Simon Helberg Channels Nic Cage, Billy Baldwin & Ben Stiller - CONAN on TBS

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If you tell Simon Helberg he looks like somebody, he will try his darndest to impersonate them.


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Feb 1, 2012




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Gordon Mos
Gordon Mos 2 days ago
Perché mi ricorda #Shade?
justin small
justin small 2 days ago
Great interview and impressions but why oh why do they keep saying "like" ?it's like unbearable.
Sherry Blankenship
He's GREAT!🤣😂 I was patiently anticipating Ben Stiller and AGAIN, was NOT disappointed!!😂🤣😂🤣
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 5 days ago
I can't believe ANYbody has Nick Cage for his all-time favorite actor. He's probably his favorite to impersonate because Cage is a complete HAM. Anyway, this guy does a doppleganger job on him and on Stiller and Baldwin as well. His face seems to transform when he goes into character.
TheDude Lebowski
TheDude Lebowski 16 days ago
Billy Baldwin looks like he's in a perpetual stroke.
David Iancu
David Iancu 17 days ago
3:37 to be fair all the baldwins look like that ahhahhahah
A Parks
A Parks 23 days ago
So Billy and Stephen were both doing James Dean impressions..
Aniruddha Tangirala
Here is the link for Vampires Kiss: ruvid.net/video/video-fOONIlhXFh4.html
manasyt Month ago
Vampire's Kiss was a riot ;)
Xtmm Manumua
Xtmm Manumua Month ago
The way he pronounces jack 🤣
Pedro Blake
Pedro Blake Month ago
Helberg was great on the Norm MacDonald podcast
Pedro Blake
Pedro Blake Month ago
Face/Off the greatest movie ever made. Ultimate Nick Cage
pikachu Reynolds
Just realized this dude is a mix of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Biggs and I can't unsee it. 😭
Michael Sierra
Michael Sierra Month ago
That nic cage was spot on, i was actually surprised.
johnny t
johnny t Month ago
I believed that the badly dressed came from the character of Howard Wolowitz, but it is not so, Simon Helberg is an expert but to dress poorly
Robert Rodriguez
Best nick cage ever
Joseph Kearny
Joseph Kearny Month ago
He's so funny and so talented
William Month ago
Conans laugh after the billy Baldwin impression is everything.
Renato Moreira
Renato Moreira Month ago
3:38 The fakest laughter ever!
Matthew Neff
Matthew Neff Month ago
He's so funny
Robert Lee, Countertenor
That Ben Stiller had some Richard Nixon thrown in
031767sc Month ago
these scripted dialogs are sorry cant watch
Alan H
Alan H Month ago
Why does the presenter sit so high in his chair?
Marc Grecco
Marc Grecco Month ago
Allan M
Allan M Month ago
Touch the pee pee, buthole wizards
Fritz vanLonden
Fritz vanLonden Month ago
What a is my favorite movie with Nicolas Cage? Easy... FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH without a doubt.
Mad Mike
Mad Mike Month ago
how he morfe like this?mind bending
Matt Hale
Matt Hale Month ago
Simons cool, and that ben stiller was good. You don't hear too many ben stiller impressions
Anthony MacKaye
Anthony MacKaye Month ago
"Less is more" the Conan O'Brien motto
loodiamexican Month ago
Sumit Deshpande
Sumit Deshpande Month ago
get this man a deepfake
Mary McCain
Mary McCain 2 months ago
Holy molly
Julian’s Reviews & More
8 millimeter, and Faceoff
wholovesyoubaby wholovesyoubaby
He is wasted on big bang theory
Qayyum Chariff
Qayyum Chariff 2 months ago
Would love to see him screaming "Oh No!!! Not the bees!! Not the bees!! AAAAAAHHHH!!! My EYES!! AAAAAAAAAAHHH MY EYESSS!! "
Michael Leister
Michael Leister 2 months ago
Yes they all look Jewish
egads2 2 months ago
Wickerman is about femiNazis setting a guy's balls on fire.
Splendid Mendax
Splendid Mendax 2 months ago
Simon, next time remember there's someone on your right. Pretty rude.
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 2 months ago
Looks just like Billy Baldwin
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 2 months ago
He sounds just like him
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 2 months ago
He favors Nic
mick mcgrath
mick mcgrath 2 months ago
Simon helberg is brilliant with his impressions
tuluks Vui
tuluks Vui 2 months ago
He looks like he would’ve done a great character in American Pie
