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Summer is right around the corner, here are some shaving tips for how to shave off that winter beard growth so you can feel cool and clean shaven. See the links below for more beard shaving advice, to find the right Gillette mens grooming products for you, click here: gillette.com/en-us/products/razors-trimmers-and-blades
More Shaving Tips:
When it turns from winter to summer, I like to get rid of the old soup catcher, get clean shaven. And I'm going to show you how to do that.
Steps for how to shave your beard:
1. Apply Facial Scrub
2. Wash Face w/ Water (warm or hot)
3. Apply Shaving Gel
4. Shave
5. Re-Lather and Second Pass (optional)
6. Wash Face w/ Water (warm or hot)
7. Apply Cooling Lotion
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This video is about how to shave a beard, shaving tips for men and Gillette.

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May 7, 2014




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Comments 68
Jules G
Jules G 4 hours ago
Jules G
Jules G Month ago
ChildSlavery Deforestation SponsoringASexOffender PinkTax ManHatingAdverts ShamelesslyUsingUSForcesForAdvertising ShamelesslyUsingUSFirefightersForAdvertising PromotingObesity
Joe Ezra Evans
Joe Ezra Evans 2 months ago
this is super cringy
Cihat Uygur
Cihat Uygur 3 months ago
Ryan gosling
Klaus Kokholm Petersen
You don't. You dont shave. That's how a man shaves....
Defenstrator 4 months ago
Since you have decided that you hate men and we are not worthy of being your customers, shouldn’t you just take this down?
Darren Robertson
Darren Robertson 5 months ago
What razor is this?
saumitro hore
saumitro hore 9 months ago
what is your name?
Filip P.K
Filip P.K 10 months ago
Lol i have no dad so thanks
Filip P.K
Filip P.K 10 months ago
@Gillette Well... i don't know what to say. Thank you first i guess. I buyed gillette so i tought i stay loyal lol
Gillette 10 months ago
Very sorry to hear that. Thanks for coming to us for some tips.
OneDay4Change 444
The cooling lotion? Lmao just use Aloe Vera gel.
Gillette Year ago
We encourage you to use whatever you're comfortable with. Happy shaving!
LG Voiceovers by Osagie
#thebestamancanget 👍😎
Колька Пепси
I took excellent workouts guide from Unflexal. Just google Unflexal
Roger Jaén
Roger Jaén 2 years ago
what beard
Ravi R
Ravi R 2 years ago
I'm 21 and only have some barely visible peach fuzz under my chin and some pencil shaded moustache, should I shave it, will it grow more if I shave?
Gareth Bowden
Gareth Bowden 10 months ago
Yes that peach fuzz will is still hair. Shave it. I wash my face before Shave - I do three passes Then moisturise Also I use a double edge safety razor.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 2 years ago
Ravi R people say its based solely on genetics, which is most likely true, but when i started shaving at 16 yrs old I pretty much had a barely visible stache and side burns By 17 i had a full beard
Mutsi Rivera
Mutsi Rivera 2 years ago
*so all the dirt and oil goes away
Mutsi Rivera
Mutsi Rivera 2 years ago
Shave it then wash your face daily and shave again once it comes back but wash your face daily so all the dirt and oil so the pores open up and the beard starts coming in
BarbasPT 2 years ago
Shaving sucks. (thanks for the tips)
BarbasPT Nah, depends of your personal choice...tho kids on 16 shave only and only to look bettah, no lie 😹
Greatest of all time
which is better? foam or gel?
Max petersen
Max petersen 2 months ago
dev prasad
dev prasad Year ago
MVP 001 Bro foam is best,I use it
Azher Khan
Azher Khan Year ago
MVP 001 gel
Bojan Bojann
Bojan Bojann 3 years ago
mach 3 vs fusion pro glide. Which is better.Thanks
Gillette 3 years ago
Some of us men need different blades than others, and that is why we offer a variety of great options.
