Showing Beginner/Advanced Tactics for More Wins | Breaking Down Subscriber WARZONE Gameplay #7

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I breakdown and react to Subscriber Submitted Gameplay to show their mistakes and provide tips to improve and become a Better overall Player in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale.
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The "Subscriber Review" Series is a series where I focus on 1 or more Subscriber Gameplay from Modern Warfare, and Provide Tips & Tricks to improve while reacting to all aspects of the gameplay, including map awareness, class setup, accuracy, and general movement.
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/How to Be Reviewed
0:46 Gameplay
25:40 Outro
About JGOD:
I started Making RUvid Videos Specific to Call of Duty in August 2017.
The Content is Geared towards Helping players improve by providing practical tips and tricks, best Class Setups, and Guides.
Showing Beginner/Advanced Tactics for More Wins | Breaking Down Subcriber WARZONE Gameplay #7
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Jun 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Aaron 12 days ago
I do like these vids man keep it up
LooDcK 88
LooDcK 88 23 days ago
nice one . he is good and confident unlike me i keep shaking like addict :(
SilentMagic 24 days ago
when does red dot appear? I really thought it's when someone fires but clearly it's not
invertking55 25 days ago
This dude using the meta monthes before the meta lol
HAWK VPG 29 days ago
Recons? I only run Most Wanted contracts over and over in solos. JK, I’m happy with my < 1 kdr.
hotrodsather Month ago
The MG and the PKM do not take mags in real life, the m249 does.....Your idea is dumb.
Diego Lozada Lafosse
the first guy killed in the tower was from bolivia and the second one was peruvian lol.
Puma TheGod
Puma TheGod Month ago
Now I’m going to sub to this channel because I watch your video n you seem chill 😂
chobeducket Month ago
>I wouldn't do a recon because they expose you, not a good choice. scav is better >I think they should nerf recons, maybe make the player a bit more exposed. make it more like the scav
diego crd
diego crd Month ago
Bruen and Origin. This guy predicted season 5 meta
Michael Hartshorn
Going to be taking on some of these tips, I don't play that often and yet to get a win so let's see what happens on Fridays game night... Cheers keep the videos coming 👍🏼
Mug Sho7
Mug Sho7 2 months ago
What does "meta" mean? thanks
Joseph Fatato
Joseph Fatato 2 months ago
this guy played bots
Mike Baker
Mike Baker 2 months ago
To be honest I don't pay attention to people doing recons. I hear those weird noises and keep going about my day. You hit that most wanted though and I'm on your a**
Daniel Remenyfy
Daniel Remenyfy 2 months ago
Correct me if I am wrong, but I actually think you keep your perks when returning from the Gulag! You can see at 19:35 as well, that his first loadout has a yellow dot on it, marking what I assume is the active perks.
Bryan Skyline
Bryan Skyline 2 months ago
Love your thoughts on the gameplay. I wish every solos match I came across in endgame, people didn't have ghost like this one.
Ketamakid 2 months ago
j predicted the bruen would be crazy hahah didnt unlock it but now everyones using it
Sergeant Danelarton
Sergeant Danelarton 3 months ago
My problem is lag during a sudden firefight.
Zach Miles
Zach Miles 3 months ago
When he says the "when the grau gets nerfed" I got so sad
David trueit
David trueit 3 months ago
The m191 and pkm dont and wont ever come with 60 rnd mags as the only reason the mk29 lmg is capable is the lmg was made to take both types of mag box w chain or simple 30 or 60 mag...... The other two lmgs were not made to fit a regular magazine only big box mags
Stefano Butticè
Stefano Butticè 3 months ago
Where i can sand u my clip JGOD
DarkDusk_Gaming 3 months ago
I have 12 12 on ps4
rodywan_kenobi_ 3 months ago
Keep it up, buddy! Love your channel! This is the content I come for. Thorough analyses and breakdowns.
USA c 3 months ago
How did he use self revive when he had a heartbeat sensor equipped?
