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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 2 980
Demon Killz
Demon Killz 3 hours ago
I uploaded a new video, I’m inspired by sidemen! Check it out and help me reach my dream❤️
Ørjan Lerbrekk
Intro song?? Plz
Eamon O Mahoney
Eamon O Mahoney 2 days ago
You should do a nine post challenge where you have to hit every connecting post
DoubleO88 2 days ago
Sidemen Take Me Out
Swoop 2 days ago
Do a 180 degree camera recording crossbar challenge
Swoop 2 days ago
It can’t count if it’s not zoomed in
Pat Delaney
Pat Delaney 5 days ago
Jj looks like penny wise lol
Sonia x
Sonia x 5 days ago
Q: was this filmed next to Kelmscott school? Or frederick bremer?
Magnús Máni Norðfjörð
If you look close jj didn’t hit the post
Billy Guard-fox
Billy Guard-fox 6 days ago
Sidemen survival challenge
IsRightAdam 7 days ago
This is a 3rd channel idea
Josh Powell
Josh Powell 10 days ago
KSI finally got his bandanna of from it being supergluded to he's head
christzog 11 days ago
Tobi wtf are you spiderman
PanzaPlays 12 days ago
Do a escape vid
ylll 10
ylll 10 12 days ago
"Get put into a rocket"
Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon 12 days ago
You have the same ball as me it is chamian leagie ball 😀😀😀😎☺🙄
i dont know
i dont know 12 days ago
are we just gonna ignore that JJ scored two identical goals in a row at 8:40 and 10:15
Syed Alfian
Syed Alfian 12 days ago
Song 11.53?
Jesper Chantamas
Jesper Chantamas 14 days ago
Damn ethan got some white ass legs
Jamson Guan
Jamson Guan 14 days ago
7:43 Tobi is a expert climber 🧗‍♀️
ThenamesCactus 14 days ago
Tobi is black spiderman/Miles from spiderman into the spider-verse
Joselito Partosa
Joselito Partosa 14 days ago
Niece or nice vid
FlashPlayz 14 days ago
Play another one of this but on ksi’s hairline
King Sasuke
King Sasuke 14 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Not even a single soul: Josh: MILLL
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 15 days ago
Watching set 2 p.e virgins trying to play football 😂
Shahida [X]
Shahida [X] 15 days ago
2:28 hyped me up that was amazing Simon! Him and toby trying to hit vikk and tobi 🤣 spidertobi 🤣👏🏽 Simon's kicks are so satisfying! also people saying simon bullies vikk everyone does and no one pays attention when he is nice to him.
Khajan Heller
Khajan Heller 16 days ago
1:40 nah nah mate..😂😂
Ruby Moran
Ruby Moran 16 days ago
Tobi n his climbing wtf makes me feel sooo weak
ibrahim savaş
ibrahim savaş 16 days ago
Becca 16 days ago
Bring back the football videos!!!!
Leo Orellana
Leo Orellana 17 days ago
Ethan looks like ally law
Ben L
Ben L 17 days ago
vik tho
Eddie fc
Eddie fc 17 days ago
Do a challenge video I fly to America with Simon's $10,000 dollars he give me I just negotiate a bit of money to each other but got to be Dallas 2 people to a team each individual person in the teams will get get a luxury item to go and buy xxtra like clothes fashion food football boots gaming phone technology and went you have Buys item given at the end of photo shoot out of the sidemen and votes on the fans which one the best photo of the item but must get there person in pictures of styling it and then post it on social media and get it in in a magazine see which one wins
Kieran Cheale
Kieran Cheale 17 days ago
Aayush Kamat
Aayush Kamat 18 days ago
Callum 1233
Callum 1233 18 days ago
Ksi looks like a fat saint maximin
Epic 18 days ago
I hate Simon with a passion
Climax 18 days ago
0:48 Tobi & Josh handshake tho❤️🤘🏾🙏🏾
Lachie Woodward
Lachie Woodward 18 days ago
Isn’t jj supposed to be fit rn
Instagram: DriveForceOne
“Alright Minter, where do you want it lad?“ Vikk 2019
Jay Dyke
Jay Dyke 14 days ago
Wrong video pal
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 19 days ago
Kinda pissed me off how Simon was trying to hit Vikk and Tobi with the ball as hard he he could.
yxngslime •_•
yxngslime •_• 19 days ago
this was probaly the worst crossbar/woodwork challenge
alisuo toko
alisuo toko 19 days ago
I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried to climb up them sort of gates, it’s really fucking hard.....im amazed
Toxic _noob
Toxic _noob 19 days ago
Is it just me it does Ethan act so hard ?
Creed of Thieves
Creed of Thieves 19 days ago
Never seen JJ hit the cross bar once
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 19 days ago
Hold up Ksi you got a fight vs Logan agian
BoonBox 19 days ago
7:41 TBJZL... The next Ninja Warrior
Artfulbranch 19 days ago
10:16 Simon says be a killjoy Who remembers killjoy?
Samuel Cervantes
Samuel Cervantes 20 days ago
10,000 Subscribers With some Videos
This channel would be dead without Harry
yuval uliel
yuval uliel 21 day ago
JJ looks like Tammy Abraham without a bandana LMAO
Michelle Rudd
Michelle Rudd 21 day ago
Massive forehead ksi
ItzRuhan 22 days ago
Who else thinks that JJ is the best soccer player at of all of them?
Ryan Raybone
Ryan Raybone 22 days ago
TOBIIIIIIIIIII That climbing 🔥🔥🔥
Ye Dallodster
Ye Dallodster 22 days ago
Ksi is the only funny one, the rest have literally nothing about them that would make them a good youtuber
Magickz __
Magickz __ 21 day ago
Ye Dallodster nah, jj try’s to be funny while Harry is just naturally funny. Also Toni is extremely nice which would make him a respectable yt
Max Heffner
Max Heffner 23 days ago
To Logan Paul
Rock girl
Rock girl 22 days ago
Ksi: doesn’t wear bandanna Me: lol his hairline
Max Heffner
Max Heffner 23 days ago
KSI is gonna lose
DemonKing 23
DemonKing 23 23 days ago
He did the deestroying money thing
crazycarvell 23 days ago
I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried to climb up them sort of gates, it’s really fucking hard.....im amazed
Rock girl
Rock girl 22 days ago
Toni just turned into Spider-Man
Emily An
Emily An 23 days ago
Kinda pissed me off how Simon was trying to hit Vikk and Tobi with the ball as hard he he could.
Rock girl
Rock girl 22 days ago
I really hate this fucker Ethan. He thinks he’s some hot shit with his pale ass legs. You still got a chore mf
Jesus Calles
Jesus Calles 23 days ago
Hold up Ksi you got a fight vs Logan agian
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 23 days ago
Imagine doing a woodwork challenge in 2019
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