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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
Jake Hedrick
Jake Hedrick 12 hours ago
This is my county lol. The car is on point. The uniform though was correct. PCSD wear short sleeves and don't have campaign covers like that. They don't wear covers at all or depending on the unit they can have ball caps. Good video bro.
Jovani Galvez
Jovani Galvez 28 days ago
When they had a firearm one of the shots was straight up head
Antonio Martinez
7:30 he is good
Jacob king
Jacob king Month ago
The siren is accurate!
Polk County Florida! Yes, I live in Polk-County Florida.
Shazad Bacchus
Shazad Bacchus Month ago
It's funny kuz Polk county is a really messed up county but I like how you used this mod you were on point with all the killing too
OMG 123
OMG 123 Month ago
Drex 9
Drex 9 Month ago
Do Franklin county Ohio
I’m from Polk county Florida the car is spot on with detail👍💯
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore 2 months ago
Suspect: *Tries to punch the officer, fails and gets shot* Also suspect: Right well, I'm not going to jail so I will see y'all in the afterlife. Bai *dies*
Stephen Jacobs
Stephen Jacobs 2 months ago
should do BSO
Doj Police and vloging
Yeah on tv
Fernando Cruz
Fernando Cruz 2 months ago
Yo do desoto county
Lucas Chabbani
Lucas Chabbani 2 months ago
Men det är en bra dag idag så jag vet inte om
Lucas Chabbani
Lucas Chabbani 2 months ago
Jordyn Vickers
Jordyn Vickers 2 months ago
Nice Video 😁
Phantom_ Weilian
Phantom_ Weilian 2 months ago
17:47 oh my goodneass
Fuzzy Toxin
Fuzzy Toxin 2 months ago
I bought chocolate and things for my valentine but she rejected me
Ninja Master99
Ninja Master99 2 months ago
I bought my valentine chocolate
T. Mint
T. Mint 2 months ago
Whenever I open lspdfr, and use a car the uses ELS, it always lags, the it says statistics error, Help pls
vulture 2 months ago
Thank you so much for using my pack! Real G
Cherie Keggen
Cherie Keggen 2 months ago
I I love you this video
Sean Normoyle
Sean Normoyle 2 months ago
Barbara Ramsdell
Barbara Ramsdell 2 months ago
You pray to the things I give you 🙏🙏🙏🏼🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🏼🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Barbara Ramsdell
Barbara Ramsdell 2 months ago
You ever been in the zombie apocalypse outbreak
runeplate123 2 months ago
runeplate123 2 months ago
34:12 that’s the best CPR I ever seen in my life!!! You got her back to running away from you.
runeplate123 2 months ago
31:18 SEE.... just get down on the ground if you want to live!
Gutta Jones
Gutta Jones 2 months ago
Is this mod only for pc ?
Jeremie Valle
Jeremie Valle 2 months ago
Yessss I live in Polk! Love the representation 😍🤩😊👍🏻
Coudes Max
Coudes Max 3 months ago
You be roasting the fire mans
Grayson Wilson
Grayson Wilson 3 months ago
Can you do Maryland State Police.
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson 3 months ago
Hey Steve can u do Tallahassee Florida 🤔
Zack Curtis
Zack Curtis 3 months ago
Message @gta5pcmods2020 on ig for modded money drops and outfits on pc 💰
Darius Tenn
Darius Tenn 3 months ago
im a sheriff at polk county n i can tell you them are not our strobe lights
jerry fooks
jerry fooks 3 months ago
Hi steve i love your videos city supercar vid
kadyn abell
kadyn abell 3 months ago
u should do an insurgent mod
Cameron Bowen, Hayden’s parter
Polk county like Polk County TN
Kingz Norris
Kingz Norris 3 months ago
I bought a teddybear made out of roses for my girlfriend
Mike Werbow
Mike Werbow 3 months ago
Can you please do a sheriff mortercical
The one twenty isaac
I live in polk county
Amir khan
Amir khan 3 months ago
*R.I.P to all that died bless their souls for them forever to be with u-* Oh soz I thought that was real life
ynwpaul gaming
ynwpaul gaming 3 months ago
Do marion county
Bentley Barnes
Bentley Barnes 3 months ago
You do good shows
Giovanni Olivera
Giovanni Olivera 3 months ago
Typical Polk county felony stop shots fired sounds about right
Giovanni Olivera
Giovanni Olivera 3 months ago
Polk county Florida, is one of the most shittiest counties in Florida 🤣🤣 but I’m Florida Soo can say that I’m on deployment Steve glad I can try and catch up on all the videos
XxSONS GamingXx
XxSONS GamingXx 3 months ago
Can this be done on ps4
Angel 3 months ago
Can u have these mods on PS4
TheOnlineGam4r 3 months ago
This police car is from what pack??