Anonymous 3 months ago
Tip but not so effective: When picking up an lmg, double tap y or triangle to cancel the pickup animation
S0UND 3 months ago
14:13 - 15:11 is a perfect example of what's wrong with this game... Even though you can choose to push if you really want to, there's no incentive to actually go ahead with it because you put yourself at a disadvantage. The game punishes the pusher and rewards the camper. This applies to all game modes too, Mutliplayer, Warzone, Ground War... everything ! I'm not the biggest BO4 fan, but at least that game made pushing a viable option if done correctly.
O'shea McLaughlin
O'shea McLaughlin 3 months ago
Please do a video like this for Duos. Trios and squads my team and I do well. But duo’s we struggle
Everything Motivation
How do ppl land with no one in sight, I have literally never landed where either they land with me or as I’m looting my first building I start getting beamed by multiple ppl around. I have tried landing everywhere. So annoying...
Stomping Peak
Stomping Peak 3 months ago
What if this guy likes to do recon missions?
Noah Eden
Noah Eden 3 months ago
JGOD recon contracts don't need a nerf in any way, shape or form. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them.
Devin mccampbell
Devin mccampbell 3 months ago
I'm a proud noob and I got 4th place yesterday without killing one person lmao 😂😂😂
DPTAZZZ 3 months ago
nice break down.. i am trying various sensitivities myself ( controller ).. see if i can deal with being less accurate, so i can get turned around faster. lost count how many times i spot someone and cant turn fast enuff..
DPTAZZZ 3 months ago
i can submit a video.. title it ' Well, he's doing his best. so............................"..
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 3 months ago
Why does he keep purchasing loadout drops? Didn’t he have ghost equipped on the first one?
Dr Ghost
Dr Ghost 3 months ago
I started playing warzone since season 4 only (before that I had a potato for a PC so only PUBG lite sometimes) and I play atleast 10-12 hrs daily (courtesy lockdown) and I can't even believe how much I have gotten better at the game, with Grau, M4, MP5 & snipers fully leveled up (not the full game, so plunder only) I have build a pretty decent muscle memory recently with more than 100 plunder kills in less than 20 matches.... So all I could say is practicing is the way to go with a lot of tactical play, so JGOD's tips and these breakdowns hepls a lot, hoping to get regular wins soon and submitting my own play...
A T 3 months ago
Is that a GLINT at 24:16?
shmagmar 3 months ago
What is a scab? Sorry if that’s a dumb question....
shmagmar 2 months ago
JGOD oh Scav. I couldn’t make it out and the subtitle said scab. Lol
JGOD 3 months ago
scav is a scavenger contract.
scream21 3 months ago
Any tips to win the gulag?
scream21 3 months ago
@JGOD bro your vids are quite helpful, keep it up. I'm still relatively new to this, lookin to up my aim control game a little bit
JGOD 3 months ago
not this new one other than make sure you use tactical and lethal
True Bio
True Bio 3 months ago
hey! hope every one is having a good day :) I really wanna become a youtuber one day because i love making videos and i 100% believe that this is my purpose n my passion, and i have faith im going to achieve my dreams! if you can take just a second to check out my vids and if you enjoyed would you guys subscribe? it would mean the world to me, thanks and have a blessed day! :)
Sean Piacente
Sean Piacente 3 months ago
I literally paused my tv and still could not see the last enemy. Am I blind? How did you see the last enemy
Dr Ghost
Dr Ghost 3 months ago
It maybe due to quality of video, RUvid compression strikes again....
