Simone Biles' EPIC first pitch before World Series Game 2

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Watch Simone Biles pull off one flipping awesome first pitch before World Series Game 2!
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Comments 80
Connor Boe Quandt
Connor Boe Quandt 27 days ago
short lol
Phoenix 2 months ago
I can't believe someone so powerful is so tiny.
CrazyJayBe 3 months ago
My God she's beautiful
stendstend 4 months ago
She is forever sick . Be heal. Sports should be clean of pills.
Joyce Shen
Joyce Shen 4 months ago
the height difference tho
deezy SS
deezy SS 4 months ago
What a bad look for her she associate with cheaters
Retired Mining Azar
Retired Mining Azar 4 months ago
U R short
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 4 months ago
^^That^^ young woman is America!!! Sssoooo adorable!
very caring
very caring 4 months ago
me too!!😝
David Hoffmann
David Hoffmann 4 months ago
Dear God, that is one hot, tiny lady.
I J 4 months ago
Looks like she didnt even care for the autograph
bts Fan 4 life
bts Fan 4 life 4 months ago
Ruben T
Ruben T 5 months ago
She's so adorable and tiny, I just want to pick her up!
yunga7 5 months ago
Shes a national treasure!!!
TNT Strength and Conditioning
She should be signing his glove
Starling 5 months ago
And she requested his autograph,classy
Starling 5 months ago
Young lady,what can you not do?
KSUNOFFICIAL 5 months ago
To everybody expecting her to throw the ball while flipping in mid-air, give me a break, the amount of strength it takes to do that flip it was impressive she was even able to throw the ball directly after the flip.
Un Redacted
Un Redacted 5 months ago
couldn't win one measly game at home lol nice Houston
Jacobb Leary
Jacobb Leary 5 months ago
She is absolutely beautiful! 😍
Dee At His Feet
Dee At His Feet 5 months ago
She's so tiny and cute!
Luis Campos
Luis Campos 5 months ago
I’m trynna figure out why this has a million views lmao
Star Fire
Star Fire 5 months ago
She's tiny!
1967tuncay 5 months ago
Is she small or is he big?
Winston Wharton
Winston Wharton 5 months ago
214 people don't like the greatest athlete of all time doing a standing backflip with a twist. Not one of them could do it if they had a month to practice!
Seba Minaj
Seba Minaj 5 months ago
who is he?
Candace Shirley
Candace Shirley 5 months ago
She did terrific though true if she tossed ball doing that flip that would be amazing
Paige Snyder
Paige Snyder 5 months ago
Obviously did not play softball in her younger years... on the technical scale..... not even on the scale. But amazingly talented otherwise!!!
princess flower
princess flower 5 months ago
Watch the Japanese sexualize this pitch into pokemon 😂
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 5 months ago
She is just gracies and beautiful.
John Jones
John Jones 5 months ago
If I was the catcher, after signing her ball, I would have handed her my glove to sign. Then after the series, EBAY!
loretta young
loretta young 5 months ago
too much weave.
Katherine Kilgore
Katherine Kilgore 5 months ago
Love the flip!
Texas Ag
Texas Ag 5 months ago
ejones9924 5 months ago
" She make good Wifey" Caveman
Jordan Hagins
Jordan Hagins 5 months ago
Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith 5 months ago
She even approaches the mound like she's about to do some routine! What a goat! 🐐
Anthony Roic
Anthony Roic 5 months ago
Who is this?
Von45Rose 5 months ago
Great Gymnast! I had know idea how tiny she is 😀 She barley came up to his belt line 😂
imaslowlerner 5 months ago
I didn't realize that she was that small..
Debra Enderle
Debra Enderle 5 months ago
Boy, she is so tiny!
Martin Dennis
Martin Dennis 5 months ago
I’ve got to get off this couch.
d w
d w 5 months ago
OMG, take an hour out from gymnastics training and learn how to throw a ball.
Hector Tello
Hector Tello 5 months ago
She's a hottie 😍😍
S1962 W
S1962 W 5 months ago
K- Mac
K- Mac 5 months ago
She has on skinny jeans, oh my bad those are real female pants!
D Mills the Lion troll
How is this epic? And....who is she?
Kim Mack
Kim Mack 5 months ago
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 5 months ago
She's awesome 👍
Karolidia Nuñez
Karolidia Nuñez 5 months ago
La mejor apertura de los Astros!!!!
tthomaselli2 5 months ago
Simone Biles is one fine woman!... In those jeans & those Houston Astros colors, she's twice as fine.
Magical Frijoles
Magical Frijoles 5 months ago
And for one moment there was a real athlete on the field.
Back Bay Man52
Back Bay Man52 5 months ago
I give a flip for Simone 😀
Alexander Bonilla
Alexander Bonilla 5 months ago
She's hot and beautiful
bcask61 5 months ago
She should be the one signing the ball, not some Astros bench guy.
Brtt Abt
Brtt Abt 5 months ago
He should have wrote his phone number on it HELLO
Jason D
Jason D 5 months ago
Fine little thing.
Jacqueline P
Jacqueline P 5 months ago
100% thought he was asking for her signature, extremely disappointed it was the other way around LOL
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 5 months ago
E Can2
E Can2 5 months ago
I thought he was asking for HER autograph!
doggie style
doggie style 5 months ago
Black and brown eyes, plus talented, beautiful, radiant, adorable, smart, and a incredible role model and inspiration
doggie style
doggie style 5 months ago
The new blonde and blue eyes
redsox141978 5 months ago
Pants couple sizes too small
Molly Farton
Molly Farton 5 months ago
Her Pants: HELP!!!! I can’t hold on any longer.
Sharica Andrews
Sharica Andrews 5 months ago
That’s that black girl magic. Soak it in.
Casey Berry
Casey Berry 5 months ago
America's golden girl
Coach Nosebutter
Coach Nosebutter 5 months ago
Ball 1-0
The Hound
The Hound 5 months ago
That was epic?
Professor Statisyahu
Do you guys find her attractive?
LONDON MACE 5 months ago
she's like a Hobbit. BTW, the backflip twisty thing...WOW!!!!!
samin0712 5 months ago
Love her!
LIQUORBOX 5 months ago
She’s insanely hot.
denicerenee1970 5 months ago
He should be getting her autograph. Jeez
Rebar07 5 months ago
Either he is really y’all or ages just really short
97RAVINEAVE 5 months ago
Why the clown voice over instead of the real thing ?
Ed Neg
Ed Neg 5 months ago
Sergio Velasquez
Sergio Velasquez 5 months ago
I would of been impressed if she threw it while flipping.
rhallnapa 5 months ago
She’s no Shin Soo Ji.
John G
John G 5 months ago
Little spook is lucky her wig didn’t fall off
Tinker B
Tinker B 3 months ago
She’s not even wearing a wig
Ed Neg
Ed Neg 5 months ago
TumblingDice 5 months ago
Wearing those jeans to perfection. Wow.
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