Shroud Popping Off Call OF Duty Warzone 50k Tournament

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Shroud Popping Off Call OF Duty Warzone 50k Tournament


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Mar 20, 2020




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Comments 80
vitezism 14 hours ago
What’s his class setup
Nikos Pothos
Nikos Pothos 14 hours ago
5:30 bros before hoes
Cap'n DisRespect
Cap'n DisRespect 20 hours ago
49:04 Dude on your right !
timeless entertainment
These are the craziest warzone moments ever ruvid.net/video/video-oEu1EOS0teI.html
Lesa Atuatasi
Lesa Atuatasi 2 days ago
They shouldn't be playing Cod cos they blew you guys up?
Millennial Mayhem
One thing shroud has mastered very well that I can’t seem to get the hang of on mouse and keyboard is not aiming down sights to kill close. I know it seems like a basic ass maneuver but I always for some reason have a habit of aiming and it’s killed me a good bit of times
jj bryan
jj bryan 4 days ago
8:22 down my thirst
Kinghavs 4 days ago
I wonder if it’s easier on pc.. not that i would ever be 10 % as good as these guys. Even if i had three hands and no lag
Hooversom 7 days ago
49:04 that was a dude right? to the right
Arcticnerd 7 days ago
I wish this tournament was most kills and a win. That would make more sense to me.
firmansyah syah
firmansyah syah 7 days ago
So brutal
EnikieLhizie 8 days ago
Shroud and me have the same deep type of voice, i always prank my teamates thinking that im shroud.
yaakoub kennou
yaakoub kennou 8 days ago
Kamno Rambo
Kamno Rambo 10 days ago
I hope this bnans girl got nice tits cause she hella ass at COD!
FMFvideos 10 days ago
35:12 Kobeee
RangaNesquik 10 days ago
Imagine shooting at some randoms and then seeing shroud is hunting you :')
Option Vice
Option Vice 12 days ago
question.. how do u get points.. is it kill base or placement?
Tanya Adams
Tanya Adams 13 days ago
And pretty messed up cuz there's a lot of people that use C4 and they use RPGs a lot I watched a lot of videos from a lot of different people and that's all I see
Tanya Adams
Tanya Adams 13 days ago
I'm not going to lie shroud but you are really good at Call of Duty war zone and I'm also a big fan I love watching your RUvid videos of you playing pubg and Call of Duty war zone really big fan do you livestream on RUvid that's the only way I can watch you guys if you guys live stream on RUvid
G.M.A سيد الالعاب
ruvid.net/show-UC8W4huVJoa0SQeTTYfGbJnA - Cool game Mate
Garrett Boykin
Garrett Boykin 15 days ago
I think anyone can use aimbot dude an you still die if you didn't have that you wold be trash.
David Kitcher
David Kitcher 17 days ago
Who ever this Hannah chick is, she sounds stoned asf :')
Dennis K
Dennis K 17 days ago
What's are your pc specs ?
Peter Tham
Peter Tham 17 days ago
It’s funny how they think running ppl over with a Vehicle is high IQ...that RPG was hilarious
Khapri 17 days ago
Shroud the kind of guy to go after you when he's the bounty target lmao
Khapri 17 days ago
5:32 didnt even buy back his own girl, KING shit
Armaan Pervez
Armaan Pervez 19 days ago
Check me out guys, No commentary, pure gameplay videos ruvid.net/video/video-tavjHY_yg2c.html
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar 20 days ago
Shroud:- Assault Rifle Just9n:- Assault Rifle 🤣👌
Donnovan Maldonado
Donnovan Maldonado 20 days ago
Literally just uploaded a whole hour of game play with ought even cutting to shrouds best parts
Don925 22 days ago
Lets buy a loadout. Bnans: Am I nothing to you?
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira 22 days ago
Ninext above all
Hope Cornell
Hope Cornell 23 days ago
NA players are just so bad. Even his mistake he doesn't get punished. There were so many times he messed up spray/standing in open field without moving. Not saying shroud is bad the players he's playing with are just bad
Michael Boss
Michael Boss 23 days ago
That nade was insane to blow the chopper up half way through the video! Shroud plays like a fucking action hero and shit.
m barn
m barn 23 days ago
the entire cross platform thing is hilarious strictly for the fact all of you console users think you are extremely good when you are really just swinging that mouse around with a blatant and clear advantage my wife could see just by watching one of your videos. Its comical.
He really has good play
DennisH22A 24 days ago
Shroud mowing people down like grass but as soon as I get within 50ft of any vehicle, missiles start flying at me.
水無灯里 24 days ago
Synthetic ED
Synthetic ED 25 days ago
Dang i really want to play these cool games but i dont have a pc, all i can do is watch gameplays :(
Jackie Tags
Jackie Tags 25 days ago
17:00 ninja moves
GhostRedcoatUK 26 days ago
Shroud like a boss.. He's a fucking turn on to watch.. His environment awareness gives me a hard on.. 👍 👍 From Manchester
Brand Scott
Brand Scott 26 days ago
literally haven't heard this dudes name since he switched to mixer lol
Brand Scott
Brand Scott 26 days ago
but still a god at whatever he plays lol
Treanorium 26 days ago
The hate is real on Hannah in the comments. I feel like she can't really do much when shroud and justin have their shift+w glued to the bottom of their keyboard. From the video it looks like she is on some overwatch role or smt. They clearly outclass her in skill, that's a fact, but the heat she gets is a bit over the top
Jason Lain
Jason Lain 26 days ago
Danny Hathaway
Danny Hathaway 27 days ago
Shroud you are a complete prick Haha. Rat
Francisco Orozco
Francisco Orozco 28 days ago
This dude ? He only plays pc?
MightyGenius Entertainment