The Immortal Legend
The Immortal Legend 3 months ago
What’s up JGod! I had to subscribe after this (even tho your recoil vids were follow-worthy). 1. This dude was nice... I wish people in my regiment moved more like this lol I’d have more than 44 Wins. 2. You broke this down masterfully with great constructive criticism. I recently had a 15 K Career high Win I’m gonna rewatch and analyze lol I might have to post it on RUvid and submit! Stay frosty my friend you icy!!! ✌🏾
R1ckyfrankl1n 3 months ago
You give a great insight buddy. Thanks
Levi S
Levi S 3 months ago
Good vid
EL KARLANGAS 3 months ago
i love the fact he got out of the meta
Patron Emir
Patron Emir 3 months ago
The pkm is better
Rob 3 months ago
14:48 you can see the guy is on top because of the shadow outside
andy lmao
andy lmao 3 months ago
Do new no stock nerf test
Kahwei Chan
Kahwei Chan 3 months ago
Wait... ladders are silent? I can't tell you how many times I've creeped a ladder cause I thought people would hear me. There goes an hour or two of my life.
Grizzly Fett
Grizzly Fett 3 months ago
I see what you mean but the 60 round STANAG Mag is based on the real life M249 Para, CoD MW aims for realism and I'm not sure the PKM or MG34 have these real life equivalents.
Karsen Hummel
Karsen Hummel 3 months ago
After analyzing the final zone, he should have gotten an smg for medium distance when he got ghost in the zone 5 loadout.
Alexis Rivera
Alexis Rivera 3 months ago
The Bruen (M249) has a magazine well because it shoots the same ammo as the M4, so that they can share mags with the person using the M249. Most machine guns don’t have this, so I don’t think MW would change that about those guns.
Alexis Rivera
Alexis Rivera 3 months ago
JGOD well what I mean to say is that the real-life counterpart to the Bruen has a magazine well. The machine guns don’t. I don’t think changing an integral part about those guns is in IW’s scope. In contrast, the AR-15 platform does see a lot of customization in real life, so the game accurately portrays the variety seen there.
JGOD 3 months ago
They could do it without an issue.
darius samuels
darius samuels 3 months ago
I think the only reason they don't do the pkm and mg with a magazine is because they can't actually do it in real life (they dont have a magazine well, they can only be belt fed) I'd like to note in real life as well the SAW feeds magazines like a hi point at best 😂
JGOD 3 months ago
Its a video game. They can add a lightweight reload option for 60 bullets with a fast reload built in.
BCarey1970 3 months ago
All you need is aimbot to be good. point click.
unspoken24 3 months ago
Help! The skin in this video thumbnail...how do you get it??
JGOD 3 months ago
$9.99 in the store.
X Tommydazombiee X
X Tommydazombiee X 3 months ago
Just got my 14th W in Warzone yesterday. Hell’s yeahhhhh
George Chapman
George Chapman 3 months ago
My team can hold it down to top ten ever match. Its the last bit. Always always in a bad position.
nOograss 3 months ago
thanks for that breakdown, learned a lot :)
Chris W
Chris W 3 months ago
can we talk about how he is aiming at the floor all the time when he moves around? This adds delay to target acquisition
EvasiveEcho 3 months ago
EvasiveEcho 3 months ago
Grau for nerf
Ozzy White
Ozzy White 3 months ago
Just replace the J with an A brother.. respect
Justin Irick
Justin Irick 3 months ago
The best of videos I wanna see a trio team go off and you do a breakdown of one of those!
Bryan Bustamante
Bryan Bustamante 3 months ago
JD, I would have used the cluster in order to make the player move and have a more clear vision on him, tell me, is that ok? It was tricky to go up the ladders.
Abdulongnose 3 months ago
16:01 He does have perks whwn he comes out of gualg
Abdulongnose 3 months ago
@JGOD thats weird because i used to use restock i won tge gualg and picked up a semtex and i started restocking
JGOD 3 months ago
no he doesnt. I have proved that you dont in a video.
Firebolt4848 3 months ago
Chico Yo
Chico Yo 3 months ago
I've gotten 3rd place twice in solos. Can't wait to get my first win!
Poppi3579 3 months ago
Can you make a video on how to use discord. I have ps4
Poppi3579 3 months ago
Well I have a pc as well, but play on console. So in order to team up, I have to be on pc?
