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Oct 27, 2020




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Mr Borum
Mr Borum Hour ago
Josh is right, so be quiet! You have to stay in character. And no Ethan, “on” not off like it sound you said it. And how can you guys not see the luck in this video? 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
Awokenfear 3 hours ago
11:36 tobys eyes
lisa merc
lisa merc 4 hours ago
I love how concerned Tobi is x
Carson Lewis
Carson Lewis 13 hours ago
3 year old Ethan just came out of his shell! 2:10
Abdul Burned
Abdul Burned 18 hours ago
Russian man takes back shots
IITTZ T3D 19 hours ago
Francisco jr Velez
Someone gets injured Ethan: 11:41
Nabel Teffera
Wtf happend whit The pilot 11:34
lol 2 days ago
Alex 3 days ago
Anyone else notice the clip near the beginning of the aeroplane one is the same one in willne’s vid but the sidemen didn’t censor it out 😂
Bader Alrefaea
Bader Alrefaea 3 days ago
Ethans too fucking loud
Wiebe Van Mullem
Wiebe Van Mullem 3 days ago
the ski with the bear was fake you can search
HDL G 3 days ago
I done in the aqerim in London
xd Shadow5126
xd Shadow5126 3 days ago
This is the willne channel with the sidemen
Dylan 5 days ago
6:22 ethan 5 mill subs
L 5 days ago
Cam Lampe
Cam Lampe 6 days ago
His Dark Materials season 2 premieres on HBO Max TODAY. Who's watching?!
kian cooper
kian cooper 6 days ago
There's more luckier people someone shot themselve with a shotgun to head and survived. A man got ran over by a car and train in the same day. And someone fell from a plane and left with either a bruise
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 6 days ago
Yo that was sick he's definitely Spiderman
Stephen Utter
Stephen Utter 7 days ago
Ethan wearing calfeeezy merch, pretty sick
Bobbi Bentley
Bobbi Bentley 7 days ago
2 mil jeez
alez dandy
alez dandy 8 days ago
Blessed not luck
Sidhesh Bhan
Sidhesh Bhan 8 days ago
Tomy Gaberšček Škoda
i used the same music at the start in my amateur video, check out on my channel
Zack 8 days ago
"Narrowly missed the man in black" Wtf. They are all in black
Jordan Lee Mcilwaine
Everyone commenting on how adorable ethan is Toby simon and josh fans:😭😭
Tejalkera_Msp love
Nico Engelbrecht
Nico Engelbrecht 10 days ago
Spider-man spider-man can jump from bikes on to cars
MrButtplug66 10 days ago
How has Ethan become the worst member of the sidemen
abhinav bsekhar
abhinav bsekhar 10 days ago
you should have seen the look on Ethan's face when the biker summersaulted onto the top of the car!!!
Trejo 10 days ago
we did bud
Holly Walker
Holly Walker 10 days ago
The plane really said I like your cut G
Redver Stork-Flatley
The list is fucked.
Mikey basicxredzz
Mikey basicxredzz 11 days ago
1:33 tobis face do
Official Da Mad Man Channel
Josh logic 3:17
Eyevan 11 days ago
Like if Spiderman is number 1.
Dasarath Reddy
Dasarath Reddy 11 days ago
how was spiderman skill???
I Love Burgers
I Love Burgers 12 days ago
I dont think they realized that the truck who got hit by the train couldn’t move
Anthony Carle
Anthony Carle 13 days ago
2 small planes and the whole sky lol
Manmiet Virdi
Manmiet Virdi 14 days ago
Sidemen belgian fans be like: yeh u can come and stay with me (I'm also Belgian do ur r welcomed)
Iamthepersonyousaw 14 days ago
Deji intro vibes 😳
HolgateGamingHD 14 days ago
You need to react to ozzyman reviews
Nebula 14 days ago
Wouldn’t they be using blanks in the soldier scene ?
SOLO 14 days ago
I say this more like. top 22 luckiest people to be in sidemen react channel
Ryan Tait
Ryan Tait 14 days ago
Ethan can’t go 2 seconds with out spamming “bro”
Dubs 123
Dubs 123 15 days ago
I’m 10 and I’ve been shark diving in South Africa
Cameron Law
Cameron Law 15 days ago
Is no one wondering where the planes landed...
Xponennt 15 days ago
Ethan Is so loud
emma Kinney
emma Kinney 16 days ago
*People get thrown out of the plane* Everyone: *in shock* Ethan: WhAt ThE fUcK (x3827)
shiv nethran
shiv nethran 17 days ago
Man Dont shout
News Flash I’m tired
Ethan looked mad good in this video 😳😳
Victor Dzivor
Victor Dzivor 17 days ago
These are not funny stuffs guys
Isaac Wheeler
Isaac Wheeler 17 days ago
Sidemen shark cage would be a sick vid
DeWhiteWolfe 17 days ago
Would you guys ever react to hurling big hits and brutal moments ?
