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The first big PS5 exclusive since the dang thing launched is finally here! And it's so hard nobody is sure they want to pay $70 for it. In today's episode find outs how many of our runs were ruined by dangerous foes such as tentacles and auto-updates.

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May 9, 2021




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Comments 0
Jesse Rya
Jesse Rya Day ago
There Are Places to save that cost 6 ether though I can't remember what they're called.
L.S. Don
L.S. Don Day ago
heres a hint play it in offline mode (if it will let you these always online single player games are getting really disgusting)
Kinuhbud Day ago
lol omg the lovecraft bit at 0:34 I h8 u guize... jk Ily bbs
Ricky Haryadi
Girlfriend Reviews: Shows Joel's scene from TLOU Me: Too soon guys, too soon...
Neversleep 2 days ago
Not to be mean because I love your videos. However, at 1:47 you say 18 deaths but the screen says 19 deaths. Comment?
Neversleep 2 days ago
@Girlfriend Reviews On another note: to one point in your video: I was on the fence but after your video, I gave Returnal a chance. Solid recommendation.
Girlfriend Reviews
Lol! That bugged us too. Matt didn't think to check his death stats till after he ran back in and died one more time 🙃
john smith
john smith 3 days ago
If you want a new favorite rouge like of all time play hades. It ain't super hard or long, fixes almost all the major problems with rouge likes and has an engaging story.
Michael Tineo
Michael Tineo 4 days ago
Where have you guys been all my life?! I was in tears. Bravo! The baby part at the end... 🤣 Returnal is my favorite PS5 game. Do you guys try to platinum games too? (Subscribed. I'm in!)
Kev 4 days ago
Yeah it seems like even though there are crazy attacks you can still tell whats going on.
Dragongard 4 days ago
Try Hades :)
Gunnar Jarvis
Gunnar Jarvis 5 days ago
You and Honest Trailers have very different opinions on this game...
William Trinidad-Cruz
I’m watching this video and my daughter (6 years old) right by me died laughing at the “wittle baby” bit at 6:15. That was pretty great😂.
Bhu Win
Bhu Win 5 days ago
I know its sarcasm about beating this game in 18deaths, but this game relies heavily on luck. I got so luck it would put Dreams Minecraft Speedrun to shame. I beat the second and third boss throughout in my THIRD run, I suck as shooting games (only one I played is Last of Us). I had 300% HP and consistent 50-60% protection with huge damage buffs, the third boss which is considered hard was laughable easy and I intentionally got hit on purpose to see the cool particle effects, until i killed him out of boredom, once again I did not deserve that victory, I kept loosing to my way up-to the first boss by dumb mobs. Please don't count deaths as a measurement of skill in this game lol and just have fun.
Jo Brown
Jo Brown 5 days ago
Is that Gus Johnson's 3 AM cat scream?
Mindaugas Pikelis
Here to promote your channel because you guys are worth it.
SnickersSucks 6 days ago
Wait what wrong with Palm Springs xD?
KashmirKreations :P
So if I use nord vpn it cancels out that I played last of us 2 on easy?
Akshath Santosh
Akshath Santosh 7 days ago
I'd never buy the game. Third person looks so bad
NOLAWSTAR 7 days ago
I see you using binding of isaac music
Firestar4041 7 days ago
Shelby: *rants a skit about casuals* Wait didn't you advocated to casuals defense... just a 180? :v
Antonio Groomes
Antonio Groomes 7 days ago
I made it all the way to the last biome and my power cut off 😭😭 I was basically a walking God and only had 1 death. Beat it with 9 deaths 😭😭
Joshua Pepper
Joshua Pepper 8 days ago
This is hilarious. Definitely sending this to my gf LOL
Angelo Sandagan
Angelo Sandagan 8 days ago
Every dialogue that comes out of Shelby is just pure gold 👌👌👌
BrewCrew5375 9 days ago
Your boyfriend should play whatever game he wants to play.
Girlfriend Reviews
He does. That's not what this channel is about at all.
malta071 9 days ago
I believe you it's a hard game, but I don't think it's valkyrie hard
K Drongo
K Drongo 9 days ago
So, you guys haven't done Hades yet have you...
