Silicon Valley, Bezos & More! Why Patagonia Is Causing Tech and Finance Bros To Panic...

Philip DeFranco
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May 24, 2019

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Comments 2 403
Masoud Abdun-Noor
The best is often the perfect lil something in an office where the thermostat is set a tad too low
BattleDad Prime
BattleDad Prime 26 days ago
I got to two minutes and and just could not watch the semaphore waving arms anymore. Srsly. Relax.
Manny Donaire
Manny Donaire Month ago
I've worked in tech companies as well as in fintech in SF. People in tech do not wear the fleece vests, but the vest is worn in fintech.
Aaaaaand I'm definitely buying Patagonia from now on. I had no idea how awesome these guys were until now. And I say fuck yeah make those techies start to look beyond themselves! Among the types of people I see who care little for the environment (and make up a substantial subset of the alt-right movement) mid-town techs DEFINITELY are a significant chunk. Keep fighting the good fight Patagonia!
The Tagperson
The Tagperson Month ago
Well you’re a white young guy so yea you can pull it off
James Palmer
James Palmer 2 months ago
I love this story, for some reason! Now, let me continue checking my FoxTrot automation processes.
Chris Crowley
Chris Crowley 2 months ago
that mid town uniform is what brits from the countryside wear every day, ironic to see lambing outfit being used in the city.
Eli M
Eli M 2 months ago
Of course you can pull off the midtown uniform, Phil! ... It unzips. 😂
RobinFlysHigh 2 months ago
I have no problem with what The North Face did. Actively turning down business with a company known to harm the environment makes sense. Denying companies simply because they don't match their "mission statement" seems snooty and elitist to me
Adrianna Z
Adrianna Z 2 months ago
This just in: Nike stops selling yoga pants to white girls who don’t own a yoga mat./s
Adrianna Z
Adrianna Z 2 months ago
Another reason why they wear vests: way easier to type in a vest.
aa311 2 months ago
I actually loved the patagonia story
reachthroughreality 2 months ago
I don't know about finance, but the vests probably got big in the tech sector because servers rooms are cold AF, and they have more pockets. Nerds like practical.
Amanda Kucsera
Amanda Kucsera 2 months ago
omg my bf dresses like this (he's a landscaper) cos his boss gave him a vest at work. but its not for fashion...its for comfort. warmth.
LeviathanOps 2 months ago
Why should an outdoor, sporting brand be beholden to being a financial market uniform? They have a brand image they want to protect, and they dont want that to be fratty finance bros
GrayLowe 2 months ago
I think you look good with what you wear Phil! Your choice of attire in your videos suit you
DavidFrostbite 2 months ago
A vest is the quickest way to add pockets to a business casual look. It's functional and comfy. And a coat would be too warm to wear indoors.
Dave Reilly
Dave Reilly 2 months ago
I love your faces midtown uniform merch
Morphic Gaming
Morphic Gaming 2 months ago
Philip de franctown uniform
Archeon Wanlorn
Archeon Wanlorn 2 months ago
Where have you been the past 10000 years... highschool never ends
moondoggy17 2 months ago
power symbol? vests have always looked dumb
As Bob Sees It
As Bob Sees It 2 months ago
So let me see if I got this right: You CAN choose NOT to do business with someone who doesn't hold the same views as you do, unless you're a cake baker?
Derick Zellar
Derick Zellar 2 months ago
Laborers in the elements? Really? Patagonia is not what I would figure most farm hands can afford to buy. That's fucking ridiculous.
Kamel Labiad
Kamel Labiad 2 months ago
2:29 the status on the left back moved...something strange happened in the background...
Jose John
Jose John 2 months ago
Sweat holy fuck, I feel like I just went on a full on fever dream listening to you explain the complexities of people wearing vests and why they want these vest and how they are panicking about not getting them. How is this a concern for people..
Cristian Colta
Cristian Colta 2 months ago
Why are auto captions always disabled?
Dustin Bannister Cropduster
I'll take downtown over midtown any day. 900 dollars for that vest? Kevlar vests are cheaper than that, and way better than fleece. Sure, I've 200-300 for boots or a jacket, but those Doc's last forever.
