Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless react to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Shannon Sharpe reacts to the new format of the NBA All-Star Game, which resulted in one of the most exciting All-Star games in years as Team LeBron edged Team Giannis.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless react to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What do you think of the new All-Star game format?
Adel Theslave
Adel Theslave 3 months ago
Never goes as expected
Kevin YC
Kevin YC 3 months ago
aaron berhane who knows
True Colors
True Colors 3 months ago
I loved the format 10 👍
Its grave
Its grave 3 months ago
John Patton
John Patton 3 months ago
Learn the secrets to becoming rich in 2020 m.ruvid.net/video/video-rhkAZSWtWQ0.html
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz 3 months ago
Stop dreaming Shannon, Lebron is overrated. Bullied by Giannis and Embiid. He even traveled before wasting a shot behind the 3 point lane. Chris Paul and Kawhi obviously lifted the team.
Fitz Shillingford
Fitz Shillingford 3 months ago
'WOAH! WOAH! WOAH:... IT'S NOT YOUR TURN!' Man, I missed that line 😂
Debate Cardoftheday
Debate Cardoftheday 3 months ago
Skip out here doesn't know what mutually exclusive means LMAO
hen ko
hen ko 3 months ago
Dwade would give that game a 9/10😭🤣
Cassie 3 months ago
On a scale of 1-10 rate the all star game: Shannon-12 Skip-1 Dwade-9
Sagar Sigdel
Sagar Sigdel 3 months ago
When you have a target to reach it obviously become more competitive.
hen ko
hen ko 3 months ago
1. People got tired and there was no subs in about 30 straight minutes of play 2. The 4th quarter basically was a pickup game so shouldn’t have been any foul calls 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Emily An
Emily An 3 months ago
Giannis has a whole jimmy butler and didn’t use him in the fourth smh
Cassie 3 months ago
shots and try to trade possessions by intentionally fouling. Overall the Elam ending is a great starting point for change and I look forward to see further refinements.
jayr tan
jayr tan 3 months ago
even if they keep this style in the nxt allstar, these guys will go back to old type of game...they played hard in honor of kobe that was it and not because of the new style of game...
Emily An
Emily An 3 months ago
and the intensity. It was REAL.
culu37 3 months ago
Skip went full on boomer lmao that’s my dude though
John Patterson
John Patterson 3 months ago
is it just me or 2:03 facial reaction of Skip Bayless reminds me of Joe from You netflix series?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 months ago
physical or sloppy it looked that was great.
CJ Marincus
CJ Marincus 3 months ago
Shannon takes the W here. C’mon Skip, the fouling is totally different when playing with a target score. With a clock, the losing team can foul to try to gain more possessions but they can’t use that strategy with the Elam format because it would allow the other team to score on Free Throws and end the game. It also gives the losing team more incentive to play tighter defense because, theoretically, the winning team could be one point away from winning but as long as the losing team played tight defense on that possession, they could have all the time they needed to come back and win.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 months ago
Imagine if they treated the quarters like rounds. That would be INTERESTING! Especially overtime
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 3 months ago
Kobe d’ed up LeBron in an all star game back in like 2011 and blocked his shot
Kevin Pardini
Kevin Pardini 3 months ago
One big thing they need to fix in the 4th quarter is they need to get rid of free throws. It was ruining the game.
Jay 3 months ago
skip is dumb as F*%#k....
damon washington
damon washington 3 months ago
They got a fan back.. Was do dope!!
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins 3 months ago
The Elam Ending works for multiple reasons. No team should be up by 30 because each team has a monetary incentive to win quarters 1-3 (with $100k to their charity). And there were so many fouls because no one knew how the game would be called. In Year 2, refs will need to be loose on the calls in quarters 1-3 and tight with the calls in the 4th. And if there is still a question about a competitive 4th, the NBA could elect to raise the 4th quarter charity donation to $200k.
Dominique Ballou
Dominique Ballou 3 months ago
New format made 3qts boring, giving us 1 good qt isn't a good game lol
Dan Wood
Dan Wood 3 months ago
Goat james 🤮 i think its pronounced jordan
Mr. Z
Mr. Z 3 months ago
Shanon: "I Love this format, This is the best all star game !!" 1993: "Hold my 2OT All star game !!"
The Real Talk Show
The Real Talk Show 3 months ago
1. People got tired and there was no subs in about 30 straight minutes of play 2. The 4th quarter basically was a pickup game so shouldn’t have been any foul calls 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Charming nowhere to hide
shots and try to trade possessions by intentionally fouling. Overall the Elam ending is a great starting point for change and I look forward to see further refinements.
Lucky Ijeh
Lucky Ijeh 3 months ago
"O Goat james, Goat james said ah ah bruh. Lock it down." Shannon sharpe is hilarious🤣🤣
Charming nowhere to hide
All star weekend was great other than the celebrity game please get rid of that no one in the World watches that stupid thing. Who wants to watch a bunch of rich celebrities
XSwordStoneX 3 months ago
You don't understand Street rules Skip! The players loved it because it was pure fun, no BS No time limit means more freedom for them to be themselves. You saw the passion and the intensity. It was REAL.
Jeff Stumpf
Jeff Stumpf 3 months ago
Love Shannon, hate Skip. What an idjet.
