Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

Mark Rober
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I personally got in the water and tested if Sharks had a preference of human blood vs. fish blood. Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!! www.kiwico.com/markrober
Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger. #SharkWeek begins August 9th.
Catch ME in ShaqAttack Monday, August 10th at 9p ET only on Discovery.
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Here is a link to that tiny exercise machine I was using the the jet. Luke (my shark expert buddy) invented it and it's really clever. He's launching a Kickstarter really soon- whipr.com/
***Music info coming soon***
Here is a talented up and coming artist named Kenyi. Check him out! smarturl.it/1c5766

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Aug 9, 2020




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Mark Rober
Mark Rober 2 days ago
Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.
Karez Batangan
Karez Batangan 15 hours ago
Don’t Read My Profile Picture! ✔︎ II
Fair Play
Fair Play 15 hours ago
1. You are not using actual human blood. 2. The fish 'blood' contains more than just blood, as you've added fish paste to it. The results from this test are basically invalid.
Eliza Robertson
This was by far my favorite of your vids Mark!! Happy to wait longer if all of your future vids are this entertaining!!
Mary Lun
Mary Lun Day ago
No worries. Love the video :3
Braden Battershell
Try the same thing but with crocodiles
Elle A
Elle A Minute ago
cool TEDx talk bro
Reem Soliman
Reem Soliman 2 minutes ago
You were saying cow blood was human blood all this time like what
James Kiger
James Kiger 3 minutes ago
Seems like pigs blood would have been a better choice.
Barack Scully
Barack Scully 4 minutes ago
OMG i literally thought that this would be the end for mark.
TheBestAuthor 4 minutes ago
He protecc He atacc But most importantly He know facc
Paris Gardiner
Paris Gardiner 5 minutes ago
Wasn't the border closed
Nikolas Knanishu
Nikolas Knanishu 5 minutes ago
Nice Tesla mark model 3 or y
Johnny Blaze Gaming
Johnny Blaze Gaming 7 minutes ago
The real Jaws is still out there
Marco Bianchi
Marco Bianchi 7 minutes ago
Me : *"im not patient at all"* Also me : *"waits 2 months for a new Mark Rober video"*
United Californian States Mapping
Mark: has COVID-19 asol mark: no COVID-19? Cuba: I don't want him to come
Stuart Hambley
Stuart Hambley 8 minutes ago
Absolute dud of a video, both from a scientific and humanity perspective. One should never take the level of joy shown when 'blending' up the subjects for a scientific experiment. Loss of animal life is an unfortunate side effect of scientific progression, and one that should be appreciated. And how is comparing fish "chum" to cow blood even a valid scientific experiment. It's like asking a human if they would prefer cow blood or beef mince.
Jonathan McCormick
Jonathan McCormick 9 minutes ago
Hey Mark, I'm a huge fan and glad that you did not get eaten, but to be honest, I noticed ZERO great whites and ZERO tiger sharks and ZERO bull sharks. If you want to test the validity of shark stereotypes, perform your experiments around the most deadly species of sharks. Not all primates behave identically, neither do all sharks. Look forward to your next video :)
lil bagel
lil bagel 9 minutes ago
13:18 🤣🤣
Flight reacts
Flight reacts 10 minutes ago
Who else Wash there hands after this video
BLM-BAD LIES MURDER 10 minutes ago
He have body hot & sexy. This is first I see it
Michael Sampson
Michael Sampson 11 minutes ago
isnt there not just blood in the fish smoothy tho? i feel like its just blended up fish? wouldnt that be more attractive than just fish blood?
RedEarthMortal 11 minutes ago
This has got to be Mark's best video yet.
fnaf 11 minutes ago
RedEarthMortal yes
BASE REMIX 12 minutes ago
*this is how many ppl think Mark Rober is the best vlog squad member* 👇
Maxsolo24 12 minutes ago
wer did he get the human blod
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 13 minutes ago
Poor fish
My name is Zoe
My name is Zoe 14 minutes ago
1# on trending.... WOOOOO
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
If you read this is your lucky day, Enjoy my videos🤗
lil bagel
lil bagel 16 minutes ago
Didnt i already watch this?