Mom- BionicBomb
Mom- BionicBomb 2 months ago
Sean Rowland
Sean Rowland 2 months ago
Duckworth LOL!!!
Ono Kimchi
Ono Kimchi 2 months ago
Even if it was just greenwashing .... in my eyes every company that does this is a Hero .... this just throws it in the faces of globalwarming sceptics ... there is alot of work ahead of us :S
MezzaTheHyena 2 months ago
Lol, of course the people in tech all wear the same exact thing. They can't even think for themselves. They have to regurgitate the same political opinions as the others because they can't stand to be outside of the collective in anyway.
Serena B
Serena B 2 months ago
NORTH FACE'S VALUES?! 🤣🤣🤣 what value would that be?? Stripping live geese of their feathers for a down coats?
Ali Sutherland
Ali Sutherland 2 months ago
Anyone else notice how accurate that leatherman looked on that man.
Esteban Garita
Esteban Garita 2 months ago
I think Patagonia doesn't owe me shit, its their vests, they can sell them to whomever they want.
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky 2 months ago
Their vest cost over 100 dollars. The brand itself is a status symbol. People who actually work outside wear carhartt.
benglish0411 2 months ago
Watching a seven minute ad. It’s all love.
MikeGlasses 2 months ago
Sounds like its time to start a Vest company😅
Erin Willingham
Erin Willingham 2 months ago
I greatly enjoyed this one. I like these “lighter” ones.
Natalia Chaykowski
Natalia Chaykowski 2 months ago
The idea that Patagonia is trying to aim their clothing at "labourers who work in the elements" when their jackets cost 250 - 350$..........................................
H. A. L.
H. A. L. 2 months ago
Patagonia is 1050% green-washing. These vests are made of polyester, which wait for it... is made from fucking oil.
Adam Hillmann
Adam Hillmann 2 months ago
I think Patagonia's goal is to help the environment but even if everything they've done since 1985 was just a PR move, so what? over $100 000 000?! That's fantastic! In the end if they dont want to sell you vests go somewhere else.
Christian Matos
Christian Matos 2 months ago
No idea this was a thing.
Kaged Creations
Kaged Creations 2 months ago
I don’t care who they sell to but why are people outraged about a baker not selling a cake based on their beliefs, but it’s cool for a clothing company to do it?
Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace 2 months ago
As someone who works in NYC and never knew Fi-bros had this uniform now I know and I will laugh silently on the subway every time i See them...
Travis Dunn
Travis Dunn 2 months ago
Sounds like a new Defranco clothing line!
DJ Holiday
DJ Holiday 2 months ago
Lol this is what happens when we treat companies/corporations like people. Let them decide who they wanna see too. Its their money, they can put it wherever they want 😂
Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett 2 months ago
Pretty much just dressing like a frat bro lol, pretty sure this isnt that new
Rachael 2 months ago
Finance and tech firms: order your vests. Get them customized elsewhere.
whatiwasgoingtosay 2 months ago
This is some white people nonsense.
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul 2 months ago
Also: The SF Bay Area is windy as balls.
M eWithoutYou
M eWithoutYou 2 months ago
“...villainize the finance and tech industries” Is that a fucking problem?? Lol
Dillun Claxton
Dillun Claxton 2 months ago
Green wash! LOL! I love it. Hulk Smash.
Garry 2 months ago
My former music teacher always wears a vest like that..
kuryamtl 2 months ago
Oh no, no more vests! #RichWhiteGuyHeteroProblems
Zubiila 2 months ago
I don't mind companies being political, but I don't really understand Patagonia's decision to not sell to a certain group of people. Wouldn't it be better to not exclude one of their biggest client groups, and instead use the profit made from that client group on donating/supporting the environment organizations they find important? It just seems like such a waste to exclude such a big client group, just because they're not in the industry you'd prefer your clients to be in. I could understand if it was oil companies, or similar, which has an increased direct affect on the environment, but to exclude all who are not in their prefered client group seems strange.
