Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

Mark Rober
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I personally got in the water and tested if Sharks had a preference of human blood vs. fish blood. Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!! www.kiwico.com/markrober
Point of clarification: A few people have pointed out the dates on the negative and positive Covid tests are the same. You'll also notice my doctor was Bob Newby from Stranger Things. Turns out there is a lot of personal info on a Covid result test and the part that says negative and positive wasn't easily readable so I photoshopped up something that solved both of those issues and didn't bother changing the date. No conspiracy here. I promise I actually got Covid and would have much preferred to actually filmed on the original schedule and not had to deal with it even with the private jet silver lining.
Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger. #SharkWeek begins August 9th.
Catch ME in ShaqAttack Monday, August 10th at 9p ET only on Discovery.
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/sharkweek
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Here is a link to that tiny exercise machine I was using the the jet. Luke (my shark expert buddy) invented it and it's really clever. He's launching a Kickstarter really soon- www.kickstarter.com/projects/whipr/whipr
***Music info coming soon***
Here is a talented up and coming artist named Kenyi. Check him out! smarturl.it/1c5766
Here is some of the music I used from independent artists:
0:01 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
0:57 - Toys - Ponder - www.prodbyponder.com/5-free-beats32029775
2:05 - The Ocean - Andrew Applepie - soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie/the-ocean
2:21 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
6:06 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
8:44 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
17:31 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak - soundcloud.com/notebreak/dubstep-too-happy-to-be-cool

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Aug 9, 2020




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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Month ago
Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.
me 11 days ago
Miss rona-
ovorg05 12 days ago
Does Mark have a Patreon page?
shaun mcheeps
shaun mcheeps Month ago
Where did you get the human blood
Brian H
Brian H Month ago
Wonder why you never mentioned where you got that human blood🙄
Echo_on_the_wall Minute ago
Shark go brr
Harper Vick
Harper Vick 14 minutes ago
PAC-MIB 17 minutes ago
Am I the only one wondering how he got the human blood...
Mr. REEE Pitts
Mr. REEE Pitts 22 minutes ago
I've never considered *SUBSCRIBEING* but... I sure do like all your videos
Terra Gaming
Terra Gaming 49 minutes ago
Hey class, Today we are gonna dissect a fish.
SixTi Anime
SixTi Anime 53 minutes ago
You know what? We have this planet earth for 4.8 billion years.
Minty Marshmallow
Imagine donating your blood and someone buys it cause they want to test if sharks will go crazy for human blood. Edit: okay I have watched the whole video....
Addeking_08 Hour ago
He: it's incredible hard to get human blood so we're using cow blood. Me: How the heck do you get cow blood?
Donald Blunt
Donald Blunt Hour ago
Watching them juice the fish was gross af
Westoniscool Fox
Is that illegal to bring blood?
Tristans Awesomedrop
Best Games
Best Games 2 hours ago
John Rafael Noscal
John Rafael Noscal 2 hours ago
Mark dont be scared ita just your fans and haters
Mr.Realism 111 Mobile
This man on a private jet really be like vector when he gets a mansion
Amitoj Singh Walia
Amitoj Singh Walia 3 hours ago
I wanted you to collaborate with dude perfect.
Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall 3 hours ago
Good job
Jkoree Moulds
Jkoree Moulds 3 hours ago
Did I mean
Jkoree Moulds
Jkoree Moulds 3 hours ago
Where di he get the human blood from
Heidi Gifford Is Me
Those fish are so lucky they made it I to a Mark Rober video
100k Subs With No Videos????
dream big 🙄
E 5 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about the cat sleeping on the couch?
MkySuper Nova
MkySuper Nova 7 hours ago
Thatveganteacher is typing...
