"Shelter" by Porter Robinson & Madeon - (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll) REACTION!

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We watch the video "Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)". This was one of the most emotional and beautiful anime moments I've seen in a long time. Big applaud to everyone involved in this production. AMAZing work!
Original video:
Credits (Full credits can be found in original video):
Original Story by: Porter Robinson
Music: Porter Robinson and Madeon
Storyboard Animation Director: Toshihumi Akai
Character Design Drawing Director: Megumi Kouno
Rin - Sachika Misawa
Motion Pictures: Tomoko Miyata Mizuki Matsuda A-1 Pictures Satomi Tabuchi Mika Sugiyama Seira Yamagishi Kanna Hirayama ingresA P.A.WORKS StudioGokumi GIMLET LIDENFILMS Osaka LIDENFILMS Kyoto ASAHI PRODUCTION Anime-R Snowlightstaff
Painted by: Asuka Yokota Mayu Morita Ayaka Nagai Kyoko Hara Ayaka Murakami Akane Edagawa Ayaka Suzuki Mana Hokuto
Special Effects: Aya Kubota (Graphinica)
Art Director: Yusuke Takeda (Bamboo)
CGI Animation: Yuusuke Noma You Fukuda Shigeru Horiguchi
Editing: Akinori Mishima (Graphinica)
Sound Recording Director: Akiko Fujita
Sound Production Manager: Yusuke Watanabe
Sound Recording Production: HALF H.P STUDIO
Executive Producer: Porter Robinson
Producer: Vincent Shortino (Crunchyroll) Takuma Sugi (Crunchyroll) Masanori Miyake Akira Shimizu Takamitsu Inoue
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
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Oct 20, 2016

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Comments 1 251
Andre Baumann
I'm so glad he cried, I didn't wanna be the only one, but reading the comments, I wasn't
Rylance Pleb potatoes
You are actially right
SmOl BeAn UvU
SmOl BeAn UvU 7 days ago
Ok let just say "Haters gotta hate" and also what I think is going on its plugged into her cause she is in her ship and she sleeps where she feels like she is in the real world but she realizes she's is in a simulation
Satou _ matsuzaka
Satou _ matsuzaka 15 days ago
Furret 17 days ago
''Even the world is yours, You are alone.''
Kris Liwanag
Kris Liwanag 18 days ago
Yes its her
Ngô Nguyễn
Ngô Nguyễn 19 days ago
In the last scene you can see that she's going to land on a living planet in a computer screen
故事大綱(? 那個女孩叫凜,17歲 其實以下的畫面可能都是凜的想像空間,人類也早就因為隕石(應該是隕石)滅亡 而凜在7歲時被他的爸爸裝進太空艙裡使用{VR}沉睡著(大概是這樣)就這樣過了10年 凜每天都這樣生活著,直到有一天,平板電腦突然畫出了一個地圖,那是凜和他爸爸的回憶,一段美好的回憶. 直到有一天,東京突然出現隕石,凜就這樣和他爸爸{被迫}分開,獨自在太空中沉睡著.凜爸把凜送上太空之後,就一起等待地球滅亡(? 明白真相的凜大哭著,突然有一10年前發出的信件,最後的畫面顯現出凜確實在太空艙沉睡著,故事就結束了. 凜可能是最後一個地球人,也可能不是,也可能還有人在別的星球上生存著 如果有錯的話歡迎糾正XDDDDDDDDD
我超愛這首歌的!!!(雖然我是台灣人 XDXDXD)
유언 25 days ago
linh mai nguyen chi
The song + Ur voice with mic + Mah headphone= My ear ded :))
白夜 Month ago
הודיה בר יוסף
am I the only one that thought "wait, if she's all alone... Than humanity is...?!" and if so... why would she bother to LIVE? I mean she might live all her life searching for another civilisation that doesn't exist!