Bin Wahli
Bin Wahli 3 months ago
soundsfromthestreet 3 months ago
skip missing the fact that the elam ending caused both teams to play crazy intense defense
astheskylarksings 3 months ago
Imagine if they treated the quarters like rounds. That would be INTERESTING! Especially overtime
Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen 3 months ago
Their prediction for the points on this game were way off ruvid.net/video/video-HlKZZ3N7V3M.html
Mike Le Blanc
Mike Le Blanc 3 months ago
Skip never played a lit game of 21
Maphack 3 months ago
skip makes me want to staple my balls to the ceiling. he can't talk nba without bashing lebron
Dog World Online
Dog World Online 3 months ago
Lowry took MULTIPLE charges in 1 quarter. i've never seen that EVER for an All Star Game. I agree with Skip that the new format didn't necessarily raise the intensity. It just extended the time. So I'm not against it. I'd rather see more of a great game.
secondsun 3 months ago
Zero Defense.
Theo Redd
Theo Redd 3 months ago
Aaron Gordon was once again robbed.
Sauna Mad Man
Sauna Mad Man 3 months ago
Skip is wild boy !
Gary Pues
Gary Pues 3 months ago
Oh course you don’t talk about hardens defense
M H 3 months ago
Skip is absolutely right. Giannis started it
Thanos 3 months ago
I give it a 9
Boston Chris
Boston Chris 3 months ago
All star weekend was great other than the celebrity game please get rid of that no one in the World watches that stupid thing. Who wants to watch a bunch of rich celebrities running around a basketball court and look stupid. It’s literally the dumbest thing on TV
Mvs2527 3 months ago
Whoa whoa Whoa is not your turn!!!
Yunis Rajab
Yunis Rajab 3 months ago
Nothing would have made Kobe happier. Thank you NBA
Alb San
Alb San 3 months ago
Lebron is clutch you crazy skip.
SweatyHomophobe 3 months ago
Shannon : This was the best all star game I’ve seen Skip: Have you seen the Looney tunes and MJ game? Shannon: ....what??! Skip: exactly
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will 3 months ago
This is the best fourth quarter I ever see
Tom Ross TV
Tom Ross TV 3 months ago
Team Kawhi outplayed Team Giannis when it mattered most
David Krumme
David Krumme 3 months ago
Part of the 4th quarter was good but the rest of the game was the same as every other year. Compete for 4
James Foreman
James Foreman 3 months ago
All star weekend was superb.. The best in many years
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SportNut 3 months ago
How come they are both missing the reason for the intensity? It's sitting the charity kids right under the basket! It's brilliant! How do you feel when you are playing to raise money for the kids that are screaming and crying when the other team score on you?
D LOL 3 months ago
7:48 Pause
Richard Cohen
Richard Cohen 3 months ago
D wade: this video is 9/10
J Wiggins
J Wiggins 3 months ago
2:04 they should whisper argue from now on! Lmaooo
FAKE NEWS 3 months ago
Greatest city, greatest performance, greatest all star game.
Tyler Schoenrock
Tyler Schoenrock 3 months ago
I really don't see how skip is saying the Elum ending is the reason for the fouls. If anything a regular basketball game with a clock leads to more fouls that shouldn't even be there. They're unnatural fouls to stop the clock. The Elum ending definitely gives us more real basketball at the end.
Luke Nuke
Luke Nuke 3 months ago
Ex-Convict: everybody started D’ing up everybody
Caleb Caesar
Caleb Caesar 3 months ago
Shut up about bron already
Ja Bo
Ja Bo 3 months ago
Skip may have a condition...
Matahn 3 months ago
The reason the 4th was so intense , is because you can't mil the clock , with out time running out all you have to weary about is getting a stop
Mystic Produce
Mystic Produce 3 months ago
Why do they pay so much money to these tv clowns commentators....they are stupid... unbearable....
Jorge Velez
Jorge Velez 3 months ago
I don't watch sports except boxing but these guys are so entertaining
True Colors
True Colors 3 months ago
Skips analysis giving it a 1? Lame beyond all belief
Gordon Sportster
Gordon Sportster 3 months ago
Maestro 3 months ago
Young Jas
Young Jas 3 months ago
Lebron sucked and choked in the end he has no clutch gene
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael 3 months ago
check out Second Takes commentary on the commentators>>> 2secondtake.blogspot.com/
CCC LVC 3 months ago
🧐😌 ref.surveyjunkies.co/RissaRiss
Daryl Henry
Daryl Henry 3 months ago
It was a clean block!
BrawlFreak786 3 months ago
In response to skip: the reason why the no clock rule in the 4th worked because usually when there’s a minute or 2 left the team that’s down fouls so that they can get the ball back and hope that the other team misses their free throws. With a score limit those free throws are more important so there is more gameplay versus playing the clock
vernon feurtado
vernon feurtado 3 months ago
Yo I hate skip!!!
Ebanks321 3 months ago
Fox really said sorry Skip you gotta argue against the new format even though it has universally accepted as revolutionary
حسن بطران
حسن بطران 3 months ago
ابو طلق بدنا ابو طلق
2678dhetysjk 3 months ago
😂 skieeeeeep
حسن بطران
حسن بطران 3 months ago
بدنا مسلسلات ل ابو طلق نكت
Hunzallah Riaz
Hunzallah Riaz 3 months ago
Ishmael Trainor
Ishmael Trainor 3 months ago
Elim ending = defense
Supreme 704
Supreme 704 3 months ago
That s man who never played anything complains about everything
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 3 months ago
Hello, Humans. "The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him. Be attentive, but don't be paranoiac." -Paulo Coelho TERRANCE OUT
Z 3 months ago
It wasnt a goaltend
Jay Mula
Jay Mula 3 months ago
With no clock the 4th was longer and in any close game with defense your going foul or basket. All refs calls were pretty on point so what’s the complaint.
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