JGOD 3 months ago
need to use with phone or pc.
Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills 3 months ago
I disagree with the idea of going for a scavenger first. Everyone in my games go for the scavengers first and it's a fight of 1v1v1v1 every time I try to get one right off rip now. I think going for a recon is a good idea especially when utilizing the contract boost you get off the first few contracts to increase the others. You would get way more for the "usually" harder bounty if you do 2 recons or a recon and scavenger than if you did the bounty first. Just my preference and it's usually easier to do them in this order with less people to fight before getting loadout.
S A 3 months ago
98 out of 100 matches no one pushes people doing recons. Totally safe doing recons. More safe than charging scavs on the drop where everyone and their mom are trying to land on them in every location.
В Гостях У Бизика
Hi from cold Russia dude! You are explaining it all right. Thank you so much for this video.
Vishal Niven
Vishal Niven 3 months ago
Senpai I need your light on mine, hopefully you can help me. I have finished 2nd twice top 5 and top 10 a lot of the time but never pull a win.But it never discourage me to keep trying!!!!
Chad Rocha Pamfiloiu
Is it me or JGOG made the dumbest suggestions ever for the recon? At the beginning of the video, he says that recons are not great, they make noise, a big flare in the sky, they leave you without cover and at the end, he says they are easy, they should make more noise or you could directly ping the flare or even do a second recon for the price of one. Like I don’t get it. Do you want the guy that does the contract to die in the first 10 second of completing the contract. I think they are super well balanced. They might give you the next circle but they barely give you money. I hope his suggestion does not come true.
JGOD 3 months ago
Do you not understand that I explained them at different points. 1st part where I was saying as a solo player they are not worth it, which in general they are not for the reasons I listed. Then later on I talked about them in general, which is also for duos, trios and quads which are way to easy since you can do 6 before the 1st zone starts closing knowing where the final zone will be. The next circle can literally lead to the win even if you never get loadouts. Worth way more than money.
r wno
r wno 3 months ago
for amount of work you putting in those videos, i finally subscribed! Thank you! :)
r wno
r wno 3 months ago
@jgod can u help me with this cancel slide. After tap twice my slide/crouch key, I'm going prone almost everytime :(
Jaydon Amaya
Jaydon Amaya 3 months ago
Is it just me or do others feel like the difference between doing hella good and winning really depends on the circle rng. I know i do need to work on rotations but I feel like so many of my games the differences between 4th and 1st place depends on which team gets the circle advantage, too many times I get killed because the circle decided to go on the opposite side of us
Josh nyman
Josh nyman 3 months ago
I need to play with better players. If you find yourself in the same position please hit me up. PSN Formulayte.
jackedupnews79 3 months ago
SavageBardock YT
SavageBardock YT 3 months ago
How exactly do I send a video ?
SavageBardock YT
SavageBardock YT 3 months ago
JGOD thx 😊
JGOD 3 months ago
Description. Link a RUvid video of yours.
saanoj29 3 months ago
jgod seriously top notch content and we need more of these breakdown videos oh and its insane(ly cool) that you read & react to so many comments while having such a big following
Elijah Fantham
Elijah Fantham 3 months ago
Do you review quads gameplay?
Elijah Fantham
Elijah Fantham 3 months ago
JGOD okay i will upload it today but if it isn’t good enough i’ll get a solo win to review
JGOD 3 months ago
Yes if they are good for review. I reviewed several on stream and this is the video that chat said I should breakdown in a video.
JaFro Ninja
JaFro Ninja 3 months ago
Great analysis and break down. If your doing this again I'd love if you break down some of my gameplay to give me an idea where I can improve too.
