Shia LaBeouf & Kristen Stewart - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Shia LaBeouf and Kristen Stewart talk about what fame and being talented means to them and rave about reality TV like "Naked and Afraid."
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Comments 80
parth dixit
parth dixit 9 minutes ago
This guy know why he is alive. She is still finding herself and at the same time it feels like she is rapidly approaching it. Good conversation.
Brianna Wong
Brianna Wong 14 hours ago
this just makes me luv them both even more !
You could try but you could never find two worse actors to stick together for one interview.....they both should seek new careers...
Steve Ramsey
Steve Ramsey Day ago
Who ever put these two together is a fucking genius- this was a tv show.... both of these 2 artist are batshit crazy and couldn’t be greater....
Housyn Bouhani
she is so awkward
A D Day ago
I wish Shia would have talked way more. I felt like he was the inteviewer here, I wish he would have been asked the relevant questions he asked her. I love him.
Rodrick Lamya
Yeah 1000 Times!
John Lime
John Lime Day ago
She's a fuckin sexy woman omg
heya world
heya world 2 days ago
Kristen seems uncomfortable and unsettled .
John Mcmanus
John Mcmanus 2 days ago
Loved it,hes more into the method and she just, turn up and go for it 🤣🤷‍♂️👌all good
Angelique Miller-Lawson
I would love to have conversation with Shia
Ibiene Bidiaque
Ibiene Bidiaque 3 days ago
Shia is such an introspective person, and makes a fine, fine, aware and perceptive interviewer.
Hanna Palm
Hanna Palm 3 days ago
Kristen: "What about you?" Shia: "YES"
Kailer TheCreator
I want Shia to have his own podcast.
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
Shia LaBeouf is known for something, clearly, and I know I know. but I forgot and I have no clue what that thing was. But he was born for this interview, tripping on emotional deep diving. Loved it...
Ashabet88 4 days ago
I don't understand any of these questions or answers, but I can't stop watching.
K G 2 days ago
Lol me too
Jessup O'Dell
Jessup O'Dell 4 days ago
I love her, but she is really fake. I understand its a defense mechanism for her. But I feel like this time was wasted, nothing honest was said by her, she just said what she thought would sound best. We still have never gotten to actually "see" her
DreamCatcher370 3 days ago
@Jessup O'Dell she does loads of indie movies wtf u talking about
Jessup O'Dell
Jessup O'Dell 4 days ago
Like, she says she agrees with Shia about not liking "plot" movies. Yet she just made Charlie's Angels, 75% of her resume are those type movies.
Im Jerry
Im Jerry 4 days ago
i have so many thoughts but i have no idea how to express them and i just get overwhellmed with anxiety. and when i try to explain something i get made fun of but i have to laugh it off. im kinda like kristen except she can speak confidently but with me i mix up my words i cant pronounce things my voice is shakey and by the end of what im saying i just sound dumb. im not able to do anything bc i other think and i feel like im getting judged. even a simple task of wearing an outfut outside it so difficult to me bc im a tomboy and i dont wanna get judged. watching this made me feel better. but i still have alot of time bc in only 12 but yeh
Heiko 4 days ago
I really just want to hug Shia.
c ditzler
c ditzler 5 days ago
sexual tension
Cupcakeprincess 5 days ago
Ugh why do I want them together
Cupcakeprincess 5 days ago
Kristen Stewart and Rooney Mara interview would be dope. Shia and Joaquin as well.
astralalycia 5 days ago
it's honestly refreshing to see celebrities who have been humbled by hardships and continue to try to express themselves. it helps me keep pushing to express myself in hopes it helps heal others.
tensegritywill 5 days ago
Shia has grounded himself so much more than any other actor.
uv.vibes 6 days ago
i feel like this was a therapy session for them but like kristen was uncomfortable
María Esquea
María Esquea 6 days ago
I loved this. Whatever the fuck just happened. This was like the deepest most raw actor on actor. They got raw as fuck. They went in
John Youngblood
John Youngblood 6 days ago
I dont even know who or what they're talkin about I just really want Kristen.. or I wanted her for the longest and would still jump on the chance if it ever came along. Not holding my breath but I give myself a good chance if I ever got a chance to meet her. I'm just a needle in a hay stack. I got the looks I just.. I have no idea where to stage a run in. I dont even leave my house that much so.. anywho. Is what it is.
