Simone Biles Floor Routine - Triple-Double | World Championships

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Simone Biles successfully landed her high-flying triple-twisting double backflip, also known as the triple-double. The move will now be named the "Biles II".
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Oct 5, 2019




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Comments 15
Madelynn Rawleigh
Madelynn Rawleigh 4 months ago
Is nobody going to comment she made history!?
David Windsor
David Windsor 5 months ago
Ummm she made history and you decide to blame her for cheating. Your sick!
Mia DoubleZeroSeven
Mia DoubleZeroSeven 7 months ago
Everyone is sleeping on that THIRD pass 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐
Alvin Comer
Alvin Comer 7 months ago
Oh trust me, they'll soon find or make a way to tarnish her ,its aways the smiles first and then jealousy sets right in, this why she distance herself from her people, just wait for it ...
KoolHandDuke 7 months ago
My Gawd for such a little thing she sure jumps high. Such power, thrust, and altitude.
4get About It
4get About It 7 months ago
It's in the melanin!
Jay6459 7 months ago
Not that Biles needs anymore difficulty, but it won't surprise me if Simone hasn't played around with the idea of being the first female to throw a triple back. Can't see why it would be harder than her triple twisting double.
Frances Fields
Frances Fields 7 months ago
Mike M
Mike M 7 months ago
Actually, can anyone correct me? The front lay out full to full in back, this is the first time I've seen her do it in an open position ( didn't use hands to pull legs around) and, it was really high! The others she did were ehhhhh ,which considering its the easiest pass in the routine is Cray. I think an open position in the tucked rotation is better
Mia DoubleZeroSeven
Mia DoubleZeroSeven 7 months ago
Mike M Are you talking about her third pass??? OMG.... THAT pass is just INCREDIBLE. That front *twisting* open layout she jumped into is just 😳. She moves SO fast you can’t appreciate the complexities of this routine. The triple double was already insane, but that THIRD PASS.... 🔥
Kojo Baidoo
Kojo Baidoo 7 months ago
Mike M She did use her hands but I think she should do it open. Might help her to control it since she’ll flip slower.
Abby 127
Abby 127 7 months ago
She flies so high!
Summer of Kitty Love
Looks like she goes higher after the first somersault in the air--but how??!
Bob Detken
Bob Detken 7 months ago
Stepped out of bounds twice and still leads the floor because of the high-level of difficulty
M D 7 months ago
You go Simone! 👍
gmannn266 7 months ago
Beautiful routine and beautiful girl
Stephen Michalski
Stephen Michalski 7 months ago
At the rate she's going she'll probably be ending her career doing the Biles LXXVII.
JoJo x
JoJo x 7 months ago
Nah she is furious with FIG and I don't blame her. Why risk yourself in training every day for barely a crumb? Nope
Vlh hill
Vlh hill 7 months ago
@Stephen Michalski ...Yes, it was rated an H, the same as if she would perform on the floor. It should definitely be higher when doing it from the beam!
wrink les
wrink les 7 months ago
Vlh hill Wasn’t that dismount only rated H? Should be higher...
Stephen Michalski
Stephen Michalski 7 months ago
@Vlh hill I didn't get to see anything the past few months cept clips on YT.......what did she get?.........somehow.....I get the feeling that she might not be able to not challenge herself and do different stuff in the future......sounds like she was disappointed with whatever score she got.......but that could only last for a bit.........her spirit seems a bit irrepressible ....wouldn't be surprised if she came back at some point with some "Oh yeah??.....then watch THIS " moves.
Vlh hill
Vlh hill 7 months ago
Actually she stated she wouldn't be introducing any more new moves after the rating her beam dismount received but let's hope she changes her mind.
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