Shannon Sharpe expects the Lakers to outlast Clippers, secure top seed in West | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss whether the Los Angeles Lakers will be able to maintain their 5 game lead over the Los Angeles Clippers and secure the top seed in the West at the end of the playoffs.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Shannon Sharpe expects the Lakers to outlast Clippers, secure top seed in West | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Who will win the West this season?
Alagie Reacts
Alagie Reacts 4 months ago
Zahier Moye
Zahier Moye 4 months ago
Sean Felder
Sean Felder 4 months ago
Lakers in 6 over Clippers for Western conference finals
VIBHAV TIWARI 4 months ago
Don Jenkins
Don Jenkins 4 months ago
Lakers will win the championship with help from the NBA referees
Daneil Jackson
Daneil Jackson Month ago
all skip want bron to do is drive and get fouled. must be the only way to score
Eric meng
Eric meng 3 months ago
Skip bayless talking BS
Eric meng
Eric meng 3 months ago
Skip bayless needs to get suspended!!
jay swift
jay swift 4 months ago
i seriously believe jordan slurps skips balls under the table so that skip takes up for him.
slydog005 4 months ago
Lebron was playing chess not checkers. If he drive it fall out jovic they would put a fresh body in with bright ideas. Keep you star opponent on the court because hes a open target to easy points. Plus it messes with the coaches head cause he's expecting him to get fouled out but he's not so every turn he takes with him is a gamble which in turn cost him the game. Check mate
Deshawn Cannon
Deshawn Cannon 4 months ago
"Can I interest you in that Skip" - 😂 😂 😂 😂
TheLightSkin 4 months ago
Shannon talks about lebron like lavar ball talked about the ball brothers
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 4 months ago
Y’all let’s have a argument: Lakers or clippers in the playoffs ?
Larry Allen
Larry Allen 4 months ago
When the fuckery went down with kobe that was a heads up you think they going to let the Lakers lose and have people downing bron they set up a fairytale ending anybody that think sports isn't rigged is brainwashed it's rome The coliseum all over a hamstring don't take a complete season to heal gtfooh
Tracey Joyner
Tracey Joyner 4 months ago
I used to have respect for Shannon Sharpe,but come to find out he's just like the rest of them full of s***
Teran Icer
Teran Icer 4 months ago
LBJ drives the ball, Skip says 'he missed the open man'. LBJ passes after drawing a triple-team, Skip says 'force the shot like MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN'!
TowaiT a brand
TowaiT a brand 4 months ago
JSauer21 4 months ago
Or the Nuggets take it over both of them
Rod Tv
Rod Tv 4 months ago
Skip “JUST DRIVEEE IT!!!!” Bayless.
Eric McPherson
Eric McPherson 4 months ago
Skip new nickname “KING 🤴 HATER”
Pepper Gut
Pepper Gut 4 months ago
Shannon is spot on. There has always been a double standard for everyone else. LeBron is allowed to miss a shot on lose a game. If he does it's talked about on every outlet like the sky is falling. He can't win for people like Skip, Stephen A Smith and Max Kellermen. They can't stand to see him prosper on or off the court. I definitely get tired of Skip's idiotic takes everyday. He's made a career out being a fool.
Thor bigz
Thor bigz 4 months ago
You notorious for it 😭😭
Tom Ross TV
Tom Ross TV 4 months ago
Lakers will out last The Clippers how.. I don't see the Lakers lead by Lebron beating the Clippers lead by Kawhi in the playoffs
MiLK SOP 4 months ago
The Clippers are 1-3 over their last 4 games, they aren't healthy, added some new guys, and now their rotations are out of wack. I don't see them meshing as well as they have earlier in the season. They've lost 6 more and won 4 less games than the Lakers. So, the Lakers just need to keep doing what they've been doing to stay ahead. Basically, the Clippers have to win 12 in a row AND hope the Lakers lose 6 in a row. I don't see that happening.
rob feld
rob feld 4 months ago
So Shannon, is that part of the NBA's agenda??? We all can see that Lebron is not that great anymore. Maybe he is for short, short stints but THAT IS IT!
buggaba 4 months ago
Fox has no NBA television rights skip has to watch the highlights from off screen lmaoooo
Juan Banda
Juan Banda 4 months ago
@Edwin lam where do they talk about ad?
kaleob ashley
kaleob ashley 4 months ago
Skip Bayless for real acts like the offensive layer can just "decide" what the defense is going to give them every possession. "Just drive it, LeBron, just drive it." Come on, Skip.
