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Watch the front end lift up on this one-of-one Ford Bronco restomod once owned by Craig Ferguson. Built by Ford Performance, SEMA Garage, and LGE-CTS, this Bronco is now a proud part of Jay’s collection.
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Shelby GT500 Powered 1968 Ford Bronco - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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Jul 12, 2020




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Comments 100
=UMPA= TAS 6 hours ago
That was a great idea Jay! The reason it went so fast was the simplicity of the existing system, and the body was in great shape. And the team was awsome. Now would you book a show in Toledo?
Jesus saves
Jesus saves 7 hours ago
That Bronco is a beautiful beast. My 89 is so jealous. Thank you Jay
Ragnarok 15 hours ago
That is so cool, absolutely stunning
John Roberts
John Roberts 15 hours ago
Jay Leno is the coolest celebrity. So chill and funny with mechanical knowledge and a love for motorsports 👍
Joshy Presley
This Leno bloke sickens me with all your stinking wealth why don’t you help struggling families instead of buying every bloody car you see . Personally you really sicken me .
Paul Butler
Paul Butler Day ago
Who the hell puts a dislike on this video!
Natas Liah
Natas Liah Day ago
i see a citroen 2 cv behind , what about a bugatti chiron engine in it Jay ?
Chris Townsend
So nice how the rich have so much!!! Do you share jay???? I'm a single dad and I droll over your vehicles!!! I work hard to have my 1987 bronco 2!! I love it but damn can't compare it with your carss!!??? I enjoy!! Must be nice!!!!!💯🔨🏈🍀🎼❤️🍀👍🏻🙏💡🐟💎✨
Russell Weber III
So where is the red 1968 bronco, that blue bronco isn't it, different chassis, engine, transmission and drive train and sheet metal.
john K
john K Day ago
Hey Ford, you give that motor I’ll even let you put it in my Dodge Charger! Lol
pineyLt Day ago
It’s only a sleeper until they see you Jay behind the wheel... 🤔🙄😁👍
Tom_E Calm_7
Tom_E Calm_7 Day ago
O.J. Simpson approved!
Youtube Account
What can you even do with that much power in that chassis? Wheelies?
Pitkin Avenue
Hey will you give me a car Jay? Nothing fancy, a little four cylinder automatic simple engine is all it takes to make me happy. 😄😏 Xoxo
SirensC3 Day ago
And the common man dreams of owning just one of these wonderful vehicles. He has how many? Yes I am jealous! Very nice Jay! Very nice! Congrats.
Beautiful vehicle Mr. Leno. I had a 73 that I kick myself almost daily for letting it go
smallies 4life
Love this vehicle
smallies 4life
He is certainly a better car guy he has never said anything funny
Preston Chapman
Preston Chapman 2 days ago
thought it was black
Robert Britton
Robert Britton 2 days ago
I love that Jay is a Ford guy at heart. His story about he and his father ordering that 7Litre galaxy 500 just cracked me up. Jay is a funny guy. I wish he'd come back to late night tv. Jimmie Kimmel and the other idiots totally screwed up late night tv.
News 9 Live
News 9 Live 2 days ago
Who cares jay
Eric R
Eric R 2 days ago
And let it be known that this, this is the vehicle that ends up killing Jay Leno. That thing is a BEAST and seems very wildly.
Gregory Troncales
My daughters, kris/kat dream truck. Thnk you for showing this. Something to emulate. Unfortunately, on a beer budget. Lol. Thnk you for the inspiration.
SUP2EMAN 2 days ago
I’ll bet Craig wants his Bronco back
Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4
That’s a killer build, I think it originally had a NP425/NP205 & I would have tried to keep that... just me being an old guy I guess...
Edgar Cook
Edgar Cook 3 days ago
No headliner? a noisy unit...
Edgar Cook
Edgar Cook 3 days ago
98" wheelbase on a '66 Sting Ray could whip around on ya...
Edgar Cook
Edgar Cook 3 days ago
Crown Vic '55-'56 had the X as well.
