Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

Team USA
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Simone Biles is the first woman in history to land a triple double on her floor routine at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Mo. part of the Team USA Champions Series presented by Xfinity.




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bammaz 14 hours ago
Incredible athlete. Probably the best ever. But she aint the perfect gymnast. She needs a few dance lessons from the Russians. She’s a very powerful cheerleader.
C Williams
C Williams Day ago
She's definitely the "Queen" of gymnastics! "NO ONE" can do it better!!
Keely Rollins
A feel sorry for the girl on the bars, like no offence honey but no one is watching u because the greatest gymnast alive is doing her floor routine
Tameika Rease
Tameika Rease 6 days ago
Very curious as to why anyone gave a thumbs down🤔🤔
Billy Lopez
Billy Lopez 6 days ago
There should be 4 medals awarded. Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Simone Biles deserves Platinum!!!
Cassandra Brown
Cassandra Brown 6 days ago
She’s Overrated ... the first tumbling pass is very impressive they all are... but she just looks like she’s in a hurry ... gymnastics is so rushed and it’s not graceful anymore...Simone looks more like a pro cheerleader on espn then a gymnast. And she looks a tad bow legged to me or pigeon toed... the girl is powerful no doubt and I’m not saying she doesn’t have skills. But she’s not the goat.
dennis osei
dennis osei 6 days ago
I like this girl she is amazing
Vivek Vishwakarma
She got powerful legs
Rich Johnson
Rich Johnson 7 days ago
The bottom line , she is just phenomenal and a treat to watch ! If the 2020 Olympics are cancelled i'm gonna be pissed because i have been counting the days to see her performance in Tokyo !
Marcus Decius
Marcus Decius 8 days ago
Sorry, but men do the same with other harder elements ( some of them standed or without handspring ) and combinations she can not execute... Plus she needs twice momemtum . I would like to see her in a Men's Flips Competition Big Air !!
Justin Headley
Justin Headley 8 days ago
Kenzo Shirai does triple double in layout/straight position. But you know he’s not American and is a male so gets no recognition sigh:/
Anthony Calarco
Anthony Calarco 9 days ago
Now Mkayla skinner is thinking about doing that tumbling pass too.
The Mujin Windrusher
Has this girl ever been tested. Not for steroids, for alien DNA. Just incredible..
Sandra Virgalitte
Sandra Virgalitte 13 days ago
Does anyone else just like to watch the triple double over and over again? It’s just amazing and Simone make is look effortless.
lullabby hosny
lullabby hosny 13 days ago
Its time for nia dennis
kamaksh Sharma
kamaksh Sharma 14 days ago
that was flawless
Andy Raheja
Andy Raheja 16 days ago
I think she could win the women’s high jump too! This could be a new way of doing the high jump than the Fosbury Flop
Christina Douglas
Christina Douglas 16 days ago
Sim;one Biles is really all technical and no style. Gymnastics really needs to go back to the days when artistry took precedence
Song bird
Song bird 14 days ago
agreed my favs are Dominique Dawes and Shannon Miller
David Basa
David Basa 17 days ago
For some reason I thought it was supposed to be a triple back double twist but then I was like that’s not correct
Alyssa Jacobsen
Alyssa Jacobsen 18 days ago
the girl on the bars are so so so so so good
Don tom
Don tom 18 days ago
DM 50 celebrities // ruvid.net/video/video-Ez7c7qIaVsw.html
VIVIANNE CIANI 19 days ago
Simone is a great American girl, she makes us proud 🇨🇦⚘
The Magical Unicorn565
I know absolutely nothing about gymnastics. Why was there a mat at the beginning of her program
Book of Katherine
Book of Katherine 20 days ago
Best announcing job by this team! The most silence back to back! YES! Simone got to shine!
Book of Katherine
Book of Katherine 20 days ago
She's a genius. He's paid insane money to say, "money"????
Linda Lyons
Linda Lyons 21 day ago
Grant Rollan
Grant Rollan 21 day ago
Kenzo Shirai has been doing this skill for years I don’t know why they named it the Biles
c.c the fox FNAF
c.c the fox FNAF 22 days ago
God job Simone!!!!! We love you!!!!!
L1 23 days ago
Imagine doing your high bar routine with simone biles making history right next to you
L1 23 days ago
Take a minute to appreciate being alive to witness this GOAT athlete in her prime. Her only competition are her past records
ebgbjo2025 25 days ago
Goodbye ankles is all I think lol These young ladies are incredible and it is amazing to see how much the sport has changed and been pushed over the decades.
Starla Simmons
Starla Simmons 29 days ago
She's so overrated 🙄🙄
Siboniso Ndlovu
Siboniso Ndlovu 29 days ago
She is amazing
Ezra Von Hindenburg
All they need are the same opportunities like everyone else...and they'll show you they're not only as good, but even better. This scares some people...
ToxicWaste Month ago
the fact im a gymnast a few years younger than her just amazes me of how much better I could be in a few years, but holy crap..what a powerhouse
Lizbeth Juan
Lizbeth Juan Month ago
She is such a beast!
