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The Sidemen take on an outrageous attempt to dress each other in this $10,000 outfit challenge! Who's outfit was the best? #SidemenSunday
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Jun 23, 2019

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Comments 12 564
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 22 minutes ago
Major Chad/Kyle alert at the dude who said vikk plays a bit of minecraft “so maybe not”
GreenJ CJAqua
GreenJ CJAqua Hour ago
Ksi should’ve wore a tank shirt
luther jacobs
luther jacobs Hour ago
Can’t that guy get braces I mean he’s got money
natnael tesfamikael
Njsjsjs Jsjsdj
Njsjsjs Jsjsdj 2 hours ago
Win gang
Ahmed Haj
Ahmed Haj 3 hours ago
Josh is a nice guy
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 3 hours ago
Ethan is a B-tec Austin powers Simon is a white Ali-G
Cameron Doran
Cameron Doran 3 hours ago
Win gang
Ranso 3 hours ago
KSI is a mixture of DR. Strange and Captain Africa lol
Bbnick Male
Bbnick Male 4 hours ago
Ksi lost the fight
Stavro HANA
Stavro HANA 4 hours ago
When Ethan lost his glasses bro were did my glasses go and vik just does not care🤣🤣
Jeff The Banditt
Jeff The Banditt 5 hours ago
Wind gang
Ahmed Eltom
Ahmed Eltom 5 hours ago
Song playing in the background at 7:54?
JacobMUFCschofield 6 hours ago
Vik looking like Ali g 😂😂
Jake Shore
Jake Shore 7 hours ago
Your British, stop calling it dollar
nathan armington
nathan armington 7 hours ago
win gang
Lycorias XP
Lycorias XP 7 hours ago
Docter africa
The_EGamer 7 hours ago
Vik looks like a little version of fouseytube
Batt0usai377 7 hours ago
i may have a terrible fashion sense but I kinda liked Vikk's shoes tbh
Andrea Esquivel
Andrea Esquivel 8 hours ago
wing gang
just really cute deku
Josh lookin like if superman was in his 40tys and had a beard
Rhys Clark Film & Media
simons outfit is so pink i can HEAR IT
Leni Fast Road
Leni Fast Road 9 hours ago
the first that came to my mind when i saw eathan was elton john but, i don''t see it with the bird on. they dhould but a fox around JJ's neck. lol
PJ Ogilvie
PJ Ogilvie 10 hours ago
Win gang down there
Nicolai Longva
Nicolai Longva 11 hours ago
GTA V Online be like
JohnnyTheSnow 12 hours ago
15:47 Oh My My My. I'm surprised that video hasn't been claimed))
Zeran 13 hours ago
officieel youri
officieel youri 14 hours ago
Ksi can play in the video clip off ymca
נעם ישראלי
נעם ישראלי 14 hours ago
plzzzz do another oneeeee
Scott Walsh
Scott Walsh 14 hours ago
Vikki looked like the guy from man like mobeen hahahah
JohnnyTheSnow 14 hours ago
3:05 it's Johnny Depp. Ah, it made me so happy))
Captain X
Captain X 16 hours ago
Boy's be looking like GTA5 online character's😂
Jaydo1801 Salami
Jaydo1801 Salami 16 hours ago
Man city on top
Unknown Broccoli
Unknown Broccoli 16 hours ago
7:42 is it me or his head got bigger 😂
Who you calling pinhead
Simon:Coach Jj:Captin Autistic Harry:What Calfreezy wore to school Josh: Dad about to work or a teacher Ethan: Rave Tobi: I forgot where my socks are and dont know what to be here Vik: Road Man
Thomas Turnbull
Thomas Turnbull 18 hours ago
Josh looks lik he’s about to teach a year 9 class English 😂
Quobblebob Gaming
Quobblebob Gaming 18 hours ago
Yo wtf was 42:14 😂😂
SiD AnDeRsOn
SiD AnDeRsOn 19 hours ago
they should of done this with phil
BLINKS 19 hours ago
Win gang
Learning from the Outdoors
Win gang
Exorce Sphinx
Exorce Sphinx 20 hours ago
1:26 is it just me or does josh have gray hair already😂
Darrel Wibowo
Darrel Wibowo 22 hours ago
The funniest part of the video has to be when the women said JJ wants to be superman
MACKSPIE 23 hours ago
Harry best
Diego Alvarez
Diego Alvarez 23 hours ago
Wind gang
Kuthulu999 HACIM
Kuthulu999 HACIM 23 hours ago
Have these man played red letter
Mythic Jag
Mythic Jag Day ago
Vikk looks like a terrorist
Vlad Voiculet
Win gang
Mythic Jag
Mythic Jag Day ago
Josh looks like a teacher
Mythic Jag
Mythic Jag Day ago
Harry looks like the nibba from the hobbit
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