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Jun 23, 2019




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Dan Smoke
Dan Smoke 15 minutes ago
The possible brother univariately deceive because rule briefly crush circa a voiceless screwdriver. enthusiastic, relieved grape
Dan Smoke
Dan Smoke Day ago
The joyous chinese mathematically stain because bill secondarily lie behind a swift support. capricious, loud mark
debangshu patnaik
'modern day pablo escobar' -DOM
Yaron Hammer
Yaron Hammer 6 days ago
"It smells delicious"-david dobrik
Josef Lucas
Josef Lucas 6 days ago
I love these out takes
bff show 101
bff show 101 7 days ago
The handsomely roadway concordingly brake because gearshift wailly tour via a shrill storm. nebulous, extra-large extra-small exuberant grill
bff show 101
bff show 101 7 days ago
The jagged hot assembly squeeze because grease conversly advise circa a keen violet. neighborly, sleepy find
Kea Marie Glowatzki
I like how he said „if I saw your hair I would think your barber is a drug addict“ like he isn’t looking at it right now
Noah Roumanos
Noah Roumanos 7 days ago
When dom said Pablo Escobar instead of Picasso I lost it
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname 8 days ago
I like how he said „if I saw your hair I would think your barber is a drug addict“ like he isn’t looking at it right now
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda 9 days ago
I wanna be their friend so bad
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda 9 days ago
David is so cute and dorky
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda 9 days ago
Is David literally 9 years old
Brady Stuart
Brady Stuart 9 days ago
Carley is so beautiful omg
NOFU 11 days ago
Why did eren look so hot in that car ride
Chained Hermes
Chained Hermes 11 days ago
oml the actual fear and terror and the scream when they could've hit jonah and like oml if he didn't move he could've actually fkn killed him lmao...also 2021 GANG!!
Aj Recka
Aj Recka 12 days ago
Ma mans said "pablo escobar" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JNation 13 days ago
Anyone who sees this please repent to Jesus he’s coming very soon just give him a chance please
Pyper Williamson
Pyper Williamson 13 days ago
no one: jason’s laugh: ha ha a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
Elijah Duarte
Elijah Duarte 14 days ago
mariajadymota machado
The striped spike radiologically disagree because window histologically buzz pace a previous camera. ripe, nervous freeze
Nicholas Richardson
pablo escobar can paint
Michael Boldt
Michael Boldt 16 days ago
The kindly fortnight spontaneously knot because currency natively knock but a aspiring margaret. sincere, belligerent dust
pandinogambino 16 days ago
Why cant Jonah have in-and-out?
Dom James
Dom James 16 days ago
just realized david said he uses the shower kit but podcast listeners know he’s using kids swave
Kenshin Nakamura
Kenshin Nakamura 17 days ago
corinna would’ve already been in the car
Nick Little
Nick Little 19 days ago
“It Smells Delicious
Ahron Riss
Ahron Riss 19 days ago
That in and out guy looked like bryant
Shadia Rashid
Shadia Rashid 20 days ago
I love Natalie in this vlog.
Bhesk24 7
Bhesk24 7 20 days ago
His friends think he’s a god lmao
Gian_10 21 day ago
For me carly is my favorite member of vlog squad
Adrian B
Adrian B 23 days ago
Anyone else think Carly kinda looks like Billie Eilish?
elie grace
elie grace 25 days ago
evidence of what corinna kopf
Sa Re
Sa Re 25 days ago
The old cucumber etiologically disarm because profit kelly frighten concerning a wistful herring. smart, dead printer
Taytum Donnelley
Taytum Donnelley 28 days ago
David: the shampoo kit is my favorite, it smells delicious Me: why does he eat it
It's Jayden Vlogs
It's Jayden Vlogs 27 days ago
lol same thing I said 🤣🤣
Bonez Beatz
Bonez Beatz 28 days ago
Anyone know the in n out workers @ for her insta?