N L 7 hours ago
I have a phobia of blood yet I’m still watching this Because science
Christine Gordon
Christine Gordon 7 hours ago
this is so cool love you Mark Rober
Abhinav Thakran
Abhinav Thakran 8 hours ago
dude is literally wearing flip flops on private plane
Kong K
Kong K 8 hours ago
Yea I get why there are dislikes now you should have put a disclaimer before I like the video but the fish blood part was making me sick
Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen 8 hours ago
Will you ever do another video with the squirrels again
Destiny Moons
Destiny Moons 8 hours ago
11:45 ...We will? Did I miss the "obligatory space exploration" day at school or something?
Tarrah Newell X aka, birdie X
Love how a freaking blended the fish in a typical smoothie blender
Dana Vais
Dana Vais 9 hours ago
I just want to know how upset Mark's wife was, and for him to realize that his wife is (probably) scarier than the sharks.
Oka Kar Aung
Oka Kar Aung 10 hours ago
Mark is making real chum from fish!
Pigs 10 hours ago
TigerJack 177
TigerJack 177 10 hours ago
I watched shark week on tv and why did they not show all the blood cooking stuff
TigerJack 177
TigerJack 177 10 hours ago
Mark Rover on a private jet is all of us
Anonymous 5
Anonymous 5 10 hours ago
I’m glad he made it out ok
Zachry Diehl
Zachry Diehl 10 hours ago
Hey Mark, I found some gold plates buried under the old tire swing in my backyard. You want to come over and I'll read them to you out of a hat!?
PantKicker 10 hours ago
Well this was kinda disgusting
Kids Gaming Arena
Kids Gaming Arena 10 hours ago
Were did u get 5gals of human blood
JANGA SMOKEYER 10 hours ago
How the heck do you get 5 gallopns of human blood?
JACOB GUY 10 hours ago
Squidward Burger
Squidward Burger 10 hours ago
“One barrel would have 5 gallons of fish blood, and the other would have 5 gallons of human blood” Excuse me *The, What*
bill nye the Russian spy
6:03 see or sea? Your thoughts?
tig 780
tig 780 11 hours ago
me 👁️👄👁️
GamingWithFriendsTV 11 hours ago
Blood 🩸 smells pretty delicious 🙁 okayyy buddy
FOXX_ BOY 11 hours ago
Thats just OOFING yourseft with extra steps
BIGrat23 1
BIGrat23 1 11 hours ago
i dont like blood
Trace Rische
Trace Rische 11 hours ago
Song? 6:45 🙏
Minecraft Madison
Minecraft Madison 11 hours ago
Ever wonder where they got all of that blood
Shelley Barton
Shelley Barton 12 hours ago
Omg so much blood I luv this!
Wesley Hand
Wesley Hand 12 hours ago
*no fish were harmed in the making of this video*
elian gabriel
elian gabriel 12 hours ago
Where did he get five gallons of human blood ?
elian gabriel
elian gabriel 12 hours ago
Average Redditor
Average Redditor 12 hours ago
5:30 thanks for teaching me a new thing
Joyride Snipes
Joyride Snipes 12 hours ago
Mr NoneYo
Mr NoneYo 12 hours ago
So how was Covid for you? still feeling tired?
Mestre G
Mestre G 13 hours ago
All that production cost for what?
1 min tiktoks
1 min tiktoks 13 hours ago
this gave me anxiety🤣🤣like for real tho i would never do this
Noelle V
Noelle V 13 hours ago
Mark that’s how it should be done. Everyone should follow in your footsteps with planting trees and being conscious of their carbon footprints. Thank you for being a good human.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 14 hours ago
Jack Palazzola
Jack Palazzola 14 hours ago
*Biggest crossover event in history*
Timur Shamuratov
Timur Shamuratov 14 hours ago
After you made video how to not get sick, you're the one?