Joman Joe Razonable
Joman Joe Razonable 4 months ago
2020 NBA Champ Los Angeles Lakers 🏆🥇
Winter Referees
Winter Referees 4 months ago
what does this clown mean, “we”? he’s a shill.
Winter Referees
Winter Referees 4 months ago
what a WWE like performance. Clearly fix3d outcomes for purpose of Entertainment business. FULL STOP.
ruel bayla
ruel bayla 4 months ago
Guess what? Skip will be skip.
ruel bayla
ruel bayla 4 months ago
Skip was being roasted. Can't defend his guy. 😭
Timothy Pernell
Timothy Pernell 4 months ago
Love these two Skip: I’m going get to that in a ...(Gets cut off) Shannon: Well o get to it ! Lmoa
ImAlwaysLast 4 months ago
I love watching these 2....Skip has blind faith in certain things(Cowboys), and Shannon misses a lot on his predictions (hello 2019 Lakers) so it makes great conversation. Best sports debate on TV. I get a ton of enjoyment out of Undisputed. Sorry Shannon...MJ is the GOAT...not LeBron. Sorry Skip, Brady is not elite anymore, and Dak ain't that great. This coming from a Dallas fan. Keep doing what y'all do, I love it.
Anthony osler
Anthony osler 4 months ago
I like Shannon but to say that Dak is better than Tom right now that's ludicrous and by the way ima Cowboy fan
King Anthony
King Anthony 4 months ago
Skip "JUST DRIVE IT" Bayless
War Daddy
War Daddy 4 months ago
I didnt have any grandparents. But I got Shannon's quotes from his grandparents. And that's close enough for me.
Daniel Dorantes
Daniel Dorantes 4 months ago
GOAT James 😆🐐
Diirty Water
Diirty Water 4 months ago
Lmao Shannon is basically preying for clipper injuries
Diirty Water
Diirty Water 4 months ago
They all went on vacation last week?
j Dareal
j Dareal 4 months ago
Kenneth Erickson
Kenneth Erickson 4 months ago
Shanene Sharpei
just cause
just cause 4 months ago
Skip, do you WANT LeBron to get injured?
Dylan Banks
Dylan Banks 4 months ago
Shannon actually owned him at the start
nivak11 4 months ago
Shannon and Skip are an excellent team!
skyline 4 months ago
If shannon believes one thing do the opposite
MR HENIT2WINIT 4 months ago
Hmmmm 🤔? If BOOGIE COUSINS comes back for the playoffs loook out! L8TR 👊!
Darkseid X
Darkseid X 4 months ago
I love that Damn Shannon
Say less
Say less 4 months ago
Who plays spades with a joker?
jakebrake sr
jakebrake sr 4 months ago
I hate when people compare LEBRON to MJ🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
John Ny
John Ny 4 months ago
Nah Shannon is capping, his grandma didn’t write a book with all this sayings
Hollins M
Hollins M 4 months ago
Clips just got Reggie Jackson another one Lakers wanted to get. It’s over! Clips is taking the championship, they have so much power on their team compared to Lakers. Lakers front office lost to little brother once again!!!!!!!
Francella Washington
Clippers are periodically resting Players. Skip is a Bron Hater and has no credibility...no playing or coaching nothing. He is so sad! 🙏🏽🏀👠
bullshark 4 months ago
bee boo
bee boo 4 months ago
This man can't be from Chicago. Well, unless he's from the Cubs side of town.....then it all makes sense.
zavy clarke
zavy clarke 4 months ago
Tell em Shannon always speaking facts 💯👌
Rahan Lewis
Rahan Lewis 4 months ago
Skip holds Lebron to a standard Of perfection.that jordan couldnt Even master...noones infallable Idiot!
