Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity (Lyrics) ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson

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Sep 6, 2018




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Comments 1 902
SyrebralVibes Year ago
*Where is everybody listening from?* ✨ 🎵 Spotify Playlist: spotify.syrebralvibes.com ⚡ Instagram: instagram.com/syrevibes
Sabnam Begum
Sabnam Begum 4 days ago
Zack !
Zack ! 15 days ago
Yeroc The Great
Yeroc The Great 25 days ago
The 5th dimension
Chae Chang
Chae Chang 29 days ago
Listening from Forever21 store in PH
Heena Afzal
Heena Afzal Month ago
Presley Wetch
Presley Wetch 3 days ago
Yo gotta be honest when I listen to lyrics it’s usually this kind bc they have everything and all the best songs they do pretty good too😄😆
FooYi 6 days ago
This will become a big tiktok song soon, just wait and everyone is going to like this song
LifeWith Robloxx
LifeWith Robloxx 12 days ago
I love u
hafizh 4612005
hafizh 4612005 13 days ago
Who watch this in 2020😎😎😎😎
Videos Fidi
Videos Fidi 13 days ago
F1willi1988 F
F1willi1988 F 18 days ago
Reminds me of all the times in my life when my parents house had power cuts. Happened all the time.
Brisa Cisneros
Brisa Cisneros 18 days ago
Nicola Elliott
Nicola Elliott 19 days ago
I forgot about this song
daisy ornelas
daisy ornelas 20 days ago
subscribe me @daisy ornelas i'll eventually become a singer just like dua lipa but for right now.... FUCK AROUND
Shannon Birch
Shannon Birch 24 days ago
I feel lots of electricity hearing this song
Young Gearhead
Young Gearhead 25 days ago
Would be perfect on a Forza Horizon game.
Felisha Johnson
Felisha Johnson Month ago
My favorite song
Yerina Barrientos
Like si lo escuchas en 2020 y lo escuchan los peruanos xd
Heena Afzal
Heena Afzal Month ago
Is it weird that I just got an electric shock?
Anitaa Month ago
Every time my bf holds my hand I get an electric feeling all over like love & now I’m searching for a song that describes it so I can listen to it & think about those moments 😇💞
Chariz Anuar
Chariz Anuar Month ago
I like dua lipa
Veggie Fruitful Icy Samaritan
I like this song. I added this song to one of my playlists. I hope that is okay with you. Thanks.
Onegirl Epidemik
My anxiety? Gone Dua Lipa? Loved Repeat Button? Broken Hotel? Trivago
Giselle Gonzalez
My fav song
Brandon Now 48
Brandon Now 48 Month ago
Monday 29 October 2018
Dragonflysaav Month ago
I’m a rapper subbing to anyone who likes this comment and subs to me. Listen to my music and I’ll listen to yours :)
Arline Hazelwood
Arline Hazelwood 2 months ago
“I’ma love you differently, I’ll give you electricity” I ❤️ this song so much!!!
SuperLarson777 2 months ago
In P.E we r dancing to this song
dOrA tHe ExPlOrEr
dOrA tHe ExPlOrEr 2 months ago
This song is always stuck in my head 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Drew Lunsford
Drew Lunsford 2 months ago
I love this song it is amazing
Elissa Caldwell
Elissa Caldwell 2 months ago
I know right
The girl sad
The girl sad 3 months ago
¿soy la unica que habla español aqui? creo que si prrs ;V
The girl sad
The girl sad 2 months ago
@Rockk okay xD
Rockk 2 months ago
@The girl sad jaja na no te creas solo era broma
The girl sad
The girl sad 2 months ago
@Rockk es verdad :'v
Rockk 2 months ago
No pero eres la unica estupida jaja
Wladimir Torregroza
Wladimir Torregroza 3 months ago
No señorita, somos toneladas de latinos que nos gusta la musica, si entendimos!!
Emir Ramirez
Emir Ramirez 3 months ago
2019 anyone
Lovey Nack
Lovey Nack 3 months ago
I feel so happy wen I hear this song thank u for posting
Paola Robelo
Paola Robelo 3 months ago
como amo esta canción arriba latinoamérica like si te gusta la musica en english 😋💪💛💪💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Smita Sarma
Smita Sarma 3 months ago
I love this song ❤️💙💙
Just Cade
Just Cade 3 months ago
3:40 until the end is the best part. It's so dreamy.
Maria flor Selma
Maria flor Selma 3 months ago
Dua lipa Love
BlessedChildipray74 3 months ago
Definition of how we need more love in this world. Beautiful
percy ryan
percy ryan 3 months ago
dont start know
Naomi Farr
Naomi Farr 4 months ago
Who came from Mrs Wagner
Jahkyrah Scurry
Jahkyrah Scurry 4 months ago
I got dance to this song for my pep rally wish me luck😩🥴
Middle Earth's Shadow
Good luck
ABBY DUMARAN 4 months ago
Idk why , but this reminds me love after love by Cher
Sam Reed
Sam Reed 4 months ago
⚡️⚡️⚡️ Please check out my 🎷 Electricity cover: ruvid.net/video/video-jwFoVDp7Lys.html
Marko Hector
Marko Hector 4 months ago
I miss her..
Brooke Vozniak
Brooke Vozniak 4 months ago
Food: mac an cheese
Kelley&Bro Lau
Kelley&Bro Lau 4 months ago
this reminds me of San Diego
Voltrilax 4 months ago
If you take care of my *electric bill,* yes i will love you.
Matias Ubalton
Matias Ubalton 4 months ago
hits 100%
Mobile Games
Mobile Games 4 months ago
Anyone here from the national dance day dance
slick jumped over the lazy dog
like this song a lot
Marvin Mallo
Marvin Mallo 4 months ago
“i’ll never let this feeling go” im so relate ❤️
Hala Halo
Hala Halo 5 months ago
Words cant describe how much I hate this song.
Malakye Davis
Malakye Davis 5 months ago
2019 and still love this song.i heard in it 7th grade and in in High school still listening to this
rollercoaster478 4 months ago
@THE SEX DOLL CHANNEL he must be a really bright one to go from 7th grade to high school in 1 year :D :D :D
@rollercoaster478 lmao..right?
rollercoaster478 4 months ago
this song has been out for a year, what do u mean?
ღ Kumii ღ
ღ Kumii ღ 5 months ago
I dont' now my food favority :"(
Middle Earth's Shadow
Lol neither
johnnie birdsong
johnnie birdsong 5 months ago
I'm so lucky everytime I go to P.E my coach put this song on and we all sing it
Alice Hodges
Alice Hodges 4 months ago
Birdhouse in your soul
Alice Hodges
Alice Hodges 4 months ago
I'm looking for a Electric related song about an Electric well I known it for a long time sung by a man too
slick jumped over the lazy dog
this song is good love it
Meghan Cole
Meghan Cole 5 months ago
casey frey
Nectaria Crika
Nectaria Crika 5 months ago
Just ecstatic
Aliza Ali Khan
Aliza Ali Khan 5 months ago
Mikael 5 months ago
I watched brandon flynn dance with this song on insta and now im stuck here 😂
Victoria Sosa
Victoria Sosa 5 months ago
Glad to know it's both of us 😭
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 5 months ago
i like pizza
Keith Edwards
Keith Edwards 5 months ago
Early 90’s vibe love this
Potato vlogs
Potato vlogs 5 months ago
Anyone else here from Brandon from 13 reasons why and his bootyful dance
Potato vlogs
Potato vlogs 5 months ago
Elena Palomo
Elena Palomo 5 months ago
Next videos