Should the 76ers trade Joel Embiid? Stephen A. says 'HELL NO' | First Take

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Are the 76ers title contenders? ruvid.net/video/video-Y-qXx5YnbnY.html
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Sean Farnham debate whether the Philadelphia 76ers should consider trading Joel Embiid this offseason.
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Published on


Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 80
ESPN 4 months ago
Should the 76ers trade Joel Embiid this offseason?
Georgios Arambatzis
yes trade him now
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 4 months ago
Wave City
Wave City 4 months ago
Donal Griffin I like okc but Sixers won’t do that more like 4 first round picks and Adams plus gallinari
Tyree Freeman
Tyree Freeman 4 months ago
justasportsfan 101 don’t ever disrespect that delicious snack again
Tyree Freeman
Tyree Freeman 4 months ago
Albert Hall no 😓
Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz Month ago
I hate Philadelphia but they do have loyal fans and I respect that
Geet Sharma
Geet Sharma 2 months ago
Why Stephen so calm rn?
Just a number
Just a number 2 months ago
Sixers should trade Embiid for Rudy Golbert, Bagdonovich, and a pick. With that team you'd have a run and gun, uptempo, athletic juggernaut. Embiid is a great player, but his refusal to get into optimal/prime shape reflects in occasional lethargic play and reoccurring injuries.
Ja_76 3 months ago
If we had kept fultz then we might have another player to handle The ball for Ben Simmons 😐
Dalton Webster
Dalton Webster 3 months ago
🔥🔥 *nice tricks* 1:20 💖💙🎬 👇👇👇💜
Ollie Scott
Ollie Scott 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *nice comment🏀🏀🏀* 0:47 💙🔥💝 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
Joshua Gardner
Joshua Gardner 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 *wondefull* 1:09 💗🎥💟 👇👇👇👇👇💛
Cameron Blanchard
Cameron Blanchard 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *i fell happy when whach this* 2:00 💚💯💘 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💜
Alex Odeh
Alex Odeh 4 months ago
Guys let’s just stop and think... what if Greg popovich had Joel embiid and Ben Simmons😳
Sven Lechtenberg
Sven Lechtenberg 4 months ago
Ok trade simmons for for any shooting pg and you got a contender you should never trade embiid
home9dog2blue 4 months ago
Philly misses JJ Reddek
home9dog2blue 4 months ago
Simmons defense is underrated
Daniel Greathouse
Daniel Greathouse 4 months ago
Clippers Receive: Joel Embiid 76ers Receive: Montrezl Harrell, Marcus Morris, Jamychal Green, 1st
Johnny Kilroy
Johnny Kilroy 4 months ago
Al horford needs to go
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed 4 months ago
The 76ers will not win a championship with these 2 on the team.
Mabel Haggerty
Mabel Haggerty 4 months ago
Hes not going anywhere
David Morgan
David Morgan 4 months ago
Embied has Some kind of Degenerative Knee Problem. They have No Point Guard or Shooting Guard. They need To Trade with The Spurs who have A Hundred Guards and little Big Men.
Zello Davis
Zello Davis 4 months ago
Brett got the rotation close to right in the last game, Sixers ab to go on a 2nd half roll.
Na je
Na je 4 months ago
Philly fans definitely did support the process👏
John Giordano
John Giordano 4 months ago
I hate first take so much
Andre Savage
Andre Savage 4 months ago
Sixers would be mindless if they trade any of them
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel 4 months ago
Why blame the coach, when he had complimentary pieces he took them to a game from the Eastern conference finals. He wasn't the one who chose to pay Al horford and Harris instead of Reddick
Alpha Lyre
Alpha Lyre 4 months ago
I don’t care about personality that don’t win games
Jay Tillah
Jay Tillah 4 months ago
Imagine they trade Kd for embiid and the 6ers also get some first round picks
MyTrue Dad
MyTrue Dad 4 months ago
Definitely not the best personality in sports
Howard G
Howard G 4 months ago
They miss J.J. Redick; a spot open shooter.