William Scott
William Scott 3 years ago
Thank you. Me and my dad aren't very close so this really helped out.
Hackeronte 3 years ago
I don't take advices from who has no real beard.
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 8 months ago
Hackeronte it is a real beard
Jake Burrows
Jake Burrows 3 years ago
What beard? Razor advertisements always get guys with super sparce hair
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 5 months ago
Jake Burrows it’s a patchy beard
Vytautas Poška
Vytautas Poška 3 years ago
I'm 17 and this evening will be the first time I shave. . . I'm a bit scared, I'm afraid I'm gonna cut myself. Is it possible?
Adrit Year ago
Was it possible though?
Elite B
Elite B 3 years ago
H. L.
H. L. 3 years ago
+Gillette He died of blodloss.
Gillette 3 years ago
+Vytautas Poška Shaving for the first time can be scary, but with proper technique you should be fine.
Ahmad Malass
Ahmad Malass 3 years ago
can i use gillette body instead of the razor?
Gillette 3 years ago
+Ahmad Malass You could, but it might be more challenging.
Hajk Pannekoek
Hajk Pannekoek 3 years ago
he doesnt shave properly
Hajk Pannekoek hallo pannekoek
sergsrt8 3 years ago
forget the cartridges get yourself a safety razor you'll never look back!!!!!
Ville Tuuras
Ville Tuuras 3 years ago
Well actually shaving gel or lotion is more important than razor. You can use any kind of blade (even Machette) if shaving lotion or gel you use is suitable to you. Safety razors do last longer than cartridges, but they work just as well as long as you got the technique right. Actually sugar waxing works best, but I think most men would still like to keep their dignity and avoid screaming like little girls ^^
DES PRO 4 years ago
with beard you looked more handsome
Djolee Year ago
Fried Fish Is Tasty I agree too
Fried Fish Is Tasty
i agree as well
Mingjie Han
Mingjie Han 3 years ago
+abdelghani mansor I agree with you
Cyph18 4 years ago
he said from winter to summer.... -_-
The Ripped Reaper
The Ripped Reaper 4 years ago
Beard is for dudes with no jawline, period.
76239mm 3 years ago
+Sydsho Sqwid yea
Harun 3 years ago
+Faroek Nasierkhan I've realised that as well. Not sure why that is
Faroek Nasierkhan
Faroek Nasierkhan 4 years ago
You wont notice this at first, but younger women will generally find you less attractive with a full beard. I don't know exactly why, but whenever I shave off a beard I notice that smiles are returned more frequently than immediately.
Sling Waist
Sling Waist 4 years ago
beards are for men.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 4 years ago
Beard? You had stubble bro
omar mamdooh
omar mamdooh 7 months ago
It's called a patchy beard
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 8 months ago
Brandon Lee ...no he didn’t
Ashfaqlive 4 years ago
can i use facewash instead of face scrub.'?
Gillette 4 years ago
@Ashfaqlive Sure, the goal is to remove dirt, dead skin cells and oils. A face scrub helps reduce irritation and softens facial hair, which can lead to a more comfortable shave. Thanks for asking!
Basicslomotion 4 years ago
Today i shaved my face.
Basicslomotion 9 months ago
abdulrahman emad
abdulrahman emad 5 years ago
Question before using the facial scrub you have to wash your face to make your face wet or no need
Gillette 5 years ago
Good question! We recommend you splash some water on your face before the face wash for a smooth lather.
Basicslomotion 5 years ago
What country is gillette from
76239mm 3 years ago
+CountryNerd98 ahhahah
DankCoochie420 4 years ago
america aka land of adhd fat people and inovation
gabez8 5 years ago
i noticed that if i shave close in the winter my stubble stays at bay longer than if i shave close in the summer. i asked myself why shave close in the summer and go through all that hard work in doing so only for a 5 o'clock shadow to reappear if i get all hot and sweaty from the summer heat in less than 4 hours!?
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