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I've had the privilege of working directly with the creators of Hello Puppets on an original song based off their game! Come meet the complete cast of Mortimer's Handeemen!

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Kyle Allen Music
Check out Hello Puppets new game coming soon! store.steampowered.com/app/1582180/Hello_Puppets_Midnight_Show/
Nolan Brock
Nolan Brock 5 days ago
@Zyaire Heath lately I have been using flixzone. You can find it by googling :)
Zyaire Heath
Zyaire Heath 5 days ago
I know I'm quite off topic but do anybody know a good place to stream newly released movies online ?
Gamer Lily
Gamer Lily Month ago
Lol 10 out of 10
Lemon Demon
Lemon Demon Month ago
There’s another? *SHUT UP, AND TAKE MY MONEY!*
Tammie Tyack
Tammie Tyack Month ago
Hi 🕸️🕸️🐰❤️🦊🎃🎃💕🎃🎃🎃
Six enko
Six enko 7 hours ago
white Day ago
Russian spy
Russian spy Day ago
Nick sounds better than in the game
Espurr adams
Espurr adams Day ago
I hate hello pulpit
artist person
I can't wait for midnight show to come out, it'll be really interesting since we know it's gonna have a bad end, Owen won't succeed and die but it'll be so cool to see what he tries to do to fix his mistake, heck maybe the reason daisy danger is so... Uh, that in hello puppets is because she tried to help Owen and the other puppets found out
artist person
Coming back to this because what if the fire was caused by Owen trying to stop the puppets but instead it just served as the perfect cover for them to take over
Hound Lowleadgas
Hound Lowleadgas 2 days ago
Do you have the instrumental version?
SpeedyFM’s 2 days ago
Can you make your writing more better
Pokemon Queen
Pokemon Queen 4 days ago
A new game is going to be released
PilotOfZero! 4 days ago
Luv dis
Arkiplex 24
Arkiplex 24 4 days ago
I didn’t think this was teaser until the end
cringy cosplay boii
there is a new game cominnnnnn
m u s h r o o m
m u s h r o o m 6 days ago
Am I the only one who wonders what Riley looks like without the mask-?
Sarah Sims
Sarah Sims 5 days ago
Not at all, I wanna see her face without it too.
Bowling Dude
Bowling Dude 6 days ago
The fact you got to work with the guys themselves when a prequel was announced.... Amazing
A Tav
A Tav 8 days ago
Ok I think this man is using magic because there is no way someone can make better songs each time they publish it
Eeveelution Gaming
I love whoever voiced Scout!
A Byerley
A Byerley 9 days ago
Without this channel, I wouldn’t know what bendy was and it’s my fav horror game (:
Wonders Amazing Studio
Ya know I really don’t need Mortimer in the ceiling when I have a giant hole in the ceiling at my hockey place.
Lucas Do Nascimento Fialho
Hi how are you? Simply amazing, I loved the voices. amazing job CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL.
Faviola Sanchez
Faviola Sanchez 10 days ago
Esa canción me encanta la escucho cada medio día y pienso que,Hello pupepts
Lindsay Sitavanc
Lindsay Sitavanc 10 days ago
Hey you put my name in is Riley
JeanetteParker1 11 days ago
I like Riley
Burt Fuzz
Burt Fuzz 12 days ago
Puppetmasters regime
Ling Austin
Ling Austin 15 days ago
I love this song! The multi-part harmonies in the chorus almost remind me of a Parachute Express song, and that’s the type of kid-friendly nostalgia that seems like it suits Mortimer’s Handeemen as a show, but it’s been twisted and turned into something unsavoury.
Pedro Miguel Conceicao
Liam Mick
Liam Mick 16 days ago
do you know why hello puppet is not on ps vr because there is too much running ;) 2:29
Evan Morris
Evan Morris 17 days ago
This looks like it had been in 2015 (nothing wrong with that I’m just say’n) Edit: Just put in the last parenthese I forget
Ibraheem Jahangir
Ibraheem Jahangir 17 days ago
wow is this 2
Creepybloom MLP
Creepybloom MLP 22 days ago
why did you blam puppets never die instrumental?
Silver Scorpio
Silver Scorpio 22 days ago
Can we just take a moment and appreciate that two people voiced six characters?
Anonym Funny Channel
madelyne godoy
madelyne godoy 24 days ago
TimmyTGames 25 days ago
I can't tell if Kyle animated the ending, or if that was done by the creators
TimmyTGames 24 days ago
@Kyle Allen Music Oh ok, well hype for the new game, and great video :D
Kyle Allen Music
Kyle Allen Music 25 days ago
The ending was by the creators.
song list
song list 25 days ago
If you listen on 2x playback speed it sounds phenomenal
Lard Lover
Lard Lover 26 days ago
How does this game have such a huge fan base? It’s a great game up until it isn’t. All that buildup and your puppet pal dies, what a disappointment.
Theo Scantlebury
Theo Scantlebury 27 days ago
I knew they would come back. With a fan base developing from such crazy lovable characters and story, I knew they would come back. Especially since Daisy Danger and Nick would be introduced like many wanted to see.