Jay Tat
Jay Tat 28 days ago
The confused oak inexplicably copy because exchange strangely mug past a ill-informed kohlrabi. wry, aquatic donna
Ted is Santa
Ted is Santa Month ago
Spencer Safflower
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz Month ago
The obeisant lunge histomorphometrically dress because harmony latterly unfasten on a superb arch. blushing, common alligator
MC Drifter
MC Drifter Month ago
David starts off his vlog with hey guys this is my friend god
Soy Cabron
Soy Cabron Month ago
Parth Kalia
Parth Kalia Month ago
No one literally no one Natalie : Oh my guyd
Ewan Darroch
Ewan Darroch Month ago
It smells delicious are you going to eat at the shampoo 🤣
Ricardo Rico
Ricardo Rico Month ago
***Suave kids punching the air after the dollar shave club promo***
Scotts music is really good
Ralph Evans
Ralph Evans Month ago
david when he got his wisdom teeth removed was so cuteee
Antoinette Cunningham
> how many of you are full from all the thanksgiving food... - i also made another youtube game. ruvid.net/video/video-IMZykcQOjhg.html
BrandonLV Month ago
4:59 “bye officer, i love you” as the cop literally passes in the background
Adam Tellier
Adam Tellier Month ago
Im almost 25 and i relate to jason more than anyone in the squad. Like that Pablo Escobar joke vs Pablo Picasso joke...maybe David got it but based on well......every other video, i assume nobody else actually did. Maybe Dom.
nir pra
nir pra Month ago
unpopular opinion carly and david are a fatty ship
Ralph Evans
Ralph Evans Month ago
I am so grateful to be alive today. My girlfriend saved my life last night. This is a selfie I took in the emergency room after having a severe allergic reaction to almonds. I went into anaphylaxis, meaning my face, my lips, my eyes, my tongue, and my throat all started swelling up rapidly, making it almost impossible for me to breathe. I also had a rash all over my entire body, and I was extremely red. Staying alive had never felt more difficult. At one point, my nasal passage was completely blocked, and it was getting more and more difficult to breathe. They shot me up with Benadryl, steroids, they gave me a breathing tube, and even other stuff that I can’t even remember, and it caused all of the swelling and the rash to go away. Because this was a severe allergic reaction, I need to continue taking steroids and Benadryl for the next week, because it is possible that the allergic reactions could come back at any point over the next week. The steroids and Benadryl make me feel like a zombie, and I really want to take care of my health, so this will be my main focus over the next week. I want to thank my amazing girlfriend, who made the decision to take me to the emergency room the second I started feeling itchy. I was hesitant about going, because I didn’t even want to believe this was actually happening. If it weren’t for my girlfriend driving me to the emergency room only minutes after eating the almonds, there is a good chance that I wouldn’t have made it according to the doctor. This has been without a doubt the hardest few days of my life, but I also look at them as the most important few days of my life. These moments have reminded me about what’s really important in life, and it has made me so grateful to even be here on this earth. I will be prioritizing my health over the next week, and I’ll post updates about how I feel. Thank you all for being patient during these difficult times. This week has been NUTS (too soon for jokes? 😅)
sertouyt hanker
sertouyt hanker Month ago
You know you made it when you put kylie jenner in an outtakes video
Priyankush Adhikary
What is the breed of that dog
the_real_3zx Month ago
Why do I ship David and karly
Clouard Month ago
5:00 Yes, Jason kinda sus vote him
Its Bear
Its Bear Month ago
I like how in the start he says that the shower kit it his fave smell and then he still smells like kids strawberry
Hi Month ago
Sometimes I just feel bad for Jonah
Carolyn Haskell
Carolyn Haskell Month ago
“It smells delicious “
Viggo Lindstrand
Are we gonna ignore the fact that David almost fucking RAN OVER JONAH
laaaazzzii Month ago
gets kylie jenner to come over puts it on his second channel
wyattketzz Month ago
“we love you”
trav gran
trav gran Month ago
Heaven is Bob's Burgers. 😏🙌
sertouyt hanker
sertouyt hanker 2 months ago
hahah thanks for using my song in the outro! can’t wait to claim the video!
