Shaunie Is Completely Done w/ Jackie Christie | Basketball Wives

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Shaunie and Jackie get into another argument that causes the women to question their friendship.
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The "Non Mother-F-kin' Factor" is a factor again. Basketball Wives alum Evelyn Lozada has relocated to Los Angeles and has reunited with longtime friend Shaunie O'Neal and her crew, but Tami Roman hasn't forgotten about their issues from Miami. Sparks will fly and friendships will be tested when the two cross paths for the first time in years.
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Shaunie Is Completely Done w/ Jackie Christie | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Aug 11, 2017




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Comments 80
trey 14 hours ago
Shaunie wearing a cap n gown
Joe Watford
Joe Watford 2 days ago
She got her moments but Jackie not crazy and everybody always label her as such cause she don’t take no bs. She be talkin real.
MiaChanelle_ 3 days ago
That’s a yes or no question, shaunie was just being disrespectful.
Destiny Lozano
Destiny Lozano 4 days ago
Why they even on on this show half of them don’t have a man
MTG. 600
MTG. 600 4 days ago
So basically this show is about a bunch of grown women acting like they’re in middle school fights over who is their friend and who is not😕
Pretty Richie
Pretty Richie 7 days ago
1:39 anyone see Tami?😂
Tiara McRoy
Tiara McRoy 8 days ago
I loved how Jackie stood her ground with Shaunie.
Cecelia Mcknight
Cecelia Mcknight 8 days ago
Crazy as Bats But Shaunie U r Dumb AF, thinking u can jump in a conversation really!!!
Cecelia Mcknight
Cecelia Mcknight 8 days ago
Shaunie aint nobodys friend But The Devil she know Evilyn!
Paulette Salomon
Paulette Salomon 9 days ago
So happy Jackie read Shaunie fake ass. She’s only friends with Evelyn.
Lo Tatum
Lo Tatum 11 days ago
Jackie was right though
Rayraymy 17 days ago
Shaunie is the fakest most irrelevant bitch on the planet 🌎 she plays sides never says r does anything wrong !! And guess what you BORING
edrine cange
edrine cange 17 days ago
Laquisha face!!
AwesomelyWitchy 21 day ago
Shaunie should have kicked Jackie off the show. Jackie is a trash human being IMO
D'Eric Gaines-Hawkins
good thing your opinion doesn't matter
Orlandria Medlock
Orlandria Medlock 23 days ago
Shaunie mad. Jackie hurt. Evelyn snickerin and all the rest is history....thats why Jackie asked why she gettin in it...only a friend would make them put peace in the group but Shaunie not differentiating business ain't personal....so I could see you takin business personal when she said "I am completely done with Jackie Christy.
Janiya Banks
Janiya Banks 24 days ago
What is Shaunie even wearing it looks like pajamas
jj and lina show
jj and lina show 24 days ago
Yea Jackie
Vinson Bostic
Vinson Bostic 26 days ago
Jackie went off on that bitch
Christopher Midbon
Christopher Midbon 26 days ago
Shaunie looking like she's graduating rose gold highschool
Lady LuvBug
Lady LuvBug 29 days ago
Luv the whole "non mf factor" thing. Stop using her slogan then & find ur own 😂
Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones 29 days ago
Not a big fan of Jackie but i like her BETTER than shaunie.😒👏
Sassi Cuntrol
Sassi Cuntrol Month ago
I'm so glad thizz shyt is ova YESSS Jackie Tammie and ESPECIALLY OG ya'll my gurls....
215jmillz Month ago
Looks like Shaunie bout to graduate
Deelicious Grapes
Shaunie IS a bitch and nobody reay likes her in that group
Kimberly Monique
1:36 when Tami "runs interference", that was funny af.
Kimberly Monique
The reason why Jackie could not repeat the under the table comment because it did not happen, she wanted it to happen, but it did not.
D'Eric Gaines-Hawkins
or maybe cause it's no one's business other than the people she was talking to
Kiah Phillips
Kiah Phillips Month ago
we all know when it comes to Evelyn, Shaunie will turn on you in a heartbeat.
Kiah Phillips
Kiah Phillips 21 day ago
Nelly Nel bias b/c she was cool with Tami and Jackie at first but as soon as Evelyn came back it’s a different story
Nelly Nel
Nelly Nel 21 day ago
lol! that is true! Does it make her a ride or die friend or just biased?
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith Month ago
Why everyone dislikes shaunie !??? Cause tht bihhh one of my favorites
DAngela Rocks
DAngela Rocks Month ago
These women are way...way..to old to be still acting like this..😔
Shawnea Marrow
Shawnea Marrow Month ago
Shaunie makes my blood boil stupid no substances having bitch yea Jackie a lil loco but she's right my your business Bitch
Payton Popcorne
Payton Popcorne Month ago
Jackie was onehundred percent right in this one.💯💯💯 I agree with her. Shaun are what ever her name is she is a two faced hypocrite with no morals. Nosey as hell, I can't stand people like that.
Bindi Ismail
Bindi Ismail Month ago
Shaunie is 2 faced asf
Miranda M
Miranda M Month ago
Shaunie is so fake I can't deal.
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores Month ago
Shaunie is as fake as lee press on nails!! 😅🤣😂
Terry Riddick
Terry Riddick Month ago
Thats good Jackie told Shaunie off Shaunie favors Evelyn more than the other ladies
087jhood25 Month ago
Shaunie a fake bitch
CashmereDelight Burrell
I was behind Jackie 100% ✅
Latoria Martin
Latoria Martin Month ago
ashiya Garrett
ashiya Garrett Month ago
Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K
My only question is why is Shaunie wearing a whole bathrobe to dinner???
