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Frank shares shaving advice and tips on how to shave, and recommends ways to shave if you have sensitive skin. See the links below for more shaving advice, to find the right Gillette men's grooming products for you, click here: gillette.com/en-us/products/razors-trimmers-and-blades
I realized when I was younger and I first started shaving that one of the most beneficial ways for me to shave, that felt the greatest for me, was to do it in the shower. I like to use a facial scrub because it softens my hair and makes it easier to cut. It also cleans away the dirt and oil on my face.
How to shave your face:
1. Apply Facial Scrub
2. Wash Face w/ Water (warm or hot)
3. Apply Shaving Gel
4. Shave
5. Re-Lather and Second Pass (optional)
7. Apply Cooling Lotion
More Shaving Tips:
Frank's Fresh Blade Tips:
-Change Blade Regularly
-Never Bang Blade
-Never Wipe Blade
-Rinse To Clean
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This video is about how to shave, shaving tips for men and Gillette.

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May 10, 2014




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Comments 24
ian 1971
ian 1971 3 months ago
A strong looking man with tattoo's, this is just toxic masculinity surly.
Meranda Shull
Meranda Shull 7 months ago
His skin is so beautiful tho and his teeth
SANCTUARY 10 months ago
I honestly don't know why more men don't shave in the shower. It's so much more convenient, especially when rinsing.
Gillette 10 months ago
Good point! Not only is it good for rinsing, but it's great for hydrating the hairs for an easier shave.
azcactus2008 Year ago
I see that this is a pretty old video but I’ll give you a little bit of unsolicited advice anyway. Try looking into double edged razor blades using a safety razor. It’s much less expensive than cartridge blades and it’s a much better shave. It won’t feel like your skin is being pulled off. If your skin is that sensitive, a safety razor is the way to go.
Chan Chan
Chan Chan Year ago
I only shave after having a shower
LethalPhatGuy Year ago
This is all BS
onee Year ago
What is the point of shaving cream in the shower. I know Gillette is trying to sell products, but this is just ridiculous. The warm water has the exact same effect as shaving cream. Using shaving cream in the shower is just a waste of shaving cream.
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 8 months ago
onee not really
Evan Blake
Evan Blake Year ago
Half of the reason why the blades are dulling is because people don’t wipe them when there done, when you don’t wipe it causes corrosion
theory816 7 months ago
When you wipe, you dull the blades. Just whip it to get the water off and let it air dry.
jay Garcia
jay Garcia 2 years ago
i shave every morning in the shower using a bic 2 blade disposable shaver. it last at least 2 or 3 days. no scrub. no gel. no aftershave. i have zero ingrown hairs and maybe 1 knick every month. total cost.. 6 bucks a month. 5 for razors, 1 for running water
abbyboyone Year ago
me too. thot water and steam softens my facial hair so i dont need to use shave gel. tip: when done, rinse ur face in cool or cold water, that helps close the pores and stops any little cuts from bleeding.
Game Winner
Game Winner 2 years ago
The cooling lotion is a no no it clogs your pores bad idea
Christian Smith
Frank yeah for you maybe.
pkj77 2 years ago
Never leave the razor in the shower or moist places it dolls the blades faster rins then blowdry
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CR. 7 7 months ago
Raton Das
Raton Das 5 years ago
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Ciiitron 5 years ago
you look better with a beard
Pepsi Tate
Pepsi Tate Year ago
onee Year ago
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Special KKK
Special KKK 2 years ago
You're mature, also 3 years late.
Iftekhar Khan
Iftekhar Khan 2 years ago
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