Cody Sampson
Cody Sampson 4 months ago
Glad we get to watch a guy who never played professional basketball or managed a team. Talk about what teams should do to make their team better lol
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 4 months ago
It’s actually sad how much sixers fans don’t appreciate their team, I’m a bulls fan so that should explain enough. Be happy you’re team has two great players and the fact that you can actually make the playoffs every year!
Ben Szarek
Ben Szarek 4 months ago
Who’s the discount Max Kellerman
Allstarrrj X2
Allstarrrj X2 4 months ago
The 6ers got a good squad. U win some and u lose some. Who would they even trade embiid4??
TJ Brown
TJ Brown 4 months ago
I love Ros Gold's professionalism, she should definitely replace Molly. That is all.
ESSJ333 4 months ago
I want Embiid to go elsewhere to win a ring. Simmons is overated.
Dave Buckley
Dave Buckley 4 months ago
Simmons is actually underrated my dude. You’ll see
billybrooks1 4 months ago
Butler didnt get along with Simmons.
billybrooks1 4 months ago
Not sure Embid was dissing his fans by shooshing. I think he was just saying dont tell anyone how good I am. Overreaction I think.
FBI 4 months ago
Trade Al Horford its like the worse fit in the entire NBA
Russ Godinho
Russ Godinho 4 months ago
He'll be a Raptor next year, along side Pascal and Gianis… A Canadian Juggernaut that'll be hated by Americans
Ky 4 months ago
Surround embiid with shooters
Omar Saleem
Omar Saleem 4 months ago
I don't like this league...People ring chasing by trading players and trying to build a super team......thing is, there is this thing called chemistry...If half these team simply stay together, they should get better. Ben and Joel are young and need to be coached correctly. Sixers have the ingredients, but a poor cook.
BakiSmaki27 4 months ago
Uhh Max Wing & perimeter players are more valuable than bigs in this nba
BakiSmaki27 4 months ago
SAS is such a star fu**er. Yes they should consider it. His value will probably go down so might as well trade him value is higher.
Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson 4 months ago
Yep and bring him to Detroit
Survival 4 months ago
Peter Smart
Peter Smart 4 months ago
Embid should come off the bench. He could be the scorer in the seconds and still drop 25 a game. It would allow Simmons to play his style of game better with Horford.
Big Norsk
Big Norsk 4 months ago
No don't get rid of Simmons or Embiid Or change the roster to much . Their loaded with talent! Stephen A is 100% right it's the coach , and Ben has to be able to develop a shot . Those are the two key factors I believe .
Aj Hudson
Aj Hudson 4 months ago
They should trade ben
Spark Plugz
Spark Plugz 4 months ago
The Thumbnail 😂
Siew Bian Ang
Siew Bian Ang 4 months ago
Don't trade Embiid. We need him to pound inside and also block shots. He should stop shooting threes. Improve his fitness by running more 3km time trials. Better diet with more salad and fish.
All Knowledge Philly
Max Don't speak for Philly.. We got it!
andrew tyme
andrew tyme 4 months ago
I feel people hate on Max so much they actually ignore when he makes good sense or atleast in most cases makes valid arguable points..remember this is a debate
jason jones
jason jones 4 months ago
Get a new coach
AC Yoda
AC Yoda 4 months ago
Just saw a suggestion for Lavine, him, Simmons and Embiid would be such a good trio as Lavine can carry the ball up and create his own shots but you don't want him doing it all the time as he doesn't always pass. Lately has though and become more of a leader. I'm a Bulls fan as well, I obviously don't want to see him go but his talents are rotting here as he's the only above good player on the team. Fultz would have been a perfect project alongside Coby White (seems more of a shooter than playmaker). Guess it would have to be a 3 team trade as Tobias Harris wouldn't work at all for us as we have Otto and Lauri
D A D O 4 months ago
First minute I thought I was seeing two Max Kellermans..
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 4 months ago
PG3 has had some ingury history too just saying
Aaron Serrano
Aaron Serrano 4 months ago
Stephen A - “im not saying you should be fired, I’m saying other people are say you should be fired.” Them not me.