Owlbeardo 16 minutes ago
Bucket of chum, literally. Disgusting.
CoolzMcNugget 17 minutes ago
The blending fish was gross but at least they didn't show the blending of cows to get blood.
Kathy Gabadze
Kathy Gabadze 17 minutes ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Mark: *rekts shaq*
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy 17 minutes ago
Mark Rober's going to become a fish surgeon, and all he needs is a blender
Evan M
Evan M 20 minutes ago
Hey Luke, any word on “Opposite Worlds” season 2?
antonio arroyo
antonio arroyo 21 minute ago
Wait what I remember the “testing if shark can smell human blood” and it was a year ago. I am getting old
Yeguk Kim
Yeguk Kim 21 minute ago
This could have been multiple videos If he was like other youtubers and was flexing. Then there would have been separate videos for being on a call with Shaq being on a private jet And having a resort to yourself But mark is so nice that he doesn't even mention these in the title
k ghost
k ghost 21 minute ago
Grinding that fish up in a blender and laughing was a little uhm... inappropriate maybe
starwars1744 23 minutes ago
I’ve been bitten by a shark before. But doing this...that seems psychology worse.
Kamya Balyan
Kamya Balyan 23 minutes ago
Funny part is that his wife doesn't even know that it might have been his last, Thank God it wasn't ❤️❤️
X Studio
X Studio 23 minutes ago
Phat gus is still the best
Aine scanlan
Aine scanlan 25 minutes ago
all I would like to say is nice job mark for being number 1 on trending. *clap clap clap*
Joanie C
Joanie C 25 minutes ago
Mostly everybody coming up POSITIVE FOR COVID these days. Stay well my friend😘
Nobody_Listens 12
Nobody_Listens 12 25 minutes ago
Lol. His private jet experience is amazing.XD
harrison Thomson
harrison Thomson 26 minutes ago
W. Productions
W. Productions 27 minutes ago
How'd you get Covid?
Tina 27 minutes ago
I don't believe all the negative cv test results but anyway lol This was very interesting to say the least lol 😊
Маки Пон 2
Маки Пон 2 27 minutes ago
The Russian today is Brand Russia
SRN Maples
SRN Maples 27 minutes ago
Where you get 5 gallons of human blood?
Маки Пон 2
Маки Пон 2 28 minutes ago
IZME RELIXX 29 minutes ago
12:32 that fish was like: *_why do i smell lil freddy?_*
waffles alt
waffles alt 29 minutes ago
Aww why is dude perfect in this 🙁🙁☹☹
Leo MarBel
Leo MarBel 29 minutes ago
14:50 that's the exact sound where in horror movies, you know something's gonna go wrong.
Jaleah Silvera
Jaleah Silvera 30 minutes ago
Who else felt weird when they were blending up the fish
agro_ 3000
agro_ 3000 30 minutes ago
this is crazy
raver雲 31 minute ago
Titel: "human blood vs fish blood" Video: "Oh btw we are using cow blood" FeelsWeirdMan
Forrest Greene
Forrest Greene 32 minutes ago
This was the stupidest plan ever.
Madelyn B.
Madelyn B. 34 minutes ago
Mark:*Blends Fish* Me: hUH?!?!?!! 0-0
Pratyush Dhakal
Pratyush Dhakal 35 minutes ago
R.I.P Mark Rober . He was a nice guy but we lost him I am joking you stupit
Dixon Dunaway
Dixon Dunaway 35 minutes ago
4:11 Saw 2 fish edition
Yeon Kaii
Yeon Kaii 36 minutes ago
I was scared this would go wrong
ZIE 37 minutes ago
those sharks do be eating water :3
Philip McGee
Philip McGee 37 minutes ago
Vegans watching this like 👁👄👁
Oliver 39 minutes ago
It's VERY rare to get bitten by a shark that isn't a white, tiger or bull shark. The cage is just for drama.
xyhte 40 minutes ago
shaq, dude perfect, and mark rober, I’m definitely liking this video :)
Yoyo Panda
Yoyo Panda 40 minutes ago
poor mark got the Rona
Error Hatake
Error Hatake 41 minute ago
U inspire me to study more about science
ModerrnnGaming 41 minute ago
the goat
Toxic Crumble
Toxic Crumble 44 minutes ago
10:20 I laughed so hard
Kourtney Koskotas
Kourtney Koskotas 44 minutes ago
To the 1% that see this comment, I pray all your dreams come true💗 please help mine and subscribe!
