Shootin' With iDubbbz

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Thanks 2 my good bud idubbbz for teaching me the ropes
iDubbbz: ruvid.net/u-iDubbbzTV


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Jun 8, 2018




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Comments 100
Clive Mathieu
Clive Mathieu 3 days ago
Well done for coming up with original ideas..... sam Hyde
Isaac Deaver
Isaac Deaver 3 days ago
Ethan calling the shotgun a shoty makes me want to crush my skull with a rock
Kledge 4 days ago
Man, i didn't think red dead redemtion 2 would be that good
KillRico. 4 days ago
0:27 music?
Flinch Fu
Flinch Fu 4 days ago
I couldn't make it past SHOTGUN AT OWN FACE. Miss me with that deadly irresponsiblity.
blue_sniper024 5 days ago
i cringed like 10191929 times at how negligent they are
Ádám Nagy-Jovendomondo
Feeby Peels
Feeby Peels 7 days ago
Ballboy57 4 days ago
Alexander Terrill
Alexander Terrill 10 days ago
Wasn't she in the Israeli army? I high key thought she'd be a better shot than them 😂
george r
george r 10 days ago
another sam hyde rip off
baevis 11 days ago
MDE never dies
Richard Casamayor
Richard Casamayor 13 days ago
Yoooo hila way more badass
Jason Lowther
Jason Lowther 13 days ago
Ethan getting toooooo comfortable with those guns 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it! Keep em
Sennin 15 days ago
truly disturbing
KonyHawksProSlaver 15 days ago
ripped off Sam Hyde's "John Oliver" video
Harry W.
Harry W. 16 days ago
I just love that now we know h3h3 owns a semiautomatic shotgun
Red Neck
Red Neck 16 days ago
Duuude they clearly don’t know shit about gun safety
shiz 16 days ago
6:38 hila affiliated with the bloods confirmed???!!
Zoomer Doomer
Zoomer Doomer 17 days ago
Sam Hyde ripoff
DankLightning 20 days ago
the video that proved his hypocrisy. smh
Elitedevil 4 days ago
everyone is a hypocrite
Jean B-droidson
Jean B-droidson 21 day ago
This definitely deserves a strike according to you lol, but you’re literally and figuratively the biggest exception on this platform
Mega ManX
Mega ManX 21 day ago
Ethan went full CNN
which one we shootin ethan? leafy or ricegum!??
leafy or ricegum?
Raul Holliman
Raul Holliman 21 day ago
They both almost killed each other countless times lol, not to mention this 0:55
DDOS Attacks
DDOS Attacks 23 days ago
MDE never dies
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 21 day ago
And will never be replaced by the family guy!
Legend of Nibbaheem
Very disturbing
Sprouts 24 days ago
Lil tay be like 5:09
Drunken Assassin
Drunken Assassin 24 days ago
the trigger discipline is horrendous and the fact they are joking around with the guns like fucking hell the first rule of gun safety is "always act as if the gun is loaded" and then the fact they pointed the gun at hila yikes
John de Vries
John de Vries 25 days ago
Nobody: Ethan: "WOOOOOW"
CHAR KING 25 days ago
RIP Chadwick Boseman. "iddubbbz shirt 7:02
Jaxon Briggs
Jaxon Briggs 26 days ago
Jesus the people are idiots. They Have no idea what they are doing
GiDD 26 days ago
Of course Ian has a great collection of guns! One more reason to feel bad that he got cancer.
Henry Gonzalez
Henry Gonzalez 26 days ago
Thats so awesome how they drove with the guns.
Bandito Le Cheeto
Bandito Le Cheeto 26 days ago
"Truly disturbing."
Faces Ruin Drugs
Faces Ruin Drugs 27 days ago
Retired Israeli soldier turned gang member.
Lonely Boi
Lonely Boi 28 days ago
The fact that these guys didn’t get shot through this amazes me
high on feet
high on feet 28 days ago
Truly disturbing
BAG OF AIR 29 days ago
Her whole body recoiled
MisterInternet Jim81Aristocrat
Sam hyde did it better.
David Bowman
David Bowman Month ago
couple of boys lookin' for a self defense situation
Mo Feng ze
Mo Feng ze Month ago
nice hypocrite
Sniper 20657
Sniper 20657 Month ago
"Sandy Hook Or Colombine" truly disturbing.
Justin Dolliver
Justin Dolliver 3 days ago
@Sniper 20657 sure
Sniper 20657
Sniper 20657 3 days ago
@Justin Dolliver The logic he uses to judge jokes made by Leafy Lmfao
Justin Dolliver
Justin Dolliver 3 days ago
@Sniper 20657 what logic?
Sniper 20657
Sniper 20657 3 days ago
@Justin Dolliver By Ethan's logic, that wasnt a joke
Justin Dolliver
Justin Dolliver 3 days ago
Ian lookin like a professional Eric Harris
Mike Madness Interactive Quiet Club App For Health
Los Angeles really does change people for the worst
Normie Camo
Normie Camo Month ago
Truly disturbing.
Chigga Moment 4000
Came form this hypocrite’s twitter post
Austin Kilgore
Austin Kilgore Month ago
All jokes aside.... (Putting their gun handling safety being completely sketchy aside) It seems kinda sketchy the area they’re shooting in, on account of the fact you can literally see cars driving by in this very video. Seems like the possibility of a fire arm mishap happening while filming this was WAY too close for comfort lol
JTP 27 days ago
@Jaime F He's right
Jaime F
Jaime F 28 days ago
Calm down karen
Nobody casually own a mosin nagant
Kato Month ago