Laurie-Anne Gagnon
Shia is such a good listener it's amazing!
richard noel
richard noel 6 days ago
These two were supposed to be massive A-list stars. Definitely didn’t go the way I would have thought.....
L N 7 days ago
It looks like he intimidates her. He's trying to work with her to make conversation. Shia speaks eloquently, and knows his stuff. He's so articulate.
bree m
bree m 7 days ago
"Take a pottery class"
Dillion Johnson
Dillion Johnson 7 days ago
I feel like Shia and me would really click. Not many people really get me, I honestly feel like he would.
dumbeddownnation 8 days ago
what movie are they talking about? i wanna see
Kentucky Blugrass
It tool me a whole 90 seconds to come to the realization that the whole premis of an actor interviewing another actor is about authenticity. Regardless if the questions are preped or not the actors deliver it in such a wonderful way. They seem to have great chemistry with one another.
Mayank Joshi
Mayank Joshi 8 days ago
Kristen stewart what a beautiful expressive woman shame that humans are so complexed and different than they show themselves to be
Amanda Ovalle
Amanda Ovalle 8 days ago
What are they talking about
Amanda Ovalle
Amanda Ovalle 8 days ago
They said shes possessed
Amanda Ovalle
Amanda Ovalle 8 days ago
Did he just say she was haunted
Shyann Love
Shyann Love 8 days ago
I think you have to be a little crazy to be able to become someone else in front of a camera and people and make it seem real!
Kristin Matte
Kristin Matte 9 days ago
Man total opposite energy levels. But fascinating they are both child actors.
ay cult
ay cult 9 days ago
I have to respect how deep these two went in this conversation. They really bared their souls to each other on this set.
Lisa Xavier
Lisa Xavier 9 days ago
Some of the comments here are so insensitive. Some people are sick and they have sick blind hate for kristen Stewart. She so misunderstood . She has a very deep Look on things she's just super nervous. She and Shia understand each other so well.
Bodhi Evel
Bodhi Evel 10 days ago
part of Shia's rehab should include me keeping him away from people like this. Wow....I just hit the moment my parents warned me about
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic 10 days ago
John Ganda
John Ganda 10 days ago
7:28 is the moment these two really clicked and the interview took off
Anna Smith
Anna Smith 10 days ago
No hate, but I wish Kristen had prepared some questions for Shia because most of this interview was him asking her deep questions and getting some answers out of her. Like, Shia has some of the most interesting interviews out there and all she had was, "...and what about you?"
kp3.14 11 days ago
this is a pairing I never would have thought of, but i LOVE it
Nicholas Bevan
Nicholas Bevan 11 days ago
Wow! /-That is F**ing intense ,.and relevant too
Andrew Walker Co.
Andrew Walker Co. 11 days ago
Discounted both these actors at one time, as I saw them in interviews and in other roles I realized how wrong I was. When I saw Shia in Fury I was blown away at his portrayal. This was a really interesting interview. I only wish Fury came up I would have loved hearing how he prepared for that role - love this program.
Cydney Chanelle
Cydney Chanelle 11 days ago
I feel bad for Kristen Stewart. most people dislike her for no apparent reason. she isn't a horrible actress and I understand her quietness because I'm quiet too
Stacy R
Stacy R 11 days ago
She's soo nervous. I honestly don't know why.. She takes movies so seriously and no one else does. It's a movie.. You watch it once for entertainment and it's over. I love Kristen.. I do.. But it's just a movie! You'd think she was on the Covid 19 task force
YoungAspect 11 days ago
Now imagine being the type of person they are explaining, but not having their job to mask the pain. All you do is live in it. 🤟🏻
BiorythmicShifter —W—
These are actors. They get paid to pretend...to play like children, they are not ambassadors of humanity some make them out to be. The reverence is misplaced. One paycheck for them is more than many of us make in a year putting in twice the time. Such a “ hard” life...give me a fucking break...although Shia seems like cool dude nonetheless.