Rankedscrub 4 months ago
If the Raptors could trade anyone except for the core of the team (td3 is core) plus picks for embiid we should do it. Gasol can mentor embiid and maybe ibaka+ picks and some of our prospects can make philly pull the trigger. Ibaka would give them all they need and opens up the court for Simmons. But dealing with the enemy is rare and its hard to trade embiid to any eastern team.
boffadeeznuts Lol
boffadeeznuts Lol 4 months ago
The only reason why embid is tired is because his back tired of carrying Simmons. Even I shoot better from 3 than simmons
Kani Ellis
Kani Ellis 4 months ago
I’ve never in my life seen one man suck another man like Max us doing to Joel
inquizative44 4 months ago
You trade Coach Brown before you trade Embiid. The Sixers are a big money wealthy team, they could've paid Jimmy even with the salary cap but he wanted the sun and fun of Miami and to pilot his own team. The Heat are a surprisingly good team but when it comes down to the wire, they're a bunch of rookies running with Jimmy, and that won't win them a ring....at least not this year. The Sixers literally had too much talent with Jimmy Butler. And it was obvious they should have held on to Fultz, especially considering they got basically nothing for him.
Harry Ellerby
Harry Ellerby 4 months ago
SAS acts like Paul George is an Iron Man. Paul George has missed more games than people without cable. FOH SAS!!
Felix Campbelle
Felix Campbelle 4 months ago
These are the few times i disagree with stephen a. Embiid needs to get out of the lump clay standard. He is like howard during his time with the rockets. Simmons is getting slow by embid. Embid should go to the knicks. Its not the coach fault if embiid is a cry baby and half baked.
dave israel
dave israel 4 months ago
King kev
King kev 4 months ago
Usain Bolt in
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 4 months ago
I've thought Embid is overrated since the beginning.. He can't stay healthy and lacks effort at times..
Diceboxx 4 months ago
Trade Embiid and incur Hinkie's Wrath...
edssence/xzavier X.p.r rivera
Get rid of tobias Harris and Horford
Phillip Young
Phillip Young 4 months ago
What? Why? Who are they going to get for center? You trade him thia summer, the 2020-21 campaign will end up with NO PLAYOFF appearance
ADMAFIA210 4 months ago
Maybe if he cries one more time
Dantevion Rankins
Dantevion Rankins 4 months ago
Dont compare Ben to Giannis they are not the same I remember like two years ago yall listed the players who would be the best in 5 years and yall put 3 ppl in front of Giannis And you were just saying he's the beat player in the league Ben Simmons atm isn't even top 5 Hes never going to be greater than Giannis stop flip flopping And lying Giannis and Ben aren't the same.
DIMA T 4 months ago
Nah, we shouldn’t trade any of our young perennials
Zaire Graham
Zaire Graham 4 months ago
1:23 Am I the only person who saw this
WHAT'SNEW 4 months ago
Trade Simmons for Zach Lavine + draft picks. Simmons is too limited offensively to ever get a team to a championship.
S. Navarro
S. Navarro 4 months ago
"Get rid of the coach but I'm not saying get rid of the coach see wat I'm saying" 😂
Reiss Bruin
Reiss Bruin 4 months ago
Who remembers when people were blaming Butler for everything going wrong at the Timberwolves and saying Embiid was going to 'put him in his place'? Hilarious.
Samuel Aji
Samuel Aji 4 months ago
To be candid Embiid is not as good as people think,Embiid can not take 3 point shot
NANI SORE?! 4 months ago
Joel Embiid aka Giannis’s son
Faron Wallace
Faron Wallace 4 months ago
They need to get ben and demand him to work on his jump shot
Nanotech 4 months ago
Twnz Tv
Twnz Tv 4 months ago
Lies they got all that for Paul George even knowing he wouldn’t play until December and it was BOTH his shoulders which is very serious for basketball players if an injured Paul George got that then embiid healthy definitely can go for more
FTC 4 months ago
You know Stephen A. Mad when he says *ARE YOU FINISH*
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