Ashley Randi
Ashley Randi 27 days ago
Add among us song Plz
Jennifer Webber
Jennifer Webber 29 days ago
What is hello puppets
i can imagine that puppet with Kyle Allen merch
John Paul
John Paul Month ago
owen allways come's bake not william
¿Anesthetic Nethical..Backlands¿
....I wonder... Do you know about Deiland or Deathsmiles? If so are you able to make a song about it- sorry they're my favorite games TwT
•C h e r r y•
Riley is always smiling without even trying✨ 😎🤪😎✨
Betsy Eyahpaise
Betsy Eyahpaise Month ago
Alee Anderson
Alee Anderson Month ago
Hello, Kyle! Remember me? :D
Just ElMo
Just ElMo Month ago
Hi!
Martese Chism
Martese Chism Month ago
I hope Daisy is good and not bad like the other puppets.
Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago
I am new to this fandom, but I love it! I am a Fnaf fan but this looks and sounds and the lore I know right now kind of sounds like Fnaf a bit
S. Spyro7956
S. Spyro7956 Month ago
I've been out of the HP fandom for sometime, but my Nick Nack stuff on tiktok is becoming popular again so I wanted to see the buzz, and holy shit I'm happy I did
Green Mask XRGM1267
Never thought players would go back to returning to this burned down estate again.
Noodles Animations
Ok so I have one question when did back together begin production?
Spencer Marlow
Spencer Marlow Month ago
Is anyone mentioning that the part at the end with Owen could be a teaser for a new hello puppets game?!
Juniper Month ago
sewing thread gem
Scout dying was bs I tell you TTOTT
Wow, weird smelly thing
I remember I got in among us with you on vr chat
ShadowGamer1543 Month ago
This is my favoritest song on RUvid and on the universe!
MAN OF CORN Month ago
Puppets never die was better honestly
TopHat Clan
TopHat Clan Month ago
Owen launched the puppets careers. Kyle launched our love for music
song list
song list Month ago
Lowkey used to think rileys mask was her actually mouth
Oh sweet! New Hello Puppet song! And a new game coming!? Yes!
GAMEST Month ago
Am i only one who don't understand why no one make reaction for this channel? Music really good...he even have some videos with Stupendium...that's really strange...
Bennet Bourdeau
Bennet Bourdeau Month ago
Omg I love this game and a perfect song
Ivon Month ago
That last Owen part suprised me so much. I love when songs do this, a menacing little section that's different to everything else in the song
lps and mlp fan2
Purple man
Purple man Month ago
And I only do roblox VR
Purple man
Purple man Month ago
He game is already here it’s a VR game
Charlypint Art
Charlypint Art Month ago
Aterrain Leonaed
Kyle you make the best videos
Lexta Vactchi
Lexta Vactchi Month ago
Another Hello Puppets song let’s goooooo
Zane Bradshaw
Zane Bradshaw Month ago
this animation is amazing its almost like you made the game its so similar
Cassie Headley
Cassie Headley Month ago
Dimentionrush Month ago
Just AFriendlyCryptid
Oh- a new game announced via song? Amazing!
Alicorn Adams
Alicorn Adams Month ago
❌Tiktokers not aloud❌
ELITEtheknight3 Month ago
hey Kyle Allen great work!I love your music.I also thought since you made a 049 song would you thinking of ever making a 096 or 939 song?
arob3409 Month ago
arob3409 Month ago
Johren Jaducana
Johren Jaducana Month ago
Also I Like Your Hello Puppets Song! {Dont Know Why I Forgot To Comment In The "I Love All Your Songs Siren Head , Among Us , Little NightmMares And FNAF I Love Them!"Dont Know Why I Did Not Comment That
Johren Jaducana
Johren Jaducana Month ago
I Love All Your Songs Siren Head , Among Us , Little NightMares And FNAF I Love Them!!! I
Johren Jaducana
Johren Jaducana Month ago
I Love All Your Songs Siren Head , Among Us , Little NightMares And FNAF I Love Them!!! I
Justin McClain
Justin McClain Month ago
The voice of scout has a great singing voice
John Wineman
John Wineman Month ago
This is my 16 time listening
Charsunset Month ago
Your actually really good at making songs your first song is actually my fave song and this such good animating
Maciej Gallagher
Who else is excited?
Jaedon Alexander
Amazing and cool
Keven Dionne
Keven Dionne Month ago
This is great shoutout to everyone that work in this i love it
Mihai Month ago
Kyle is the Nick of music.
Just blank white
Rip scout
Narrorator Month ago
0:49 riley 1:06 nic nac 1:56 daisy danger 2:14 scout 3:02 Mortimer 3:54 all 4:21 owen
@Narrorator yup ik :>
Narrorator Month ago
Also a little fact but nic nac and riley dont exactly like eatchother
@Narrorator oop my bad- but yw
Narrorator Month ago
Wrong time but yes
Im pretty sure 1:06 is daisy danger if im correct. she cooks pies or something like that ig?
the right hand man
i was right PUPPETS ARE EVIL
Gissele Month ago
The mask looks like bowser jr’s rib
OddBall_677 Month ago
Rosco is FRICKING CREEPY. That unhinged jaw is just terrifying
Spencer Schultz
Spencer Schultz Month ago
Good luck owen
Jareth The Goblin King
I miss Scout :(
Mihai Month ago
it is a brainwashing song everybody.
Jenny Wakeman
Jenny Wakeman Month ago
you feel magic in air? covid-19
Young Blood Wolf
The start sounded VERY familiar and some of these lines are as well.
Janson Gabuya
Janson Gabuya Month ago
I regret playing the game cause of the sad ending :CC and cant sleep properly