Naruto Sasuke and yeah sakura lol 😂
Sunriot 28 days ago
"I'm going to have to go" and then he leaves his teammate for dead with having 100% life, a gas mask, full armor, less than 5 seconds from the zone with no risk of the zone out speeding him...interesting decision.
Co!2 Mta
Co!2 Mta 25 days ago
Because he wouldnt be revived with full hp or armor lol, like 25% hp only
Sunriot 26 days ago
He easily outran it. Why wouldn’t his teammate?
Co!2 Mta
Co!2 Mta 27 days ago
His teammate would have died from the gas even if he revived him you smart guy
3aliih 29 days ago
i once had 8 kills and thought i was kicking ass..looking at his kill count i know i'm a nuub
3aliih 27 days ago
@Newtonian time so kind words...i need to up my skills still i think :P
Newtonian time
Newtonian time 27 days ago
8 kills is not that bad. I wouldnt call that a noob.
David Cobb
David Cobb 29 days ago
I love at the end of the first game when they’re tallying the kills and there’s a tiny pause when they realize just how useless Hannah is
seth stryker
seth stryker 23 days ago
@Non Yours simp is just not applicable here, I don't know who she is, not do I care to. I'm just speaking from experience, when I've had "low skill" teammates I found that the worse their attitudes the worse I played. I know the importance of having a positive teammate.
Non Yours
Non Yours 23 days ago
@seth strykerSeth simp is your new name, moral support???
Concentrate Corner
Concentrate Corner 23 days ago
@seth stryker they dont need moral support...nor did she really supply that. She was pretty quiet on the mic with call outs etc..
MeeN MASTERP 24 days ago
Yea she's not on their level for sure. She's not bad but she's no shroud. Then again only a few thousand ppl in the whole world are. Plus they were 13min late, which is an entire game missed out on
seth stryker
seth stryker 24 days ago
Well, she did supply information and moral support. Can't disagree too much when it comes to kills though...
furxes 29 days ago
Hannah is adorable honestly. Definitely needs improvement but adorable nonetheless lmao
Ali Awied
Ali Awied 28 days ago
5ANT1 Month ago
WTF was that kill at 24:04 ???? Did u even see that character before aiming to take the shot?? Things like that make ppl believe you use cheats man... the combination of godlike awarenes plus the lack of reaction and facial expressions makes it look like someone else is playing for you XD
Dr Giggles
Dr Giggles Month ago
His movement and aim is just insane. Makes me say Jesus almost every kill lol
Wes W
Wes W Month ago
JUKE, BOX........ HERO
Brayden Hanson
Brayden Hanson Month ago
Anyone else try watching to see if he still has it
Erik Hovakimyan
Erik Hovakimyan Month ago
I feel really bad for that girl that shroud left behind I honestly would’ve revived here not that she is a girl, but I always revive my teammates no matter how far we are from the zone in case I know that I won’t make it reviving my teammate then I will just let it go.
Sergio Month ago
She would of died anyway unless she had a stim shot. When you are revived you spawn with almost no health and the storm will just kill you immediately again.
Mihail Park
Mihail Park Month ago
Why "gulag" looks exactly like the shower room from movie "the rock". Such a poor imagination. And why gulag but not Auschwitz?
AvocadoGelato Month ago
Shoud could have totally saved her at 23:32 wtf!!
Stetson McCracken
All these big streamers nowadays seem like complete douche bags
Ismadi Hatra
Ismadi Hatra Month ago
7:37 i'm pretty sure he using a 3rd party. 1st he can see while there is smokes from the explosion. He knows where the enemy is specifically. I can hear the enemy coming but i can't fking see. This dude = he see's them in the smokes.
Benjamin Tabor
Benjamin Tabor Month ago
Lol Shroud hoarding UAV's
Oh So Weird
Oh So Weird Month ago
Awesome 👌🏻
Nathan King
Nathan King Month ago
Trenton Whaley
Trenton Whaley Month ago
Well, if this ain't the most aggressive gameplay..
Never Bummer
Never Bummer Month ago
Wow ripping off someone else’s content and getting all these views!! Must have been hard work to download the stream and upload!! Good work man!!!!
Never Bummer
Never Bummer Month ago
Love how at 20:10 they were both more concerned about kill streaks instead of buying her back for the 23rd time 😂😂
Jacob Month ago
You have the most premo content on the market
EcoeMoneyBag 24K
Better than all these noobs on Facebook live 🤣💯
GRiLaKa Month ago
1080p 240hz monitors??
choco taco12
choco taco12 Month ago
46:29 ..the guy went like Say Ellow tu ma lil frien!! lmao.
Yoda Fufu
Yoda Fufu Month ago
Red23 Month ago
The usual 200+ FPS Shroud video.. Boring.
Netherlands031 Month ago
So did they win?
SenmiMsS Month ago
1:01 :20 shroud "down two" before even started shooting" xD
Tom Pritoni
Tom Pritoni Month ago
Caio Andrade
Caio Andrade Month ago
Tu tem vou de arroto. Dói nos tímpanos. Coloca mais esponja no teu microfone, para suavizar mais .
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson Month ago
NEVER eat right before bed. You will develop sores, ulcers and heartburn. Very bad over time. You need like an hour to two before bed to digest food properly on bottom of stomache not on sides or near esophogus. Trust as a midnight gamer since ATARI shit dont end well.
Shawn Wood
Shawn Wood Month ago
I wonder how tired shroud was after carrying hannah for so long 🥴
Chris Harker
Chris Harker Month ago
RPG’s need to be removed. It’s trash running into a team and all they do is fire RPG’s.
VanDera G
VanDera G Month ago
I feel sorry for hannah
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