David Späth
David Späth 10 days ago
This review was hilarious! Totally underrated channel IMO!!! Please more output!!! Greetings from Germany
Alejandro Ojeda
Alejandro Ojeda 10 days ago
I'm sorry, but what's the name of the song playing in the piano? I've heard it but can't really remember the name
Cameron Horn
Cameron Horn 10 days ago
Darken0id 10 days ago
Its time for Shelby to play Dark Souls on her own now.
asgard demasia
asgard demasia 11 days ago
This is like edge of tomorrow but woman that it
asgard demasia
asgard demasia 11 days ago
Sorry shelby this is misinformation actually I return my ps5 so 9 people own it.
Strobo 11 days ago
"The 10 people who own PS5." You mean almost 10 million people?
I love the reference to a Forbes article like anything they say about gaming means something
indigo0086 12 days ago
3:43, which game was that, in the snow?
Yousuf Hussain Mohammed
Hello days gone is awsome game Forget the glitch
samgao 14 days ago
24 deaths and about to give up, I finally beat phrike. 9hrs 34 minutes in, and I had the stupid regenerative parasite on that basically gives you 33% health if you get low. And the -2 seconds for the alt fire jeezus. I’m not a gamer. I’m a regular person experiencing what it’s like to be a gamer and gets frustrated. Gimme my diapers now
shenmuemasta 15 days ago
I died only 14 times. Suck on that, Matt! PS : Don't take it too serious.
D K 16 days ago
This game has all my worst nightmares. Being stuck in space, not being able to save, dying over and over.
I’llKidnap1000ChildrenBeforeILetThisCompanyDie !
4:35 anyone know the song name?
FrigginManatees 17 days ago
5:42 Can you say that again, but slower? :) Just kidding! This entire video just doesn't miss. *Muah* mastapiece
1 1
1 1 17 days ago
Fantastic review . Subscribed
Noah Durham
Noah Durham 17 days ago
What's the game at 3:42?
Robert B
Robert B 19 days ago
19 deaths for beating it twice is mighty impressive. I think I 10x'd that in my adultbabypants.
Dylan Drewry
Dylan Drewry 19 days ago
Play Hades next!! What a fantastic rogue-like that made me enjoy the genre
Mau5 19 days ago
5:51 made me spit out my baby milk
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie 20 days ago
god i love this channel. the funniest peeps out there
Sterling Davison
Sterling Davison 20 days ago
6:14 had me rolling.
Joel Ressell
Joel Ressell 21 day ago
This is just an ad for Returnal... I'm having a hard time believing this a real review.
Girlfriend Reviews
That's probably because it's not a real review. Our catch phrase is literally "this isn't a review". It's a comedy video dude. Not a conspiracy.
Elizabeth Esser
Elizabeth Esser 21 day ago
If you like Returnal's take on roguelikes, yall should try Hades.
Katie Heying
Katie Heying 21 day ago
If you liked this, I’d love to see what you think of Hades and the sweetest himbo Protag who canonically doesn’t know what birds are that ever existed.
Caravaneer Khed
Caravaneer Khed 21 day ago
Well if only I could get a ps5. At least there is finally a game worth buying on the console
Herosparky 23 days ago
“Best Roguelike game” Hades: “..And I took that personally”
Paul 23 days ago
Outer Wilds next
Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
Let's be honest here .
Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
Shelby gamer shaming me made me buy dark souls 1 and 3, as well as hollow knight and sekiro out of the idea to finish them all
Dylan Barrell
Dylan Barrell 23 days ago
Do Biomutant!
nzenisek4458 23 days ago
Thanks for spoiling last of us 2 for me
Stickman23pq 24 days ago
Someone tell me what the song at 4:21 is I know I’ve heard it before but I can’t figure it out
unchartedrocks1 25 days ago
Careful with spoiling shit. Not every1 knows or play certain games yet so idk why u added in TLOUS2
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 25 days ago
Now if I could only finally get my hands on a PS5. I've been trying to get one since last year. Hopefully I'll get one by 2023.
Andrew Charron
Andrew Charron 25 days ago
Shelby’s shaming only motivated me to not fear the reaper….😉 😉
HATman 26 days ago
If this game is second on your list of time loop stories, you should watch Edge of Tomorrow.
hiren patel
hiren patel 26 days ago
Best 70 bucks I've spent in recent memory; and I'm only in the 3rd biome
Sunny Day
Sunny Day 26 days ago
Runaway 🤘😭
Supico 27 days ago
I was just laughing when she was bullying the gamers who just give up easily until I saw she talked about the final boss about the Valkyraes :')
Matt Kayser
Matt Kayser 27 days ago
I love this game even though I'm stuck on biome 6 like a mofo.