Marissa Black
Marissa Black 2 months ago
I enjoyed that the man being interviewed about vest sales is wearing a vest haha
Mayonnaise Jane
Mayonnaise Jane 2 months ago
Funny, I had a bunch of these, mostly Old Navy, in my closet from the late 1990s. Just pulled them out of my closet when the trend started. Super cheap option for me. Lol.
Jean-Rene Filion
Jean-Rene Filion 2 months ago
That one with North Face and the oil industry is the funniest, without it you most of North Face products don't exist.
Chiko Miranda
Chiko Miranda 2 months ago
Patagonia is awesome. As a pale dude from a tropical island, that rash guard with the hoodie on it is an essential thing for any beach weekend. Glad to know they’re good for more than just my skin safety.
Daisy 2 months ago
Saving the environment isn’t a „personal belief“ and choosing not to support companies that do not do the same isn’t „judging“.
itsalolsquid 2 months ago
Lol "Villainizing the tech and finance industries" as if they needed someone else to do that.
Karolita Malachuse
Karolita Malachuse 2 months ago
I think the vest thing is because it's too hot now to wear an actual suit. And of course there's a limit for the AC if you don't want to have money and ecological problems XD
loralie smith
loralie smith 2 months ago
Are you on coke, or did you guys just speed this up? Giving me an effing headache. Makes me think you’re about to try to sell me something....slow the fuck down.
Mc Cheesey
Mc Cheesey 2 months ago
I love you, Phil, but Tuesday is not necessarily us "closing in on the weekend," lol.
darlazy1 2 months ago
lil white statue moves at 2:19
chaos4all 2 months ago
vest = concealed carry. 100%
mmalove98 2 months ago
Whoever made the princess bride x hulk clip deserves a raise
Tiffany M
Tiffany M 2 months ago
They're a big company that's trying to take responsibility for the kinds of relationships they build with their customers. Just because they're not doing /branded vests/ doesn't mean everyone in finance is going to stop buying them. They just won't be promoted through Patagonia. Smart move. It is all about pr, which is exactly as it should be.
Tiffany M
Tiffany M 2 months ago
also could 100% pull off the midtown uniform
youraveragedude 2 months ago
2:47 is that what you used to call your boss? 😂 your daddy? Omg
Darby Jacobs
Darby Jacobs 2 months ago
I feel like the same people that get mad at patagonia for becoming more exclusive are the same people who get mad at people for boycotting Chik-fil-a.
Burlymon 2 months ago
I work in Tech but never wore the "Midtown Uniform" however Patagonia standing on their principals and backing it up....Just earned my business. SUCK IT E-vest!
Clyde Vids
Clyde Vids 2 months ago
The edit at 8 mins was terrible. Please dont do this...
Kat Tea
Kat Tea 2 months ago
Patagonia have always been like this, it's no different from anyone else distancing themselves from people that share different beliefs. The other comments say it better, but they are doing the right thing here. If you want to buy from them, be better to the planet! :)
JBone XC
JBone XC 2 months ago
You can't get a job at Patagonia unless you covet the lifestyle of the brand i.e. if you surf or live an outdoor lifestyle. That's fair enough.
Andrew Sten
Andrew Sten 2 months ago
so why does it seem to be OK for Patagonia to deny business to people based on their beliefs and everyone ok with it but other, smaller businesses do the same and they are vilified? That is a bit of double standard
Admiral Moses
Admiral Moses 2 months ago
Even if Patagonia was less than genuine they are under no obligation to do business with ppl that don't align with their beliefs. Fuck those tech and finance libertarian asshats in their ivory towers, they'd sell their own mothers for a profit.
mostprofoundquiet 2 months ago
I appreciate the coverage of the story but I'm still laughing too hard at "The Great Fleece Freakout" to form a more educated opinion on the matter.
INCC74656I 2 months ago
the new schedule of videos on the weekend makes it harder to catch them as they come out
neongreenfruit 2 months ago
This is one of those moments where I say, the company can do what they want, and the market will decide. Yay capitalism
HappyLarry 2 months ago
The CEO of a company called "SCOTTeVEST" who's main market is selling outdoor vests to indoor tech companies...why should ANYONE care what he thinks, even when talking about vests??
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