K Anderson
K Anderson 12 days ago
OMG...the deep intense abiding genius of Shia....whew....if Shia decided to interview only extraordinary artists and social justice creatives across an eclectic palette of creativity, THAT would be the MOST FABULOUS art made in this decade. He is beyond and we are lucky he survived. But he CAN'T podcast...we have to SEE AND HEAR him. And if Shia and Joaquin ever made art together on film....I just don't know...what would happen to the world. We might sprout a second atmosphere, lol. And the film process should be photographed by Viggo Mortensen. If Jodi Foster produced and filmed...OMG. Again. Agents, are you listening??
Bella Luxx
Bella Luxx 12 days ago
Shia is real and raw! Very rare in Hollywood and highly underrated...
hoibsh 13 days ago
They both have a lot in common, first off they're both misunderstood. They should start dating!
TheUnseen 13 days ago
I've always loved Kristen Stewart's laugh. Lol it's pretty.
Paul Duarte
Paul Duarte 13 days ago
It was painful to hear shia hate to do film.. that means it’s almost impossible to do a tarantino film
C H 14 days ago
"What does it do to you?" is one of the most interesting ways of asking how something effects someone and I'm low-key into that.
connie miller
connie miller 14 days ago
Love these two together, really appreciate Shia after watching Honey Boy (watch it if you haven't yet) seeing all he had been through. He looks like my ex but I really love his eccentric personality, and this movie Breathless she is in looks great I feel for the character she plays in it.
La-Tanya Edwards
La-Tanya Edwards 14 days ago
Did she say she hates long movies that are about things that don’t exist? And did she say it with it smidgen of distaste? I get the impression she’s moved on from her Twilight days but I can’t escape the irony. I can’t.
Jessica Constantine
These are my two favorite people ever!
lord merc
lord merc 14 days ago
shes CRAZY hot
Austin Wells
Austin Wells 14 days ago
Celebrities talking about how hard it is being celebrities....
Chett Smith
Chett Smith 15 days ago
They should do a movie together Theres definitely chemistry
Shavyea 15 days ago
I KNEW this would be filled with the most COMPLEX concoctions of sentences I would ever hear...
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 15 days ago
Shia, Kristen will benefit from your friendship. Continue that relationship. 💙💯🦋
Zoe Martsolf
Zoe Martsolf 15 days ago
Who let Kristen go on camera with that greasy ass hair
Mia May
Mia May 16 days ago
Shia really needs help if he can get any, this is very disturbing, Kirsten stated so many times during this interview, this is not the appropriate setting to di this, be vulnerable or tap into some else's! And he didn't seem to care! This was really innapropriate! 1- they barely know each other 2- this is taped on camera for millions to watch Kirsten is aware of her feelings and who she is, and she's smart enough not to share them with whoever, that's called boundaries! Which Shia doesn't have a concept for, because he can't even feel! So this is just an opportunity for him to capture someone else's capacity to feel and expose it the world! The guy needs help reading his own self!
Mia May
Mia May 16 days ago
31:00 LOL Wait, didn't he do transformers? Isn't that all about plot?? It wasn't even about plot, it was about machines or cars? It sure as hell wasn't about people!
Jazmín Aguilar Ojeda
Love them both
Cardell A. Griffin
Cardell A. Griffin 16 days ago
Both are really good.
Desitny B
Desitny B 16 days ago
The amount of times I had to pause the video just to search up a word to understand its meaning in the context of them using it is beyond me 🙌🏾
Big JIM 17 days ago
4:15 still shaking :3
Lianna Simmons
Lianna Simmons 17 days ago
This is like watching two mental patients
Dad 17 days ago
Shia LaBeouf and Christian Bale...Similar or Not?
Nubia Sista
Nubia Sista 17 days ago
This whole interview I was like ‘ who says things like that?’ My god, their way of thinking and their word choices are so far out of what I’m used to hearing. It’s nice and refreshing and also super interesting
Kylie Tokaji
Kylie Tokaji 18 days ago
I love how raw, honest and passionate these two are. They seem to have alot of respect for eachother as adults and actors. Amazing underrated actors right here. Not to mention Kristen is amazing
Merecedes Dubourg
Merecedes Dubourg 18 days ago
every interview should be like this. not interviewers asking inappropriate personal questions.
Keila Andrea
Keila Andrea 18 days ago
Whenever I see her I just think about when she got caught cheating.
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