Maria xv
Maria xv 27 days ago
Please you two, please play it takes two
Lectrobear 27 days ago
So glad ypu guys noticed its literally Sonys Metroid game 😅
Ramesh C. Scott
Ramesh C. Scott 27 days ago
Ha Ha Ha! I caught This because of the Thumbnail.
Edward Reid
Edward Reid 27 days ago
5:42 This bit had me crying
cfunk1026 27 days ago
Best review ever
Christopher Carrillo
👏👏👏 Great GF review !!! I'm still stuck on the 2nd boss . >_>
Samoccer 28 days ago
Joe Dinh
Joe Dinh 28 days ago
What tv do you guys play on?
Nick B
Nick B 28 days ago
That crybaby section is how I feel about people who call Last of Us 2 complete garbage just cause the story wasn’t what they wanted lol
Pantsalonis 27 days ago
I mean the story is pretty trash in last of us 2.
TPR 28 days ago
That scream sound at 5:34 is Gus from his every cat at 3am video, and I'm here for it
James Stringer
James Stringer 28 days ago
Your ad was interrupted by an ad. What a concept
Dan 28 days ago
6:15 Based AF The entire Soulslike and Roguelike community when noobs cry about easy modes.
Michael Johnsen
Michael Johnsen 29 days ago
6:10 - I laughed so hard at this I’m crying :’D Some harsh truth there, and a great game
Striye Salem
Striye Salem 29 days ago
What is the piano piece at 4:20 from?
Lucas George
Lucas George 29 days ago
Pretty cool song at the end
Darien Guy
Darien Guy 29 days ago
Screw you lady. Returnal is seriously hard. I haven't been able to beat the 3rd boss yet. Having to start all over every time you die is soul crushing.
SHADOWSTRIKE1 29 days ago
I’m so sad that Happy Death Day isn’t on your list of best redo day stories
John Sherry
John Sherry 29 days ago
I’m a gamer baby. Easy mode all the way
andrei sc
andrei sc 29 days ago
iS tHiS tHe DaRkSoUls Of SaMuS oF rOuGe LiKe?????
Frederick Pinto
Frederick Pinto 29 days ago
looks like Nier
Celoli Tan
Celoli Tan 29 days ago
what piano piece is 04:20 anyone know ?
T T 29 days ago
“Get Gud gamer scrubs” - Girlfriend Reviews Hahaha, I want you and Skill Up to go a joint video plezzzzz
Michael S
Michael S Month ago
I love you guys. Script + delivery is just A+
Leon R
Leon R Month ago
I mean i don't usually hate Girlfriend Reviews, but Days Gone is a great game specially if you play it now. You just have to play a bit longer and do not stop at a couple of hours after you start playing it. Actually its easily one of my favorite games of all time. I played a lot of games believe me, since ps1 era until today. We don't always see an open world zombie game with great design and story these days.
PastelNoir Month ago
okay but shelby didn't just forget the upcoming sequel to Happy Death Day 2U, Happy Death Day To Us
Josh Burns
Josh Burns Month ago
You guys should do Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice
Mordren Month ago
You guys should try Hades i s2g
Matt Krade
Matt Krade Month ago
How dare you use Yoshi's Island to talk about baby gamers. It's amazing 🥺
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Month ago
I dont want to play a game where I can't save the progress. I already experienced that horror while playing on my PS2 without the memory card.
Cryptic Scrutiny
Please stop the constant onslaught of insults hurled at Dead Cells. I don't expect you to understand but it is Best Game for a simping incel like me.
Danosauruscreck Month ago
I'd play it by I literally can't
Tomek Roksela
Tomek Roksela Month ago
Oh I'm sure the wonderful people that were able to explain to the angry community what a beautiful game TLOU2 was will now give a nuanced take on how games with a single selling point of "we're very hard and most of you will pay and never finish our game and if you're disabled you can just go f yourself from the start". Ok, let's press play and.... "GIT GUD SCRUBS!" Seriously guys! FML :////////
Girlfriend Reviews
I think maybe the irony went over your head.
Haider Andazola
Haider Andazola Month ago
God I love you two. I consistently laugh at all your videos.
Lukas Hahn
Lukas Hahn Month ago
3:20 oh you should definitely play outer wilds
The Review God of War Deserved