ChuteU2 3 months ago
Great video, awesome marking the distance at the end to have a visual on the distance for the other player 🤜💥
Andrew Fleming
Andrew Fleming 3 months ago
great video!!!
eRa Qhaz
eRa Qhaz 3 months ago
i hope nobody takes this the wrong way but did anybody else find this gameplay so frustrating to watch, not picking up a floor loot mp5, standing in the complete open almost all the time
Steven Metayer
Steven Metayer 3 months ago
Recons are the most vulnerable contract n want them to nerf it ? U literally have a flare that tells every one where u are while ur standing still in the open
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 months ago
@JGOD Agreed. 3 or 4 guys can cap it in not time leaving minimal vulnerability and obvious, adventurous insight into the end game, lending said team of multiple guys a great hand at finding their final camping spot. They need to prolong the cap time in duos and above.
JGOD 3 months ago
100% needs a nerf for duos and above.
ScottyM3 3 months ago
I updated my nvidia settings based on your video a while back and omg the difference is insane. comparing side by side it looks like i used to play in black and white. Also, does anyones 'cache shaders' setting always reset when relaunching the game? kind of annoying to go in there every time and change resolution back to 100%, fullscreen, cache shaders
Bezerkzy 3 months ago
Honestly the things said throughout this video and the gameplay works hand and hand. This is common knowledge for long time cod gamers or gamers in general. But if your a new warzone/br player be sure to watch it through. Take some notes and add it to your gameplay.
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 3 months ago
Does nobody else get triggered when he doesn’t let the heartbeat sensor finish it’s pulse?! The most unsatisfying thing!
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 3 months ago
JGOD I don’t get it Lol. Doesn’t it only scan people when that wave reaches them??
JGOD 3 months ago
thats the correct way to use it though. LOL
Wooz Bad
Wooz Bad 3 months ago
Nice job bro, thanks for your work 👍
LMLE 25 3 months ago
If the PKM had a 60 mag that thing would absolutely DOMINATE
Its Me
Its Me 3 months ago
JGod, I think it be cool if you would run some warzone with your subscribers! Some of us are decent
Lowkey TooBreezy
Lowkey TooBreezy 3 months ago
Bro the beginning got me dying
zorik23-WoT 3 months ago
20:02 lol
Marshall Deem
Marshall Deem 3 months ago
60 round mag for the SCAR
Ryan Napoli
Ryan Napoli 3 months ago
JGOD - Love the content, I watch all your vids, your twitch, and a part of your discord. I would love to see you do a video on the Bruen like you've done with the other gun series. Also, maybe do the Holger? Hopefully the weapon tuning coming up makes LMG's and some of the other SMG's more viable. The Striker is my favorite gun but feels so blah in war zone considering its not far off the MP5 "in stats" Keep being AWESOME bro!!!
Brett Silva
Brett Silva 3 months ago
brett seaberg
brett seaberg 3 months ago
This is awesome! I learn from my own mistakes but as individuals, we tend to repeat and not learn anything. Seeing someone else mistakes or smart choices seem to click in our minds more. This would be a great series to the channel. One question tho. How do you relate the heart beat to actual distance in front of you? I know the lines are 10 meters but if the monitor says 35, I'm not sure where to mark 35 on the map. It might be something little that I'm missing.
Kyle Holland
Kyle Holland 3 months ago
Use the marker to tell you a distance and estimate from there
Brad Dalton
Brad Dalton 3 months ago
Orgin u hipfire in any building orgin will win any small building
Brad Dalton
Brad Dalton 3 months ago
U don't have to shoot through smoke for bruen just have guy near it shipment makes it easy
JGOD 3 months ago
what about without shipment LOL
xSkadush 3 months ago
Could you make a video about the best secundaries for ghost classes for warzone (pistols/rpg)
Dvo Rak
Dvo Rak 3 months ago
Ello guys, i just won my first warzone game :D, thanks to jg for his tips
Akash05Plays Balakrishna
He's running the Battle Pass Alice skin I think, which has a Operator mission to call in 3 Precision Air strikes with Alice as his operator. Could be why he just dumped it, so at least he progressed that before Possibly dying. I am commenting at the start of the video, so I could be wrong about the operator.
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