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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 3 118
LOU ASH 4 days ago
So that's where jake Paul gets his shush sign from, from when jj done it after scoring the last woodwork, just saying jj done it first
Xeno 4 days ago
1:27 Slave Trading. No offence.
BANANA PIERS 4 days ago
😂🤣Look at jj's forehead 😂🤣(sorry jj)
Decades 5 days ago
Simon is like that one kid that would compare his height and face to others.
ElLUS1VE GTG 5 days ago
Josh looks like proper dad in this vid
YasaaPlays Forever
7:40 our Friendly neighbourhood TBJZL
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
11:35 and this is why Vikk took penalties
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
If Vikk shot that last shot it would’ve been mad
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
Vikk nearly ended it all
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
Still love this 🔥🔥🔥
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
Still love this lmao XD 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
10:04 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
8:08 racist comments from Simon we love that
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
8:05 Tarzan 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
7:55 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 6 days ago
7:34 😂😂😂
Bloxy Guy
Bloxy Guy 7 days ago
This is nothing, I do the woodwork challenge every morning.
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
when tobi is trying to show he wants to be the black spider man miles.
Zul Zeacon
Zul Zeacon 11 days ago
Could we appreciate tobi and josh handshake at the start without them looking. Just going with the flow of the hands movement to make a handshake
Kevin Mcallister
Kevin Mcallister 11 days ago
Honestly feel kinda bad for Vick
Im 960
Im 960 11 days ago
When they want money they make the video 10mint by missing on per poses
Tahir Khan
Tahir Khan 13 days ago
Ayyy JJ making improvements no Bandana
420 Kay
420 Kay 14 days ago
Bro that handshake at the beginning 0:47
Un Active
Un Active 15 days ago
Fun fact: Ksi has no nose bone
BigRandomUn 16 days ago
When you realise that this actually chose the European holiday teams
Saleh Bhatti
Saleh Bhatti 17 days ago
Simon always has this need to take any attention away from the rest of the sidemen
CamCam Nation PlayStation
Why you pick Simon when you get first pick
Nathaniel Stafford
Nathaniel Stafford 18 days ago
At 3:45 Josh shows an early preview of Gib’s fighting style
MnM Messi
MnM Messi 18 days ago
9:05 jeeez that cyclist
Infinite Fusion
Infinite Fusion 19 days ago
Did vik trip when Harry shot
Emma Bell
Emma Bell 19 days ago
This is the first time I have ever seen JJ without his bandanna
Bart Van Den Bosch
Bart Van Den Bosch 22 days ago
Music 11:20 ?
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen 24 days ago
Why is Simon such a prick to Vik. :(
tim menouhos
tim menouhos 25 days ago
Can we just talk about how jake Paul copied jj’s celebration in his fight against gib at 11:50
Brendan Hodgson
Brendan Hodgson 26 days ago
Should do three shots and try to do the woodwork challenge but a free for all
AakashLOLO 27 days ago
today i learned it take's 12 mins for 7 guys to hit the 3 posts!
Unknown Master
Unknown Master 27 days ago
7:35 your welcome
Addison Jackson
Addison Jackson Month ago
This was def orange and purple team
under_score Month ago
Time to smash it v2 9:36
Grace Laws
Grace Laws Month ago
7:38 this makes tobi fitter than he already is And sorry but H O W
Owen 99
Owen 99 Month ago
What's Vik's obsession with falling on the floor??
Sam Cairns
Sam Cairns Month ago
No one Absolutely no one Genuinely no one JJ-Viiks song is ding da ding
ARNAV Tube Month ago
Simon : oh boy Tobi : wait a minute
Rudvan Baez
Rudvan Baez Month ago
who else fucking hates ethan
ambush 247
ambush 247 Month ago
Vic's better at football then Josh ..Josh is real shit lol
Fahad 360
Fahad 360 Month ago
Who’s here to see every ones funny comments
General DSG
General DSG Month ago
7:42 toby's upperbody strength dho😂
Carolyn Harris
Carolyn Harris Month ago
I predict Vikk would be the first to leave from all the mistreatment. Yal need to stop bro. He's my fave. #stopvikkabuse
chris lalande
chris lalande Month ago
Ugly handshake at 50 sec
Shae Mccalla
Shae Mccalla Month ago
When josh was saying sidemenclothing.com Simons head was in the way
Blizzard Month ago
legit Vik is better at this than JJ
Aqib Aftab
Aqib Aftab Month ago
Aqib Aftab
Aqib Aftab Month ago
6:36 tat murrr though
Dryft Month ago
If you forget about josh in this vid Its Orange Team VS Purple Team 0)_(0
Yasser Kanj
Yasser Kanj 2 months ago
2:15 I thought JJ was wearing a bright coloured bandana then I realised it was just his forehead
Ollie Butler
Ollie Butler 4 days ago
Yasser Kanj same 😂
Abner Mathew
Abner Mathew 2 months ago
Ksi told Ethan was disgusting what about Ksi? Who agrees click the like button
LaterLater-Er 2 months ago
0:11 Vikk just got sniped
Liza Zachariah
Liza Zachariah 2 months ago
9:37 Ethan actually hit a double crossbar. The actual one and the green one way up somewhere in the video
Vanmussy Odus
Vanmussy Odus 2 months ago
Simon oh hello JJ’s laugh 0:33-0:36
Blueway 2 months ago
Vick last pick🤣
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