Daniel Carcamo
Daniel Carcamo 14 hours ago
Can you do this experience on Great White Sharks 🦈
JackWasHere 14 hours ago
lol he got the virus
Carolina Herrmann
Carolina Herrmann 14 hours ago
You know, sharks can't actually swim backwards, so the one that got it's head stuck in the cage was probably more scared and freaking out than the dude
Noelani Lee
Noelani Lee 14 hours ago
Where'd the blood come from tho
Noelani Lee
Noelani Lee 14 hours ago
the human blood.....
toughluck8012 15 hours ago
Getting out of that cage must have felt like running to your bed after you turn off the lights as a kid
Master Peely
Master Peely 15 hours ago
My question is how you got the blood
Anthony Pinko
Anthony Pinko 15 hours ago
The fish seeing this video 😳😳😱😨
join the banna army the fish will pay
you worked at naccea
join the banna army the fish will pay
are the fish ok
toughluck8012 15 hours ago
So theres bans against public flights but none against private flights. Showing ones again, if you have enough money, the rules don't apply to you because the dollar has more value than the health and well being of a human life
Haha Laugh
Haha Laugh 15 hours ago
The fish scene made me so grossed out ngl
Donovan Brownfield
Donovan Brownfield 15 hours ago
And where exactly did you get that 5 gallon bucket of human blood? that is what i was thinking half that video
Nolan Ivan Valencia Castillo
Even tho mark lived because he uploaded the video, I was litterly screaming cause i thought he was gonna get eaten
Prankishparty_67 16 hours ago
lets not forget that in one video, mark rober tested positive for coronavirus, beat it, and then bought a private jet to the Bahamas
Shadow X
Shadow X 16 hours ago
12:05 no way it's the @narcoleptic nugget intro!
Mathhew Gaming
Mathhew Gaming 16 hours ago
Wait, he got corona?
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 16 hours ago
There were no fish harmed in the making if this video. They were harmed before the video.
Pyr-0 17 hours ago
Is this video even monetized what the heck
KHinFAMOUS 17 hours ago
I can’t believe that he got in touch with dude perfect, and I subscribed to them first before mark
Devendra Vyas
Devendra Vyas 17 hours ago
Feels like reupload
Botond Nagy
Botond Nagy 17 hours ago
Poor fish
omega gaming
omega gaming 17 hours ago
where do you get 5 gallons of human blood
RentalWaffle 18 hours ago
Amelia Solter
Amelia Solter 18 hours ago
So much likes in only one month wow
Aytaan Sky
Aytaan Sky 18 hours ago
The fills in the inside look like the bottom of a mushroom.
CoonRaThe 3rd
CoonRaThe 3rd 18 hours ago
Maggie Olsen
Maggie Olsen 18 hours ago
That’s so much blood and you just played in it 👁👄👁
Thom Pfeiffer
Thom Pfeiffer 18 hours ago
that was scary
God 18 hours ago
Wait did he say *5 gallons of human blood* _uh yes, i will like to report a murder_
Victor Kovalev
Victor Kovalev 18 hours ago
Is this guy completely nuts?
Mirko 19 hours ago
Crazy how every single person I "know" who had Corona is from US America.
kunstwert 19 hours ago
Mark, I really love your videos and I do not want to come across as the spoiler of sorts but somehow I can't stand to see you wasting other creatures like the fishs. Just blending animals for the fun of it isn't all that funny - in my mind at least. And I can see beyond it, I get it, fishs were catched anyway, were going to be processed anyway etc. but still, this part just made me a bit sad.
IidaTheSquare 19 hours ago
The private jet part has convinced me that mark is just a child with money. Of course that arguably a good thing but either way I think we all would act like that on a private jet.
discord chnnel
discord chnnel 19 hours ago
May i ask where you got the human blood from?
Josiah Thieme
Josiah Thieme 19 hours ago
Mark has the best connections what the heck
A_ Human_
A_ Human_ 20 hours ago
4:38 That vegan teacher is typing
painfullyfern 20 hours ago
mark river
czarnobyl 20 hours ago
When the waitress asked u if you wanted smf to eat you should say the usual Just to mąkę you sound more professional
Happyk1nGG 20 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till the diver gets eaten
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