corona time
Giorgia Augusto
Giorgia Augusto Month ago
I am here
Addison Truesdale
Hi from the future
Sindi Ozonnagbo
Sindi Ozonnagbo 2 months ago
Stella alovaa
Stella alovaa 3 months ago
During all the video I was like : what a thick thigh😐
Cჟ CΘΘL 3 months ago
2020 anyone?
Olga Lidia Yera
Olga Lidia Yera 3 months ago
No me gusta pq es tosca
Mily Altuna
Mily Altuna 3 months ago
2020 anyone???? Guess not🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Angela Cha
Angela Cha 3 months ago
You dance 💃💃💃really good
Eilidh Cush
Eilidh Cush 3 months ago
Here's me trying to Backhandspring
Sara M
Sara M 3 months ago
I can’t believe it’s been 4 years now since rio olympics. 😔
Vanessa Dawn
Vanessa Dawn 3 months ago
I wish I had the editing skills to have Simone doing this on the tape player in Fern Gully.
cloudy heavens
cloudy heavens 3 months ago
Oh my gawd her jumps are sO high
Настя Cat
Настя Cat 3 months ago
Tere G. C.
Tere G. C. 3 months ago
Porque no se escucha la ovación ???? Tache
Bettina Limjoco
Bettina Limjoco 3 months ago
And here I am trying to get out of the bed without falling XD
0107jasafa 3 months ago
0107jasafa 3 months ago
0107jasafa 3 months ago
Vale Vinetti
Vale Vinetti 3 months ago
Te amo Simone 🥰🥰🥰
Angie kar
Angie kar 3 months ago
Nobody has the grace of the old Russian athletes...I miss them so much!!!
Francesca 101
Francesca 101 3 months ago
Cemi Couto
Cemi Couto 3 months ago
Константин Кубань
Это точно женщина? Чёртов допингер, у неё уже яйца выросли залезте ей под юбку, посмотрите.
SugarxCookie 3 months ago
WOW!! She stuck the landing on like everything!!
zeno stoppato
zeno stoppato 3 months ago
she was so perfect there 😍
Tina Smith
Tina Smith 3 months ago
I always wonder: Why do they have to have the femal side Butt Cheeks exposed?
Lotus_77 _
Lotus_77 _ 3 months ago
Most leotards while doing all that jumping began to slide at least a bit and considering how much jumping they actually do it slides a lot. If they were to pull on their leotard while performing points would be removed.
•Idabel Tube•
•Idabel Tube• 3 months ago
Martina Giani
Martina Giani 3 months ago
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 3 months ago
1:25 music name? please.
Lizzie Beth
Lizzie Beth 3 months ago
If Simone Biles and Michael Phelps got married and had a kid, that kid could probably compete in swimming and gymnastics simultaneously and win gold medals in both sports! 😂😂 I've never been convinced of a collective genetic advantage for any sport but I do think, every blue moon there comes someone whose body build gives them a huge advantage for a particular sport. Simone Biles and Michael Phelps have that!
Mariela Lo Cascio
Mariela Lo Cascio 3 months ago
Simone Biles is good but NADIA COMANECHI is perfect is beautifull she is the perfect gimnastic
QPHashSS77 2 months ago
@B Porter. *PERIOD!!!*
B Porter
B Porter 3 months ago
Nadia- grace,longlines, Simone- powerful, athletic acrobatics,height,hype up the crowd . ETC
Lucrezia Cremaschi
Lucrezia Cremaschi 4 months ago
She is fantastic
jhoncena1111 4 months ago
Imagine being her boyfriend 😳
Eva Pauwels
Eva Pauwels 4 months ago
Also, how did she match up with the music perfectly? I can’t even do a cartwheel to the same beat as the music!
Eva Pauwels
Eva Pauwels 4 months ago
I can’t even jump that high on the trampoline!
Srijita Paul
Srijita Paul 4 months ago
Эля Кулматова
Культуристка.,ноги мощные
Abril Alpire Vasquez
1:15 Song?Canción minuto 1:15 ?
Agapy Mono
Agapy Mono 4 months ago
Гульнара Чонмурунова
Умничка,шекарное выступление 💫💫💫💫💫
Елена Лавренко
Очень слабая растяжка и вся деревянная. Но акробатика класс
1000 subs by December
She was incredible at rio but in the 2020 Olympics she will do even better bc she is already making history
Lisy DELAMARE 4 months ago
Je fais de la gymnastique et si c'est ça Olympiques
Jana Al Tay
Jana Al Tay 4 months ago
i got a simon biles ad before this 😳
dapsa dapsa
dapsa dapsa 4 months ago
Like si parece trucho osea pantalla verde
Nico Tv
Nico Tv 4 months ago
Que horrible su cuerpo. No hay como nadia comanecci ell hasta en caídas no Le temblaba nada
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