PT Philosophy-Theology
Why do I keep coming back to this video?? At least once every 6 months! Help!!!
Irad Salathiele Laysa
Men conan looks badass on his side burns.
tempebill 2 months ago
..this just reminds me...impressions are my favorite entertainment- Contorting your face too...thats just awesome
Raj Uniyal
Raj Uniyal 2 months ago
Actually I went on to search that clip of Nicolus cage.... After watching this video... Cage is awsome reciting the whole alphabet and still being entertaining ...... Simon nailed it....
pnsmexico 2 months ago
I dont know anyone who went to Harvard and has more annoying laugh than Conan. He also isn't funny, so that makes sense of what truly goes on at that infamous school.
franchstar1 2 months ago
ben stiller is my favorite, can watch it over and over and still laugh xD so funny
REALITY 1 2 months ago
Billy Baldwin always looked like a butthole puckering a nose.
REALITY 1 2 months ago
Sliver....I think the most dumb ending ever.
jet052673 2 months ago
Nicolas Cage has to be the worst actor ever.
Ben Valenti
Ben Valenti 2 months ago
Well I don't care how he got into impressions I'm just glad he did keep it up
JITHU KRISHNAN 2 months ago
Wow 🥰🥰🥰🔥
Boontrix 2 months ago
Bagels doing their rituals for the masses
Robert Kess
Robert Kess 2 months ago
25 years earlier and his Billy Baldwin was Brezhnev, a two for one sale.
Callum Emmerson
Callum Emmerson 2 months ago
Ben stiller is actually spot on
Edward Kulcsar
Edward Kulcsar 2 months ago
I had no idea this guy was so talented!!!
Angry Hungry Hungarian Hanging on a Hanger
the last one LMAO!!!!
TheEVN7 2 months ago
Cool... *Read more*
Old School
Old School 2 months ago
Damn that was Nicholas cage I can't believe they didn't have him doing that on BBT Nobody knows what wickerman was about
The Ni9ht
The Ni9ht 2 months ago
This man caught my eyes in that show called “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. It was an unlucky show with one incomplete season, but had great concept. It’s about how to make a show like SNL running. And this guy was a part of the team and all his roles were doing impressions. I’ve never seen him again after that show but kept thinking about his talent, so I was very happy when I saw him years later in a new show called THE BIG BANG THEORY doing all kinds of impressions again.
Google Guest
Google Guest 2 months ago
I miss that commercial where the squatch mom beats the rug and little squatch is talking. It was cool. I wonder if there really are squatchs.
Tom Seidita
Tom Seidita 3 months ago
I heard so much "You look like Derek Zoolander" that I dressed up like him for Halloween one year. I hear the same thing with Simon Helberg. I just roll with it.It's fun. I guess he gets the same folks and similarly he just has fun with it, haha.
Kaian凯安 3 months ago
I honestly thought the thumbnail was one of those deepfake CGI things, so I clicked and scrolled until he did it for real lol
PROJEX HIVE 3 months ago
Does Simon have a condition. He twiddles his fingers a lot like a nervous fidget?
JOHN 3 months ago
this guy looks like the son of seinfeld
SKYFALL 3 months ago
I hear laughing but it's bot funny at all
Jason Larson
Jason Larson 3 months ago
He is damn good
Enrique Rivas
Enrique Rivas 3 months ago
Classic Baldwin Eyes
Alex 3 months ago
If I was you I'd listen to YOuR GHOST FRIEND!
The Egocentric Predicament
Wow this was almost 10 years ago
Arturo Albino
Arturo Albino 3 months ago
Jajajaja he is clown
Nassif Kazan
Nassif Kazan 3 months ago
Nicholas Cage does a good Simon Helberg here.
Balam Sosa
Balam Sosa 3 months ago
Conan is huge and Simon is so tiny... this is like a Lord of the Rings elf who is hosting a talk show and interviewing a really funny hobbit.
The Egocentric Predicament
Balam Sosa hahaha that was good
Markos H
Markos H 3 months ago
I didn't think a Ben Stiller impression was possible! Simon did it
T0mat0S0up 3 months ago
That sinister laugh at 3:38
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 3 months ago
He could actually play Cage's son in something, looks pretty similar.
Sofia Mylona
Sofia Mylona 3 months ago
Lmao I don't know who is funnier Simon or this guy the way he laughs lol
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