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Shrek 2 - I Need a Hero: Shrek (Michael Myers), Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), and the Gingerbread Men race to save Fiona (Cameron Diaz).
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After returning from their honeymoon and showing home movies to their friends, Shrek and Fiona learn that her parents have heard that she has married her true love and wish to invite him to their kingdom, called Far Far Away. The catch is: Fiona's parents are unaware of the curse that struck their daughter and have assumed she married Prince Charming, not a 700-pound ogre with horrible hygiene and a talking donkey pal.
TM & © Dreamworks Animation (2004)
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Saunders, Mike Myers, Rupert Everett
Director: Andrew Adamson, Conrad Vernon, Kelly Asbury
Screenwriter: Andrew Adamson, David N. Weiss, J. David Stem, Joe Stillman
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May 15, 2019




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Comments 6 002
Win Alda
Win Alda 2 hours ago
This song is so catchy, and I love it!
Weiland Loveland
Weiland Loveland 3 hours ago
Few finale sequences have, and ever will match the sheer genius of this one.
Panda flufity
Panda flufity 4 hours ago
ToP 10 AnImE bAtTlEs
Jose Gloria
Jose Gloria 4 hours ago
Poor mongo
alam71us 6 hours ago
I feel like a lot of these comments are copying what scharrillas production is saying
Papa Myers
Papa Myers 6 hours ago
It never gets old rewatching this scene many, many times . . .
Laney Russell
Laney Russell 8 hours ago
Why did he sound like a zombie just why
Kaiser DaShawn
Kaiser DaShawn 9 hours ago
It was fairy that killed the beast
French version is really the best ! 🇫🇷
aqua.daily Y
aqua.daily Y Day ago
2:17 Polnareff and Silver Chariot introduction
Fifi The Cat
Fifi The Cat Day ago
I’ve never seen Shrek 2 and now I feel like I have to also what the heck is going on 😂
Prophet Of Grunt
Prophet Of Grunt 23 hours ago
Fifi The Cat you really should! It’s a really good movie
Beeeeeeee gooooooooddd😪
Jade Lilo
Jade Lilo Day ago
They need to make a movie about Lillian and Harold.. because they were the princess and the frog prince 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bullsjunge Day ago
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn Day ago
Prefer Bonnie Tyler over Jennifer Saunders?
ToR Dropzz
ToR Dropzz Day ago
7/10??? How the hell do you press 7 instead of 1 and 0???
yes at its finest
Although you shouldn't need me to tell you this scene is the best scene ever don't @ me
Mike Arsen
Mike Arsen Day ago
Pure classic
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Day ago
That “hit it” never fails to excite me.
Goku Black
Goku Black 3 hours ago
Jose Rivera Ahhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto Day ago
The milk is a shrek reboot. Mongo: 2:37
Sofia Nimz
Sofia Nimz 2 days ago
For some reason my brain can't handle the line prince shrek
LagoonDragon9 2 days ago
Best action movie in history (1 2 and 3)
John Mackenzie
John Mackenzie 2 days ago
Giant Gingerbread Man with that cheesey Godzilla Roar.
Alan Salinas
Alan Salinas 2 days ago
Why is this scene so emotional
Calcifer34 11 hours ago
Because poor mongo man stuck in that mote.
Zed Shockblade
Zed Shockblade 2 days ago
Dolores Umbridge animated version.
chezboi 2 days ago
Shrek is unusually acrobatic
Jazz Espinosa
Jazz Espinosa 2 days ago
I saw this so many times in theaters as a kid, and this was always my favorite scene
ROBLOX RULES 3 days ago
Why are they in different form?
Blackout 1
Blackout 1 2 days ago
shy 3 days ago
1:30 when someone messes with your best friend
shy 3 days ago
Biel Do fort
Biel Do fort 3 days ago
Prophet Of Grunt
Prophet Of Grunt 22 hours ago
Biel Do fort ?
Ren Akira
Ren Akira 3 days ago
WHO CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA JESUS?! Quotes aside, perfection couldn’t sound, look, or feel any better than this.
Rodolfo Mendez
Rodolfo Mendez 3 days ago
This whole scene is what makes cinematography great. And to think this was back in early 2000's. This ranks up to great battle/ climatic scenes in most movies today.
Joshy-boi G
Joshy-boi G 3 days ago
Is that shrek Became a Human?
GuamoKun 3 days ago
Mongo had more development in his few seconds of screentime than most characters get in whole series.
Awesome Jedi
Awesome Jedi 3 days ago
Mongo losing his gumdrop button: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Awesome Jedi wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ivan valdez
ivan valdez 3 days ago
Lmao the beginning of the tune change gets me. "Hut it!" *Ahhhhhh, aahhhh!*
1:43 was this a bigger mistake than electing lord farquad into nobility?
Sharknet News
Sharknet News 3 days ago
this is so sad :((((((((
Ginfleid Steinmen
Aw god here come the water works
Crispy Banana
Crispy Banana 3 days ago
one line turned an entire generation good
Roktoof 4 days ago
Nooooooooo!!! Not Mongo! That "death" scene scarred me when I was a boy!
Mr MQuackens
Mr MQuackens 4 days ago
They lied when they say God rested on the 7th day.
The Tea
The Tea 4 days ago
This song is better than the original
Victorfilms Lego animations
Frederick Zabala
Frederick Zabala 4 days ago
That moment when Prince Charming resembles a lot like Jamie Lannister and this was years before A Song of Fire & Ice Was adapted into Game of Thrones for HBO
Mvh 4 days ago
Correct me if I’m wrong but “put it in C minor” makes no sense. I’m not a professional musician so I might be wrong
Giulio Bonaca
Giulio Bonaca 4 days ago
didn't know George Michael took part in shrek 2
Madolite 4 days ago
This song must be THE most used hero chase song in movie history. XD Footloose, Who's Harry Crumb, Short Circuit 2, Shrek 2, Detective Pikachu trailer, and probably a ton more films.
Miguel A.
Miguel A. 4 days ago
2:52 anyone else liked that part? The beat is perfect! 💃🏼🕺🏻
CHANKY _LANKY 4 days ago
*This song is so epic*
Give me your liver
Toy Story 2 and this are sequels done right
Give me your liver
This is as climatic as climaxes get
Joeri Spek
Joeri Spek 4 days ago
I almost forgot how good this movie is. *almost*
JP Coasters
JP Coasters 4 days ago
I watch this in the middle of the night when I suddenly remember how badass fairy godmother is lol
Donnie Gonzalez
Donnie Gonzalez 5 days ago
Good Scene
HeyAnna 5 days ago
Mongo’s scream is me when I drop yummy food on the ground by accident :( that’s a scream of pain and loss. Poor gumdrop button.
Geezt Jeez
Geezt Jeez 5 days ago
I never thought this scene was something until I grown wiser
Irrelevant Commenter
Raiding Area 51 in the Dark Ages Colorized.
Moo- Ey
Moo- Ey 5 days ago
What went wrong in the film industry?
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