Dave S
Dave S 4 months ago
How many times can these two talk about the same topic. Is there no other worthy teams to discuss?
Cleo Dog
Cleo Dog 4 months ago
When Skip's voice starts cracking, you know he's losing the argument
★BigShawn★ 4 months ago
I expect the clippers to take out teams even lakers
Anthony 4 months ago
Nuggets are beating the clippers in the playoffs
Timmy Stool
Timmy Stool 4 months ago
“No closer” what a joke
JARVIS TOLLIVER 4 months ago
This ninja spittin
Yhan Yhan
Yhan Yhan 4 months ago
The female moderator is hot. Whats her name??
Dugan YT
Dugan YT 4 months ago
Damn skip, you're the only one that compares him to Jordan 😂 no one else does. Fun fact: Jordan missed clutch shots too 😲😱 omg wtf? 😂💀
MOUF Of Da SOUF 4 months ago
Skip skip skip... Pleeeeaaasssseee stop!! You are the ultimate LeBron hater and its kinda scary and weird. This man is a great example of a Parent/athlete someone we can finally look up to and this is who you choose to bash? Smh WHY what is your point?
Ronald Washington
Ronald Washington 4 months ago
Shannon grandparents is legendary
chris p. bacon
chris p. bacon 4 months ago
Shannon also believed lakers were going to the playoffs last year also.i guess he didnt see the 2 laker vs clipper games this season.
ADLERS REYNOLDS 4 months ago
uuuhhhhh, can we see the plays you are discussing
roger johnson
roger johnson 4 months ago
After the Lakers lose to the Clippers in the postseason, then Shannon can go home licking his wounds. Hey Shannon, OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN !
BlackMAGIC TV 4 months ago
Preach them FACTS Unc. Missed Shannon for sure 👌🏾
roger johnson
roger johnson 4 months ago
I think that Shannon Sharpe is Lequeen James real father. He acts like it. Lol.
roger johnson
roger johnson 4 months ago
There is no homecourt advantage between the Lakers and the Clippers, because they both share the same homecourt. DUH !
Trailmix TV
Trailmix TV 4 months ago
Wait...Lou Will is the Clippers' closer? Not Kawhi? And Skip seems totally ok with this?
kyverson bullett
kyverson bullett 4 months ago
Just have the same energy facts unk
fetty uchiha
fetty uchiha 4 months ago
he not michael jordan HES LEGOAT JAMES
I BeJhut
I BeJhut 4 months ago
Boy skip said “sometimes he’s just a joke” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
dmac Tyler
dmac Tyler 4 months ago
All I got to say is Skip Bayless cater to LeBron haters to get ratings. It is so obvious this is scripted by him/
Christian Edwards
Christian Edwards 4 months ago
Lmao LeBron played terrible in that game and the refs calling ghost fouls to keep the Joker off the court. Do people not understand that changes the entire flow of the game for a player and you already know the NBA wants the Lakers to be number 1 in the west but they still gone loose. They play a sporadic game of basketball and don’t play not one lick of defense. It’s just wild to me and I don’t know how people look at the Lakers and say they play defense
ellis roach
ellis roach 4 months ago
Shannon is speaking truth about needing one more book and knowing you're holding that big Joker. Lol!
Patrick Otaweke
Patrick Otaweke 4 months ago
Where's Jenny ?
Cedric Jefferson
Cedric Jefferson 4 months ago
I’m a Laker fan and Skip is correct. Lebron has never fixed his Free Throw issues or developed a mid range jumper. He runs from the Line at the end of games. The Lakers don’t have a closer.
M E 4 months ago
Any team he goes to is 1 any team he leaves is last or close to last if he is out team loses there is no comparison people just in love with new monster and want to change the guard
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