Merry Panda
Merry Panda Month ago
She is without any doubt very good. But, as much as I would like to enjoy watching her, I just can't. She is way too agressive and almost angry, and she looks like a sack of muscles. I honestly miss how graceful and delicated gimnasts used to look, cause that was the beauty of this sport.
MissTia777 29 days ago
Jealous! Weak hag scared of aggression! Flimsy snd soft is what put people on the backburner!
Easy Timely
Easy Timely Month ago
Put a cape on the woman. Make a superhero comic of her
Jarrod Geikie
Jarrod Geikie Month ago
bloody hell... that explosion of the floor for that first jump was unbelievable! A freakish athlete
Georgia Collings
Who needs gravity anyway?
Adam 1982
Adam 1982 Month ago
I prefer Katelyn Ohashi
Enika Urbonaitė
Syren Firewolf
Syren Firewolf Month ago
Why does she always play the same song..
nate lord
nate lord Month ago
imagine being there live, like 3 people are doing different things, but when Simone is up, nobody's watching anyone else XD
JoJo x
JoJo x Month ago
One THOUSAND thumbs down? Haha lots of haters out there whose favs do not have a shot I guess
Michele Combs
Michele Combs Month ago
I love watching her, what an incredibly talented young lady!!
Kyleigh White
Kyleigh White Month ago
She’s great technically and that’s why she wins, she just doesn’t grab my attention and isn’t too fun to watch.
How can you even judge that? The judges must have slow motion vision to even spot a mistake in mid air.
Edward Elrick
Edward Elrick Month ago
Put the crown over her @$$
Edward Elrick
Edward Elrick Month ago
Incredible @$$ 10 out of 10!
gamertaga81 Month ago
I love her so much and she is a role model to me but what is up with her turn?
Margaret Cooper
Margaret Cooper Month ago
Simone is a fabulous gymnast.
janice bonomo
janice bonomo Month ago
she is a robot omg amazing~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Вадим Анохин
Весь мир знает, что с разрешения вада, это гимнастка жрёт стероиды и все её медали фикция и гроша не стоят.
Tori The Tordle
Tori The Tordle Month ago
Simone YOU Make Me SOOO Proud!!!✅. YOU are definitely the GOAT Of Gymnastics!!!🤸🏼‍♀️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸🏼‍♀️
Edward Elrick
Edward Elrick Month ago
Shake that @$$ b#tch
Iffah Nuriffah
Iffah Nuriffah 2 months ago
adam lof eman
Simply Me
Simply Me 2 months ago
Best floor comp ever.
Dominican Dragon
Dominican Dragon 2 months ago
1k skinny gringas have disliked this video so far. Sad skinny white girls🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🏽
MrLizLemon 2 months ago
The commentary is inane and stupid
emil rudenschold
emil rudenschold 2 months ago
she's only getting this fame because she's female, if a guy did this no one would bat an eye.
Jarrod Geikie
Jarrod Geikie Month ago
Na i disagree.. i think 90% of it is deserved and maybe the other 10% is because she's a woman in these times of wahmen power.. and i hate identity politics as much as anyone...i just think she's one of these freakish Olympic athletes that comes along every now and the fact she's American gives her a huge profile
Gergely Sári
Gergely Sári 2 months ago
I love how she's throwing tripld doubles and she makes it look effortless, and I can't even do a half turn salto 🙄 she's such an idol
The Pettiest Person Ever
I can barely walk a straight line and she out here flying higher than superman
PepperTwist Gacha
PepperTwist Gacha 2 months ago
Replay Button= 1 like 0:21
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean 2 months ago
this woman is unreal
Pritesh Govindji
Pritesh Govindji 2 months ago
When you mix strength and grace to the perfect level = Simone Biles.
Aloha803 2 months ago
What the heck... is she even human?
Lafawn Lasiter
Lafawn Lasiter 2 months ago
Simone is the best gymnasts I've ever watched and she keeps uping the game.
lilisasil35 2 months ago
EdGringo78 3 months ago
I would not be one bit surprised if she laid her triple double out. She even overrates THAT! Absolutely amazing, her power!!
LegendRaptor080 3 months ago
I’m just looking at the thighs and wondering how much force they can actually dish out. I’m pretty sure the floor is springboard or smth, but even so, she jumped like 9ft in the air. How much torque? Horsepower? Joules? I gotta know. Could probably bend a steel sheet with legs like that ngl.
Loxisms & Schisms
Loxisms & Schisms 3 months ago
She is so good that I'm getting emotional af and I don't know why?
Vickie Cook
Vickie Cook 3 months ago
NicoleM2108 3 months ago
I watched the move at .5 speed playback...amazing
bushrat au
bushrat au 3 months ago
dat ass be Goddess Flubber
bushrat au
bushrat au 3 months ago
Oneofusall 3 months ago
No idea how she does that, but she does it really well!!
Mehmet Aslan
Mehmet Aslan 3 months ago
an incredible beyond incredible
ohoo hoi
ohoo hoi 3 months ago
It's the 21st century. It's time to ditch the music in women's gymnastics.
William Smith
William Smith 3 months ago
Where's all her endorsements?
thefastness2000 3 months ago
she's very skilful but the music makes this ridiculous
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