Chris Sewell
Chris Sewell 45 minutes ago
"Yes, I'd like to charter a private plain 🛫, to fly my 100 gallons of cow blood 🐄....What's that?....why Yes, I said Cow blood! ⛽... to the Bahamas, please?" "HELLO?"
Clover Jane
Clover Jane 46 minutes ago
Mmm fish juice
Alleged Demorah
Alleged Demorah 46 minutes ago
try bull sharks. not them tiny thing.
Jack B
Jack B 47 minutes ago
What's the song at 4:51?
My Instant Search
My Instant Search 47 minutes ago
The production and the execution was high-quality, what else to expect from Mark who has worked on the Rover!
Lori McKinley
Lori McKinley 48 minutes ago
Make a backyard roller coaster
Jay Dub
Jay Dub 48 minutes ago
Yall crazy asl
badchippo 49 minutes ago
I'm glad I skipped breakfast today.
Liliann Thompson
Liliann Thompson 49 minutes ago
thats fine mark
Bubba Tae_kook
Bubba Tae_kook 49 minutes ago
Ok how is marks comment 2 days old but the video 1 day old
Helenly 40 minutes ago
The premiered lol
Bubba Tae_kook
Bubba Tae_kook 50 minutes ago
Congrats on treeeeendiiiin
Eden Barnes
Eden Barnes 51 minute ago
Making the fish blood smoothie made me heckin ✨uncomfy✨
thanos skateboard
thanos skateboard 51 minute ago
Where did you get 5 gallons of human blood?
Super Noah 64
Super Noah 64 53 minutes ago
I hate blood
Isaac Willis_Gaming
Isaac Willis_Gaming 53 minutes ago
"Put Elon on hold and transfer to Oprah"
Zachary Layton
Zachary Layton 53 minutes ago
Aiden Aidens
Aiden Aidens 54 minutes ago
One of the most commercial YT videos I have ever seen.
dreadバカ 54 minutes ago
I think I freaked out more than Mark did when his test came back positive
Natalia Arpino
Natalia Arpino 55 minutes ago
wow when you tested positive it really gave me a scare glad you're allright and your family
لا إله إلا الله
Hello guys, I want for all to read about the Islamic religion and watch the videos of Yusef Estes
Joanna Goes
Joanna Goes 57 minutes ago
Thank you for making me scared of the ocean again
Sen TheCryBaby
Sen TheCryBaby 58 minutes ago
15:21 did anyone hear that girl scream XD?
fishy on me
fishy on me Hour ago
Hw_ 8
Hw_ 8 Hour ago
hi hope everyone has a good day if u wouldnt mind could you check oyt my latest video it would mean the world
PaxPlaysStuff Hour ago
this is like a scene from jaws
لوفي Luffy1
في يوم واحد 12 مليون مشاهدة ما شاء الله
Erik Zetterlund
Pleased to say ive found new vegan torture
Nacho Boi
Nacho Boi Hour ago
How many times in each video does mark rover say “and as a firm believer in the scientific method...”
Jfjdjshdi Hour ago
Still not human blood so.. nice bait title :-)
RT038 Hour ago
owe my !!!
Tressa Li
Tressa Li Hour ago
Are we all not talking about how they just touched fish blood or is it just me that u really hate fish
Ty Lockwood
Ty Lockwood Hour ago
Should've renamed the channel Mark Rona for this episode 😬
Andre Nguyen
Andre Nguyen Hour ago
Did he just call Phantastic Gus Phat Gus?
Movie &. Stuff
Mark Rober was one of how many youtubers that tsted positive
VLFilms Hour ago
Shenan Hettiarachchi
can we just talk about how ripped mark has gotten.
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