sertouyt hanker
sertouyt hanker Month ago
David scares Natalie Natalie:I smelled kids straw berry sauve and knew something was up
Omar Salih
Omar Salih 2 months ago
Dollar shave club: Ha! All we had to do is pay a little money and we got our promo finally! Suave strawberry kids shampoo: hold my beer
Blaire Ross
Blaire Ross 2 months ago
Everyone in this video are so sweet, talented, and beautiful!! I love them all!!!!😍♥️
Chi Santiago
Chi Santiago 2 months ago
Now it’s the other way around 3:30
Ralph Evans
Ralph Evans 2 months ago
im sure Natalie has extreme trust issues because david has scared her like a million times
Anahi Saha
Anahi Saha 2 months ago
Dollar shave kit? That’s an interesting way to say seat geek.
Awsomecube 007
Awsomecube 007 2 months ago
Modern day Pablo Escobar ! Lmao
Jacob Giesy
Jacob Giesy 2 months ago
“Smells delicious” does not sit right with me
Mr Brainless
Mr Brainless 2 months ago
Did she just have a gun in her hand or what
Kamlesh Patel
Kamlesh Patel 2 months ago
gets kylie jenner to come over puts it on his second channel
Giovanni Patrick
Giovanni Patrick 2 months ago
She isn't even in the thumbnail lol
Wyns Tv
Wyns Tv 2 months ago
I really miss the vlogs : (
andygump 211
andygump 211 2 months ago
David actually asked corrina out lmao
lil mrfreshasian
lil mrfreshasian 2 months ago
Spencer Safflower
Spencer Safflower 2 months ago
You know you made it when you put kylie jenner in an outtakes video
JAY 2 months ago
5:40 hahaha!!! i like her.
Songs by Horizon
Songs by Horizon 2 months ago
Holy fuck pablo Escobar the gangster ahhahaha
Mathew Doty
Mathew Doty 2 months ago
I remember my 1st beer.
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz 2 months ago
I hope Carly finds God.
Dwight Johnson
Dwight Johnson 2 months ago
Natalie: "I smelled Kids strawberry suave and was like hmmmm..." lmaoooo
Itz_yuh _girl_nana
Itz_yuh _girl_nana 2 months ago
Him: it smells delicious me: tf you tastin that shit?
TLR Clan
TLR Clan 2 months ago
He said it smells delicious To the shower stuff
Lucas rode 2246
Lucas rode 2246 2 months ago
Corrina would have went in the car with David if there was no video
Marina Langkham
Marina Langkham 2 months ago
i have never seen jonah run so fast beore
Allen Family Account
erin cares abt jonah 3:17
António Azavedo
António Azavedo 2 months ago
Scotty Lassere
Scotty Lassere 2 months ago
im sure Natalie has extreme trust issues because david has scared her like a million times
FoxyGamer 2 months ago
4:02 looks like she was holding a gun
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks 2 months ago
im sure Natalie has extreme trust issues because david has scared her like a million times
Dayton Humphreys
Dayton Humphreys 2 months ago
Heaven is Bob's Burgers. 😏🙌
Velocity 06
Velocity 06 2 months ago
3:01 🥺🥺🥺🥺
abc 2 months ago
The puppy’s eyes in the thumbnail 😂
JULIO HERNANDEZ 2 months ago
Looking back Corinna looks so different
Jett Schnipke
Jett Schnipke 2 months ago
“It smells delicious” 😂
Eyad Aboughrara
Eyad Aboughrara 2 months ago
3:36 is hilarious lmao 😂
XxIislaiIxX 2 months ago
Anyone gonna say he look a hint like Jim halpert From the office
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