Akheng Ang
Akheng Ang Month ago
Me : Play’s the video while cutting onion’s Mr.Onion’s : *crying*
Robert Jules
Robert Jules 2 months ago
This guyy reaction good v:
San HD
San HD 2 months ago
And this is why I only watched the anime version only a few times... so sad 😞
Kwitie-chan Artz!
Kwitie-chan Artz! 2 months ago
He’s crazy hearing this song XD
Shelter ... I see ... She is a sleeping beauty. (´・ω・`)叙情的な映像だね
Maurya shivanshu
Maurya shivanshu 2 months ago
'Category : Gaming'
Fury Sama
Fury Sama 2 months ago
You stole my reaction mah man..
Ethan Chen
Ethan Chen 3 months ago
So sad somebody save her
Rensuki Chan
Rensuki Chan Month ago
No can do Ethan earth got rekt by a rouge planet Which mean earth is destroyed and Rin is just gonna wait till he got to a habitable planet
Dj Chan
Dj Chan 3 months ago
I am crying at the end 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Dwi Orekii
Dwi Orekii 3 months ago
Hey dude you cry me too 😭😭
Eva Undertale
Eva Undertale 4 months ago
that video always makes me cry
リrin 4 months ago
I wish this was a movie not a short film because if this is a movie may be this movie will fill your room with tears and floating tishu sorry IAM bad at spelling
Akira5 4 months ago
That song is a masterpiece for my ears
DIPESH BASNET 4 months ago
Good Analysis Bro... Thanks
Paradox Master
Paradox Master 4 months ago
Trelerxhyper 5 months ago
Why no anime why no movie this deserves it soo much
Amaya4Dayz 5 months ago
Can we get some F to her dad?
Dinda Endryani
Dinda Endryani 5 months ago
Shelter favorite me lyrics 👏👐 👇. 👇
Mafia _ Blue Blade
Mafia _ Blue Blade 5 months ago
This is the sixth times I've watching this short anime film and I still cry 😭
thuy nguyen
thuy nguyen 5 months ago
*hol up* there was two seats in the pod one was for rin and the other was for the teddy bear *nani*
Amporn Krittayawutthikun
Me cry T^T i love anime shelter °∆°
florian elezaj
florian elezaj 5 months ago
And for anyone wondering, this is what the letter from Rin’s dad said at the end. - To Rin From: Dad There was far too little time left after you were born. I wonder how much love I was able to show after your mother passed... Seeing you cheerful and well gave your old man courage. It really would have been better if we could have gone together, but I couldn't make it work. I thought I wanted you to forget everything and go forward...knowing you, you'll be okay. You'll realize your loneliness, and surely remember me. I believe that you'll grow strong and read this letter. I wish we could have made more memories. I'm sorry. When you were little you probably didn't understand well, but now you should. I'll say the words from that day once more.
Ahri 5 months ago
Favourite song of all time. Porter, I trusted in you, and you gave me Shelter. Thank you.
Diml Finale
Diml Finale 6 months ago
Every time I watch this video, I cry a lot
Ivan The Great
Ivan The Great 6 months ago
I totally agree about the movie idea !!!
Dragplayz Gaming&Nightcore
Can i cry again? 😭yep because this video is very beautiful
amaru meg
amaru meg 6 months ago
Rin deserve a happy ending... 😭😭
Dang dao
Dang dao 6 months ago
I cries this one I cries sir day
harcherr 6 months ago
Menudo mariconnnnnnn!!!
jeff okello
jeff okello 6 months ago
Each time i watch this i cry literally
Insane Panda
Insane Panda 6 months ago
I cry evertime I watch this.
LuvIndie Games
LuvIndie Games 6 months ago
I cry every time.
PM3003 6 months ago
This is so cute and sad in the same time
先輩HIRAKA 7 months ago
FUTURE MUSIC 7 months ago
I'm cry:(
Kanne 7 months ago
Kanne 7 months ago
Next videos