Sandra Jackson
Sandra Jackson Month ago
Girl Shaunie ain't nobody's friend.
Les 518
Les 518 Month ago
The way Jackie (nonchalantly) says "I think Evelyn should go back into obscurity where she was and I'm not being shady" takes me TF out 😂
segil123 Month ago
I want to see a season where shaunie isn’t a producer so people can let out their true feelings about her.
Angel Britton
Angel Britton Month ago
Yesssssss Jackie...do it again..Shaunie needed to be told and Evelyn in the background grinning..I can't stand them too...they got what they deserve
jasmine riley
jasmine riley Month ago
Jackie was right tho, no one was talking to her so stay out of it. How Shaunie gone say “I want nothing to do with it” then jumps in it.. no ones talking to you, period
Iminent Knowledge
Jackie got caught talking crazy and then flipped it on Shaunie to create a diversion of anger.
toomuchfourU 2 months ago
Jackie said it! Jackie threw the ball Tami should have caught it. Shauna values Evelyn more
Dominique Moore
Dominique Moore 2 months ago
Lol i love Jackie
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 2 months ago
Shaunie only likes Evelyn. She doesn't like any of them. She is fake.
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 2 months ago
Evelyn looks a hot ass mess
XCORPIIIO 2 months ago
How does Jackie keep using Evelyn's phrase to insult her..?
Like a good neighbor...
Shaunie is a master gaslighter
Like a good neighbor...
I guess so
Rachel Lalite
Rachel Lalite 2 months ago
Shaunie and jackie are shady and messy
Livyah TV
Livyah TV 2 months ago
Let me just say I love that Jackie used Evelyn slogans against her... I really don't like her or at least what is portrayed
Quakeisha Ransfer
Quakeisha Ransfer 2 months ago
Take out shunie Evelyn Malaysia
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 2 months ago
Also, Shaunie act like nobody can talk to her any type of way. You’re a whole executive producer playing cast member so yeah they’re gonna treat you like that.
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 2 months ago
Jackie is right. If they’re both your friends, stay neutral and leave it tf alone. If you’re not tryna make them come to amends then mind ya business.
Ruth Moralez
Ruth Moralez 2 months ago
I mean I kind of like Shaunie but at the same time she all up on Evelyn’s ass 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Dolliejr Jr
Dolliejr Jr 2 months ago
1.50 tami funny
naturalpn7 2 months ago
When she said Malaysia b telling everything. 😂😂.
Coco 2 months ago
lool the disrespect
LishaMyBabii Anderson
Ugh! Shaunie O'Neal just rubs me the wrong way period!!! The way she did Tami at that one reunion I just can't with her🙄
Laila Love
Laila Love 2 months ago
1:40 Tami is meee😂😂
Alysen Fowlkes
Alysen Fowlkes 2 months ago
Shaunie is always tha least interesting woman on her show. She’s lucky she got some kind of pull as EP b/c I’m sure she would’ve been kicked off a long time ago for havin tha least substance as far as a storyline.
s s
s s 2 months ago
So glad Shaunie got fired
Nairolyn Ozuna
Nairolyn Ozuna 2 months ago
“It ezzz what it ezzzz”
Hero Heart
Hero Heart 2 months ago
This show is such bullsh!t for many reasons...😑...but the most glaringly nauseating is having an executive producer featured in the cast and actually expect viewers to believe the interactions she has with other cast-mates as genuine and not one-sided by orders of magnitude. Ridiculous. So boldly they insult our intelligence...
Denise Bernardez
Denise Bernardez 2 months ago
Teams Jackie ALL THE WAY 😘😁
ThePizzaPoPo 2 months ago
Why is Shaunie wearing a graduation bedtime gown in this scene? Lol.
Assata Dailey
Assata Dailey 2 months ago
Y’all Really Coming For Shaunie In These Comments But She Ain’t Do Nothing Wrong 🤣 Jackie Do Be Sayin Stuff Then When She’s Asked About It She Dont Got Nothing To Say. Shaunie Just Asked And Wanted To Know What Was Goin On Cos She Gon Hear It From Somewhere Before She Hears It From Jackie
eli officialmua
eli officialmua 2 months ago
Jackie such a liar it hurts , kicking you under the table girl bye nobody is 5 , and she always wants to play the victim . And her heart always broke girl bye lol she a mess she been old tired the whole franchise and she needs a moment constantly cuz she has no story line besides being messy .
Deborah Gharakhani
Deborah Gharakhani 2 months ago
Jackie is crazy, does she ever act like a lady?
Omayra 5238
Omayra 5238 2 months ago
Jackie to OLD to be asking people if they are friends... TF❗️🤣😂✌🏼
Daquan Wiseman
Daquan Wiseman 2 months ago
Ashley Bradley
Ashley Bradley 3 months ago
I love when Shaunie gets checked. All you gonna do is run back to Evelyn. Jackie set her straight
J-100 3 months ago
"You are my friend right?"(PAUSE)...I-I guess so💩...ppphhhh lmao😂😂
Krystal She Poppin
Krystal She Poppin 3 months ago
I DO NOT like Malaysia but that wig is giving it to the girls
Tiffany 3 months ago
Evelyn invented non mf factor
4everbrina 3 months ago
I really didn't like Shaunie in this scene
Philly 3 months ago
Shaunie is a 1 sided friend.
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