Lmao hypocrite much?
Mr. Nemesis
Mr. Nemesis 15 days ago
He’s literally bitching about leafy making a joke and showing a lever action rifle
Archie Month ago
he just casually owns a X1014? crazy
_ Midddnight _
_ Midddnight _ Month ago
You’re such a hypocrite for criticizing Leafy for posting a gun on Instagram while got you this video on your channel smfh
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma Month ago
Truly disturbing.
Fireball9670 Month ago
h3h3 posted this on RUvid two years ago. Truly disturbing.
Gumball Gtr
Gumball Gtr Month ago
3:10 that aged well
Creamfan Month ago
Bring back this version of Ethan
Jj Bohr
Jj Bohr Month ago
Truly disturbing. What's worse is he manually uploaded it to RUvid.
lubr. javo
lubr. javo Month ago
Leafy must not have seen this video
exzisd Month ago
Still love this video.
neftali ramos
neftali ramos Month ago
They sound like girls in a fight
abelgster Month ago
Such a shame, I wouldn't think that you'd be a hypocrite... AGAIN.
Salty Salmon
Salty Salmon 14 days ago
People do change over the years yk
Ashitaka 5400
Ashitaka 5400 15 days ago
Nooooooo not the heckin leaferinos!
lil kaka
lil kaka Month ago
oh vey!
h h
h h Month ago
Yet again, copying MDE
Mutatio Tentle
Mutatio Tentle Month ago
I know why you are here
Newbodie Month ago
Augie and Bowblax
****** Month ago
Jack Hoberts
Jack Hoberts Month ago
Afonso Dias
Afonso Dias Month ago
Truly disturbing
Alfredo Sauce400
Fr smh
Zexo Month ago
hypocrisy hits hard you know.
Anng3ls Month ago
Lmao what happened? Now he has a problem with Leafy sharing images of a gun on Instagram
Ricky Gutierrez
Ricky Gutierrez 7 days ago
This isn't the same thing but alright
StrawHatRain 11 days ago
Do you even know who leafy is? His subs are fuckin nuts. That shit is kinda irresponsible.
indigo 16 days ago
hes a hypocrite that uses the scummiest tactics to try and make people catch flack if they dislike him
Colossal Q
Colossal Q 28 days ago
Francisco, yes because Ethan of literally ALL people is the worst person in existence.
Fattyvapes 69
Fattyvapes 69 Month ago
*almost kills Ian”
Dragunov Month ago
QuirkOffs Month ago
SAM HYDE did it better
Auxillirus Month ago
Who else thinks Hila could be an actual gang leader
Qioz Month ago
Theodore is so lucky to have iDubbbz as his weird uncle
Professor Whiskers
Ethan: This is my first time shooting my gun Me (who owns a Benelli M4): Ethan that's a $2k USD shotgun and you haven't fired the damn thing yet?!?
Don Cho
Don Cho Month ago
The beginning gave me anxiety
Kill Me plz
Kill Me plz Month ago
Hila is a goddamn gaster dawg
Celtic Pug
Celtic Pug Month ago
Ethan was definitely talking about Keem with the podcast stuff
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh Month ago
Idubbz looks like every antifa member ever
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh Month ago
Flex those 2nd muscles
M. Month ago
Ethan:what is your spirit animal? Idubz:fully automatic assault rifle
Nap Time Deluxe
Nap Time Deluxe Month ago
4:30 that flinch tho
Elijah RW
Elijah RW Month ago
This is the opposite of gun safety 🤣
Big Al
Big Al Month ago
He contract the mosin because it is piece of literal shit
JMPK Month ago
Official space force firearms training
1234 Month ago
You can see Ian doesn't wear any earplugs
Billnye therussainspy
He's from Texas They don't need plugs when shooting guns
jgriffin812 Month ago
Omg. So many things in this video I cringe over lol
GULF Month ago
We all know what song this video needs.. ;)
Insomnia D
Insomnia D Month ago
“Amuricaa fuck yeah”
Thomas Yohe
Thomas Yohe Month ago
Nothing makes me happier than Idubbbz shooting a mosin nagant
Never point a firearm at you're head. Even if the firearm is clear, you should treat all guns as if its loaded. I dont give two shits if its a joke, that really is a bad image. @h3h3Productions
@Henrik Arnold well I just did
Henrik Arnold
Henrik Arnold Month ago
your not on Twitter you don't have to @ anyone
The Cobra Commander
why does idubbbz have a mosin nagant
Electro NOOB
Electro NOOB Month ago
Apex v Warrior
Apex v Warrior Month ago
6:38 Israeli special forces training
Larkhon Nohkral
Larkhon Nohkral Month ago
And now all you do is complain about stuff. I like these older videos much better!
Matt DeWitt
Matt DeWitt Month ago
Didnt know you were even aloud to own a gun in california
WIKING_YT Month ago
Ian and Ethan: remember ALWAYS use firearms responsibly! me a european: ill keep that one in mind.
Dylan Cox
Dylan Cox Month ago
How not to use firearms 101
Josh Michael
Josh Michael Month ago
I wish Ian would have showed you a bit of gun control my man lol. That's the fault of the person teaching you to shoot. Besides that funny shit.
Raven Month ago
1:15 i hate schools
PaperMind Month ago
I’m diehard pro-guns but man this made me question my stance
Levi Minnis
Levi Minnis Month ago
When he struggled to ride the bolt back on the Mosin, I felt it in a super personal way
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