Edgar Cook
Edgar Cook 3 days ago
Should've used a '56 Ford convertible frame with its "X".
Edgar Cook
Edgar Cook 3 days ago
How short is that wheelbase?
R Dykes
R Dykes 3 days ago
Hey Jay , if you're smoking any thing stogies, pipe , whatever! STOP, STOP NOW !!!
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 3 days ago
Your people do nice work jay
Joseph Cashen
Joseph Cashen 3 days ago
In a word.. WOW! Have fun and be safe Jay!
Marty 3 days ago
The way American Vehicles should be made. Simple, Powerful and Useful.
Michael Peebles
Michael Peebles 3 days ago
You know you've got some pull when Ford Motor Company gets involved with your personal project.
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 3 days ago
The sound from that engine had me on the floor laughing. The thing is rediculous!
Manny Carvalho
Manny Carvalho 3 days ago
Must be REAL NICE to be JAY LENO he’s a great dude down to earth somebody I would have lunch with and chill out talk about cars
Toby Dammit
Toby Dammit 4 days ago
Such an amazing ride.
Adam Skinner
Adam Skinner 4 days ago
My face is beginning to ache from the grin I'm wearing.
Really Happenings
Immediately to craigslist --->>>
JP Guthrie
JP Guthrie 4 days ago
I found a '68 Bronco with a 427 Ford V8 for $2500 just a couple of years ago. The reason it was so cheap is because I found it in Tokyo, Japan, and the engine was sitting in the back. The engine is now sitting in the right place, but the car is not complete yet. The small parts for these old Broncos are not so common here in Japan.
Bill In The Box
Bill In The Box 4 days ago
Let's just agree, this is the funniest Bronco ever, with the best back-story.
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno 4 days ago
I'm not a ford guy but this is something I'd get
Chris B
Chris B 4 days ago
CF just called, he wants his car back...
I love America
I love America 4 days ago
Marty Robichaud
Marty Robichaud 4 days ago
Wow amazing like always thanks mr leno
ora et labora
ora et labora 4 days ago
It's not a shade of blue it's a tint of blue, shade refers to value not color.
ora et labora
ora et labora 4 days ago
The new bronco should have looked like this, big mistake by Ford.
J M 4 days ago
Three months??!! It took Ford 4 months to build my Raptor on an assembly line. Must be nice to be famous... 🤣 Gorgeous truck regardless. Bravo 👏 👏
John Fehn
John Fehn 4 days ago
It would be nice if you would reveal what the total cost $$ is for any of your projects.
Wayne Minner
Wayne Minner 4 days ago
You speeding there Jay ?
leadslinger49 4 days ago
I always liked the Bronco and Bronco 2's.
habanerat 4 days ago
Soooo Sweet!!! I'm talking about you Leno! ; ) Hahaha
blisstickmystic 4 days ago
I had a 69 with a 302 and 3 on the tree when I graduated from high school in 1976
Dale Val
Dale Val 5 days ago
I had the same Bronco, a nice new red and white one, mine didn't go like this lol. Very cool
hungry man
hungry man 5 days ago
Wow nice
Curtis Burns
Curtis Burns 5 days ago
Thank you for sharing your passion
tortugabob 5 days ago
"My deadbeat friends riding around." LOL!
Mat thew
Mat thew 5 days ago
As a ny cook. Living in a tiny room above my work. And no car. I must say I'm jealous. I wish jay would give me his worst car
Mat thew
Mat thew 5 days ago
As much as I'd like to just hang out with this cool dude
Chris L
Chris L 5 days ago
Stunning I want one but can't afford it. Thanks for your video's I think I have watched all of them. Outside of this one my favorite is the 1965 Buick Riviera.
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke 5 days ago
I thought it was black and white?
Eric Fahlstrom
Eric Fahlstrom 5 days ago
So cool, I had a 1969 blue with white hard top,302 cubic inch power plant, fun rig👍😂
Bushcraft North of 60
Probably the coolest Bronco I’ve ever seen. Great taste.
OldManStoneSoup 6 days ago
battle ov the bulge
needs a cb mounted under the dash.