Quantavious Lowery
Quantavious Lowery 3 months ago
doing good man
Talon Lehouillier
Talon Lehouillier 3 months ago
Steve You are best
Omarie Palmer
Omarie Palmer 3 months ago
fraklin go on a hike
Omarie Palmer
Omarie Palmer 3 months ago
hi steve i am a big fan of your gta
Rashaun La Mont Williams La Mont Williams
Do a chester pa video.
Marshall Bostick
Marshall Bostick 3 months ago
I live in Polk county and this is awesome
Dwayne Dames
Dwayne Dames 3 months ago
Can someone help me play this please
Diquon Diallo
Diquon Diallo 3 months ago
Yo you gotta do Grady Again LoL!
alex maldonado
alex maldonado 3 months ago
Ayyyyy Polk county Florida 🙌
Dima Visozki
Dima Visozki 3 months ago
Says at the first call out "That felt real for a second" While having 89 bullet holes inside him lol
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips 3 months ago
Do Tampa police department
Talon Lehouillier
Talon Lehouillier 3 months ago
Sorry u are the best
DA_ BIZZNESZ 3 months ago
Like the vids
Big E
Big E 3 months ago
Do Brevard county in Florida pls
Dylan Donaldson
Dylan Donaldson 3 months ago
I really like your videos. So entertaining and funny!
Raidy Maritnez
Raidy Maritnez 3 months ago
That’s my county 😂😂
Nun Canon
Nun Canon 3 months ago
Great upload. The fire fighters were my favorite part of the video. 😆 bro you called about 40 units to catch the girl😂
Nun Canon
Nun Canon 3 months ago
There are a lot of links. I'm trying to subcribe and goto the other channel you have🔎👀👀
Nun Canon
Nun Canon 3 months ago
Good ending😆🚔🚓🚔🚔🚓🚓🚓🚓🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚓🚓🚓🚔🚔🚔🚓🚛🚓🚔🚓🚓🚔🚔🚓🚓🚔🚔🚔🚓🚓
Unknown LEO
Unknown LEO 3 months ago
The ironic thing here is that in about 3.5 months I’ll be a sworn deputy sheriff for this agency. I’m currently in the academy right now, sponsored by Polk County. I like the content my brother.
Dirt bike rider Football
This is how many times he said hashtag y’all Didn’t see that 👇🏽
Talon Lehouillier
Talon Lehouillier 3 months ago
You are I best Steve
chinkysti2006 3 months ago
The ending was epic and haunting
Chaku Tribe of miwok
Rip Kiera kies she didn’t deserve that 😭
Jon H
Jon H 3 months ago
Michigan state trooper next
IAN KOPCZYNSKI 3 months ago
I been to Polk County Florida
patrick peebles
patrick peebles 3 months ago
Could you post what your game setting are set to?
Sherry Rasheed
Sherry Rasheed 3 months ago
Do a bank robbery as bad cop and try to escape 5 star wanted level
HŽ- NewmanNinja
HŽ- NewmanNinja 3 months ago
Jochem Bras
Jochem Bras 3 months ago
Could you use a old Jaguar police car? Might be cool for a episode in the city
AyoHonchoTv 3 months ago
Anybody knows the instrumental or has the link to the remix ?
devon charles
devon charles 3 months ago
Bro steve you’re bad cop could be you take money and selling guns to the gangs... etc...
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