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas
Number 12 is a classic fake, it’s so old
kristy Bretz
kristy Bretz 18 days ago
11:15 bravo six going dark
Jamo High V
Jamo High V 18 days ago
I love how happy Ethan is. And how healthy in general he looks
bradley Williams
bradley Williams 18 days ago
Hes already at 5 mil his 2nd is 1 mil
The King Of Jotunheim
Mansour Alansari
Mansour Alansari 18 days ago
Sidemen shark cage please
Jasmine 19 days ago
8:20 I mean...he kinda _did_ 10:10 need to go through /r/watchpeoplesurvive then 11:19 oops bye
Moez Ahmed
Moez Ahmed 19 days ago
Guys the list is fucked
JohnX 19 days ago
Where’s Harold?
abhinandan j
abhinandan j 19 days ago
I cannot for the love of God, get over this outro
Fun InKenya
Fun InKenya 19 days ago
5:37 Please come Ethanial.. we want you here haha
Benjamin Bloch Bowden
JJ & Ethan has got the best laughs tbh, Idc what people say
todor92 19 days ago
10:16 "man in black" ...well.. all of them had black t-shirts, lmao
Raging Bull
Raging Bull 19 days ago
Russians just built different.
Smok y
Smok y 20 days ago
11:00 how did you guys not see the body on the left
Off the Leash
Off the Leash 20 days ago
Ethan and tobys relationship 🥺
Mana🌹 20 days ago
Ethan is so stoned out of his mind
iEvooo 20 days ago
What is wrong with ethan?
Bernadette Pearson
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ⭕️
Alex Fitz
Alex Fitz 21 day ago
All my car guys cringing hard at that e30 crash... tough
HAZZARD LIVE 21 day ago
I love Ethan on this channel
Vasco Caldeira
Vasco Caldeira 21 day ago
Man The first one has to do with the tree that protected the crowd!!
Skjervesbu 21 day ago
Nice shirt Josh
Nati Nadolska
Nati Nadolska 21 day ago
that guy who nearly got shot was from poland u can see it on his arm thats a polish flag
Jared Gabriel
Jared Gabriel 21 day ago
People getting super lucky: Sidemen: *that was totally skill not luck at alll*
Galen Smith
Galen Smith 20 days ago
Cause they’re putting themselves in the shoes of the ones who got lucky. And they know they would call it skill and deny it was just luck.
JuSA 21 day ago
Didn't like one of the pilots of those planes that collided die
mr indominus
mr indominus 21 day ago
11:20 my man said Dr fuck
Excite 22 days ago
Ok i might be a bit late to the party, but anyonr know where i can cop ethans hoodie? Clean af
Lakshya Narwani
Lakshya Narwani 22 days ago
9:35 it happens daily in india man!!
MOMO_shs 22 days ago
no one: absolutely no one: simon: eeeeenitttttt
STRYKER-KERRIE 007 22 days ago
Yes ethan comes to belguim! Yez
Akmal Danish
Akmal Danish 22 days ago
How is this lucky? Millions of people dont even get in accidents
Colin Wood
Colin Wood 22 days ago
Josh psg kit is tuff
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 22 days ago
“You can’t stop me turning round” Tell that to anyone in the military, you’d get done more for breaking rank even if it is a close call like this, it shows discipline
Conrad Delgado
Conrad Delgado 22 days ago
These are the funniest people on sidemen! And Toby.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 22 days ago
Guys it’s not in order it’s just clips and that could go to something serious
Archie Akers04
Archie Akers04 22 days ago
2:47 that would have been a blank round and it was just gas. You are not supposed to shoot s live round into the air as you don't know where it's going to land.
Praga Vici
Praga Vici 22 days ago
hey ethan, i'm from belgium.. you can come live with me :)
Savage Kamil
Savage Kamil 22 days ago
5:05 just 800 k more subs
GamingWithNoah 22 days ago
i live in Belgium its realy cool and shit here
George Salazar
George Salazar 22 days ago
No one Airplane: I like yo cut g
Togging 22 days ago
that bear one was fake I think
PERSONNEL 22 days ago
11:25 forgot i was watching COD
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 22 days ago
8:41 Simon trying not to laugh at "ploughing her down"
Hadel Abdulaziz
Hadel Abdulaziz 22 days ago
Why’s All the comments about Ethan!!
Hadel Abdulaziz
Hadel Abdulaziz 21 day ago
@soiung toiue hahahaha lol
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 22 days ago
Ethan : "i'll do shark cage" *Simon will remember that
ID 4vr
ID 4vr 22 days ago
Guys ya said ull make a football vid n u surpassed ur target of 200k likes
Matt Media
Matt Media 23 days ago
These type of channels need to be deleted immediately for poting this bS
SLOPPYRID3RZ 23 days ago
I’d say I’m kinda lucky I’m almost on 100 subs ahahaha
C l o c k e r Z
C l o c k e r Z 23 days ago
*Twentiest Lucky People*
Oussama Dz
Oussama Dz 23 days ago
Fun fact: The bear chasing the man on the snowboard was fake... the bar was edited in.
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