Charles Castle
Charles Castle 6 days ago
Nothin better than driving a motor with wheels.
Charles Castle
Charles Castle 6 days ago
Charles Castle
Charles Castle 6 days ago
760 hp Awesome
Charles Castle
Charles Castle 6 days ago
Sick......love it.
Francisco Hernandez
It's funny Jay is almost as iconic as the bronco in a way with his denim his chin his funny laugh so who better to make this happen
Jack Korenak
Jack Korenak 6 days ago
The new ones look just like this! Which is freakin awesome
Ron ron
Ron ron 6 days ago
Love old metal dashes. I used to have scout . Miss it.
David Carter
David Carter 6 days ago
Jay is such a lucky guy! I'd kill for a older Bronco with a GT500 powering it, absolutely too cool!👍
Jay 6 days ago
Looks good. Sounds great, as well. I'd love to see someone do this to the new one as well. Even a base Coyote would be preferable over the ecocrap engines.
Twiggy tea
Twiggy tea 6 days ago
Well u ruined that off roader
Eric Richards
Eric Richards 7 days ago
It's nothing more than an international harvester scout with a ford badge. That is until Jay decided to throw a few dollars into it...
The//M//Project Media
J you're just amazing 🤣🤣🤣. Would love to visit.
Robert smee
Robert smee 7 days ago
I love you Jay but STOP closing the hood from the side!
theodore Dow-man
theodore Dow-man 7 days ago
My grandfather has 2 of them, one is all original, fenders uncut, probably less then 60k on the clock.
MasterMind 7 days ago
Why does Jay Leno always wear the same clothes? It's Very weird & disgusting @ the same time. 🙁 Can't take this guy serious.
Ford Driver
Ford Driver 8 days ago
Darth Patum
Darth Patum 8 days ago
No 1/4 mile times/speed. :(
Josh Amidon
Josh Amidon 8 days ago
That bronco is just freaking awesome. Total sleeper. Still looks factree 60s bronco until you start it up. I want it bad.
Kentucky Blugrass
My God, that thing is absolutely gorgeous. 👊
2088bob konarski
2088bob konarski 9 days ago
kincer chassis is very nice but the roadster shop builds even a nicer one
Pwj579 9 days ago
Where’s Craig? Why not invite him on and return the prank?
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 10 days ago
A black guy designed the Bronco and then OJ made it national 😂👌
Bong Jovi
Bong Jovi 10 days ago
... but is it pretty amazing?
Stephen Owens
Stephen Owens 10 days ago
Awesome , Ford would sell thousands if they went into production !
IWG Inc 11 days ago
I watch this and keep a smile on my face from beginning to end.
Arcadia Green
Arcadia Green 11 days ago
3rd and 5th look like a "helluva reach" otherwise...its supreme
Krizzy. 11 days ago
I have a 1968 bronco also.
J P 11 days ago
I thought it was black? I need my eyes checked
morphman21 11 days ago
Surprised craig ferguson sold it to Jay.
Random One
Random One 12 days ago
LOLOLOL....That does not sound like any 289 I've ever heard.
Ebby721 13 days ago
I'm sure everybody almost is a deadbeat compared to you
J.D. JD Think Tankers org.asa.
That Bronco is so fast it's almost animated....I had1967 International Scout slightly modified, the holly carb was rebuilt in/ their custom shop in Kentucky... it would peel out in all gears and climb like crazy... because of the gears it only top out at ninety, but it could get to ninety respectful quick, without disc brakes it would take nearly a block to slow it down. .. that Bronco is wonderful example of a sleeper.just plain sweet !
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 13 days ago
Screams but doesnt fly
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford 15 days ago
A work of art. Love the sleeper effect. It should be on exhibit at the Louvre.
Jim Minee
Jim Minee 15 days ago
OMG !! I was scared for you.... thats a shitload of power... WOW !! Looks so cool thanks for sharing !
Christian Zinn
Christian Zinn 17 days ago
Sooooooooooo OVER THE TOP...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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